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Tao of Surfing

Author : Michael Allen
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A New Way of Healing "Tao of Surfing is an inspired book and a unique reflection that will have a lasting effect on anyone who reads it." -Bob Walch, The Monterey County Herald The roads I travel and the waves I search for and ride exemplify the flowing movement and continuous change of life itself. - From the book "Author Allen in fine, thoughtful fashion writes well, informally, and there is haiku in his observations A delightful book, effortlessly wise." -The Book Reader "From the first pages of this remarkable book I was captivated by the gently profound philosophy of riding through life with graceful balance." -Greg Ambrose, author of Surfer's Guide to Hawaii and co-author of Memories of Duke, the Legend Comes to Life Internationally acclaimed and Pulitzer Prize nominated author Michael A. Allen, takes you on a journey into the recesses of your soul and explores the ontological question, "What is our underlying essence?" Mr. Allen uses the metaphor of the sea, and its ebb and flow, to describe the Tao of life's cycle. And he discovers within this unique reflection a new way to comfort and heal the Self from the trauma of death. His long time interest in film brought him to write the screenplay adaptation with his brother in law Alex Carig in order to make Tao of Surfing into a full-length feature motion picture. Mr. Allen was initially inspired to write Tao of Surfing after his brother-his surfing partner-died from the complication of AIDS.

Surfing Health

Author : Joel Steinman
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Expert medical adviceTreatment of injuriesNutrition for surfersTHE BOOKSurfing & Health is a must for surfers and all health professionals related to this fantastic sport.Offering a fundamental and complete A to Z guide covering all major aspects of surfers' health, it offers expert medical advice on acute and chronic surfing injuries, including treatment, rehabilitation and preventative strategies based on PILATES core training exercises. This book includes topics on travelers' disease, hypothermia, skin cancer prevention, shark attacks and other marine animal accidents, women's surfing, and in-depth information on physical training, nutrition advice, psychological strategies to improve concentration and performance. The book also includes a first aid chapter for beach assessment and intervention

Tao Girls Rule

Author : C. J. Golden
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If you are the sort of girl who wants to find balance, be confident and act boldly, this book has all of the rules.Wise beyond measure, in Tao-Girls Rule!, author and motivational speaker CJ Golden examines girlhood in all its glory. By combining the philosophy of Tao with a healthy dose of boldness, she offers a lightening rod to direct teen and preteen girls on how to be strong, courageous, and confident.Following her first book, Tao of the Defiant Woman, Golden now brings her rare, uncanny insight to teens and pre-teens. In three parts, which include "Tao and Dynamic," Living Life as a Tao-Girl," and "Confident, Balanced, and Bold," twelve chapters with titles such as "A Tao-Girl is Imaginative," "A Tao-Girl is Radiant," and "Celebrity Tao-Girls" show girls how to be spirited individuals that make the most of their uniqueness and strive to live a life of grace by combining the acceptance of ancient philosophy of Taoism with a healthy dose of bravery. One thing is certain, as our young girls face the challenges of growing up in an ever-changing and complex world, the anecdotes and biographical sketches found in this collection will lead them to appreciate that they are not alone. Being a Tao-Girl means embracing power and being a role model. It means keeping a dynamic attitude and having a loving and grateful spirit. There are gads of Tao-Girls out there to look up to. Kelly Clarkson is one. Queen Latifah is one. Miley Cyrus is another. There are Tao-Girls in every city and if you want, you can be one too.

Surfing the Tao A Revolution of Free Will

Author : Angela V. Michaels
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My story, The Peppermint Tree, really developed at an early age. My aunt owned a large colonial house about ten feet from the beach. There were lots of places to play hide and seek. I called myself Annie and my playmate next door I dubbed Roopie. Of course my beloved aunt was Aunt Cissy. The house had a widow's walk on the roof. From there we saw many imaginary tall ships sailing on to rainbow's end, with a fog shrouded lighthouse and a mysterious cove. I cried when the house was destroyed by the hurricane of 1938. Today I can't recognize it.

