Take Three Colours: Mountains in Watercolour

Start to Paint with 3 Colours, 3 Brushes and 9 Easy Projects


Author: Matthew Palmer

Publisher: Take Three Colours

ISBN: 9781782216841


Page: 64

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Learn to paint a variety of mountain scenes with Matthew Palmer using just three colors, three brushes and nine easy projects. Even if you've never picked up a paintbrush, Matthew Palmer will show you how to paint convincing watercolor mountain scenes using just 3 colors, 3 brushes, a plastic palette and a watercolor pad. From only 3 affordable watercolor paints in red, blue and yellow you can mix a huge range of colors and paint beautiful landscapes you'll be proud to hang on your wall. Starting from the simplest of mountain scenes, Matthew builds your skills as you progress through the 9 easy projects in the book, and by the end you'll be amazed at what you have achieved. Clear instructions and step-by-step photographs show you how to add detail, shadow and distance to a scene, and there are numerous handy tips and helpful 'jargon busters' to help you learn the basic watercolour techniques. Before you know it, you'll have acquired all the skills you need to paint your own wonderful mountain scenes in watercolour.

Take Three Colours

Watercolour Landscapes


Author: Geoff Kersey

Publisher: Search Press Limited

ISBN: 1781265143

Category: Art

Page: 64

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Geoff Kersey shows people who have never picked up a paintbrush how to paint convincing watercolour landscapes using just 3 colours, 3 brushes, a plastic palette and a watercolour pad. Only 3 affordable Students' range watercolour paints are used: light red, cadmium yellow pale and ultramarine blue; yet from these, Geoff shows how 9 realistic watercolour scenes can be painted. There is no colour theory or long-winded mixing information to put off the first-time painter, but a practical absolute beginner's course that shows the three colours in action. Only 3 affordable brushes are needed: no. 10, no. 4 and no. 2 rounds in a synthetic range, to achieve all of the paintings shown. Starting from the simplest of scenes, Geoff Kersey builds skills through 9 easy exercises, resulting in landscapes to be proud of. Start with a simple sky and progress through a basic scene with a reflected sunset, to landscapes that include simple buildings and even a figure. Clear advice and step-by-step photographs show how to add a simple figure to a scene and how to trace and transfer the basic drawings from the finished paintings, which are shown full size in the book for this purpose. Readers have everything they need to get painting.

Watercolor Painting For Dummies


Author: Colette Pitcher

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118052006

Category: Art

Page: 324

View: 3489

Have you ever been amazed by watercolor paintings that seem to spring to life before your eyes? Would you love to be able to paint with watercolors? Now, you can. Watercolor Painting For Dummies shows you the fun and easy way to create breathtaking paintings so beautiful you won’t believe you made them yourself. This friendly, guide gives you hands-on instruction and easy-to-follow, step-by-step exercises to help you master the basics. Filled with full-color projects and sample paintings, it shows you how to work with color and texture, practice composition, and make smooth changes. You’ll find out how to select the best tools, materials, and supplies, practice basic brush strokes, and use the three best common techniques: flat wash, graded wash, and rough texture. Discover how to: Select the right brushes, pigments, and paper Mix colors and work with white Create backgrounds and foregrounds Transfer your drawings to watercolor Avoid common watercolor mistakes Experiment with texture using salt, sponges, plastic wrap, and more Find your way around the color wheel Practice the principles of design Plan compositions using thumbnails Work with one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective Paint fabrics, shiny surfaces, and organic textures Paint landscapes, seascapes, animals and more Complete with strategies for improving your painting immediately and marketing and selling your work, Watercolor Painting For Dummies, is the resource you need to make your creative dreams come true.

Paint With 3 Colours: This Expert Tutorial Is the Essential Guide to Mastering Watercolour Painting for All Ages


Author: Harry Feeney

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1326281518

Category: Art

Page: N.A

View: 6183

Paint with 3 colours is a great way to learn tonal values, colour mixing and how to use a limited palette. Its not the same 3 colours on each project but you will discover that by using a small number of colours you can create many new colours and tones. A challenging little book that will improve your painting skills and ability.

