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Teaching and Learning the West Point Way

Author : Morten G. Ender
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Teaching and Learning the West Point Way is a unique compendium of the best teaching and learning practices from one of the most celebrated and storied undergraduate teaching and learning environments and institutions in America - the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, USA. Drawing on the broad academic curriculum that the students follow at West Point - in addition to military leadership, character development, and competitive athletics - this book describes proven and effective undergraduate pedagogy across a number of academic disciplines. Case studies, strategies and techniques, empirical teaching and learning research results, syllabi, and assignments developed and deployed by West Point faculty are included, which faculty in other higher education institutions can adapt and apply to their own programs and courses. An accompanying companion website provides videos of classroom, laboratory, and fieldwork teaching and learning activities, as well as additional syllabi, course guides, lesson plans, and PowerPoint activity and lecture slides. This is an opportunity to gain an in-depth insight into the programs and practices inside one of the world's premier leadership development and educational institutions. It should appeal to new and experienced faculty and administrators interested in course creation and syllabus design across a wide range of disciplines in educational institutions and military academies across the globe.

Building Leaders the West Point Way

Author : Joseph P. Franklin
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Major General Joseph P. Franklin (ret.) believes almost everything that he is as an adult can be traced back to his days at West Point, where he was not only a cadet but an instructor, football coach, and eventually Commandant of Cadets. U.S. Military Academy graduates are found at the highest levels in every walk of life: military, education, business, medicine, law, and government. "But," says Franklin, "you don't have to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy to embrace its ideals or to benefit from the wisdom that is taught there. Competent, even inspiring, leadership is within the grasp of nearly everyone." The principles of leadership-including Duty, Honor, Faith, Courage, Perseverance, Confidence, Approachability, Adaptability, Compassion, and Vision-can be internalized and polished to one's own level of expertise and ambition. "I have known Joe Franklin, since the late 1970s, when I coached at West Point and he was the Commandant of Cadets. General Joe is well-known by the many people whose lives he has touched as a truly thoughtful, approachable, and compassionate human being. He has written a very readable book using examples drawn from his personal experience to illustrate key principles of leadership, a subject I have studied and practiced for most of my adult life. His simple, honest, easy to understand text is a welcome addition to the references available to leaders, young and old alike. This book will definitely help you become a better leader. The General is one of the best ever!" - Mike "Coach K" Kryzewski, Duke University Basketball Coach

The West Point Way of Leadership

Author : Larry Donnithorne
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West Point has bred more CEOs than any business school, and the leadership skills taught there are truly matters of life and death. Bolder than Sun Tzu, savvier than Gracian -- THE book on learning to lead.

Research Anthology on Business and Technical Education in the Information Era

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution has disrupted businesses worldwide through the introduction of highly automated processes. This disruption has affected the way in which companies conduct business, impacting everything from managerial styles to resource allocations to necessary new skillsets. As the business world continues to change and evolve, it is imperative that business education strategies are continuously revised and updated in order to adequately prepare students who will be entering the workforce as future entrepreneurs, executives, and marketers, among other careers. The Research Anthology on Business and Technical Education in the Information Era is a vital reference source that examines the latest scholarly material on pedagogical approaches in finance, management, marketing, international business, and other fields. It also explores the implementation of curriculum development and instructional design strategies for technical education. Highlighting a range of topics such as business process management, skill development, and educational models, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for business managers, business and technical educators, entrepreneurs, academicians, upper-level students, and researchers.

Military Leadership Lessons for Public Service

Author : Charles Szypszak
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Military veterans have had some of the most intensive leadership training available. Many return to their communities seeking to apply what they have learned. Those who enter the world of public affairs--where colleagues are increasingly less likely to have served in the military--may encounter a popular misconception: that military leadership is all about exercising authority and giving orders. In fact military leadership is based on interpersonal dynamics, often learned through trying circumstances. Effective management of civil emergencies--as shown by 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina--calls for the same official demeanor, decisiveness and trustworthiness as does combat. Good leadership is fundamentally the same in ordinary day-to-day challenges as well. This book describes how the principles and methods of military leadership are effective for public service. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.


Author : United States Military Academy. Association of Graduates
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Managing Health Education and Promotion Programs

Author : James Johnson
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The number and complexity of health promotion programs continues to grow as professionals, the public, and policymakers embrace prevention and health education as essential elements of the nation’s well being. Additionally, the scope of health promotion programs is increasing as globalization and shifting demographics (i.e. aging, immigration) expand the range of activities and initiatives underway. Unfortunately, while the need is great and growing, the requisite skills for managing these programs continue to have a mixed review. Managing Health Education and Promotion Programs, Second Edition specifically addresses management and leadership in health promotion programs. This book serves as a core text for students of public and community health, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Rethinking the MBA

Author : Srikant Datar
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"Business Schools Face Test of Faith." "Is It Time to Retrain B-Schools?" As these headlines make clear, business education is at a major crossroads. For decades, MBA graduates from top-tier schools set the standard for cutting-edge business knowledge and skills. Now the business world has changed, say the authors of Rethinking the MBA, and MBA programs must change with it. Increasingly, managers and recruiters are questioning conventional business education. Their concerns? Among other things, MBA programs aren't giving students the heightened cultural awareness and global perspectives they need. Newly minted MBAs lack essential leadership skills. Creative and critical thinking demand far more attention. In this compelling and authoritative new book, the authors: · Document a rising chorus of concerns about business schools gleaned from extensive interviews with deans and executives, and from a detailed analysis of current curricula and emerging trends in graduate business education · Provide case studies showing how leading MBA programs have begun reinventing themselves for the better · Offer concrete ideas for how business schools can surmount the challenges that come with reinvention, including securing faculty with new skills and experimenting with new pedagogies Rich with examples and thoroughly researched, Rethinking the MBA reveals why and how business schools must define a better pathway for the future.

The Handbook for Teaching Leadership

Author : Scott Snook
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The last twenty-five years have witnessed an explosion in the field of leadership education. This volume brings together leading international scholars across disciplines to chronicle the current state of leadership education and establish a solid foundation on which to grow the field. It encourages leadership educators to explore and communicate more clearly the theoretical underpinnings and conceptual assumptions on which their approaches are based. It provides a forum for the discussion of current issues and challenges in the field and examines the above objectives within the broader perspective of rapid changes in technology, organizational structure, and diversity.

Transform Your Church with Ministry Teams

Author : E. Stanley Ott
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The concept of bministry teamsb is rapidly taking hold in churches, but just what are they and how do they work? "Transform Your Church with Ministry Teams" outlines what effective ministry teams look like, describes what they can offer local congregations, and gives concrete step-by-step suggestions for making them happen. The power of ministry teams lies in their unique capacity to generate genuine Christian fellowship, nurture disciples, develop leaders, and mobilize people for ministry. While traditional church leadership organizations concentrate almost exclusively on task, policy, and program, ministry teams are designed to enhance faith development and, thus, ministry effectiveness. E. Stanley Ott explores three main areas of ministry-team development. First, he explains the philosophy behind ministry teams and discusses the issues involved in shifting from committee-based to team-based ministry. Second, he tells how to begin ministry teams, including how to identify team leaders and members and how to determine their roles. Third, he looks at the details of ministry-team life, including ways to build team fellowship, foster discipleship and communication within teams, and accomplish specific ministry tasks. Filled with wise, time-tested advice, including four how-to appendixes, this book will help pastors and lay leaders transform the life of their church or Christian organization.