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Take Control of the Noisy Class

Author : Rob Plevin
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"In a friendly and accessible style, teacher-trainer Rob Plevin explains a clear, step-by-step plan for successfully managing the most challenging groups and individuals in today's toughest classrooms. Packed with powerful, fast-acting techniques--including a novel routine to get any class quiet in 15 seconds or less--the book helps teachers transform their ability to connect and succeed with hard-to-reach, reluctant learners. Even if you have never had "the class from hell," you'll find hundreds of practical, usable ideas and interventions to meet students' needs and create a thoroughly enjoyable classroom climate for all concerned." -- Back cover

Take Control of the Noisy Class

Author : Rob Plevin
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Packed with powerful, fast-acting behaviour management strategies for the classroom - including a novel routine to get any group quiet in 15 seconds or less - Take Control of the Noisy Class by Rob Plevin provides teachers with a highly effective, step-by-step plan for successfully managing challenging groups and students in today’s toughest schools. Drawing on his experience working in both mainstream and special education, teacher-trainer Rob Plevin presents hundreds of proven, practical ideas and interventions to help you connect and succeed with defiant or reluctant learners. Relevant to teachers of all age groups, you’ll find useable strategies for establishing classroom routines, gaining respect, making lessons engaging and creating a positive classroom environment as well as in-depth instruction on what Rob considers to be the ‘number one secret to effective behaviour management’. Take Control of the Noisy Class provides teachers with a proven system for dealing with disruptive, inappropriate behaviour in the classroom, enabling them to create calm, positive learning environments and trusting bonds with hard-to-reach students. Discover: effective behaviour management strategies, the power of routines, instructions and consequences, the importance of relationships, tips and tricks for tackling misbehaviour, proven techniques for getting a rowdy class’s attention, strategies for maintaining lesson flow and effective classroom management strategies which curb misbehaviour and prevent it from escalating to the stage of involving the senior leadership team and school behaviour policy. As well as a complete step-by-step lesson plan for succeeding with very challenging groups, Take Control of the Noisy Class also includes a comprehensive suite of downloadable teacher resources including video tutorials, classroom management tools and engaging lesson activities. Learn Rob's super-effective classroom management strategies for today’s toughest classrooms. Relevant to teachers of all subjects and age groups - across primary and secondary schools - the book is ideal for individual teachers and leaders or as the basis of whole-school INSET. If you’re worn out and fed up with students who ignore you, and have had enough of disruption and defiance, read Take Control of the Noisy Class and apply Rob’s easy-to-follow behaviour management methods. You’ll be able to take immediate control in your classroom, get the most from your students and enjoy stress-free teaching. Get your copy now.

The Noisy Classroom

Author : Debbie Newman
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Debate and critical oracy allow students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of academic subjects while simultaneously developing their communication and critical thinking skills, which can be hugely effective in increasing attainment. This book, written by an experienced teacher and founder of The Noisy Classroom, aims to help students learn to argue, disagree and debate in a constructive manner. Packed with resources and engaging exercises, it shows teachers how to develop an argument culture in the classroom that promotes open-mindedness and encourages students to explore new perspectives, defend views and challenge others. The Noisy Classroom includes: A reflection on critical oracy and why it is important. A step-by-step guide for teachers to set up and encourage debate across the curriculum, highlighting how to get the most out of a noisy classroom. Advice for teachers on how to overcome barriers to building and using critical oracy in the classroom, including troubleshooting when things go wrong. Practical ideas for sharpening pair, group and whole-class discussions, ranging from small starter and plenary activities to full parliamentary-style debates. The book brings together activities gathered and tested over 20 years of working in debate, oracy and education. It is intended for school teachers, including both NQTs and more experienced practitioners.

The First Year Teacher s Survival Guide

Author : Julia G. Thompson
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The Updated Fourth Edition of the Award-Winning Book that Offers Beginning Educators Everything They Need in Order to Survive and Thrive! Designed for new educators, this award-winning book covers the basic strategies, activities, and tools teachers need to know in order to succeed in the classroom. Now it its fourth edition, The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide contains new and updated material on essential topics including: classroom management (how to prevent or minimize disruptions), sustaining professional growth, differentiated instruction, nurturing a growth mindset, and much more. The fourth edition also offers downloadable forms and worksheets, and video instruction on key topics. In addition, this must-have guide: Offers ideas for dealing with homework and instructional concerns from parents and guardians Includes suggestions for helping new professionals maintain a successful work-life balance Contains guidelines to classroom technology and ideas for using digital tools to create engaging lessons Proposes proven strategies for forging positive, supportive relationships with students Presents recommendations for successfully managing the most common discipline problems This must-have guide is filled with the information and tips new teachers need in order to face classroom situations with confidence.