The Curious Mister Catesby

A "Truly Ingenious" Naturalist Explores New Worlds


Author: E. Charles Nelson,David J. Elliott

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820347264

Category: Art

Page: 456

View: 799

In 1712, English naturalist Mark Catesby (1683–1749) crossed the Atlantic to Virginia. After a seven-year stay, he returned to England with paintings of plants and animals he had studied. They sufficiently impressed other naturalists that in 1722 several Fellows of the Royal Society sponsored his return to North America. There Catesby cataloged the flora and fauna of the Carolinas and the Bahamas by gathering seeds and specimens, compiling notes, and making watercolor sketches. Going home to England after five years, he began the twenty-year task of writing, etching, and publishing his monumental The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands. Mark Catesby was a man of exceptional courage and determination combined with insatiable curiosity and multiple talents. Nevertheless no portrait of him is known. The international contributors to this volume review Catesby’s biography alongside the historical and scientific significance of his work. Ultimately, this lavishly illustrated volume advances knowledge of Catesby’s explorations, collections, artwork, and publications in order to reassess his importance within the pantheon of early naturalists.

Ways with Watercolor


Author: Ted Kautzky

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486439549

Category: Art

Page: 136

View: 5224

Simple, direct language and 125 purposeful illustrations, including 37 color plates, show beginners how to handle the medium. Teacher and master watercolorist Kautzky discusses color pigments, paper, and other supplies, as well as washes, strokes, and the use of accessories for special effects. Valuable instructions on composition and related subjects.

The Art of Watercolor Painting

Master Techniques for Creating Stunning Works of Art in Watercolor


Author: Thomas Needham,Ronald Pratt,Helen Tse,Deb Watson,Nancy Wylie

Publisher: Walter Foster Pub

ISBN: 1600583385

Category: Art

Page: 144

View: 7827

An inclusive how-to-paint book, The Art of Watercolor Painting features simple step-by-step projects, as well as instruction for employing a variety of watercolor techniques, including creating washes and working wet into wet.

Celestial Watercolor

Learn to Paint the Zodiac Constellations and Seasonal Night Skies


Author: Elise Mahan,D.R. McElroy

Publisher: Rock Point

ISBN: 0760364710

Category: Art

Page: 128

View: 1910

The zodiac has been used for a millennia to bring humans closer to the cosmos. With this creative masterpiece, it's your turn to travel nearer the heavens following simple directions for painting each of the constellations, accompanied by information about each sign of the zodiac. A basic introduction to watercolor techniques and its tools will get you started. Learn how to paint the beautiful night sky throughout the seasons while learning about sun signs and their place in astrology with Celestial Watercolor—complete with an overview of the tools and techniques of watercolor. This guide to painting the stars also features: How to achieve the look of the night sky unique to each season, from the light blue summer night to the deep blue of the winter Watercolor wash techniques: wet-into-wet and wet-on-dry painting How to paint moons throughout the year, including the 12 moons from the Native American and spiritual traditions Adding environmental elements, including trees, mountains, and lakes Ideas for night sky painting gifts for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and other occasions Express your passion for the night sky in paint with †‹Celestial Watercolor, whether you're a weekend artist or a more experienced artist looking to expand your repertoire.

A Dictionary of the English Language

In which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals; and Illustrated in Their Different Significations, by Examples from the Best Writers: Together with a History of the Language, and an English Grammar


Author: Samuel Johnson

Publisher: N.A


Category: English language

Page: N.A

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The Magic of Watercolour


Author: James Fletcher-Watson

Publisher: B T Batsford Limited


Category: Art

Page: 128

View: 8387

This is an introduction to the medium of watercolour. The author reviews the roots of the English watercolour tradition and takes a practical look at materials, subject choice, how to paint landscape, weather conditions, buildings (with advice on perspective) and different methods and techniques for composing paintings and using colour.