Tarot and Other Meditation Decks

History, Theory, Aesthetics, Typology


Author: Emily E. Auger

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786483044

Category: Art

Page: 224

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Hundreds of new Tarot decks have been produced in the late twentieth century, many of them based on the structure and images of Arthur Waite and artist Pamela Smith’s Rider-Waite deck (1910). The continuing popularity and influence of the Rider-Waite deck makes it a standard for identifying, categorizing and analyzing contemporary Tarot and other meditation decks. This work of art history analyzes such decks in relation to conventional art styles and movements, including Symbolism, Surrealism, the modernist “grid” and the low/high value hierarchy, and postmodern art movements and concepts such as the dissolution of the modernist value hierarchy, Pattern and Decoration art, and collage. It also examines them in relation to literary concepts, including the novel, utopias, and popular genres. The author’s analysis is supported by numerous illustrations, including the Rider-Waite major arcana cards juxtaposed with examples of their counterparts from more recent decks.

The Gothic Other

Racial and Social Constructions in the Literary Imagination


Author: Ruth Bienstock Anolik,Douglas L. Howard

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786418583

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 320

View: 6599

The literary use of the Gothic is marked by an anxious encounter with otherness, with the dark and mysterious unknown. From its earliest manifestations in the turbulent eighteenth century, this escapist mode has provided for authors a useful ground upon which to safely confront very real fears and horrors. The essays here examine texts in which Gothic fear is relocated onto the figure of the racial and social Other - the Other who replaces the monster as the code for mystery and danger, the horrifying and the unknowable. The essays reveal that writers from many cannons and cultures are attracted to the Gothic as a ready medium for the expression of racial and social anxieties. The essays are grouped under such topics as race, religion, class, and centers of power.

Re-Symbolization of the Self: Human Development and Tarot Hermeneutic


Author: I. Semetsky

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9460914217

Category: Education

Page: 186

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Bringing together popular and academic cultures, Inna Semetsky presents Tarot as a system of transformative hermeneutics for adult self-education and cultural pedagogy. Her research is a decisive and intelligent step ahead from the reductive stereotype of Tarot as fortune-telling. The fifteen life stories at the heart of the book exemplify the author’s commitment to alternative modes of education and counseling that transcend individual, cultural or language barriers. Assembling a rich array of sources, from Hermeticism to Jungian depth psychology, the philosophies of Noddings, Buber, and Deleuze, and the science of self-organization, this book opens a new path to personal and social revitalization. It should be widely read across disciplinary divides by scholars, students, and professionals alike.

The Occult World


Author: Christopher Partridge

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317596765

Category: Religion

Page: 780

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This volume presents students and scholars with a comprehensive overview of the fascinating world of the occult. It explores the history of Western occultism, from ancient and medieval sources via the Renaissance, right up to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and contemporary occultism. Written by a distinguished team of contributors, the essays consider key figures, beliefs and practices as well as popular culture.

Visual Communication


Author: David Machin

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110255499

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 768

View: 9606

The primary goal of the volume on "Visual Communication" is to provide a collection of high quality, accessible papers that offer an overview of the different academic approaches to Visual Communication, the different theoretical perspectives on which they are based, the methods of analysis used and the different media and genre that have come under analysis. There is no such existing volume that draws together this range of closely related material generally found in much less related areas of research, including semiotics, art history, design, and new media theory.The volumehas a total of 34 individual chapters that are organized into two sections: theories and methods, and areas of visual analysis.The chapters are all written by quality theorists and researchers, with a view thattheresearchshould be accessible to non-specialists in their own field while at the same time maintaining a high quality of work.The volume contains an introduction, which plots and locates the different approaches contained in it within broader developments and history of approaches to visual communication across different disciplines as each has attempted to define its terrain sometimes through unique concepts and methods sometimes through those borrowed and modified from others.

Cartomancy and Tarot in Film



Author: Emily E. Auger

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781783203314

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 400

View: 2385

In the first book-length study of Tarot cards on the silver screen, Emily E. Auger contextualizes cartomancy the practice of fortune telling via playing cards and dives deep into its invention and promulgation in film. After providing an introduction to divination and cartomancy, Auger offers detailed descriptions and analyses of the roles that cartomancy and Tarot cards play in films. The book features an abbreviated filmography including nearly 200 films detailing their relationships to cartomancy. As Tarot communities continue to grow worldwide, "Cartomancy and Tarot in Film"will be of interest to scholars of esoteric studies, film, folklore, playing cards, popular culture, and religion, as well as diviners the world over."

The One Life

Coleridge and Hinduism


Author: Antonella Riem Natale,Antonella Riem

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 410

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"For the first time, a monographic study of Coleridgeâ??s work extensively uncovers the connections of his poetry with the Hindu view of life. This study investigates Coleridgeâ??s philosophical and spiritual itinerary; it originally contributes in showing the strong impact the first translations of some texts of Hinduism had on the authorâ??s psyche, philosophical approach and poetical inspiration. In addition, Coleridgeâ??s unpublished manuscript notes found in one of the Abbé J. A. Duboisâ?? seminal studies of India are here presented as proof of the poetâ??s long standing interest in and frequentation of Hinduism. Inclined to investigate the complexities of the human condition, both poetically and philosophically, Coleridge has tried to resolve the extremes of human existence through a synthesis of both Western and Oriental visions through which the universe ultimately emerges as an organic cosmos rhythmically unfolding through an intricate web of influxes, echoes and correspondences. Antonella Riem Nataleâ??s scholarly work invites readers to participate in the open-ended adventure of Coleridgeâ??s quest toward the Divine One and its multi-faceted layers of existence by originally combining textual analysis with all recent literary criticism and inter-disciplinary investigations, encompassing mythological, anthropological, philosophical, scientific and historical fields of study. Weaving personal facets of Coleridgeâ??s artistic sensibility with the Hindu world-view, the underlying metaphysical concerns that were integral to his vision of art and existence are thus unravelled in a coherent and poignant reinterpretation of an extraordinary poet and his times."

Everyday Tarot Magic

Meditation & Spells


Author: Dorothy Morrison

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738701752

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 241

View: 8283

In this collection of meditations and spells, the author of "Everyday Magic" shows how to turn a tarot deck into a hotline to the spirit world.