The Tao of Sobriety

Author : David Gregson
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The Tao of Sobriety shows how to apply eastern philosophy to enhance recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. With a few simple mental exercises, readers can learn how to quiet "The Committee," those nasty mental voices that undermine serenity and self-esteem. With leaders of the recovery movement enthusiastically endorsing this uniquely helpful book, The Tao of Sobriety is an invaluable addition to the recovery bookshelf.

Chasing Aloha

Author : Nikki Chartier
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Finally back in his home state of Hawaii, Kale Nakoa hopes to find a second chance, but the gossip around his circumstances follows him like a shadow, haunting every opportunity to reinvent his life. Between community service and hiding from news reporters, there's no time to reconnect with his old friends and definitely not a moment to reconnect with the ocean. The surf ache is wearing on him, but he's not sure if he's worthy of the lineup again. Leilani DeCosta has heard the whispers, but she doesn't want to believe that her childhood neighbor has become a hardened criminal. After all, he was the one who helped her conquer her fear of the ocean and taught her how to surf. She wants to know his side of the story and see if the grom she always knew is still somewhere beneath the surface. When the childhood friends cross paths, Kale is reluctant to let Leilani in, but she's determined to prove that the aloha spirit is still alive and that happy endings aren't just found in books.

Surf Culture

Author : Bolton T. Colburn
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This text is a comprehensive, in-depth examination of the influence of surfing and surf culture on the modern cultural landscape, from film, music, fashion, photography, art, skateboarding and lifestyle. The book examines the history of modern surfboard design and culture from 1900 to the present day, and features over 100 surfboards. The myth of surfing as promoted through related activities and by-products such as skateboarding, photography, film, clothing and music are explored and assessed in terms of their socio-economic impact.

Surfing Mr Petrovic

Author : Colin Bowles
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Eleven-year-old Tao loves hanging around with his mates. He used to like surfing with his dad, too, until Dad left home to live with a fashion model. And his mum has a new boyfriend, with altogether too-brainy kids. When Mr Petrovic enters the scheme of things, he becomes the focus for Tao's anger.

How to Release Fear Based Thinking and Feeling

Author : Dr. Joshua David Stone
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One of the most profound and in-depth books ever written on how to release fear-based thinking and feeling and change it to love-based thinking and feeling. A revolutionary cutting-edge master thesis on the subject of Spiritual Psychology and how to realize it. The reader will never be the same after reading this book. Each chapter will transform and shift your consciousness like an attitudinal and emotional "chiropractic adjustment." By the time you are finished with this book you will see life with totally new eyes! Absolutely electrifying reading! One of the most profound books ever written in the field of Spiritual Psychology and Psychology! Totally cutting-edge!


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Luckman s World Wide Web Yellow Pages

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The Way of the Surfer

Author : Drew Kampion
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Presents the history of surfing as a sport, profiles important surfers, and includes images of surfing locations worldwide.

Tao of Chaos

Author : Katya Walter
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Explores the similarities between Chinese philosophy's I Ching and genetic code, and uses chaos theory to show how humans create order

