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Author : Richard Neil
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The amount of stress and the way it is delivered are very important. In addition, the mental and physical condition of the person stressed, along with the duration and repetitive nature of the stressor will have significant influence. And perhaps most important of all in determining the effect of stress is the perception that the recipient has of the stressor, its consequences and its importance in his or her life experience.

Behind the Legend

Author : Denis Cryle
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Virtue Politics

Author : James Hankins
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James Hankins challenges the view that the Renaissance was the seedbed of modern republicanism, with Machiavelli as exemplary thinker. What most concerned Renaissance political theorists, Hankins contends, was not reforming laws but shaping citizens. To secure the social good, they fostered virtue through a new program of education: the humanities.

Tangling With Tyrants

Author : Tony Deblauwe
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Whether you're stuck working for a demanding boss, or want to improve your skills at managing up, Tangling with TyrantsT: Taming the Tyrant workbook helps you to develop a communication strategy that eliminates conflict. Through exercises aimed at looking at your own, as well as your boss's communication style, you will have the tools necessary to collaborate with your boss, create an effective communications strategy, and reclaim your personal power.

The Barbadoes girl

Author : Barbara Hofland
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The Barbadoes Girl

Author : Barbara Wreaks Hoole Hofland
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Effective Child Abuse Investigation for the Multi Disciplinary Team

Author : Bradley Richard Graham
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Child abuse cases are unique in that they involve seldomly witnessed acts. A nonverbal victim and a silent perpetrator will often lead to a stalling of the investigation and the judicial process. Effective Child Abuse Investigation for the Multi-Disciplinary Team is a practical guide for law enforcement officers and child protection workers in abuse investigations. It demonstrates how all members of the team can best work together to consolidate the medical, social, and legal facts in each case, increasing the chances for successful prosecution and enhancing child safety. Presenting the insight of an investigator with more than two decades of experience, this book guides investigators in the best practices of abuse investigations through a better understanding of the dynamics of abuse, the mechanisms of injury, and the efficient use of professional expertise. Topics include: Forming an investigative plan Differentiating between accidental and abusive injury Triggers for abuse most often cited by perpetrators Common defenses, including religious or constitutional justification for punishment Legal and social factors associated with taking a child into protective custody Preparing for civil and criminal trial Additional topics include the danger of investigative bias, female sex offenders, child development, and basic medical terminology associated with abusive head trauma. Appendices include questions to be asked in all cases, a pediatric investigation checklist for first responders, and an investigative timeline checklist. Suitable for any law enforcement training environment, the book demonstrates how working together with the collective knowledge of all members of the team can ensure maltreated children are protected and abusers held accountable for their actions.

Gift of the Night

Author : David Lowe
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The Magic of Numbers

Author : Eric Temple Bell
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Superb, stimulating account of origins of mathematical thought and development of numerical theory. Probes the work of Pythagoras, Galileo, Berkeley, Einstein, and others, exploring influence of "number magic" on religion, philosophy, science, mathematics.

Xenophon and His World

Author : Vincent Azoulay
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These twenty-four papers originated at a conference held in 1999 which was dedicated to Xenophon's writings and to the many areas of Greek life for which he is a major source. The contributions, which also reflect the problems of recreating a life that we have so few facts for, are divided into seven sections which discuss: Xenophon's life; Xenophon and Socrates; Xenophon and the barbarian world; Sparta; religion and politics; Anabasis ; Hellenica . These wide-ranging papers are specialised, often based on a close reading on Xenophon's texts, and not all of the Greek is translated. Eighteen papers, plus the introduction, are in English; the remaining papers are in Italian or German.