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Teach Your Class Off

Author : C. J. Reynolds
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It's Only Ever about the Students In today's educational climate of budget shortages, rigid testing standards, and diminishing autonomy in the classroom, how can teachers bring creativity and passion back into their work? Teach Your Class Off offers educators struggling with these issues and feeling burnt out a way to hit the reset button and reconnect with what energizes them about teaching. CJ Reynolds, well-known to the 45,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, Real Rap with Reynolds, breaks down his methods for learning to teach outside your comfort zone, bringing real-world experiences into your students' lives, using DJ skills to manage the classroom, and finding a way to make magic in your class despite diminishing resources. The refreshing honesty of Reynolds's perspective coupled with his infectious optimism make this a great go-to for any teacher looking for much-needed inspiration. Teach Your Class Off is spoken truth meets slam poetry meets education. Just like Reynolds, this book is real, authentic, and relevant. I couldn't put it down! --HAMISH BREWER, AUTHOR OF RELENTLESS Teach Your Class Off is like no other book you've ever read, and I guarantee you're going to learn new strategies, laugh, and probably even cry at some of the stories. Ten thumbs up! --ADAM WELCOME, EDUCATOR, AUTHOR, SPEAKER, CONSULTANT There are two types of teachers: those who simply transmit information and those who facilitate transformation. CJ Reynolds is the latter. He understands the importance of reaching the mind through the heart.--DR. DHARIUS DANIELS, AUTHOR OF RELATIONAL INTELLIGENCE, LEAD PASTOR, CHANGE CHURCH

So You Have to Teach Your Own Music

Author : Mary Beckwith
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Teach Meaningful

Author : Lauren Porosoff
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Teach Meaningful includes examples from across grade levels and subject areas to help teachers design curriculum. It provides exercises teachers can use to write and assess curriculum that results in valued outcomes, and protocols that help groups of teachers work together toward more cohesive curriculum they can all stand behind.--Eric Hayes, international educator

Journal of Engineering Education

Author :
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FAA Aviation News

Author :
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Handbook on Education and the War Based on Proceedings of the National Institute on Education and the War

Author : United States. Office of Education
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Morning Meetings and Closing Circles

Author : Monica Dunbar
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Transform the way you start and end the school day with the fun, interactive, and adaptable lessons, exercises, and activities in this easy-to-use classroom management resource designed with busy teachers in mind. Daily classroom routines are proven to engage students, build trust, and support learning on all levels. But finding fun and interesting ideas for every day is difficult, not to mention figuring out how to incorporate them into an already jam-packed schedule. Morning Meetings and Closing Circles is here to help. From establishing rules and expectations to time management techniques and helpful meeting props, this book will impart the ins and outs of starting and ending each day with an effective meeting. With 100 classroom-ready ideas, connecting with your students throughout the school day has never been easier. Plus, with suggestions for tailoring activities to your own unique classroom, you will be able to create more meaningful experiences for your students. Build a safe community that fosters positive attitudes and academic growth by bookending the day with a morning meeting and a closing circle.

Junior English in Action

Author : Jacob Cloyd Tressler
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Secondary School Teaching Methods

Author : Leonard H. Clark
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Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher

Author : Julia G. Thompson
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Ideas for creating an orderly classroom where learning can thrive This unique, hands-on book is packed with tested ideas and strategies to help you create a classroom environment where good conduct and high achievement are the norm and where students become self- motivated and take responsibility for their actions. The second edition is fully revised and updated to reflect changes in the past decade. Puts the focus on the teacher as a leader and coach who encourages students to buy into a classroom management approach Offers information about setting limits, safety issues, and protecting student's privacy Covers topics including technology; disruptions in the classroom form i-pods and cell phones; computers in the classroom; motivating, engaging, instructing students; and communicating with students and parents This must have resource offers a comprehensive and accessible guide to disciple in the school setting, complete with handy forms, checklists, and self-assessments.

Motivating Your Students

Author : Hanoch McCarty
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Motivating Your Students provides tools and techniques to bring teaching to life and to effectively motivate students to learn. Today's students raised on cable, video games, the Internet, and MTV demand more from their teachers than ever before. In order to reach these students and encourage them to want to learn, today's teachers must actively engage them in the learning process. This text focuses on helping teachers do just that, regardless of level of experience or subject matter. Motivating Your Students provides real-life, practical suggestions, with a focus on lesson planning and teaching strategies. It focuses on effective communication strategies and presentation skills for classroom use to inspire students to enjoy learning. This book will help teachers to do the following: understand and meet students' motivational needs; present information and structure education activities to match students' diverse personalities and learning styles; be more persuasive and influential; get and keep students' attention so that they participate more fully; use storytelling as a powerful tool to make abstract concepts more concrete; and make each lesson more memorable.

