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Francis Bacon

Author : Christophe Domino
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Bacon's powerful and disturbing images of the human figure have had a profound impact on the art of the 20th century. A lifelong student of colour, form and brushwork, he created an art at once classical and modern, ordered and chaotic, in which human emotions and passions are embedded within the harsh realities of the flesh.

Taking Reality by Surprise

Author : Susan Sellers
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This book is filled with advice, guidance, practical exercises, and encouragement to help the reader through each stage of producing and publishing a piece of writing of any genre.

Art Must Take Reality by Surprise Francoise Sagan

Author : art Quotes Lovers
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Author : Tania Luna
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Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected is a fascinating look at how we can handle and harness surprise in our work, relationships, and everyday lives. Pop Quiz! Do you prefer when: A) Things go according to plan? B) When the unexpected happens? Most of us pick control and predictability. Yet research reveals a counterintuitive truth: surprise is the key that unlocks growth, innovation, and connection. It is also the secret ingredient in our best memories. Through colorful narratives and compelling scientific findings, authors Tania Luna and Dr. LeeAnn Renninger shine a light on the world's least understood and most intriguing emotion. They reveal how shifting our perception of surprise lets us thrive in the face of uncertainty. And they show us how surprise acts as a shortcut that turns a typical product into a meaningful experience, a good idea into a viral one, awkward small talk into engaging conversation, and daily life into an adventure. From the Hardcover edition.

Surprise Attack

Author : Ephraim KAM
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Emphasizing the psychological aspect of warfare, Ephraim Kam observes surprise attack through the eyes of its victims. He traces the behavior of the victim to examine the mistakes that permit a nation to be taken by surprise and argues that anticipation and prediction of war is more complicated than any other issue of strategic estimation.

The Religion of Reality

Author : Didier Maleuvre
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The book first argues that religious feeling persists in the secular western mind; that it has taken refuge in the unlikeliest of camps, indeed with the supposed debunker of religious creed: the rationalist existential ego.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Author : Rowan Bayne
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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a development of the work of Carl Jung, who suggested the basic personality types of introversion and extraversion and the components of intuition, sensation, thinking and feeling. The indicator provides insights into and offers a framework for use in counselling, education, careers guidance and management.

Apartment 16

Author : Adam Nevill
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Some doors are better left closed . . . In Barrington House, an upmarket block in London, there is an empty apartment. No one goes in, no one comes out. And it has been that way for fifty years. Until the night watchman hears a disturbance after midnight and investigates. What he experiences is enough to change his life forever. A young American woman, Apryl, arrives at Barrington House. She's been left an apartment by her mysterious Great Aunt Lillian who died in strange circumstances. Rumours claim Lillian was mad. But her diary suggests she was implicated in a horrific and inexplicable event decades ago. Determined to learn something of this eccentric woman, Apryl begins to unravel the hidden story of Barrington House. She discovers that a transforming, evil force still inhabits the building. And the doorway to Apartment 16 is a gateway to something altogether more terrifying . . . Apartment 16 is another gripping novel full of suspense and horror from Adam Nevill, twice winner of the August Derleth award.

Teaching Shakespeare to Develop Children s Writing

Author : Fred Sedgwick
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Talking About Literacy

Author : Jane Mace
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Talking about Literacy re-examines dominant notions of what litreracy is, and challenges the problem-solution reflex to the issue (the problem is illiteracy: the solution is more literacy). Literacy has enormous emotional and political associations, and the job of literacy educator often concerns changing attitudes and challenging prejudices - whether in the form of publicity strategies, counselling new students, or in curriculum design. In short, adult literacy education means not only teaching courses like 'fresh start', 'basic skills', 'study skills', 'communication skills', 'language support' and 'return to study', but also designing strategies to encourage people to see that these courses may meet their own interests - and educating them and others to rethink their own negative attitudes to 'illiteracy'. The book looks in detail in at five principles put forward by Jane Mace as central to the education of people who often can read, but wish they could read better; who, technically can write, but have a desire to do so with more expression and coherence. These principles focus on five themes: context, inquiy, authorship, equality and community. Since it is all too easy for literacy education involving adults who do not have formal qualifications to stop short of teaching techniques for 'correct' writing, these principles mean taking seriously a view that adult students are writers as well as readers - that they have an entitlement to be read, as well as to read others.

