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Sustainable Building Services

Author : Bernhard Lenz
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Sustainable building services: principles, systems, concepts

Delivering Sustainable Buildings

Author : Mike Malina
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The UK government has committed to reducing the nation’scarbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Buildings currently use almosthalf of the UK’s generated energy and they are now the focusof an unprecedented drive to cut energy use in our homes, offices,schools, libraries – in fact in almost every building, publicor private. Delivering Sustainable Buildings: an industry insider’sview offers peer-to-peer insights and advice from a leadingpractitioner in this field and brings together in one book anoverview of the main issues to consider when creatingenergy-efficient and sustainable buildings. A resource to dip intofor practical advice, which is both highly readable and also backedup by in-depth technical knowledge, giving the important points tonote and common pitfalls to avoid. Based on observations ofan author with hands-on experience of dealing with the variouselements of the building services engineering industry, the bookgives a unique insight into the particular challenges faced bydesigners, project managers, contractors and installers working todeliver lower carbon and sustainable building projects andoperation. There is a lot of guidance on sustainable buildings availablefrom reputable sources including BRE, CIBSE, B&ES, ECA andBSRIA. This book is different in that it speaks directly tocontractors and practitioners, with practical messages dealing withreal on-site challenges, offering practical advice based onexperience. Many contractors are now faced with a business choiceof offering services related to issues of the energy hierarchy,minimising energy use, providing good building automation andcontrols and then looking further atmicrogeneration/renewables. Here they must decide whattechnologies might be suitable for their businesses, as well asconsidering what level of training is required before they or theiremployees can start to work with these technologies. Delivering Sustainable Buildings: an industry insider’sview will help specialist contractors and facilities managersunderstand sustainable buildings at the strategic level(legislation, finance, training) and then to offer practical adviceon various aspects of sustainable buildings (water use,energy-efficient building services, commissioning and keeping thebuilding maintained to optimum performance) to their clients.

A Handbook of Sustainable Building Design and Engineering

Author : Dejan Mumovic
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The combined challenges of health, comfort, climate change and energy security cross the boundaries of traditional building disciplines. This authoritative collection, focusing mostly on energy and ventilation, provides the current and next generation of building engineering professionals with what they need to work closely with many disciplines to meet these challenges. A Handbook of Sustainable Building Engineering covers: how to design, engineer and monitor a building in a manner that minimises the emissions of greenhouse gases; how to adapt the environment, fabric and services of existing and new buildings to climate change; how to improve the environment in and around buildings to provide better health, comfort, security and productivity; and provides crucial expertise on monitoring the performance of buildings once they are occupied. The authors explain the principles behind built environment engineering, and offer practical guidance through international case studies.

Sustainable Building 2000 22 25 October 2000 Maastricht The Netherlands

Author : Chiel Boonstra
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Towards Sustainable Building

Author : N. Maiellaro
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This volume contains the extended versions of selected papers presented at the first Mediterranean Conference "Sharing Knowledge on Sustainable Building" held at the Polytechnic ofBari in December 1999, supported by the National Research Council of Italy. The publication of this book was made possible through the efforts of the contributing Authors. Other people have provided invaluable support for the conference and for the preparation of this volume; in particular, I wish to thank Antonella Lerario for providing support in the final editing of the text and images. 1 As reported in Boonstra and Rovers (200 I) , people spend a great deal of time inside buildings; therefore, decisions about design, construction, use, maintenance, renovation, demolition, reuse and recycling of buildings have a huge impact on the sustainable development of our society. Technical aspects, however, should be supported by adequate policies, developed with appropriate tools and driven by meaningful challenges. For people involved in sustainable buildings, the conceptual frameworks, studies and experiences collected in this volume, organized into three parts - "Policies", "Tools" and "Challenges" - will help to advance knowledge allowing them to adopt and more efficiently implement such innovations sooner.

Development Trends in Building Services Engineering

Author : Tin Tai CHOW
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This book assesses the contemporary changes in design concepts and development trends of the major disciplines in building services engineering. Among the analyses featured are trends on heating, ventilating and air-conditioning, electrical and fire services, plumbing and drainage, and building automation systems. Powerful examples of well-known building projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China will be put forward and discussed. Published by City University of Hong Kong Press. 香港城市大學出版社出版。

Building Services Journal

Author :
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Low Energy Cooling for Sustainable Buildings

