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Swindon Rail Scene

Author : Garry Stroud
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Fantastic unpublished photographs taken by a longtime employee of Swindon Works looking at the Swindon Rail scene.

Swindon Works The Legend

Author : Rosa Matheson
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The age of steam is past, the heyday of Swindon Works is long gone – but the legend lives on. What made the Great Western Railway’s Swindon Works iconic? Was it its worldwide reputation; perhaps its profound impact in shaping the new town of Swindon; or that it melded those who worked there into one big family? In a new and exciting format, this book, by popular railway historian Rosa Matheson, helps explain why the never-ending love story endures. With big facts and fascinating stories, it is a must read not only for ex-Works employees and their families, nor just for GWR fans and railway enthusiasts, but also for any newcomer seeking to find a good way into railway history.

The Steam Workshops of the Great Western Railway

Author : Ken Gibbs
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The nineteenth century was a time of innovation and expansion across the industrial landscape, and nowhere more so than on the railways, as the new age of iron, steel and steam, literally, gathered pace. At the head of the race up was the iconic Great Western Railway. As this mighty corporation grew, it absorbed an astonishing 353 railway companies. Many of them had their own workshops, depots and manufacturing, often assembling locomotives to the designs of other companies. All these, along with the various designs, became the responsibility of the GWR on takeover, and followed its standardisation of components where this was possible. These works became the beating heart of the GWR’s vast empire, where majestic engines were built and maintained by some of the most skillful and inventive engineers of the day. Retired GWR railwayman Ken Gibbs presents a comprehensive portrait of the works from Brunel to the final days of steam in the mid-twentieth century, and beyond to the rediscovery and renovation of many of the workshops for their unique heritage.

Struggle and Suffrage in Swindon

Author : Frances Bevan
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As the industrial revolution and the coming of the railways transformed the Wiltshire countryside Swindon women were on the front line of change, shaping the new industrial town and transforming the old market one. Newcomers arrived from the great railway centers across the country to create a welcoming, tolerant and creative community with women’s contribution at its heart. Following the incorporation of Old and New Swindon in 1900 innovative women stepped up to the plate; women like Swindon born suffragette Edith New who challenged political conventions and Emma Noble, Swindon’s first female councilor, who campaigned to improve living conditions in the town. During two world wars Swindon women worked in the railway factory in jobs once considered beyond their strength and endurance. Women supported the war effort on the home front, volunteering in what little spare time they had. Women such as teachers Mary Slade and Kate Handley who during the First World War headed the Prisoners of War Committee, which sent food parcels to soldiers from the Wiltshire Regiment held in German prisoner of war camps. Mary Slade was awarded the MBE in 1920 but her work didn’t end there. Mary Slade and her team continued to support the bereaved families beyond the armistice and through to the end of the Second World War. The story of Swindon women includes artists and actresses, political activists and social reformers and the ordinary women who worked in the factories, raised their children and made a difference.

A Swindon History 1840 1901

Author : Joseph Silto
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The Steam Rail Motors of the Great Western Railway

Author : Ken Gibbs
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Self-propelled carriages were a major innovation at the beginning of the twentieth century, and the GWR was quick to develop a large number of steam motor cars to link farms and scattered villages across the South West to the new branch lines. Their steam motor cars ran from 1903 to 1935, stopping during the war, and were so effective at making rural areas accessible they became victims of their own success. Wagons brought in to meet the high demand proved too heavy for the carriages and they struggled on hills. Soon the steam rail motor services were in decline. After its cancellation all ninety-nine steam carriages were eventually scrapped. Engineer Ken Gibbs reveals the unique GWR carriages, a window into early twentieth-century transport, and the modern replica he helped build, now the only way of viewing these charming historic vehicles.

Rail Centres Swindon

Author : Colin Gordon Maggs
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Swindon Works Through Time

Author : Andy Binks
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This fascinating selection of photographs traces some of the many ways in which the Swindon Works have changed and developed since the 1940s.

