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Surviving the Emotional Roller Coaster

Author : Sheri Van Dijk
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The teen years are an emotional roller coaster. So, how can you make it through? In this important guide, leading dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and teen expert Sheri Van Dijk offers four core skills to help you manage your emotional ups and downs, build great relationships, and thrive! As a teen, you're experiencing intense changes in your life—both physically and mentally. To top it off, you're probably unsure of how to handle your emotions in a positive, constructive way. Surviving the Emotional Roller Coaster offers evidence-based techniques to help you regulate your emotions and find balance in all areas of life— whether it's at home, at school, or with friends and peers. By learning to be more aware of your emotions, you'll be able to let difficult feelings pass without reacting to them in destructive ways. You will also learn the four basic DBT skills to help you manage your emotions: core mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. You'll discover how to apply these skills to help deal with a number of negative emotions, such as low self-esteem, anger, anxiety, depression, and more. By changing the way you react to your emotions and to others, you'll be able to build better relationships and feel more confident as a result. If you’re ready to understand and better manage your feelings, stop acting on impulses, and calm yourself in moments of emotional stress, this book will show you how.

When a Relationship Ends

Author : Lisa O'Hara
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Written by a counsellor who has years of experience working with couples, When a Relationship Ends aims to help, as much as possible, all those going through the end of a long-term relationship. This clear and empathetic Irish guide to relationship break-up: Discusses the emotions involved in breaking up with a long-term partner and how to manage them during the period of separation and divorce, and afterGives advice on parenting through separation and divorce, and on how to cope when you must continue to live in the same house as your ex-partnerActs as a guide to life after separation and divorce – re-establishing your identity and dating againContains stories, based on real-life instances of individuals who went through a significant break-up, which illustrate the main pointsIncludes a chapter for friends and family of separating or divorcing people.

The MLM Emotional Roller Coaster

Author : Ben Sturtevant
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Are you a Network Marketer? Do you find it hard to deal with the emotional ups and downs of building your business? Do you have people on your team that have quit because they couldn't deal those same emotional challenges? If so then this book is for you. The MLM Emotional Roller Coaster will take you through the journey of the emotions you'll encounter as you build a massive organization in Network Marketing/MLM. You'll learn from an experienced Network Marketer who will share his stories of his journey and how he managed to navigate the emotional ride all Network Marketers eventually go through. Perhaps the most important thing this book will help you with is how to coach your team through their emotional journey. Attrition is a killer to any organization and company and a distributor's mindset and emotions are a huge factor in attrition. If you could help prevent or minimize the emotional toll this profession can take on someone then you could potentially be saving their career.

Escaping the Emotional Roller Coaster

Author : Dr Patricia Zurita Ona
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Life Is an Emotional Rollercoaster

Author : Glitter Ndyaluvane Moyo
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Truth is its very painful to be abused emotionally because those wounds are not visible. There is one thing about trust, once you break it, you can never really fix it, yes darling I have learnt that it’s a tough universe only tigers survive but even they find it hard sometimes, even they find it hard to remain in control. That is life, one big emotional roller coaster. My name is Tendai; I was once a good faithful wife with intentions of having a big family. I will take through the journey before I decided to forgive, my emotions and regrets. It is said that don’t let the world change the good person you are. I tried hard but I failed. I wanted revenge; I wanted everyone to feel the pain I felt and the betrayal”. I felt justified to hurt people as they have hurt me too. My emotions were just all over the place.


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As a believing Christian, what do you do with yourself when your spouse leaves you, wants to separate indefinitely, or even wants a divorce? Where do you go? Whom do you turn to? How do you keep going when all you want to do is curl up into a ball and disappear? Your spouse has just left you, and you have no idea whether this separation is going to be temporary or permanent. You are on an emotional roller coaster with ups, downs, twists and turns, and even loops that continue all throughout your day. From one minute to the next, you have no idea where your emotions are going to take you and all you want is some peace and comfort, but you don’t know where to find it. It’s time to find strength and support, do some self-exploration, find distractions, and most importantly, find God in all of this mess. God is our source of healing and strength and by tapping into that strength; you can survive this and come out on the other side more beautiful and at peace with your life than you were when you started.

Divorce For Dummies

Author : John Ventura
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Since Divorce For Dummies, 2nd Edition published in 2005, there have been considerable changes in collaborative divorces, common law marriages, same sex marriages, visitation, and even custody laws (from children to pets). Divorce For Dummies, 3rd Edition includes 25 percent new, revised, and refreshed material covering all of the above.