Author : Ursula Eicker
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This long-awaited reference guide provides a complete overview of low energy cooling systems for buildings, covering a wide range of existing and emerging sustainable energy technologies in one comprehensive volume. An excellent data source on cooling performance, such as building loads or solar thermal chiller efficiencies, it is essential reading for building services and renewable energy engineers and researchers covering sustainable design. The book is unique in including a large set of experimental results from years of monitoring actual building and energy plants, as well as detailed laboratory and simulation analyses. These demonstrate which systems really work in buildings, what the real costs are and how operation can be optimized – crucial information for planners, builders and architects to gain confidence in applying new technologies in the building sector. Inside you will find valuable insights into: the energy demand of residential and office buildings; facades and summer performance of buildings; passive cooling strategies; geothermal cooling; active thermal cooling technologies, including absorption cooling, desiccant cooling and new developments in low power chillers; sustainable building operation using simulation. Supporting case study material makes this a useful text for senior undergraduate students on renewable and sustainable energy courses. Practical and informative, it is the best up-to-date volume on the important and rapidly growing area of cooling.

Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism

Author : Dominique Gauzin-Müller
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Since the mid-1980s, and in particular the 1992 environmental summit in Rio de Janeiro, sustainability has become a global issue and the subject of international debate. In the context of architecture sustainability implies the use of intelligent technology, innovative construction methods, ecologically friendly materials and use of environmentally-friendly energy resources. This book begins with an overview of the various approaches and developments in sustainable architecture, followed by an in-depth section on urbanism looking at several European towns. In the third section the technologies, materials and methods of ecological architecture are examined. Concluding the volume are 23 sophisticated and innovative European case studies. The author and architect Dominique Gauzin-Müller has specialised on energy and environmental issues and ecological architecture for over 15 years.

Guide to Building Services for Historic Buildings

Author : Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
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Building Services Design for Energy Efficient Buildings

Author : Paul Tymkow
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The role and influence of building services engineers is undergoing rapid change and is pivotal to achieving low-carbon buildings. However, textbooks in the field have largely focused on the detailed technicalities of HVAC systems, often with little wider context. This book addresses that need by embracing a contemporary understanding of energy efficiency imperatives, together with a strategic approach to the key design issues impacting upon carbon performance, in a concise manner. The key conceptual design issues for planning the principal systems that influence energy efficiency are examined in detail. In addition, the following issues are addressed in turn: Background issues for sustainability and the design process Developing a strategic approach to energy-efficient design How to undertake load assessments System comparison and selection Space planning for services Post-occupancy evaluation of completed building services In order to deliver sustainable buildings, a new perspective is needed amongst building and services engineering designers, from the outset of the conceptual design stage and throughout the whole design process. In this book, students and practitioners alike will find the ideal introduction to this new approach.

Sustainable Building Design Manual

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This first volume of Sustainable building design manuals focuses on policy and regulatory mechanisms and serves as a guide to policy-makers and local authorities

Environmental Design

Author :
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Provides a premier source for designers of low energy sustainable buildings. This work features contents that acknowledge and satisfy the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and UK legislation, specifically the 2006 Building Regulations Approved Documents L and F. It includes supplementary information on CD-ROM.

Sustainable Buildings in Practice

Author : George Baird
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Current assessment methods of sustainable buildings do not adequately account for the users’ needs. Given that over the life of a building, total salary costs far outweigh both operating costs and combined capital and rental costs, the occupants’ needs are not something which should be sensibly ignored. This book presents an unbiased evaluation of thirty of the most cutting-edge, sustainable buildings in the world, in terms of the users’ perceived comfort, health and productivity. The author has visited the buildings, interviewed the design teams and examined the findings of a sixty-question standardized user questionnaire. The book provides: thirty case studies covering mixed-mode, passive and environmentally sustainable commercial and institutional buildings detailed insights into the principles underlying the design of sustainable buildings worldwide, over several climatic zones and eleven countries, together with clear explanations and illustrations of innovative design practice a discussion of common issues and the lessons that may be learnt from a study of the performance of sustainable buildings in practice, from the point of view of the people who use them. This important book will be of great benefit to architects and engineers, facility managers of commercial and institutional buildings, as well as developers and researchers, academics and students in these fields.

Total Sustainability in the Built Environment

Author : Alison Cotgrave
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The first textbook in sustainable construction bringing together the whole range of topics from planning through to facilities management in an accessible and engaging way, and complete with illustrations and photographs. Written by experts and including real-world case studies, this book can be used as a core text or across several modules.

New Financial Strategies for Sustainable Buildings

Author : Stephen Finnegan
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Built Environment professionals considering whether to embark on the design and construction or retrofit of a fully 'sustainable' or 'green' build need to know the financial implications of their decisions. What are their financial options? What are the risks? This book offers practical guidance on how sustainable building projects are financed, designed and built. All too often sustainable building is undertaken without proper consideration of the true life cycle cost, risk and financial impact. This book will take the reader on a journey from initial sustainable design through to final completion highlighting the finance options available to them. Financing Sustainable Buildings provides key guidance to a variety of professionals, including Architects, Designers, Contractors, Construction Managers, Investors and other interested parties, whilst providing a useful reference to students on Architecture, Construction Management and Real Estate/Surveying courses who need to know about finance, construction economics, and sustainable development projects.

