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The Tall Lady with the Iceberg

Author : Anne Miller
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Business book packed with exercises & examples to help people break through information overload and drive home their points creatively, memorably and dramatically to achieve desired results.

An Iceberg in Paradise

Author : Nancy Avery Dafoe
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Offers a healing and insightful examination of the issues involved in Alzheimer’s for family and caregivers. In this evocative memoir, Nancy Avery Dafoe shares the heart-wrenching experience of caring for her ailing mother as she struggled, and ultimately lost her battle, with Alzheimer’s disease. Weaving poetry throughout, Dafoe tells her family’s story in the hope of helping those who are navigating the murky waters of Alzheimer’s. She presents different approaches and practical advice for dealing with the difficult life transition that occurs when parents become ill. At its center, An Iceberg in Paradise is not only a tribute to love in the face of loss but also an exploration of memory, our human connections, and holding on until there is nothing left to hold. “Beautifully written, An Iceberg in Paradise expresses Nancy Avery Dafoe’s very personal experience as a family member observing the slow yet relentless failing of her beloved mother. I loved Dafoe’s honest way of writing about the pain, confusion, anger, frustration, and sorrow of her journey with her mother and her mother’s ‘passage.’ This is a personal, very human memoir that anyone dealing with Alzheimer’s in a parent or spouse would find helpful and supportive.” — Alison Jacob, LCSW “I found this book particularly touching on many levels. As we baby boomers age and our parents are living longer in general, we all need information and to hear others’ stories of their experiences with this as it could well affect many of us on a very personal level.” — Mark Marshall, LCSW


Author : Rebecca Johns
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Two friends, Walter Dunmore and Al Clark, are the only members of their bomber crew to survive an airforce plane crash in World War II Canada. But they must struggle with the sub-zero wilderness of Newfoundland's Labrador coast until help arrives. Meanwhile, on the homefront, in a small farming community, Walt's wife Dottie struggles with her own battles: loneliness, anxiety and her attraction to an itinerant farm worker. Only one man comes home alive from Labrador, but the lives of their two families remain forever entwined. Years later, in Chicago where they've all moved, questions of loyalty and bravery ensnare their children. And as they confront the horrors of Vietnam one of them will be left to choose between revenge or sacrifice. The novel follows the characters into old age, when decades-old secrets are laid bare to redeem the present and illuminate the past. Rebecca Johns explores with remarkable grace and intimacy themes of love and infidelity, bravery and cowardice, domesticity and marriage.

The Ladies Repository

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The New York Times Book Review

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Annual Year Book United States Trotting Association

Author : United States Trotting Association
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Atlantic Monthly0

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The Atlantic

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The Atlantic Monthly

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Dollar Monthly Magazine

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Stewart Parker

Author : Marilynn Richtarik
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Born in Belfast during World War II, raised in a working-class Protestant family, and educated on scholarship at Queen's University, writer Stewart Parker's story is in many ways the story of his generation. Other aspects of his personal history, though, such as the amputation of his left leg at age 19, helped to create an extraordinarily perceptive observer and commentator. Steeped in American popular culture as a child and young adult, he spent five years teaching in the United States before returning to Belfast in August 1969, the same week British troops responded to sectarian disturbances there. Parker had developed a sense of writing as a form of political action in the highly charged atmosphere of the US in the late 1960s, which he applied in many and varied capacities throughout the worst years of the Troubles to express his own socialist and secular vision of Northern Irish potential. As a young aspiring poet and novelist, he supported himself with free-lance work that brought him into contact with institutions ranging from BBC Northern Ireland to the Irish Times (for which he wrote personal columns and the music review feature High Pop) and from the Queen's University Extramural Department to Long Kesh internment camp (where his creative writing students included Gerry Adams). It is as a playwright, however, that Parker earned a permanent spot in the literary canon with drama that encapsulates his experience of Northern Ireland in the 1970s. Marilynn Richtarik's Stewart Parker: A Life illuminates the genesis, development, and meaning of such classic plays as Spokesong, Northern Star, and Pentecost - works that continue to shed light on the North's past, present, and future - in the context of Parker's life and times. Meticulously researched and engagingly written, this critical biography rewards general readers and specialists alike.

Washington Education

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Magic for Beginners

Author : Kelly Link
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Perfect for readers of George Saunders, Karen Russell, Neil Gaiman, and Aimee Bender, Magic for Beginners is an exquisite, dreamlike dispatch from a virtuoso storyteller who can do seemingly anything. Kelly Link reconstructs modern life through an intoxicating prism, conjuring up unforgettable worlds with humor and humanity. These stories are at once ingenious and deeply moving. They leave the reader astonished and exhilarated. Includes an exclusive conversation between Kelly Link and Joe Hill Praise for Magic for Beginners “A sorceress to be reckoned with.”—The New York Times Book Review “[Kelly] Link’s stories . . . play in a place few writers go, a netherworld between literature and fantasy, Alice Munro and J. K. Rowling, and Link finds truths there that most authors wouldn’t dare touch.”—Lev Grossman, Time “She is unique and should be declared a national treasure.”—Neil Gaiman “Funny, scary, surprising and powerfully moving within the span of a single story or even a single sentence.”—Karen Russell, The Miami Herald “This is what certain readers live for: fiction that makes the world instead of merely mimicking it.”—Audrey Niffenegger “[These] exquisite stories mix the aggravations and epiphanies of everyday life with the stuff that legends, dreams and nightmares are made of.”—Laura Miller, Salon, Best Books of the Decade “A major talent . . . Like George Saunders, [Link] can’t dismiss the hidden things that tap on our windows at night.”—The Boston Globe “The most darkly playful voice in American fiction.”—Michael Chabon “I think she is the most impressive writer of her generation.”—Peter Straub “Link’s world is one to savor. [Grade:] A”—Entertainment Weekly “Intricate, wildly imaginative and totally wonderful . . . will fill you with awe and joy.”—NPR

