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The Political Dimension In Teacher Education

Author : Beverly Lindsay
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First Published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Teacher Education and the Political

Author : Matthew Clarke
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Teacher Education and the Political is a striking book which addresses the nature and purpose of teacher education in a global context characterised by economic and political anxieties around declining productivity and social inclusion. These anxieties are manifested in recent policy developments such as the promotion of professional standards, the deregulation and marketisation of teacher education and the imposition of performance-related regimes that tie teachers’ pay to outcomes in high-stakes testing. The book assesses the implications of such policies for the work of teachers as well as for teacher educators and those undertaking initial teacher training. It is argued that these policy moves can be read as a depoliticising and de-intellectualising of teacher education. In this context, they illustrate how contemporary theory can provide a language for critiquing recent developments and imagining new trajectories for policy and practice in teacher education. Drawing on the work of theorists from Derrida and Mouffe to Agamben and Lacan, this book argues for the need to maintain a space for intellectual autonomy as a critical dimension of the ethico-political work of teachers. Together these ideas and analyses provide examples of the power of negative thinking, illustrating its capacity to unsettle comfortable truths and foreground the political nature of teacher education. Current teachers, teacher educators and school leaders will be particularly interested readers, alongside those concerned with policy in the wider educational landscape.

Policy and Politics in Teacher Education

Author : John Furlong
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During the last 20 years, governments around the world have paid increasing attention to the recruitment, preparation, and retention of teachers. Teacher supply and teacher quality have become significant policy issues, taken up by policy-makers at the highest levels. This is because teachers are now seen by many governments as the ‘lynch-pin’ of educational, economic and social reform. This volume grew out of a recognition by the Editors of the growing significance of teacher education policy and a curiosity about international trends and differences. The book brings together nine papers from leading academics around the world: from the UK (England and Scotland), the USA, Australia, Singapore and Belgium, plus a joint paper comparing Namibia and the USA. Taken together, the papers reveal the complexities and contradictions of international trends. On the one hand, they demonstrate that there is indeed a common direction of travel along the lines encouraged by international bodies such as the OECD. At the same time however, the papers also reveal important differences among countries in terms of how they are addressing common aspirations as well as some apparent contradictions within the policies of individual nations. This book was based on the special issue of Teachers and Teaching.

Educators Professionalism and Politics

Author : Terri Seddon
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This title brings together contributions from around the world that analyse and reflect on the way curriculum is configuring and reconfiguring that world.

Political Transformations and Teacher Education Programs

Author : Miriam Ben-Peretz
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Chapters in this volume discuss the impact of statewide political transformation on teacher education programs.

Teacher Education Reform as Political Theater

Author : Elena Aydarova
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An ethnography of Russian teacher education reforms as scripted performances of political theater. Around the world, countries undertake teacher education reforms in response to international norms and assessments. Russia has been no exception. Elena Aydarova develops a unique theatrical framework to tell the story of a small group of reformers who enacted a major reform to modernize teacher education in Russia. Based on scripts circulated in global policy networks and ideologies of national development, this reform was implemented despite great opposition—but how? Drawing on extensive ethnographic material, Aydarova teases out the contradictions in this process. Teacher Education Reform as Political Theater reveals how the official story of improving education obscured dramatic and, ultimately, socially conservative changes in the purposes of schooling, the nature and perception of teachers’ work, and the design of teacher education. Despite the official rhetoric, Aydarova argues, modernization reforms such as we see in the Russian context normalize social inequality and put educational systems at the service of global corporations. As similar dramas unfold around the world, this book considers how members of scholarly communities and the broader public can respond to reformers’ stories of crises and urgent calls for reform on other national stages. Elena Aydarova is Assistant Professor of Social Foundations at Auburn University.

The Politics of Competence

Author : John Merrow
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Politics of Education

Author : Susan Gushee O'Malley
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This book brings together thirty of the best essays from Radical Teacher. The journal is devoted to feminist and socialist approaches to teaching--to showing teachers how to democratize the classroom and empower students. The articles included here have been chosen for their continuing usefulness to school and college teachers with emphasis on critical pedagogy as well as radical course content. These essays provide not only a wealth of ideas for teachers already involved in radical education but also an accessible, readable, and wide-ranging introduction for those new to it.