Classroom Management Strategies

Author : James S. Cangelosi
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In the Sixth Edition, the practical orientation of prior editions has been retained with its pedagogy that leads pre-service and in-service teachers to discover how to apply research-based strategies in their own classroom. Teachers are prompted to analyze, contrast, and compare the cases - leading them to develop strategies for (a) establishing safe, nurturing classroom communities, (b) efficiently managing classroom time, (c) fostering cooperative relationships and healthy productive interactions, (d) effectively communicating with students and their parents, (e) establishing and enforcing standards of conduct and procedures for classroom routines, (f) collaborating in the development and implementation of schoolwide safety and discipline policies, (g) working with individual differences among students, (h) accommodating students' exceptionalities, (i) utilizing the diversity among students to build strong, productive classroom communities, (j) teaching students to productively manage conflict, (k) motivating students to engage in learning activities, (l) conducting engaging learning activities, (m) effectively teaching students to supplant off-task behaviors with on-task behaviors, and (n) effectively dealing with misbehaviors - both nonviolent and violent.

Writing about Reading

Author : Janet Angelillo
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Janet Angelillo introduces us to an entirely new way of thinking about writing about reading. She shows us how to teach students to manage all the thinking and questioning that precedes their putting pen to paper. More than that, she offers us smarter ways to have students write about their reading that can last them a lifetime. She demonstrates how students' responses to reading can start in a notebook, in conversation, or in a read aloud lead to thinking guided by literary criticism reflect deeper text analysis and honest writing processes result in a variety of popular genres--book reviews, author profiles, commentaries, editorials, and the literary essay. She even includes tools for teaching-day-by-day units of study, teaching points, a sample minilesson, and lots of student examples-plus chapters on yearlong planning and assessment. Ensure that your students will be readers and writers long after they leave you. Get them enthused and empowered to use whatever they read-facts, statistics, the latest book--as fuel for writing in school and in their working lives. Read Angelillo.

Early Years

Author :
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Buenos D as Teacher

Author : Ruth MacLeod
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When David arrives to work with the Head Start Program, Jennifer notes that, unlike her fiancé, he seems to understand her ambitions and goals for the poor children.

The Business Education World

Author :
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Thinking about Teaching and Learning

Author : Robert N. Leamnson
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Here is a compelling read for every teacher in higher education who wants to refresh or reexamine his or her classroom practice.Building on the insights offered by recent discoveries about the biological basis of learning, and on his own thought-provoking definitions of teaching, learning and education, the author proceeds to the practical details of instruction that teachers are most interested in" the things that make or break teaching.Practical and thoughtful, and based on forty years of teaching, wide reading and much reflection, Robert Leamnson provides teachers with a map to develop their own teaching philosophy, and effective nuts-and-bolts advice.His approach is particularly useful for those facing a cohort of first year students less prepared for college and university. He is concerned to develop in his students habits and skills that will equip them for a lifetime of learning. He is especially alert to the psychology of students. He also understands, and has experienced, the typical frustration and exasperation teachers feel when students ingeniously elude their teachers loftiest goals and strategies. Most important, he has good advice about how to cope with the challenge. This guide will appeal to college teachers in all disciplines.

The Allyn Bacon Teaching Assistant s Handbook

Author : Stephen Wilhoit
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The Allyn & Bacon Teaching Assistant's Handbook: A Guide for Graduate Instructors of Writing and Literature is designed to help new and experienced graduate teaching assistants become more effective teachers, scholars, and members of the profession. The Allyn & Bacon Teaching Assistant's Handbook recognizes the unique needs of graduate teaching assistants working in English departments and writing programs. As both graduate students and teachers, many TAs lead a divided life: learning how to balance the demands they face and fill the various roles they play can be difficult if not overwhelming. First-time TAs face the particularly difficult task of learning how to teach while at the same time learning how to succeed as graduate students. Experienced TAs often face the problem of learning how to identify and assume their roles in the profession. The Allyn & Bacon Teaching Assistant's Handbook is written with both new and experienced TAs in mind. It addresses the concerns new TAs face and offers advice and guidance on the basics of teaching for the first time, while other advice including the material on professional development, gaining administrative experience and preparing for the job market will help more experienced TAs. The Handbook offers practical, time-tested advice that TAs can apply directly to their own classes and lives.

Teaching English One to one

Author : Priscilla Osborne
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How to teach one to one classes - for the professional English language teacher. This book provides an analysis of the problems of teaching students on a one to one basis as opposed to teaching groups of students. Covering a wide range of topics in this field, this book explains learner needs analysis and learner profiles, especially the student's current use of English and the reason for taking a one to one course; course planning; techniques which are specific to one to one teaching; techniques which do not work with one to one teaching; using the learner as the resource for teaching; together with the advantages of teaching students on a one to one basis. This book is packed with tried and tested suggestions for managing your students and your teaching time, on both a personal and pedagogical level, so that you can make the one-to-one teaching experience a rewarding and productive one.

Merrill biology

Author : Albert Kaskel
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