The Metropolitan Revolution

Author : Bruce Katz
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Across the US, cities and metropolitan areas are facing huge economic and competitive challenges that Washington won't, or can't, solve. The good news is that networks of metropolitan leaders – mayors, business and labor leaders, educators, and philanthropists – are stepping up and powering the nation forward. These state and local leaders are doing the hard work to grow more jobs and make their communities more prosperous, and they're investing in infrastructure, making manufacturing a priority, and equipping workers with the skills they need. In The Metropolitan Revolution, Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley highlight success stories and the people behind them. · New York City: Efforts are under way to diversify the city's vast economy · Portland: Is selling the "sustainability" solutions it has perfected to other cities around the world · Northeast Ohio: Groups are using industrial-age skills to invent new twenty-first-century materials, tools, and processes · Houston: Modern settlement house helps immigrants climb the employment ladder · Miami: Innovators are forging strong ties with Brazil and other nations · Denver and Los Angeles: Leaders are breaking political barriers and building world-class metropolises · Boston and Detroit: Innovation districts are hatching ideas to power these economies for the next century The lessons in this book can help other cities meet their challenges. Change is happening, and every community in the country can benefit. Change happens where we live, and if leaders won't do it, citizens should demand it. The Metropolitan Revolution was the 2013 Foreword Reviews Bronze winner for Political Science.

Marketing Green Building Services

Author : Jerry Yudelson
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Marketing Green Building Services: Strategies for Success presents all the information key decision-makers need to respond to the fast-growing market for green buildings, design and construction services and products. Completely updated, revised and expanded from the author’s previous works, this book is the one resource you need to succeed in the green building marketplace. With a sound grounding in contemporary marketing theory and practice, the book assembles hard-to-find information to assist executives and partners in design and construction firms in crafting competitive strategies that build on their firm’ strengths, while shoring up their weaknesses. Since most design and construction firms specialize in particular market sectors, the book systematically examines the important market segments for green buildings. It also presents key business case justifications for green buildings that help architects, engineers and builders to understand client motivations and respond to them with appropriate marketing tactics and communications strategies. The book examines how the green building market is adopting certain new products and design approaches, information that will help manufacturers and product sales teams to craft appropriate marketing strategies. The book also helps owners and developers understand the green building business case and to find out what other leading-edge firms and projects have learned - how to market and sell green buildings and green developments in a highly competitive marketplace.

Marketing Green Buildings

Author : Jerry Yudelson
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Annotation Engineers, architects and contractors seeking to expand their involvement in the green buildings market need a firm grounding in the marketing strategies and tactics which are being used most successfully in this specialized and growing field. This book is intended to serve as an effective tool for professional green building enthusiasts and advocates in presenting green design features, sustainable strategies and new products to the potential green building client. The author addresses key questions such as: How is green building marketing different from other types of professional service marketing? What tools and techniques from conventional marketing can be used to greater effect in marketing green buildings? What is the size and potential of the green buildings market? And how should a firm position itself to succeed in this growing marketplace? You'll find clear descriptions of successful strategies and approaches to marketing and selling green building-related services, as well as up-to-date information on the role of LEED in green building projects.

Sustainability in Energy and Buildings

Author : Shaun H. Lee
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This volume represents the proceedings of the First International Conference on S- tainability in Energy and Buildings, SEB’09, held in the City of Brighton and Hove in the United Kingdom, organised by KES International with the assistance of the World Renewable Energy Congress / Network, and hosted by the University of Brighton. KES International is a knowledge transfer organisation providing high-quality c- ference events and publishing opportunities for researchers. The KES association is a community consisting of several thousand research scientists and engineers who p- ticipate in KES activities. For over a decade KES has been a leader in the area of Knowledge Based and Intelligent information and Engineering Systems. Now KES is starting to make a contribution in the area of Sustainability and Renewable Energy with this first conference specifically on renewable energy and its application to - mestic and other buildings. Sustainability in energy and buildings is a topic of - creasing interest and importance on the world agenda. We therefore hope and intend that this first SEB event may grow and evolve into a conference series. KES International is a member of the World Renewable Energy Congress / N- work which is Chaired by Professor Ali Sayigh. We are grateful to Professor Sayigh for the collaboration and assistance of WREC/N in the organisation of SEB’09. We hope to continue to work with WREC/N in the future on projects of common interest.