First Year Teacher s Survival Guide

Author : Julia G. Thompson
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The best-selling First Year Teacher's Survival Kit gives new teachers a wide variety of tested strategies, activities, and tools for creating a positive and dynamic learning environment while meeting the challenges of each school day. Packed with valuable tips, the book helps new teachers with everything from becoming effective team players and connecting with students to handling behavior problems and working within diverse classrooms. The new edition is fully revised and updated to cover changes in the K-12 classroom over the past five years. Updates to the second edition include: • New ways teachers can meet the professional development requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act • Entirely new section on helping struggling readers, to address the declining literacy rate among today’s students • Expanded coverage of helpful technology solutions for the classroom • Expanded information on teaching English Language Learners • Greater coverage of the issues/challenges facing elementary teachers • More emphasis on how to reach and teach students of poverty • Updated study techniques that have proven successful with at-risk students • Tips on working effectively within a non-traditional school year schedule • The latest strategies for using graphic organizers • More emphasis on setting goals to help students to succeed • More information on intervening with students who are capable but choose not to work • Updated information on teachers’ rights and responsibilities regarding discipline issues • Fully revised Resources appendix including the latest educational Web sites and software

Take Control of the Noisy Class Workbook

Author : Rob Plevin
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Now you can LEARN, PRACTICE and APPLY the transformative Needs Focused(TM) classroom management techniques. Used in conjunction with the best-selling Take Control of the Noisy Class, this workbook gives teachers the opportunity to further explore and understand the Needs Focused Classroom Management philosophy. Through a series of practical exercises and thought-provoking questions Rob Plevin will teach you to fully understand the 7 key steps to classroom management success in the shortest possible time. You'll learn: ✓ The essential first steps to classroom management success. Without these in place teaching will always be an uphill battle. ✓ How to automate your classroom - the key routines you MUST establish to eliminiate classroom chaos ✓ How to give instructions so that your students will LISTEN and do as they are asked. ✓ How the right type of consequence can bring an instant end to behaviour problems. ✓ How to deliver consequences in a way which PROMOTES respect from your students. ✓ How to build the kind of teacher-student relationships which change lives. THIS is where the magic happens. ✓ How to create a (VERY) positive classroom environment so that your lessons are the most popular in school ✓ How to ensure your students behave appropriately in lessons (HINT: this happens OUTSIDE your classroom). ✓ Plus much more. ★ Also provides the basis for effective, affordable staff development. ★ The Take Control of the Noisy Class Workbook is the perfect resource for affordable staff development - with a brief after school or pre-school meeting being a great source of new skills for a whole department or small group of teaching colleagues. Included with the workbook are guidelines for running Study Group meetings together with a range of suitable group activities, scenarious and prompts to bring the strategies to life and help staff members solve difficult management problems and situations. This hands-on, engaging companion to Take Control of the Noisy Class is the perfect way to develop and perfect outstanding classroom management skills.