Beyond the Emotional Roller Coaster

Author : Anthony Salerno
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'Beyond the Emotional Roller Coaster' will take you on an inspirational journey of personal empowerment toward self-mastery. It offers not only profound insight into how life works but also practical tools for discovering the hidden blessings in all our challenging life experiences. This is ultimately the key to true healing and a means to attaining the peace, joy and love that we all seek.You will come to see that miracles abound when you stop resisting reality and learn to truly love what is.You hold in your hands an opportunity to know and feel the divine love and order of the Universe in every experience, to raise your awareness to a whole new level and to truly transform your life."'Beyond the Emotional Roller Coaster' reveals such profound wisdom that you can be certain that it will awaken and enlighten your mind... inspire and open your heart... and bring gratitude and love to your soul."- Dr. John F. Demartini, Bestselling author of 'The Breakthrough Experience'

The Rock n roll Singer s Survival Manual

Author :
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This is a thorough presentation of the basic elements of singing, including vocal production, training, breathing, posture and diet. It offers help for the aspiring rock singer, who cannot, or will not, take lessons.

Surviving Zits

Author : Sandy Silverthorne
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"Advice and laughs to help you cope with the new, changing you. Real-life facts, plus wisdom from God's Word, make Surviving Zits your ultimate guide! ..."

Surviving and Thriving After Losing Your Job

Author : David F. Jones
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Little is more feared by the average consumer than becoming unemployed. It reduces ones standard of living and in many people creates a number of debilitating physical, emotional, and behavioral problems. In The First 30 Days after Losing Your Job David Jones draws from his own experience of losing his job, wrestling with the effects it had on both he and his family, how they eventually were able to begin moving forward.

More Than Love

Author : Sherril M. Stone
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MORE THAN LOVE is a candid account of contrasting emotions - hope and lost hope, joy and despair, perseverance and helplessness – that resulted from parenting three Attachment Disorder adopted boys. It also describes the adoptive parents’ frustration at the system for not providing the help they were promised prior to the adoption. The book takes the reader through the emotional roller coaster experienced by both of the adoptive parents as they searched for answers from therapists, psychologists, social workers, clergy, teachers, friends, and family. It also provides explicit details of the boys’ deviant behaviors and describes the behaviors observed by outsiders. Others only witnessed charming, sweet, and "good" boys. Unfortunately, children with attachment problems are experts at manipulation and often dupe others, including those trained to detect such deceitfulness. Tragically, these adoptive parents finally had no choice but to let go of the boys in order to protect their family, friends, and society.

Yes You Can Survive Adolescence and Beyond Real Talk

Author : Jeffrey D. Harris
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Yes You Can Survive Adolescence and Beyond was inspired by Jeffrey Harris' childhood and life long experience. Growing up without knowing his biological father, reared in a financially challenged household, Mr. Harris makes no excuses of what he didn't have, but talks about how he achieved what he does have. He learned the values of hardwork at an early age. Self-determination never left him although hard times challenged him. Reflecting on how he walked around with cardboard stuffed at the bottom of his shoes to replace their worn soles, drug dealing and use, and gang involvement, Mr. Harris knows that there is a much better life for everyone despite their challenges. The book captures such experiences of everyday people and prominent people we all know. His experience in the United States Army awakened him to his life's purpose. Although those years were not his best, they were the years that fertilized the seed his grandfather planted within him to cultivate the man he is today. This book is straight talk. It is nothing spectacular, but provocative, practical, profound and to the point. His advice to young people is believable and achievable. The book is trusting and real. Now, you be the judge!

Bloke s 100 Top Tips For Surviving Pregnancy

Author : Jon Smith
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A follow on to the bestselling Blokes Guide to Pregnancy, this pocket bite size guide book has all the crucial advice for expectant blokes and outlines 100 absolute need to know tips for surviving pregnancy. Written in his customary no nonsense, straightforward style – These 100 tips are taken from interviews with 100 blokes who have lived to tell the tale. This is the only guide to be reading for all expectant dads out there.

