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Author : Deepak Chopra
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Dr Deepak Chopra, the bestselling pioneer in mind/body medicine, shows how coincidences are messages about the miraculous potential of each moment. He reveals how, through understanding the forces that shape coincidences, you can learn to live at a deeper level and access the flow of synchronicity that lies at the heart of existence. You can start to transform your life through full-contact living, in which all things will be within your reach. Discover: - That there's no such thing as a meaningless coincidence - The seven principles of synchrodestiny - Practical techniques for applying those principles The seeds of a perfect destiny lie within you. This remarkable book will show you how to release their potential and live a life more wondrous than dreams.

Meant To Be

Author : Margaret J. McLaren
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From ivory towers to fields of flowers, Meant To Be is the remarkable true story of a professional scientist who overcomes the difficulties in her life with the help of faith, and the benevolent Creator God. This is the twelve-year spiritual awakening of a disheartened scientist who renounces the world of left-brain logic to find truth that is stranger than fiction: coincidences, angelic guidance, and spiritual capabilities known as the "clairs." McLaren walked away from an unfulfilling life with a burning, unanswered question—is there proof of God? God responded resoundingly in the affirmative. McLaren takes readers into a world of magic and mystery, and the inevitable conclusion she found there: that with faith, a child's mind, and a sense of fun, a joyous and meaningful life is available for the asking. With equal measures of humour, awe, and gratitude, the author provides an earnest account of the search for a better life. Readers will come away with the tools and knowledge necessary to begin their own dialogue into what is possible when you follow a divine mission.

The Essential Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire

Author : Deepak Chopra
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As elegant as his bestselling How to Know God and as practical as his phenomenal The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, this groundbreaking new book from Deepak Chopra contains a dramatic premise: Not only are everyday coincidences meaningful, they actually provide us with glimpses of the field of infinite possibilities that lies at the heart of all things. By gaining access to this wellspring of creation, we can literally rewrite our destinies in any way we wish. From this realm of pure potential we are connected to everything that exists and everything that is yet to come. “Coincidences” can then be recognized as containing precious clues about particular facets of our lives that require our attention. As you become more aware of coincidences and their meanings, you begin to connect more and more with the underlying field of infinite possibilities. This is when the magic begins. This is when you achieve the spontaneous fulfillment of desire. At a time when world events may leave us feeling especially insignificant and vulnerable, Deepak Chopra restores our awareness of the awesome powers within us. And through specific principles and exercises he provides the tools with which to create the magnificent, miraculous life that is our birthright. From the Hardcover edition.

Soul Silence

Author : Peter Amato
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The millions of recovering addicts who attend Twelve Step programs around the world each dayfor issues ranging from alcoholism to overeating, codependence, gambling, and even chronic latenessquickly learn that sobriety and abstinence hinge on a decision to turn over their will and life to a Power greater than themselves. They also learn, through the program's 11th Step, that prayer and meditation are vital tools for making this conscious contact with a Higher Power of their understanding.

New Age

Author :
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Cracking the Millionaire Code

Author : Mark Victor Hansen
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Integrating real-life success stories with advice and instructions, the authors offer a handbook for would-be entrepreneurs that emphasizes making a fortune and the benefits of sharing wealth with others through philanthropy.

When My Mind Met My Soul

Author : Dina Biscotti Barnes
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When My Mind Met My Soul is a spiritual introduction of your mind to your soul. What is created is a lovely tapestry of spiritual awakenings, interwoven with the messages of great awakened beings. As you re-acquaint with your inner divinity, your soul expands, and your perception is shifted into unity. Be guided toward transcending, soul perception and one love. Find inspiration from great masters and reggae music. Join the soul conversation as our divinity links together as one. As we play spiritual hide-and-seek, learn to be keenly aware of spirit in everything. As we live from within, the life you see in front of your face changes with spiritual sight. When your mind meets your soul and you know all there is to know, you remember your eternal presence essence. As your spiritual roots strengthen and your soul grows, your experience becomes infused with the infinite. This is your re-introduction.


Author : Brad Gooch
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Chronicles the author's odyssey in search of spirituality in American in the late twentieth-century, exploring his quest to understand both traditional and nontraditional, mainstream and fringe, forms of spirituality.

Body and Soul

Author :
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Body Soul

Author :
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Dating the Greek Gods

Author : Brad Gooch
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A guide for homosexual men seeking spiritual fulfillment is a companion to Finding the Boyfriend Within and presents a series of meditations and personal exercises inspiried by the characteristics of Greek god archetypes designed to promote better self-understanding and life satisfaction. 40,000 first printing.

Becoming Conscious My Awakening

Author : Bernadette Trotman
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Becoming Conscious, My Awakening is a true account of my struggles to achieve my personal goal of getting a Green Card for me and my children. It chronicles my journey from Poverty in British Guyana, to abundance in America. My Spiritual teachers Jesus, Dr Deepak Chopra and Dr Wayne Dwyer taught me that we are all co-creators of our life. Life is what you make it. As a man thinketh so is he. The law of intention and Jesus teaches us that faith, belief and action can allows us to transcend any of life situations by just harnessing the power of our thoughts. Dr Deepak Chopra teachings about the laws of Synchrodestiny, the study that teaches that every moment is as it should be and that every situation is predestined. I learned to look for opportunity in every situation. There are no co-incidences. My book is a powerful testimony about the Glory of God and harnessing the powers of the Universe to achieve all your goals and desires of the heart. The coincidence of getting a free ticket to a seminar blossomed into me starting a successful business; the coincidence of me parking my limousine in the church parking lot, transformed into me being saved and washed in the blood of Jesus; the coincidence of me being in the right places at the right times transformed into this story. This book is a powerful testament of the statement What you think about, you bring about It is a powerful testimony of the principle of Jesus teachings on the faith of the mustard seed and if you believe, all things are possible. So intend to be blessed and inspired and you will be. If God can do it for me, he can also do it for you.

