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Taran Wanderer

Author : Lloyd Alexander
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Taran Wanderer, the fourth book in Lloyd Alexander's The Chronicles of Prydain Taran is an Assistant Pig-Keeper no longer--he has become a hero. Now he dreams of winning the hand of Princess Eilonwy, but how can someone who has spent his whole life caring for a pig hope to marry royalty? Taran must find out who he really is. Eager to learn his origins and hoping to discover noble roots, Taran sets off with the faithful Gurgi. The journey takes the companions to the three witches in the Marshes of Morva and through the many realms of Prydain. At last they reach the mystical Mirror of Llunet, which reveals a person's true identity. Yet Taran may not be ready to face the truth. . . . Includes a new pronunciation guide.

The Prydain Companion

Author : Michael O. Tunnell
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An informative resource for formal studies of the Prydain Chronicles, as well as an excellent opportunity to delve into the fantastic workings of Prydain "The Prydain Companion is more than a quick reference or handy glossary, though it is all of that as well. Instructive, certainly. But, like any good companion, a pleasure to be with over a long period of time." —Lloyd Alexander, from the foreword This intriguing volume is at once a wonderful reference resource and a vehicle for exploration and discovery in itself. Complete with a biographical sketch of Lloyd Alexander, a personal foreword by Mr. Alexander, a "How to Use the Companion" section from the author, pronunciation keys, excerpts throughout, and—most substantially—an alphabetical guide to the peoples, places, and objects of the Prydain Chronicles, The Prydain Companion is a one-stop reference book for a beloved world of fantasy and magic. For those who love the works of Lloyd Alexander—young readers, teachers, researchers, all—and those who are only beginning to know them, here is a worthy and useful travelmate.

Ethics for the Young Mind

Author : Jerome S. Allender
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Ethics for the Young Mind is both a curriculum and a story. This book is designed to assist teachers and parents in their endeavors to educate young people about behaving ethically. Messy ethics, practical applications, and teaching ethics are the main topics. The book begins with a focus on right versus wrong and moves on to an exploration of combining rules with compassion. The authors explore what happens when right confronts a conflicting right, and the hard work of a meaningful ethical classroom discussion. The practical applications provided in the book demonstrate how to stop bullying before the social fabric of a community breaks down. Offering vivid classroom and real-life examples, the book works through the challenges and rewards of creating ethical classrooms and other communities—even at home. The authors address global concerns and the overall need for adolescents to develop a work ethic to have success in creating an ethical community.

The High King

Author : Lloyd Alexander
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In this thrilling climax of the classic fantasy The Chronicles of Prydain, Death Lord Arawn has stolen the black sword Dyrnwyn, the most powerful weapon in the kingdom. At the request of Prince Gwydion, Taran rallies friends both old and new to raise an army to march against Arawn's terrible warriors. Together, they must battle through a frozen wasteland to Mount Dragon, where a deadly confrontation awaits and Taran's true destiny will at last be fulfilled. "Lloyd Alexander is the true High King of fantasy." - Garth Nix Winner of the Newbery Medal 1969

Dictionary of American Children s Fiction 1960 1984

Author : Alethea Helbig
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Comprehensive dictionary of American children's fiction from 1960 to 1984. Includes short synopsis and brief information on author.

Representing Children in Chinese and U S Children s Literature

Author : Claudia Nelson
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Bringing together children’s literature scholars from China and the United States, this collection provides an introduction to the scope and goals of a field characterized by active but also distinctive scholarship in two countries with very different rhetorical traditions. The volume’s five sections highlight the differences between and overlapping concerns of Chinese and American scholars, as they examine children’s literature with respect to cultural metaphors and motifs, historical movements, authorship, didacticism, important themes, and the current status of and future directions for literature and criticism. Wide-ranging and admirably ambitious in its encouragement of communication between scholars from two major nations, Representing Children in Chinese and U.S. Children’s Literature serves as a model for examining how and why children’s literature, more than many literary forms, circulates internationally.

A Century of Welsh Myth in Children s Literature

Author : Donna R. White
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Describes and analyses versions of the ancient Celtic myths adapted for children such as Sidney Lanier's The boy's Mabinogion, and others

Celtic Myth in Contemporary Children s Fantasy

Author : Dimitra Fimi
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Runner-up of the Katherine Briggs Folklore Award 2017 Winner of the Mythopoeic Scholarship Award for Myth & Fantasy Studies 2019 This book examines the creative uses of “Celtic” myth in contemporary fantasy written for children or young adults from the 1960s to the 2000s. Its scope ranges from classic children’s fantasies such as Lloyd Alexander’s The Chronicles of Prydain and Alan Garner’s The Owl Service, to some of the most recent, award-winning fantasy authors of the last decade, such as Kate Thompson (The New Policeman) and Catherine Fisher (Darkhenge). The book focuses on the ways these fantasy works have appropriated and adapted Irish and Welsh medieval literature in order to highlight different perceptions of “Celticity.” The term “Celtic” itself is interrogated in light of recent debates in Celtic studies, in order to explore a fictional representation of a national past that is often romanticized and political.

J R R Tolkien Robert E Howard and the Birth of Modern Fantasy

Author : Deke Parsons
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The birth of modern fantasy in 1930s Britain and America saw the development of new literary and film genres. J.R.R. Tolkien created modern fantasy with The Lord of the Rings, set in a fictional world based upon his life in the early 20th century British Empire, and his love of language and medieval literature. In small-town Texas, Robert E. Howard pounded out his own fantasy realm in his Conan stories, published serially in the ephemeral pulp magazines he loved. Jerry Siegel created Superman with Joe Shuster, and laid the foundation for perhaps the most far-reaching fantasy worlds: the universe of DC and Marvel comics. The work of extraordinary people who lived in an extraordinary decade, this modern fantasy canon still provides source material for the most successful literary and film franchises of the 21st century. Modern fantasy speaks to the human experience and still shows its origins from the lives and times of its creators.

The Endless Wars

Author : Blaine Atkinson
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Taran Walker is a very passionate man who has been working mightily to keep his life from being rebuilt. A man with an artistic mind, he and several friends are living in an abandoned halfway house, trying desperately to believe that all is well while they make their music and write their stories. Meanwhile, there is a convergence of souls in St. Louis, some young and some ancient, and Taran is at the center of it. He is the one to finally lead the ultimate rebellion and throw off the shackles that have held humanity back since the beginning of time. He will have to fight his way through underworlds and parallel universes, he will battle vampires and rival gods, as well as their lethal servants, but not without the help of a rather interesting mix of friends and allies. From gun-toting dwarves to magic-infused vampires, Taran will be aided by all manner of creatures and friends. It's the perfect blend of ancient fantasy archetypes and settings and real-world sensibilities and settings. Discover the world you never knew existed but for which you secretly yearned.