The Tao of Allowing

Author : Gp Walsh
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The Law of Attraction is undoubtedly the most exciting and misunderstood idea to come about in a long, long time. Exciting because the promise of wealth, abundance and prosperity is huge. Misunderstood because it isn't being grasped in its entirety. The term Law of Attraction is a recent phrase for something that has been around for thousands of years. Great teachers like Abraham-Hicks, Steve Pavlina, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Christy Whitman, Margaret Lynch, the movie "The Secret," "What the Bleep, artfully describe this law and have made it a household word. But one thing remains missing. And what is that? A practice that enables the student to embody this law as a Way of Life and not just a nice idea. And what is that practice? Allowing. According GP Walsh, spiritual teacher and radio personality, this Law is simply "the way things actually are." In other words, the Tao or nature itself. It is not a technique. It is a Way of Being! "A key piece of the manifestation puzzle that is often overlooked - and is addressed head-on in The Tao of Allowing - is that before we can successfully take that next step toward greater fulfillment, abundance and success, we must feel in the very core of our being and nervous system that it is safe to take that step. As long as we are operating in a state of fear - whether expressed as resistance, defensiveness, or what G calls the 'contrived, artificial behaviors' that we adapted early in life to ensure our continued acceptance in our social 'tribe' - all our efforts forward inevitably grind to a halt, every single time." - Christy Whitman: New York Times Bestselling Author So, more than just a passive, wait for it to happen attitude, The Tao of Allowing is a very active way of engaging with life. Instead of trying to force it to our will, we allow ourselves to flow with life. We ride the wave. We surf on the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction has promised a great deal. Things like: Effortless wealth, health and relationships (even weight loss) A stress free life More customer for your business The front parking space at Wal-Mart Whatever you want from the genie of the universe So how come the only people who seem to get all those results are the ones teaching everybody else how to do it? I thought this was a law? It IS a Law. Not magic. Like the Wright Brothers, who experimented for years before getting that first plane off the ground, you need to understand the Law. It is not an act of faith. It is an act of understanding. Once you understand the law, then, like the Wright Brothers, you get to build the airplane. Ancient Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, martial arts, acupuncture, understood how life actually moved and functioned. That is how they healed and did miraculous things. They called this natural flow The Tao. And the Tao is the center of "The Tao of Allowing" and its experiential approach to learning and mastering the law of Attraction. So don't stand in the ocean trying to push the waves back out to sea. Grab your surfboard and come surf the Tao of Allowing. ""Working with G and being exposed to his teachings, I started to listen to the voice inside. I started to listen to my body! What I got was a screaming and yearning for ME to come out. I took the leap and now I can see from the other side, what started with listening to that voice with the guidance of G, I am now 100% doing the work I love as a coach of women entrepreneurs on a mission (not interpreting). I accept challenges in my career like taking charge of a $2 million project, or teaching on stage in front of 100s of people. Only a few years ago I would have said no, I would have ignored the inner voice, I would have said, oh no, I can't do that.Here is the kicker...I am making way more money as I continue to say yes. " "I love G and I always love how he makes the concepts that are so hard to grasp easy for us mere humans to understand." Beth"

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Author : Wayne W. Dyer, Dr.
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Five hundred years before the birth of Jesus, a God-realized being named Lao-tzu in ancient China dictated 81 verses, which are regarded by many as the ultimate commentary on the nature of our existence. The classic text of these 81 verses, called the Tao Te Ching or the Great Way, offers advice and guidance that is balanced, moral, spiritual, and always concerned with working for the good. In this book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has reviewed hundreds of translations of the Tao Te Ching and has written 81 distinct essays on how to apply the ancient wisdom of Lao-tzu to today’s modern world. This work contains the entire 81 verses of the Tao, compiled from Wayne’s researching of 12 of the most well-respected translations of text that have survived for more than 25 centuries. Each chapter is designed for actually living the Tao or the Great Way today. Some of the chapter titles are “Living with Flexibility,” “Living Without Enemies,” and “Living by Letting Go.” Each of the 81 brief chapters focuses on living the Tao and concludes with a section called “Doing the Tao Now.” Wayne spent one entire year reading, researching, and meditating on Lao-tzu’s messages, practicing them each day and ultimately writing down these essays as he felt Lao-tzu wanted you to know them. This is a work to be read slowly, one essay a day. As Wayne says, “This is a book that will forever change the way you look at your life, and the result will be that you’ll live in a new world aligned with nature. Writing this book changed me forever, too. I now live in accord with the natural world and feel the greatest sense of peace I’ve ever experienced. I’m so proud to present this interpretation of the Tao Te Ching, and offer the same opportunity for change that it has brought me.”

American Book Publishing Record

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The Tao Jones Averages

Author : Bennett W. Goodspeed
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Mixes humor, common sense, psychology, and Taoist philosophy in practical suggestions for applying bicameral thinking and Taoist principles to stock-market and investment considerations


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The Tao of Inner Peace

Author : Diane Dreher
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The author of The Tao of Personal Leadership offers inspirational guidance in discovering the secrets of both inner and outer peace and discusses dynamic action, cyclical growth, cosmic oneness, and harmonious action. Reprint.

The Tao of Network Security Monitoring

Author : Richard Bejtlich
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Provides information on computer network security, covering such topics as NSM operational framework and deployment, using open-source tools, session data, statistical data, Sguil, and DNS.