Policy Practice and Politics in Teacher Education

Author : Marilyn Cochran-Smith
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This powerful text organizes Marilyn Cochran-Smith's influential essays from the Journal of Teacher Education into one concise guide to teacher preparation at its best.

The New Political Economy of Teacher Education The Enterprise Narrative and the Shadow State

Author : Viv Ellis
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Critical Politics of Teachers Work

Author : John Smyth
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Critical politics of teachers' work : an Australian perspective / John Smyth.

Toward a Critical Politics of Teacher Thinking

Author : Joe L. Kincheloe
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This book calls for a new type of teacher education that empowers teachers to be self-directed professionals. Joe Kincheloe believes that the current trend of teaching teachers to learn an empirical knowledge base which they then implement in their classrooms is demeaning to teachers and teaches them not to think. He cites, for example, the emphasis on lesson plan format, the writing of behavioral objectives, and pre-packaged activities. One way to achieve thoughtful empowerment is through critical action research, or teaching practitioner thinking. The author illustrates the roots of his theory in Deweyan learning through action and in the more modern active learning approach. He then applies Piagetian constructivism and critical hermeneutics to develop a post-formal model of practitioner thought, which he labels critical constructivism. Kincheloe theorizes on the ways such a model would impact teaching and learning in a college of education. Autonomous, self-reflective, critical thinking teachers who take their profession seriously must understand the political consequences of this approach, states the author, as it will change the face of the school and elicit a backlash of opposition. While the book develops a unique vision of practitioner thinking, it is also firmly grounded in the realities of school life and is written in an accessible style that is not geared to one specific group.

Critical Pedagogy and Teacher Education in the Neoliberal Era

Author : Susan L. Groenke
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Susan L. Groenke and J. Amos Hatch It does not feel safe to be critical in university-based teacher education programs right now, especially if you are junior faculty. In the neoliberal era, critical teacher education research gets less and less funding, and professors can be denied tenure or lose their jobs for speaking out against the status quo. Also, we know that the pedagogies critical teacher educators espouse can get beginning K–12 teachers fired or shuffled around, especially if their students’ test scores are low. This, paired with the resistance many of the future teachers who come through our programs—predominantly White, middle-class, and happy with the current state of affairs—show toward critical pedagogy, makes it seem a whole lot easier, less risky, even smart not to “do” critical pedagogy at all. Why bother? We believe this book shows we have lots of reasons to “bother” with critical pe- gogy in teacher education, as current educational policies and the neoliberal discourses that vie for the identities of our own local contexts increasingly do not have education for the public good in mind. This book shows teacher educators taking risks, seeking out what political theorist James Scott has called the “small openings” for resistance in the contexts that mark teacher education in the early twenty-first century.

Politics and the Primary Teacher

Author : Peter Cunningham
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Why is primary education so high on the political agenda, and so contentious? Why is the performance of primary schools so often in the media spotlight? Why should primary teachers trouble themselves with the politics of their work? Politics and the Primary Teacher is an accessible introduction to some of the thorniest aspects of a primary teacher’s role. It aims to support your understanding of the constant changes in education policy, give you confidence to engage critically with current political debates, and consider how you might shape your response accordingly. Including questions for reflection, and selected further reading and resources, it examines the complex interface between the work of a teacher and the world beyond the classroom walls. Key issues explored include: assessment, testing, league tables and national accountability measures the media’s impact in shaping both local and national views about education political implications of new policies such as academies and free schools conditions of work in the classroom and ‘workforce remodelling’ the curriculum, its purposes and structure pedagogy and teaching methods education for citizenship, health and well-being. Politics and the Primary Teacher is essential reading for all education professionals who want to think more deeply about primary education, what it offers, and how children, families and communities are served by the primary school.

