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Synthesis of Aromatic Compounds

Author : Arthur D. Jarrett
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Part 1 The Synthesis and Reactions of Aromatic Compounds C fused with Thiophene Part 2 Attempted Synthesis of a Novel Cyclophane

Author : Lon-Tang Wilson Lin
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Arene Chemistry

Author : Jacques Mortier
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Organized to enable students and synthetic chemists to understand and expand on aromatic reactions covered in foundation courses, the book offers a thorough and accessible mechanistic explanation of aromatic reactions involving arene compounds. Surveys methods used for preparing arene compounds and their transformations Connects reactivity and methodology with mechanism Helps readers apply aromatic reactions in a practical context by designing syntheses Provides essential information about techniques used to determine reaction mechanisms

Environmentally Begnign sic Synthesis of Aromatic Compounds from D glucose

Author : Jessica L. Barker
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Iron Catalyzed Synthesis of Fused Aromatic Compounds via C H Bond Activation

Author : Arimasa Matsumoto
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Iron catalysts in organic synthesis are strongly in demand because iron is non-toxic, inexpensive and the most abundant transition metal in the earth, although their use is still limited compared with that of rare, precious metals such as palladium, ruthenium and rhodium. This thesis describes the first practical example of iron catalysis in the carbon–hydrogen bond activation reaction to synthesized fused aromatic ring compounds. By using a unique combination of iron catalyst and dichloride oxidant, various kind of naphthalene and phenanthrene derivatives were synthesized via annulation reaction with alkynes including direct C–H bond activation process. This achievement opens the new possibility of low-valent iron catalysis and expands synthetic methods for a sustainable society.

Synthesis of Aromatic Compounds

Author : Kenneth Maly
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The current book is an excellent introduction to organic chemistry of aromatic compounds, a distinct class of molecules. The publication covers the most important reaction types, as electrophilic and nucleophilic substitution, benzyne-mediated reactions, synthesis of polycyclic and heteroaromatic compounds with a special focus on reaction mechanisms and explains the factors which impact the rate and position of substitution in aromatic molecules.

Advanced Organic Chemistry

Author : Francis A. Carey
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The purpose of this edition, like that of the earlier ones, is to provide the basis for a deeper understanding of the structures of organic compounds and the mechanisms of organic reactions. The level is aimed at advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. Our goals are to solidify the student's understanding of basic concepts provided by an introduction to organic chemistry and to present more information and detail, including quantitative information, than can be presented in the first course in organic chemistry. The first three chapters consider the fundamental topi~s of bonding theory, stereochemistry, and conformation. Chapter 4 discusses the techniques that are used to study and characterize reaction mechanisms. Chapter 9 focuses on aromaticity and the structural basis of aromatic stabilization. The remaining chapters consider basic reaction types, including substituent effects and stereochemistry. As compared to the earlier editions, there has been a modest degree of reorganization. The emergence of free-radical reactions in synthesis has led to the inclusion of certain aspects of free-radical chemistry in Part B. The revised chapter, Chapter 12, empha sizes the distinctive mechanistic and kinetic aspects of free-radical reactions. The synthetic applications will be considered in Part B. We have also split the topics of aromaticity and the reactions of aromatic compounds into two separate chapters, Chapters 9 and 10. This may facilitate use of Chapter 9, which deals with the nature of aromaticity, at an earlier stage if an instructor so desires.

Studies on the Synthesis of Aromatic Compounds Via Carbonyl alkyne exchange CAE Reaction

Author : Cornelia Renate Zumbrunn
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Studies on the Synthesis of Aromatic Compounds by Bacteria

Author : F. W. E. Gibson
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Studies Directed Toward the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Aromatic Compounds of the Group IVA Elements

Author : Edward Rosenberg
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