Swindon fifty years ago more or less reminiscences notes and relics of ye old Wiltshire towne

Author : William Morris
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Great Western Railway Stars Castles and Kings

Author : Allen Jackson
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GWR; Great Western Railway; George Jackson Churchward; Boilers; Valves; GWR 4-6-0; De Glehn Compound; 4-4-2 Atlantic; Star Class; Scissors Valve Gear; L&NWR; London and North Western Railway; WWII; LNER; London and North Eastern Railway; LMSR; London Midland and Scottish Railway; Castle Class; Cheltenham Spa Express; King Class; Shrivenham Collision; 1948 Locomotive Exchanges; railway preservation; William Dean; Swindon; steam engine; Belpaire locomotive firebox; 5043 Earl of Mount Edgecumbe; R.M. Deeley; Lode Star; North Star; Dog Star; Evening Star; Morning Star; Polar Star; Red Star; Rising Star; Royal Star; Shooting Star; Western Star; Swallowfield Park; Knight of the Garter; Knight of the Thistle; Knight of the Patrick; Knight of the Bath; Knight of St. John; Knight of the Golden Fleece; Knight of the Black Eagle; Knight of Liège; Knight of the Grand Cross; Knight Templar; Knight Commander; William Stanier; Caerphilly Castle; Caldicot Castle; Cardiff Castle; Carmarthen Castle; Chepstow Castle; Pembroke Castle; Pendennis Castle; Powderham Castle; Warwick Castle; Windsor Castle; Midgham derailment; King Edward VII; King William IV; King George IV; King George III; King George II; King George I; King William III; King James II; King Charles II; King Charles I; King James I; King Edward VI; King Edward VIII; King Henry VII; King Richard III; King Edward V; King Edward IV; King Henry VI; King Henry V; King Henry IV; King Richard II; King Edward III; King Edward II; King Edward I; King Henry III; King John; King Richard I; King Henry II; King Stephen; steam locomotive; British Railways; Shakespeare Express; The Bristolian; Cornish Riviera Express; Cheltenham Flyer

In Around Swindon Works

Author : Peter Timms
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A new study looking at the Swindon works in the transition period between the GWR and BR (Western) ownership.

Scenes From a Conscientious Onjector s War

Author : Dianne Pane
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A fictionalised account of Sgt. Hurcom's war in Mesopotamia in 1917 as medical orderly and conscientious objector.

The Atmospheric Western

Author : Leslie Price
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Limited Edition, published by Transport Treasury Publishing. This is a specialist railway book unusually aimed at three distinct and separate markets. The name of George Heiron will certainly be known to the railway market as a man whose high quality photographic images were complimented by his skills with the paintbrush. But this new book is no combination of photographs and paintings, instead it depicts just one medium; the photographs, and in so doing showcases some of the best examples of Geroge Heiron’s skill with the lens. The subject is is steeped in romanticism; the steam era railway scene on the lines of the late Great Western Railway and in a way probably no other photographer has achieved. In this respect its appeal is certainly not just for the railway enthusiast although the compilers detailed captions portray the technical information should that be required. Instead it is also a book for the photographic connoisseur. For someone who enjoys seeing how art can be created from everyday scenes, trains, structures, people – indeed from the very fabric of everyday life. Finally it is a book for the coffee table. To be dipped into and savoured at leisure, for be sure once picked up it will prove a hard book to replace.

The Great Western Railway Volume One Paddington to Bristol

Author : Stanley C. Jenkins
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This fascinating selection of photographs traces some of the many ways in which the Great Western Railway has changed and developed over the last century between Paddington and Swindon.