Author : Martha Boyne
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Martha Boyne, Emily Clements and Ben Wright’s Thrive: In your first three years in teaching equips trainee secondary school teachers with the know-how to lay the foundations for a successful career in teaching, long after the challenging first few years are over. Martha, Emily and Ben are thriving teachers. In Thrive they share their personal experiences and demonstrate how you too can thrive during the tricky training year, the daunting NQT year and the crucial RQT year. Using their collective insights, and plenty of evidence-informed strategies and advice, they detail how you can get to grips with the classroom basics – from behaviour management and lesson planning to differentiation and providing for SEND – and effectively continue your professional development. This book is not just a survival manual to help teachers get through their first three years in teaching. Nor is it an academic text that has been written by authors who have only a distant memory of what it takes to stand in front of a class of teenagers for the first time. Thrive is something very different. It gives both the aspiring and the newly qualified the support and guidance to become a thriving teacher, and has been co-authored by three recently qualified teachers who in this book invest their passion and practical knowledge to inspire and inform others who want to pursue enjoyable and rewarding careers in teaching. Thrive is divided into three parts – specifically detailing what can be expected in the training year, NQT year and RQT year respectively – with the authors’ commentary threaded throughout to demonstrate how the ideas discussed can be successfully put into practice. Their accounts are also complemented by expert advice from two people who are at the very top of their profession, Lianne Allison and Dr Simon Thompson, who provide wider perspectives drawn from a wealth of teaching experience. Forty of the book’s forty-six chapters begin with a checklist outlining what a developing teacher is expected to do, and each chapter ends with a to-do list that can be used as a quick reference point to structure the strategies implemented. These to-do lists are also followed by lists of suggested further reading so that readers can delve deeper into topics and fields of research that they find particularly interesting or relevant. Furthermore, the book offers helpful counsel on choosing the best training route as well as an in-depth analysis of the change in priorities for busy teachers as they progress: encouraging constant reflection, outlining potential pathways and emphasising the importance of evidence-based practice and how new teachers can, and should, incorporate this into their teaching. Rooted in practical strategies and innovative ideas, Thrive is the essential guide for trainee secondary school teachers and teacher trainers.

Achieving Balance through Efficiency

Author : Stephen Demeo
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Those starting a career in teaching will put in an incredible amount of energy into their practice in order to learn their craft and become respected professionals. In many cases, however, this energy is not enough to survive as a teacher. Currently, 1 in 5 new teachers will leave the profession after five years. The purpose of this book is to improve the “survivability” of early career teachers by focusing on one key area: Efficiency or what is referred to as Time Management. This book will examine how teachers can become more efficient in their lesson and unit planning, classroom organization, assessment of their students, how they interact with parents, and even when they search and interview for a job. Special emphasis is placed on one of the most challenging aspects of teaching, classroom behavioral management. The underlying basis for this book is a deep belief that successfully managing time will allow teachers to create a positive balance between one’s professional and personal lives. It is all too common to see time-stressed and sleep exhausted teachers lose sight of the reasons they entered teaching, eventually falling out of love with their subject and those they teach. This book will tackle head on the demands that teachers face by posing many detailed, practical solutions to time management problems in a variety of different contexts. These solutions will not only come from the author’s own experience preparing New York City science students for over 25 years, but from researchers and veteran teachers and administrators who have published their findings and advice in leading educational journals. It is time to stop procrastinating, and draw upon your inner grit to create order, routines, and systems that can be used successfully in your teaching profession.

Principles and Practices of Teaching and Training

Author : Ann Gravells
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Written by bestselling author Ann Gravells, this is the complete go-to guide for anyone wanting to be (or working as) a teacher or trainer in the further education and skills sector, in the UK and beyond. It has all the information you need to work towards a qualification such as the Award, Certificate or Diploma in Education and Training. It is also relevant to anyone taking a Train the Trainer course, or an international teaching qualification. The book takes you through all the information you need to know, opening up the topic for learning in an easily accessible way. Interactive activities are included throughout, along with real examples of teaching and training in practice. The book also includes examples of completed teaching documents. This is a comprehensive text, covering: The role of a teacher/trainer Factors contributing to learning Planning and facilitating learning for groups and individuals Using technology and resources to support learning Assessing learning Quality assurance Evaluation, reflection, and continuing professional development (CPD) Preparing for a micro-teach session and teaching/observed practice Ann Gravells is leading a CPD Day on 22nd June in London. The event will focus on Raising quality and improving practice in the FE and Skills sector and is a rare opportunity to learn from leading experts. There will only be a limited number of seats available, so book your place here to avoid disappointment.

Motivating Unwilling Learners in Further Education

Author : Susan Wallace
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The overriding issue for many Further Education teachers and trainees is learner disengagement, leading to behavioural issues and a lack of motivation in the classroom. Faced with unmotivated learners on a daily basis, teachers can soon begin to lose their own enthusiasm and confidence. Motivating Unwilling Learners in Further Education offers a range of practical strategies for engaging your learners and reigniting the spark of successful classroom teaching. Susan Wallace draws on her years of teaching and researching in Further Education to provide an up-to-date selection of strategies and scenarios for managing behaviour and motivating unwilling learners, including tips for supporting students and meeting curriculum requirements. This is a valuable toolkit of ideas and advice for ensuring that everyone you teach, from school leavers to mature students, reaches their full potential.