Teachers as Intellectuals

Author : Henry A. Giroux
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"a book for all practitioners and all members of the greater community. Giroux demands reader involvement, transformation, and empowerment. He helps us understand that the political relationship between schools and society is neither artificial nor neutral nor necessarily negative. Rather, school personnel have a positive and dynamic political role to play." Educational Leadership "We are fortunate to have these ideas expressed so clearly and in one place. It is a very useful book. . . ." Choice "Offers educators ways for reflecting critically on their own practices and the relationship between schools and society." The Educational Digest

Educational Politics for Social Justice

Author : Catherine Marshall
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"Using an innovative social justice framework, Educational Politics for Social Justice provides a comprehensive examination of educational politics at all levels of the system, how inequities are embedded in democratic practices, and ways to "work the system" to move toward greater justice and equity"--

Teacher Education and the Development of Democratic Citizenship in Europe

Author : Andrea Raiker
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This book uses international collaboration between nine European countries to explore how teacher education systems across Europe perceive and act upon devolving democracy and democratic citizenship. Understanding these countries’ cultural approaches to individual and national priorities in education is essential in perceiving similarities and differences in the meaning of ‘democracy’. The book offers debate on the prospects for teacher education and the development of democratic citizenship in Europe based on historical, political, economic and cultural contexts and the Council of Europe’s (CoE) competences for democratic citizenship. With critical analysis and evaluation around the common theme of teacher education and its role in developing democratic citizenship, the book provides awareness and understanding of how teacher education responds to the Council of Europe’s (CoE) conceptual model of competences for democratic culture. 20 competences categorized as Values, Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge and Critical Understanding are defined so they can be taught to enable learners to practice them in their daily lives as democratic citizens. This book will be of key interest to academics, researchers and post-graduate students in the fields of teacher education, educational policy and politics, and citizenship education.

Political Education

Author : Christopher T. Cross
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In this volume, political insider Christopher Cross updates his critically acclaimed bestseller with new chapters and important new insights into future education policy. Cross draws on his own experience in Washington, along with research and interviews, to present a highly readable history of federal education policy, from WWII to the Obama administration. The book highlights the key players who helped shape federal policy because, as Cross writes in his introduction, “policy development is woven of personalities, events, and timing.” This fascinating chronicle demonstrates, among other things, how federal policy has been a constant influence on what states and local districts do, especially with respect to students most at-risk. “As we enter the next chapter in the education policy debate, it is important to understand how we have arrived at the policies in place today and to consider the lessons learned. As Political Education so clearly documents, we need to engage in a dialogue that is about our expectations and our commitment to education as a national priority.” —From the Foreword by Governor Brian Sandoval, 2013–2015 chair, Education Commission of the States, and Jeremy Anderson, president, Education Commission of the States “[This book] comes at a crucial time. Now that some states are withdrawing from Common Core Standards because policymakers are characterizing a multi-state initiative as federal intrusion, that Courts are viewed as the refuge for parents fighting teacher tenure, and inequities within education and more generally are sharper than ever, we need Cross’ clear analysis of our complicated system more than ever.” —Susan Fuhrman, president, Teachers College, Columbia University “An incisive update of this comprehensive analysis of the evolving historic and future federal role. Cross provides the politics, personalities, and underlying ethos that shape trends and eras of federal policymaking.” —Mike Kirst, president, California State Board of Education, and professor emeritus, Stanford University Critical Acclaim for Political Education— “Concise but illuminating...chock-full of historical nuggets.” —Education Week “The book is clearly written, informative, and generally well-balanced.” —Harvard Educational Review “Rarely does one find a book on educational policy as accessible and as fact-filled as this volume by Christopher Cross.... It will help educators of all stripes to better understand the how, why, and who of federal education policy.” —Book Review Digest