Lands End to John O Groats with a Bus Pass and a Dog

Author : Eric Newton
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The book is an account of a journey using local service buses from Lands End in the deepest south west of England up to John O’Groats in the far north east of Scotland. With the issue of free bus passes to all British citizens over the age of sixty, the author decided to maximise the use of his in undertaking this 1,230 mile trip. By way of being different, the author decided to take with him, his dog Archie, a Jack Russell / cairn terrier cross, as he too enjoys travelling. The book is not just a travel log across and up the length of Britain, but includes much historical and general information of towns and cities visited with time taken at the various stop-over points to look around and explore. In addition to the exploits of the author’s dog, the book contains his thoughts and observations during the journey. Some of these are referred to as “Rants” made on the author’s own admission as being a “grumpy old man”. The detailed planning and preparation of the trip is explained that deliberately took in many historic towns and cities. From Penzance, the route traverses England through Exeter, Bath Oxford, Leicester, Lincoln and then across the Humber and up the east coast by Scarborough, Durham, Newcastle and onto Berwick before crossing the border into Scotland. From here on, the bus journey followed the east coast through Edinburgh, over the Firth of Forth to Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dornoch and Wick before reaching their final destination at John O’Groats. The book has been written in a light vein and contains an element of humour. Hopefully, the reader will become a little more knowledgeable about this historic and beautiful island of ours by the end. It is certainly true that “travel does broaden the mind”.

Land Reform and Sustainable Development

Author : Robert W. Dixon-Gough
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First published in 1999, this volume is unique in that it gives a valuable comparison between the current state of land reform and sustainable development across greater Europe. The chapters are broadly divided into those related to the established systems of land reform and sustainable development encountered in Western Europe, and those which concentrate upon the evolving systems which are currently in the process of development in the former communist states of Eastern and Central Europe. The book is based on the papers presented at the 21st International Symposium of the European Faculty of Land Use and Development. The papers have been presented and peer-reviewed by some of the leading experts and practitioners of Land Reform in Europe. All papers have been extensively edited and revised, and are presented as chapters within the three sections of the book: Land Reform, Sustainable Development and Rural Land Development.

Swindon Steam

Author : L. A. Summers
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This book investigates the facts behind the myths and mysteries of the Swindon Steam.

Great Western Moguls and Prairies

Author : David Maidment
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Great Western Moguls & Prairies is a volume in Pen & Swords series, Locomotive Profiles. It describes the conception, design, building and operation of the fleet of Prairie 2-6-2 tank engines and the Mogul 2-6-0s designed by Churchward in the early part of the twentieth century and perpetuated by his successor, Charles Collett, in the 1920s and 1930s. These engines formed the backbone of the GWR locomotive fleet for secondary passenger and freight work for over half a century and were some of those that remained to the end of steam traction on the Western Region of British Railways. The book also covers some of the lesser known Moguls developed in the Dean/Churchward transition at the end of the nineteenth century and briefly looks at the Mogul and Prairie designs proposed by Churchward, Collett and Hawksworth but were never built. The book is copiously illustrated with over 250 black and white and 60 coloured photographs and is a comprehensive record of a group of locomotives found throughout the Great Western and its successor, the Western Region, for over fifty years.

The Great Western Railway in the First World War

Author : Sandra Gittins
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In August 1914 the GWR was plunged into war, the like of which this country had never experienced before. Over the years that followed life changed beyond measure, both for the men sent away to fight and the women who took on new roles at home. Not since 1922 has the history of the GWR in the First World War been recorded in a single volume. Using modern data-bases and enjoying greater access to archives, Sandra Gittins has been able to produce a complete history which traces the GWR from the early, optimistic days through the subsequent difficult years of the Great War, including Government demands for war manufacture, increased traffic and the tragic loss of staff. From GWR ships and ambulance trains to the employment of women, every part of the story is told, including the saddest of all, which is represented by a Roll of Honour.

Terror in the Tunnels

Author : Rosa Matheson
File Size : 67.22 MB
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The exciting early days of the railways were tempered with danger, as the Victorian concept of health and safety was rather different to ours. Going ‘into the dark’ was a frightening experience and tunneling under the ground and under water was a death-defying activity in nineteenth-century Britain – many workers and travellers paid the ultimate price. Flooding, collapses and explosions, as well as malodorous air and illness, were just some of the challenges workers faced in order to make tunnels passable. Even once the tunnels had been completed, accidents were still frequent, whether collisions, derailments or fires. In this fascinating history, Rosa Matheson explores the grim past of Britain’s well-known and lesser-known railway tunnel disasters, and how their ‘terror’ led to a safer future.