Active Reading

Author : Ben Knights
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The subject of this book is the crossover between critical study and creative writing. 'Active reading' is a structured process of writing activities using imitation, variation and experimentation. Through practical composition techniques such as 'transformational writing', 're-writing' or 'translation', students can use writing activities to develop their critical imagination. This book bridges the gap between theories of learning and Literary studies in Higher Education. Setting the argument in an historical and theoretical context, it outlines the importance of writing as a medium of learning and argues for its usefulness in aiding English students' understanding of theoretical as well as literary and cultural texts. The authors provide a reflective account of teaching and assessment methods using writing activities and critical thinking techniques and the forms of learning they promote. In the last section, they explore the connections with other forms of writing practice in related disciplines and argue for the role of transformational writing in promoting independent learning. Appendices provide examples of the range of activities that can be used and an indicative list of literary examples.

Surprise And The Psycho Analyst

Author : Reik, Theodor
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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Aesthetics of Desire and Surprise

Author : Jadranka Skorin-Kapov
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The Aesthetics of Desire and Surprise: Phenomenology and Speculation covers issues central to contemporary continental philosophy (desire, expectations, excess, rupture, transcendence, immanence, surprise). The proposed term desire||surprise captures the phenomenological-speculative character of the pair not yet and no longer. Non-obvious parallels between different thinkers are drawn, and the argumentation is organized around philosophical figures relevant in the sequence desire – excess –pause (rupture, break) – recuperation (surprise). The works of Levinas, Žižek, Bataille, Blanchot, Foucault, and Ricoeur are interpreted and positioned according to the proposed template of desire - excess - pause. The consideration of limit experiences involves authors fascinated by transgression, and the question of whether excess is immanent or transcendent. This discussion considers works by Nietzsche, Deleuze, Žižek, and Foucault. The analysis of surprise and the beginning of recovery after the pause considers works by Fink, Merleau-Ponty, Nancy, Lyotard, Dufrenne, Bachelard, and Seel. The provocative argument elaborated in this work is that surprise starts with indifference. Furthermore, the argument is that surprise begins where the concept reaches its ending, hence that the limit of speculative thinking at its ending is the limit of aesthetics at its beginning. The work of Hegel, Schelling and Jaspers are discussed in order to argue for the beginning of aesthetics there where knowledge ends. Philosophical thematic is contextualized via sections on artists such as Duchamp and Mondrian, and on some films, provoking interest of aestheticians working in art history and cultural studies departments.

Taken by Surprise

Author : Esther Mock
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The Surprise Triplets

Author : Jacqueline Diamond
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Triple The Trouble When fertility counselor Melissa Everhart decided to have a baby on her own, she didn't anticipate triplets…or her ex-husband's return to Safe Harbor. Three years ago, Edmond's reluctance to have children tore them apart. But now that he's been made guardian of his niece, Melissa witnesses how tenderly he cares for the little girl. Though Edmond doesn't believe he's father material, his sudden custody of Dawn leaves him little choice. He turns to Melissa, the warmest, kindest person he knows, for help. They begin to rediscover the love they once shared, but the betrayals of the past trouble them both. Can they find the forgiveness they both need to come together as a family?

Risking Her Heart On The Single Dad The Neonatal Doc s Baby Surprise Risking Her Heart on the Single Dad Miracles in the Making The Neonatal Doc s Baby Surprise Miracles in the Making Mills Boon Medical

Author : Annie O'Neil
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Risking Her Heart on the Single Dad Dare she still hope for a family? In this Miracles in the Making story, Kirri West’s dedicated to helping women, like her, who can’t have children. But joining gorgeous surgeon Ty Sawyer’s ground-breaking clinic, he and his little girl bring a long-avoided distraction...

British Book News

Author :
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Includes no. 53a: British wartime books for young people.

The Nurse s Twin Surprise Mills Boon Medical

Author : Sue MacKay
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Will this new beginning... ...lead to her forever family?

The Nurse s Twin Surprise A Weekend With Her Fake Fianc The Nurse s Twin Surprise A Weekend with Her Fake Fianc Mills Boon Medical

Author : Sue MacKay
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The Nurse's Twin Surprise the start of a new beginning! Still reeling from her painful past, ER nurse Molly O’Keefe isn’t sure she’s ready to trust her feelings for sexy Dr Nathan Lupton. But their temptation becomes irresistible! The result? A double baby surprise that changes everything.

Picket Fence Surprise Mills Boon Superromance Comeback Cove Canada Book 5

Author : Kris Fletcher
File Size : 43.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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They weren't expecting this...