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Initial Teacher Education in England and Wales

Author : Elizabeth K. Barrett
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The Development of Primary Secondary and Teacher Education in England

Author : Richard Willis
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This is the first history of what is essentially the training of teachers and establishing academic standards for English schools for the past century.The work centers around the foundation of the College.

Teacher Education in England

Author : Tony Brown
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Models of teacher education in England have undergone major upheaval in recent years. Teacher Education in England draws on the experiences of some of the people directly involved in these changes and explores the implications that they have had on their professional lives. The book also explores the challenges faced by universities in responding to the ascendance of school-led teacher training and the ways in which this impacts on conceptions of teacher education more generally, in England and beyond. Drawing on 150 interviews with teacher educators and trainees, this book documents how the systemic changes to teacher education have been implemented and explores the impact of these changes on the people directly affected by them. Presenting insider accounts, the book shows that the structural adjustments have impacted on many dimensions of teacher education that had characterised university input and that they have also unsettled more familiar understandings of professional identity and staffing composition. Demonstrating that the redistribution of teacher education across new apparatuses bolsters market forces, whilst maintaining the option of creating new forms of training that transcend established boundaries, Brown also explores the opportunities that are opened up by the new models. Teacher Education in England is the first substantial study to focus on School Direct since its implementation in 2013. As such, the book should be of great interest to academics, researchers and postgraduate students engaged in the study of teacher education and educational policy. It should also be essential reading for teacher educators, as well as teachers and trainee teachers.

Initial teacher education in England

Author : Robert Cowen
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Teacher Education in Times of Change

Author : Beauchamp, Gary
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Teacher education in times of change offers a critical examination of teacher education policy in the UK and Ireland over the past three decades. Written by a research group from five countries, it makes international comparisons, and covers broader developments in professional learning, to place these key issues and lessons in a wider context.

The Planning and Control of Teacher Education in England and Wales

Author : Roger Dean Sharpe
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Teacher Education and Cultural Change England France West Germany

Author : James Lynch
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International Research Policy and Practice in Teacher Education

Author : Jean Murray
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This unique book is an important source of information for all of those who educate future teachers and those who participate in teacher education as students, researchers, educators and policymakers. The volume also contributes to the international development of higher quality and research-led teacher education provision by providing clear evidence of policy impact. It draws on original research studies, conducted across eight countries in North America, Europe and Australia to analyse the impact of teacher education policy initiatives on ‘insiders’ in the fields, including education students, teacher educators and mentors in schools. In achieving this, the various chapters in the book analyse the commonalities and differentiations in the many policy reforms in teacher education currently being implemented by national governments. The book reveals some of the hidden consequences of these recent ‘reform’ efforts. It is also of use for leaders and policy makers in teacher education, providing them with insider perspectives from both theory and practice and making it possible for them to develop research-informed decisions that take into account the voices of insiders. Few texts have considered international policy trends alongside the impact they have had on significant stakeholder groups ‘inside’ teacher education. In redressing this omission, the book contributes to a better understanding of and improved practice of work in teacher education, both pre- and in-service.

Teacher Education through Active Engagement

Author : Lori Beckett
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Teacher Education through Active Engagement identifies and addresses a contemporary issue: the ways in which teaching and teacher education are articulated by politicians, civil servants, business leaders and educational entrepreneurs intent on profit-making in the current global neoliberal policy context. This is often characterised by narrow and ill-conceived ideas about teacher characteristics and competences; recruiting and fast-tracking graduates from elsewhere into the profession; the reform of teacher training with less emphasis on theory and academic study; a narrow focus on teachers’ core skills; and the promotion of training in model ‘teaching schools’. In this book contributors challenge this conceptualisation and demonstrate practitioners’ necessary intellectual activity to wrest back professional control. By drawing on practice-focused research carried out in sites of educational policy and practice, each chapter exemplifies for teachers, student teachers and teacher educators the sort of ‘knowledge work’ to coordinate a professional reply to non-educationalists who dictate the terms of teaching and teacher education. The book provides directions for encouraging critical thinking, analytical skills and political activism, which consider the needs and interests of diverse children and young people in real classrooms, real schools and real communities. Illustrated throughout with practice-focused research and drawing on the historical case of Winifred Mercier and her colleagues at the City of Leeds training college who challenged the establishment to leave a legacy of professional control, the book will appeal to practitioners, academics and researchers in the fields of teacher education and education studies.