Earn More Stress Less

Author : Fergus O'Connell
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If you heard there was a way to attract all the money you want, would you try it? It doesn't matter what's happened to you in the past or what your current situation is - you can live the life you want and never worry about money again. Earn More, Stress Less is your practical guide to living the law of attraction. It maps out a series of well-defined, realistic steps to help you get as much money as you want and put an end to financial worries. Successful people have been using these principles for hundreds of years. By following the powerful and eminently sensible steps outlined here, you can use the science of getting rich to realise your financial dreams too. You'll discover: A clear explanation of how the law of attraction works A way to decide exactly how much money you want Simple, clear actions to start attracting wealth Ways to stop worrying about money Easy steps to develop a daily routine to maintain your cash flow Examples, exercises, templates and how-to's Case studies of people who have used the Earn More, Stress Less method to great success Are you ready to give it a try? "An astonishing guide to attract all the money you want and transform your life. Highly recommended." Dr. Joe Vitale contributor to The Secret and bestselling author of The Key and The Attractor Factor.

Tales of an Animal Communicator Master Teachers

Author : Nancy A. Kaiser
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I Miss Your Purple Hair

Author : Robert Chandler
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I MISS YOUR PURPLE HAIR is a survival adventure centered upon 15-year-old Veronica "Violet" Lima and her father, Mateo. When an apocalyptic series of earthquakes and tsunamis ravages the Earth, they find themselves trapped in the ruins of the San Diego Zoo. The quakes have ended many lives, freed the wild zoo animals, unleashed toxic gases, and created an organic prison from which escape appears impossible. Tensions escalate as temperatures soar and limited resources are depleted. Violet struggles to recover from injuries suffered during the quake and begins to piece together vital clues, thanks to the blessing of her burgeoning psychic gifts. Mateo perseveres despite the harsh conditions and his own near-death experience, compelled to protect his daughter from additional harm. The band of exhausted survivors press on in search of any possible escape route... until one among them risks everything in a quest for salvation.

Change Your Life and Keep the Change

Author : Gary Dooley
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This comprehensively written book shows us how to use our unconscious mind to re-connect with our powerful inner resources of guidance and wisdom. Through a simple step by step process the book teaches each reader how to rewrite the programmes of the unconscious mind to create powerful and lasting change at any level of our being. At a time when overall levels of happiness seem to be falling, this book moves innovatively away from the tired notions of trying hard to resist negative thinking patterns and shows how anyone can easily and quickly change the programmes of their unconscious mind to effortlessly create greater overall happiness and the life we really want. Influenced by ground breaking discoveries in Mind/Body research each chapter provides simple and practical skills with which to harness the untapped power of our mind and live happier healthier lives.

The Inspired Organization

Author : Ellen Hayakawa
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"Deeply authentic and straight from the soul, The Inspired Organzation: Spirituality and Energy at Work combines heart and wisdom with practical, useable ideas. It opens enormous possibilities for a new way of being at work." Martin Rutte - Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work Today, many may ask, "What is my work and what am I building through my labours?" There are few more critical development needs in the modern world than aligning the two and few more useful starting points than Ellen Hayakawa's book." Dr. Peter Senge - Author of The Fifth Discipline The Inspired Organization: Spirituality and Energy at Work is the ultimate guide to building a rich spiritual relationship with your everyday world of work. It is an exciting, valuable tool to bring forth the richness of your Spirit and to create a meaningful life by expressing your passion, gifts and talents in your work. Thought-provoking text, examples and useful exercises help you to discover and live your personal vision of work as well as the co-creative vision of any team or organization that you are a part of. The Inspired Organization has the potential to change your life. It opens the door to a peaceful, sustainable future for all. Whether you are an executive or an entrepeneur, whether you work at home or in a business, government or institution, you can apply the creative and practical ideas presented in this book to express your spirituality and energy at work.

Making Your Dreams Come True

Author : Dr. Dottie Hager
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Your life is talking to you. Are you starving for a more fulfilling life? You have an inner knowing that you were meant for great things. This book is meant to help you build a structure to step back and reflect upon your life and ask questions like -Is my life going like I want? Am I living the life of my dreams? Am I even enjoying life? Am I following my heart's desires? How can I make it possible to live the life of my dreams? What do I need to make it happen? Making Your Dreams Come True is a step-by-step process designed to help you make the personal transformation you desire.

The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment

Author : Alice Grist
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Format : PDF
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The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment is the must have book for females who are looking to connect to something other than their internet provider! Alice Grist jumps stilettos first into all things spiritual and conjures up an entertaining, witty and honest account of her search for Enlightenment.

The Law of Love Its Fabulous Frequency of Freedom

Author : Jasmuheen
File Size : 38.73 MB
Format : PDF
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An extensive manual filled with powerful life transforming meditations which also details the Ancient Taoist Masters techniques for Immortality plus Futuristic Science tools of Inter-Dimensional Matrix Mechanics for Jasmuheen's Freedom from Human Limitation Agenda. This research covers freedom from the need to age or create dis-ease; freedom from the need to take food or liquid as we learn how to create a self sustaining bio-system; freedom to express our Divine nature and all its gifts and glories ... plus tested methods for determining our personal readiness levels for these freedoms!