Getting in the Game

Author : Dawn FitzGerald
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"I'd rather kiss Derek's padded butt than leave the ice right now with everyone thinking that it's too rough out here for a girl." Seventh grader Joanna Giordano wants to play ice hockey, but the only game in town is the boys' middle school team. Everyone tries to talk her out of playing--from the principal and the coach to the class bully, and even her best friend, Ben. With humor and a feisty spirit, Joanna fights for her place both on and off the ice.

Stranger in the Earth

Author : Thomas Sugrue
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Bella Poldark

Author : Winston Graham
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Bella Poldark is the twelfth and final novel in Winston Graham's hugely popular Poldark series, and continues the story after the fifth TV series, which has become a television phenomenon starring Aidan Turner. The enchanting saga of Ross, Demelza and the Poldark family concludes in this, the last book in the epic series. Bella, the Poldarks’ youngest daughter, is a precociously talented singer and is encouraged to pursue a career by her old flame and by a distinguished French conductor who has more in mind than Bella’s music . . . Meanwhile, Valentine Warleggan, whose existence keeps open the old wounds of the feud between Ross and George, leads an increasingly wayward existence. And Clowance, the Poldarks’ widowed daughter, is considering remarrying to one of two rival suitors. But a cloud hangs over Cornwall, as a murderer stalks the villages looking for new victims . . . 'From the incomparable Winston Graham . . . who has everything that anyone else has, and then a whole lot more.' Guardian

The Shipping News

Author : Annie Proulx
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The tie-in edition of the long-awaited film of this contemporary classic starring Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore and Dame Judi Dench. A vigorous, darkly comic and at times magical portrait of the contemporary family. At thrity-six, Quoyle, a thrid-ratejournalist, is wrenched violently from his everyday life when his two-timing wife meets her just deserts. He retreats with his two daughters to his ancestral home on the starkly beautiful Newfoundland coast, where a rich cast of local characters all play a part in Quoyle's struggle to reclaim his life. As three generations of his family build new lives, Quoyle confronts his private demons - and the unpredictable forces of nature and society - and begins to see the possibility of love without pain or misery

The Museum of Foreign Literature Science and Art

Author : Robert Walsh
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One Hundred Letters From Hugh Trevor Roper

Author : Richard Davenport-Hines
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The one hundred letters brought together for this book illustrate the range of Hugh Trevor-Roper's life and preoccupations: as an historian, a controversialist, a public intellectual, an adept in academic intrigues, a lover of literature, a traveller, a countryman. They depict a life of rich diversity; a mind of intellectual sparkle and eager curiosity; a character that relished the comédie humaine, and the absurdities, crotchets, and vanities of his contemporaries. The playful irony of Trevor-Roper's correspondence places him in a literary tradition stretching back to such great letter-writers as Madame de Sévigné and Horace Walpole. Though he generally shunned emotional self-exposure in correspondence as in company, his letters to the woman who became his wife reveal the surprising intensity and the raw depths of his feelings. Trevor-Roper was one of the most gifted scholars of his generation, and one of the most famous dons of his day. While still a young man, he made his name with his bestseller The Last Days of Hitler, and became notorious for his acerbic assaults on other historians. In his prime, Trevor-Roper appeared to have everything: a grey Bentley, a prestigious chair in Oxford, a beautiful country house, a wife with a title, and, eventually, a title of his own. But he failed to write the 'big book' expected of him, and tainted his reputation when in old age he erroneously authenticated the forged Hitler diaries. For an academic, Trevor-Roper's interests were extraordinarily wide, bringing him into contact with such diverse individuals as George Orwell and Margaret Thatcher, Albert Speer and Kim Philby, Katharine Hepburn and Rupert Murdoch. The tragicomedy of his tenure as Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, provided an appropriate finale to a career packed with incident. Trevor-Roper's letters to Bernard Berenson, published as Letters from Oxford in 2006, gave pleasure to a wide variety of readers. This more general selection of his correspondence has been long anticipated, and will delight anyone who values wit, erudition, and clear prose.

Working Man

Author : Melanie Schuster
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Funny and feisty true-crime writer Dakota Phillips has almosteverything she wants. She's still looking for the perfect man:very tall, very educated and very cultured—all wrapped up inrich chocolate brown. So far, her insecurities about her generouscurves and her independent streak have kept her searching. Nick is a self-made mogul who works hard, plays hard and loveslife's finer things. He's not perfect, but he makes Dakota feelbeautiful, desirable—and maybe a little too vulnerable. Dakotacan't surrender to a take-charge man, and Nick has worked toohard for everything to give up control. Moving on would beeasy—except for a little complication called love.