Some Aspects of the Re organisation of Teacher Education in England and Wales

Author : Ron F. Stewart
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The Reform of Teacher Education in the United Kingdom

Author : James Lynch
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Initial Teacher Education in England

Author :
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Studies in the History and Organisation of Teacher Education in England and Wales

Author : J. B. Thomas
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Learning to Teach in England and the United States

Author : Maria Teresa Tatto
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Learning to Teach in England and the United States studies the evolution of initial teacher education by considering some of the current approaches in England and the United States. Presenting empirical evidence from these two distinct political and historical contexts, the chapters of this thought-provoking volume illustrate the tensions involved in preparing teachers who are working in ever-changing environments. Grounded in the lived experiences of those directly affected by these shifting policy environments, the book questions if reforms that have introduced accountability regimes and new kinds of partnership with the promise of improving teaching and learning, have contributed to more powerful learning experiences in schools for those entering the profession. The authors consider the relationships between global, national and local policy, and question their potential impact on the future of teacher education and teaching more generally. The research adopts an innovative methodology and sociocultural theoretical framework designed to show greater insights into the ways in which beginning teachers’ learning experiences are shaped by relationships at all of these levels. A key emerging issue is that of the alignment – or not – between the values and dispositions of the individuals and the institutions that are involved. This book will appeal to academics, researchers and postgraduate students in the fields of teacher education, comparative education, higher education, and education policy and politics.

A Study of Recent Developments in Initial Teacher Education in England and Wales with Particular Reference to Mentoring and Their Implications for the Improvement of Basic Teacher Education in Ghana

Author : Felicia Harry
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Teacher Education Policy and Practice in Europe

Author : Ana Raquel Simões
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Teacher Education Policy and Practice in Europe provides a critical overview of the current challenges facing teacher education policy and practice in Europe. Drawing on a wide range of contributions, the book demonstrates that in order for teachers to reassume their role as agents of change, it is crucial to create a vision of a future European teacher and promote active engagement in preparing children to live and act in a multicultural and increasingly changing world. The book suggests ways in which teachers could be prepared to meet and overcome the struggles they will encounter in the classroom, including recommendations for teacher education, which open up new possibilities for policy, practice and research. Considering their own experiences as teachers, contributors also cover topics such as teacher education for the 21st century, the profile of the European teacher, citizenship and identity, social inclusion, linguistic and cultural diversity, and comparative education. Teacher Education Policy and Practice in Europe is essential reading for academics, researchers and postgraduate students engaged in the study of teacher education, educational policy and educational theory. It should also be of great interest to research-active teacher educators and practising teachers.

School based Initial Teacher Training in England and Wales

Author : Inspectorate of Schools (England and Wales)
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Initial teacher training courses aim to achieve a balance between academic study and practical experience in schools within the requirements set down by the Secretary of State. How, and how well, teachers are trained are questions of widespread interest and continuing public debate. This report examines the issue of whether teacher training would be improved if it were more school-based and the practical problems that have to be overcome before more training can be based in schools. It draws upon evidence from regular inspections of teacher training courses in England and Wales by HMI between 1986 and 1991.

Teacher Education and Cultural Change

Author : James Lynch
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Teacher Education in Transition

Author : John Furlong
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"The 1990s were a period of quite dramatic change for initial teacher education in England and Wales with wave after wave of Government sponsored reforms. The changes introduced were highly controversial as those in higher education who were traditionally responsible for teacher education felt marginalized; many believed that what was at stake in these reforms was the nature of teacher professionalism itself. It was against this background of policy change and political ferment that the Economic and Social Research Council funded two successive research projects to evaluate the consequences of the reforms. The projects, known as MOTE (Modes of Teacher Education), included two national surveys as well as more detailed case studies of particular courses. In this volume, the authors draw upon these two major studies as well as more recent policy analysis to give a fascinating overview of the impact of policy change throughout the 1990s. In doing so they also consider whether a new form of professionalism was indeed created."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Aspects of Organizational Change in Teacher Education in England and Victoria

Author : Charles E. Noble
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