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Taking Charge of My Rainbow of Emotions

Author : Dolly Bhargava
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Starting with checklists for assessing students' emotions, this innovative resource goes on to provide a framework for giving students the tools they need to effectively control their emotions. As such it is both a manual for adults and a workbook for students.--Publisher.

10 Steps to Take Charge of Your Emotional Life

Author : Eve A Wood, M.D.
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Psychiatrist, professor, and award-winning author Eve Wood trusts in your capacity to heal—to clear the way to a natural state of hope, harmony, and well-being. The insights and tools she shares in this book will enable you to identify and resolve your issues. Dr. Christiane Northrup says this book is "one of the best books I’ve ever seen on how to achieve emotional balance and happiness. It’s practical, real world and very readable. Dr. Wood is my kind of doctor." Dr. Wood makes healing a simple process that anyone can understand. She walks you through ten steps that encompass examples, stories, exercises, and guidance. You’ll take stock of where you are and discover what you can do to transform your life. You’ll learn to address your negative thoughts and beliefs, make life choices that fit your nature, and develop strategies to support your innate capacity to heal. Whether you suspect that you’re suffering from a known condition or you simply want to understand yourself better, this insightful book is a path, a promise, and a prayer for that truly transformative way of healing to begin.

Take Charge of Your Life

Author : William Glasser, MD
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“A game changer for anyone ready to become the captain of their own ship.” —Dr. Phil McGraw, host of the nationally syndicated series Dr. Phil “Take Charge of Your Life urges readers to stop blaming and start accepting responsibility for choices.” —Jeannine Chartier Hanscom, ForeWord Reviews Are you seeking a happier and more satisfying life? In Take Charge of Your Life, author Dr. William Glasser explains choice theory—a science of human behavior and principles for regaining and maintaining a life you control—and how it can help you find personal freedom from relationship-destroying external control. Take Charge of Your Life, a revision of his 1984 book Control Theory, explains choice theory using personalized examples and illustrative stories that allow you to learn how to improve your relationships and take charge of your actions. Topics include marital and relationship problems, parenthood, addictions, pain management, and psychosomatic disorders. For each situation, Dr. Glasser ties behavior to the pictures people create in their minds of what they want. He explains how the pictures got there and how people can choose new behaviors to get what they really want. In Take Charge of Your Life, Glasser offers a real model of empowerment. He shows how you can become a part of the equation that adds happiness and connection to the world in which you live now and to the world of future generations.

Rainbow Hammock

Author : Becky Lee Weyrich
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When Steele Denegal, a Yankee, visits Rainbow Hammock, an island off the Georgia coast, Lilah forgets all about her former fiance

Walk the Rainbow

Author : Christine Johnson
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With lighthearted humor and deep sincerity, this blueprint for the success of African-American women offers a guide to taking charge and staying in charge of life. Practical advice, self-revelation, and personal anecdotes encourage women to empower themselves to fulfill their goals in life. Illustrations.

Plug Into God s Rainbow

Author : Joyce Ellis
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Frank Leslie s New York Journal

Author :
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What Inspirational Literature Do I Read Next

Author : Pamela Willwerth Aue
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Religiously-inspired novels, inspirational writings and biographical works on people who are models for spiritual growth are among the recommendations found in this reference.

Chasing Rainbows

Author : Bea Ellemcy
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Families may be held together by many things - love, need and millions of tiny, invisible threads. But when you add fear and secrets into that mix, the heart of that family will blacken and harden, creating turmoil in the inner lives of its members, and turning their physical lives into mere subsistence. When Becky's young and idealistically romantic mother Mina met Bruce, he seemed like nothing less than the fairest, strongest, most handsome catch of her generation, and they soon married. In the sultry heat of South Africa, a country whose society was soon to splinter irreparably under apartheid, their family increased rapidly, as did Mina's fears that her young husband's erratic volatility might escalate into something worse. The decades to follow were to be more painful than the unfortunate woman ever imagined - a veritable blur of abuse; of her, of her children - of their lives. This is a harrowing memoir, yet it beautifully demonstrates how great the capacity for hope can be in human beings, likewise empathy, friendship and, ultimately, forgiveness.

The Rainbow Connection

Author : Rebecca Clark
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Nora s Rainbow

Author : Peggy Darty
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Nora Rainwater’s uncle is the notorious Cherokee Joe, known throughout Alabama as a brutal thief. When Nora takes a job as personal secretary to the affluent and influential Lucille Graham, she must hide her heritage—or risk losing her job. Allen Lewis thought he’d never stop grieving his lovely wife, Elizabeth, but the sunshine Nora brings to the Graham household and his heart has brought him back to life. But when the truth is revealed, will anyone survive?

Children of the Rainbow

Author : Moris Farhi
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Combining fact, fiction and mythology, this novel examines the Holocaust's effect on Central and East European Gypsies. Branko, born in Auschwitz, embarks on a quest to find the Gypsy Bible, which will unite his persecuted people and lead them to Romanestan, their mysterious homeland.

You and Your Network

Author : Fred Smith
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Beyond the Texas Rainbow

Author : Leona Karr
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The Leisure Hour

Author : William Haig Miller
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Author :
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Graham s American Monthly Magazine of Literature Art and Fashion

Author :
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Graham s American Monthly Magazine of Literature Art and Fashion

Author : George R. Graham
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Frank Leslie s Lady s Magazine

Author : Frank Leslie
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The Sooner Spy

Author : Jim Lehrer
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Lieutenant governor "One-eyed Mack" is left in charge of Oklahoma just when a foreign spy turns up and the state is overrun by secret agents.