Democracy and Teacher Education

Author : Silvia Edling
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This book connects the dilemmas educators experience in daily practice with key theories, research and policy about democracy, ethics and equity in education. Illustrated through vignettes from practising teachers, as well as suggested questions and supplementary readings for each chapter, the authors recognise and explore the complex nature of the insoluble problems that face practising teachers in their everyday lives and how they can be understood in order to address them in a more elaborate manner. Divided into eight concise chapters, this book provides a much-needed comprehensive exploration of issues within the education discourse, as seen from a global perspective, such as: Teachers’ understanding of their profession Political demands and the complexities of practice Schools’ democratic values Performance and accountability Minority needs and majority rule Countering radicalisation, terrorism and misinformation. Democracy and Teacher Education is a fantastic resource for students in teacher education programmes, as well as teacher educators, who are looking to develop a critical understanding of the choices made within the education field in a more thoughtful and sensitive manner.

Sensuous Curriculum

Author : Walter S. Gershon
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The sensuous is the human experience, unfolding our everyday experiences and articulating our affects. Without sensory information, we could neither know nor be. This is because we gain information through our senses and interpret that information as perceptions, the sociocultural frames used to analyze that input. This is the case regardless of how a sensorium is constructed, a more limited Western five senses model for example. It is also the case no matter how senses are defined, they ways they are expressed, or the ways in which they are understood to function. Further, because there are often greater differences between members within a particular group than divergences between groups, how one attends to and acts in light of sensory information is always a polyphonic tapestry constructed on the warp of the sociocultural and the weft of individualism. Education, the transfer of information between people, animals, things, and ecologies, is therefore a sensory endeavor. Sensuous curriculum is one means of describing this deeply layered intersection of educational ways of being and knowing. In many ways inverting how questions of curriculum are often framed, Sensuous Curriculum: Politics and the Senses in Education foregrounds how sensory understandings are forms of educational, relational politics. Bringing the depth and complexity of sensory studies firmly into curriculum and foundational studies of education, contributors to this volume address this educational and political intersection from a wide variety of theoretical and practical perspectives that are always embodied and material. Approached in an academic yet accessible manner, Sensuous Curriculum addresses key questions about what it means to educate and the ideas and ideals render those understandings sensible. This variety, depth, and accessibility combine to make Sensuous Curriculum an important resource for those interested in critical studies of the senses in educational ecologies and holistic education. It is a text as at home in theory and methods doctoral courses as it is in undergraduate courses for preservice teachers and will be of interest to those searching for rich ways to conceptualize education outside of a standards-centric perspective. Praise for Sensuous Curriculum: "This collection engages and challenges readers to think more deeply about questions of curriculum in connection to the sensuous in ways not typically considered, existing multi-dimensionally in transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and cross- disciplinary work. This compelling, intellectually stimulating, exhilarating volume is a canonical contribution everyone must study." Theodorea Regina Berry Professor and Chair, African American Studies College of Social Sciences, San Jose State University "Dr. Gershon’s edited collection, Sensuous Curriculum: Politics and the Senses in Education, makes the case for corrective action. By exploring the sensory as human experience, curriculum, and political, the authors of this volume offer iterations and variations for interrupting the ignor(anc)es of the sensorium in education and the body in making sense." M. Francyne Huckaby Associate Dean, TCU School of Interdisciplinary Studies Professor, Curriculum Studies, TCU College of Education & Center for Public Education "I thoroughly enjoyed sensing this book. This collection defies the conventional popular trends that sit inside the classic curriculum vinyl on our bookshelves. And in Aokian fashion, Walter Gershon has successfully brought together an ensemble of curriculum scholars who dare us to improvise and replay the possibilities and limitations of educational research as a tantalization of our senses. The research put forth in this collection not only promises to the break barriers of our thinking, but also makes significant contributions to and beyond post-humanism, new materialism, curriculum and affect theory. All serious scholars—artists, teacher educators, teachers, graduate students, community activists—of curriculum studies will want to purchase a copy of this carefully, crafted, curated sensuous collection. Without reservation...put the needle on their record, cause I am one of their biggest fans." Nicholas Ng-A-Fook Professor, Director of Teacher Education, Indigenous Teacher Education Co-Director of the Réseau de Savoir sur l’Equité/Equity Knowledge Network Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa