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Talking Contemporary Curating

Author : Terry Smith
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In Talking Contemporary Curating, Terry Smith is in conversation with 12 curators, art historians and theorists deeply immersed in reflecting upon the demands of their respective practices; the contexts of exhibition making; and the platforms through which art may be made public, including Zdenka Badovinac, Claire Bishop, Zoe Butt, Germano Celant, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Okwui Enwezor, Boris Groys, Jens Hoffmann, Mami Kataoka, Maria Lind, Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Mari Carmen Ramírez.

Research Handbook on Art and Law

Author : Jani McCutcheon
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Featuring international contributions from leading and emerging scholars, this innovative Research Handbook presents a panoramic view of how law sees visual art, and how visual art sees law. It resists the conventional approach to art and law as inherently dissonant – one a discipline preoccupied with rationality, certainty and objectivity; the other a creative enterprise ensconced in the imaginary and inviting multiple, unique and subjective interpretations. Blending these two distinct disciplines, this unique Research Handbook bridges the gap between art and law.

The Anthropologist as Curator

Author : Roger Sansi
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Why do contemporary art curators define their work as ethnography? How can curation illuminate the practice of contemporary anthropology? Does anthropology risk disappearing as a specific discipline within the general model of the curatorial? The Anthropologist as Curator collects together the research of international scholars working at the intersection of anthropology and contemporary art in order to explore these questions. The essays in the book challenge what it means to do ethnographic work, as well as the very definition of the discipline of anthropology in confrontation with the model of the curatorial. The contributors examine these ideas from a variety of angles, and the book includes perspectives from anthropologists who have set up their own exhibitions; those who have conducted fieldwork on the arts, including participatory practices, digital images and sound; and contributors who are currently working in a curatorial capacity at a museum.With case studies from the USA, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, India and Japan, the book represents an international perspective and is relevant to students and scholars of anthropology, contemporary art, museum studies, curatorial studies and heritage studies.

Contemporary Art and Capitalist Modernization

Author : Octavian Esanu
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This book addresses the art historical category of "contemporary art" from a transregional perspective, but unlike other volumes of its kind, it focuses in on non-Western instantiations of "the contemporary." The book concerns itself with the historical conditions in which a radically new mode of artistic production, distribution, and consumption – called "contemporary art" – emerged in some countries of Eastern Europe, the post-Soviet republics of the USSR, India, Latin America, and the Middle East, following both local and broader sociopolitical processes of modernization and neoliberalization. Its main argument is that one cannot fully engage with the idea of the "global contemporary" without also paying careful attention to the particular, local, and/or national symptoms of the contemporary condition. Part I is methodological and theoretical in scope, while Part II is historical and documentary. For the latter, a number of case studies address the emergence of the category "contemporary art" in the context of Lebanon, Egypt, India, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, and Moldova. The book will be of interest to scholars working in art history, globalism, cultural studies, and postcolonial studies.

The Australian Art Field

Author : Tony Bennett
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This book brings together leading scholars and practitioners to take stock of the frictions generated by a tumultuous time in the Australian art field and to probe what the crises might mean for the future of the arts in Australia. Specific topics include national and international art markets; art practices in their broader social and political contexts; social relations and institutions and their role in contemporary Australian art; the policy regimes and funding programmes of Australian governments; and national and international art markets. In addition, the collection will pay detailed attention to the field of indigenous art and the work of Indigenous artists. This book will be of interest to scholars in contemporary art, art history, cultural studies, and Indigenous peoples.

Scenography as New Ideology in Contemporary Curating The Notion of Staging in Exhibitions

Author : Margaret Choi Kwan Lam
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Scenography has been acting as a transformative force to reform the traditionalexhibitionary complex. This has led to an unprecedented intersection wherescenography meets contemporary curating, which further informs a radical ideologicalshift in the frontier of the exhibition scene. This book aims to exploit a new land ofdiscussion to look into this intersection between scenographic practice andcontemporary curating, its mergence and the subsequent revolution it has caused. Byseeing museums and exhibition spaces as metaphorical stages, it fundamentallyreconfigures the infrastructure of curating practices, in terms of a shift in authorship,architectural embodiment of ideas, field of experience, layered narrative, dramaturgy andthe hybrid expressions of new media. Three case studies will demonstrate scenography’swide-ranged methodologies in dealing with contemporary issues. Cases include: BMWMuseum (Reopened in 2008), Cultures of the World (Opened in 2010) and Leonardo’sLast Supper: A Vision by Peter Greenaway (2008, 2010). The discussion cuts throughmajor discourses, both responding to the rise of the experience economy and theexpanding notion of curating, in parallel.

Issues in Curating Contemporary Art and Performance

Author : Judith Rugg
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To stay relevant, art curators must keep up with the rapid pace of technological innovation as well as the aesthetic tastes of fickle critics and an ever-expanding circle of cultural arbiters. Issues in Curating Contemporary Art and Performance argues that, despite these daily pressures, good curating work also requires more theoretical attention. In four thematic sections, a distinguished group of contributors consider curation in light of interdisciplinary and emerging practices, examine conceptions of curation as intervention and contestation, and explore curation's potential to act as a reconsideration of conventional museum spaces. Against the backdrop of cutting-edge developments in electronic art, art/science collaboration, nongallery spaces, and virtual fields, contributors propose new approaches to curating and new ways of fostering critical inquiry. Now in paperback, this volume is an essential read for scholars, curators, and art enthusiasts alike.

Thinking Contemporary Curating

Author : Terry E. Smith
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"'Thinking contemporary curating' is the first publication to comprehensively explore what is distinctive about contemporary curatorial thought. In five essays, art historian, critic, and theorist Terry Smith surveys the international landscape of current discourse; explores a number of exhibitions that show contemporaneity in present, recent, and post art; describes the enormous growth world-wide of exhibitionary infrastructure and the instability that haunts it; re-examines the phenomenon of artist-curators and curator-artists; and assesses a number of key tendencies in curating - such as the reimagined museum, the expanded exhibition, historicization and recuration, infrastructural activism, and engaged spectatorship - as responses to contemporary conditions." -- book cover.

Curating degree zero

Author : Dorothee Richter
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40 Years

Author : Michael Auping
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At the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Michael Auping helped transform the museum into an internationally acclaimed institution. This book collects nearly eighty conversations with more than forty of the artists he worked with, including Georg Baselitz, Louise Bourgeois, Ellsworth Kelly, Anselm Kiefer, Bruce Nauman, Ed Ruscha, Richard Serra, Frank Stella, Kara Walker, and Lawrence Weiner. In his interviews--divided into thematic chapters such as "Dimensions of Drawing," "The Studio," "Figures of Speech," and "Light and Space," Auping's probing and eloquent curiosity elicits illuminating and fascinating insights from his subjects and touches on every aspect of the artistic process, allowing many of the artists to reveal interests and influences not exposed in other contexts.

Imagining the Future of the Museum of Modern Art

Author : Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)
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Edited by John Elderfield. Introduction by Glenn D. Lowry.


Author : Editors of Phaidon Press
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Creamier: Contemporary Art in Culture, is the 5th addition to Phaidon?s world renowned Cream series. Every few years, Phaidon brings together 10 illustrious curators to choose 100 of the art world?s best and most important emerging contemporary artists, and what they discover becomes an invaluable resource in an ever-changing art world. As has proven to be the case with those featured in the previous four Cream books, these will be the 100 artists the world is talking about for years to come. Valued by art collectors and art lovers alike as a road map through the ever expanding international art scene of gallery shows, museum exhibitions, biennials, and fairs, the Cream series is a must-have for anyone interested in the art world?s latest news and is an excellent introduction to the dialogue among some of its best minds. The introduction features a conversation between the ten curators discussing one of the art world?s hottest topics ? the recession and how it has impacted the market and artist creativity. Bound on high quality paper, printed to resemble broadsheet newspaper format, Creamier is packed in a custom-made box. The irony of the very latest news contained in a traditional, some would argue vanishing, format is intriguing. Readers are left to question the fluidity of the art world where an artist?s work can be fresh and new for such a short time, but where it never becomes insignificant.

The producers

Author : University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Dept. of Fine Art
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The Producers

Author : Susan Hiller
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Talking Painting

Author : David Ryan
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Each chapter consists of an article about the artist's work, selected by the artist and an interview of the artist by David Ryan.

Talking Back

Author : Joyce Antler
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Essays that discuss the portrayal of Jewish women in American culture.

Documents on Contemporary Crafts 1 5

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Documents on Contemporary Crafts is a book series published by Norwegian Crafts in collaboration with Arnoldsche Art Publishers. The series provides a critical reflection of contemporary crafts in a wider context and in doing so asks questions about the ties between contemporary craft, fine art and design, thus helping to redefine the concept of crafts as such. The five volumes discuss such topics as skills, materiality, curating, collecting, perception and New Materialism from more than thirty contributors, ranging from a leading craft theorists, and a consultant psychological therapist, to emerging voices like Sarah R. Gilbert, Marianne Zamecznik and Stephen Knott.

Dias Riedweg possibly talking about the same

Author : Dias & Riedweg
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Since 1993, Maur'cio Dias and Walter Riedweg have been developing a collaborative work that probes the relationship between ethics and aesthetics through precise interventions in specific individual and group situations. Their methods, ranging from scientific documentation to complex video dramatizations, focus especially on issues associated with identity and the tension between group and individual mechanisms. The direct involvement of the public in their work process is crucial. This catalogue contains a retrospective of their works to date, including Voracidad mxima, their joint project for the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona. The enclosed DVD includes a video fragment from that piece, which explores the relationship between sexuality and economics and was made in cooperation with male sex workers from the museum's neighborhood, El Raval.

Talking Art 1

Author : Chris Burden
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40 Years at the Institute of Contemporary Art

Author : Johanna Plummer
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