The Skillful Teacher

Author : Stephen D. Brookfield
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Energize your classrooms with these key techniques for collegeteaching Students say the best teachers get them excited about learning,stretch their thinking, and keep them actively involved in class.But with increasingly diverse classrooms and constantly changingtechnology, each semester throws up new challenges for engagingstudents. Discover how to keep your teaching, and your students, energizedwith The Skillful Teacher, a practical guide to effectivetechniques, approaches, and methods for today's college classrooms.Providing insights, reflections, and advice from his four decadesof college teaching, Stephen Brookfield now adapts his successfulmethods to teaching online, working with diverse studentpopulations, and making classrooms truly inclusive. As well asbeing completely revised, updated, and rewritten, this edition addssix brand new chapters on: Teaching critical thinking Using play and creativity in the classroom Teaching in teams Helping students take responsibility for learning Teaching about racism Exercising teacher power responsibly Readers will delve into what learning feels like from astudent's perspective, as well as absorb the wisdom of veterancollege faculty with whom the author has worked. Themes from thebestselling previous editions remain, but are revisited andexpanded with the perspective of an additional decade in theclassroom. This authoritative guide is now even more comprehensiveto better serve teachers looking to improve. Whether you are new tothe classroom or are looking to rise to new challenges, TheSkillful Teacher will provide answers, expand your repertoireof techniques, and invigorate your teaching and yourclassrooms.

T D Jakes Speaks to Men 3 in 1

Author : T. D. Jakes
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3-in-1 edition with Loose That Man and Let Him Go!, So You Call Yourself a Man?, and T. D. Jakes Speaks to Men.

Surviving One Bad Year

Author : Nancie Carmichael
File Size : 43.24 MB
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Spiritual Strategies for a New Beginning Loss has many names -- divorce, death, illness, bankruptcy, depression, disappointment, betrayal, job loss, and more. And as we experience these losses, we sometimes wonder how we will survive. Whether you are reeling from the blow of an immediate crisis or in need of help to sustain you for the long haul, you will find spiritual strength and practical strategies on every page of this book. Purposefully designed to meet you where you are on any given day of need, this book is divided into two parts: PART 1 offers emergency tactics to help you keep your head above water when a huge wave of pain threatens to pull you under. PART 2 reveals seven strategies to help you navigate the stormy waters and make it safely to a peaceful shore. Some days, all your heart can take in may be one simple thought. At those times, you can easily flip through the pages and find... encouraging Bible verses and inspirational quotes -- set off, centered, and easy to find. At other times, you may need to soak up... practical help and biblical teachings. Or... share in stories of others who have also gone through pain. These are here for you as well. When difficult times come -- and they come to us all -- it helps to know that you are not alone, that you will survive, and that there will be an end to your crisis. This book is dedicated to you, as you find that hope and help to survive your bad year.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Author : Claudia Hammond
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Why do we feel better after a good cry? What might the length of your earlobes have to do with jealousy? These and other questions can be answered by looking at the research of emotions. Claudia Hammond takes nine universal emotions in turn and looks at the science behind them, combining the latest theories and discoveries from neuroscientists and psychologists with everyday human experience. In a highly entertaining and thought-provoking journey through the science of feelings, the book asks how the brain and body interact to produce emotions, and what, if anything, we can do to harness them. With the help of scientists, artists, therapists, and philosophers, the author examines the physiological and sociological origins of emotions.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Author : Jennifer Whitaker
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Take a step into the mind of a teenager. Experience what goes on inside, how they feel, the mindset and learn. As you read you will experience what is dramatic ups and downs to a teen, lasting through the end when the teen is in the end of graduate school. Get insight, and knowledge to understand how to work with the age group. I included topics that are common in the mind of a teen today, but were not when most of us reading this type of book went through. It is real life based with children's perspective in a case of divorce parents, gaining step-parents, building relations with the new family, "surviving" the drama kids experience when parents divorce or are already divorced. Some of the poems give insight on the child's internal struggles in the stage of life. After reading, you will know or understand more how teens think, and work so you can be better at your role in their life. This is The Sample. The real and full book has two parts that will be released in the next 8-24 months. The series continues.

Inside Mom s Mind

Author : Donna M. Trickett
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Although someone new is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s every 70 seconds, Donna M. Trickett, the author of Inside Mom’s Mind, reveals new hope and understanding through her captivating true story of her mother’s eight-year struggle with the disease. Inside Mom’s Mind is saturated with compassion, understanding, inspiration, and a realism that has been acknowledged by professional and family caregivers, alike. You will listen to her mother’s actual thoughts as you discover over 100 uniquely helpful ideas to better serve your loved one. To learn more about Donna M. Trickett, her writings, and her free workshops, just connect to her web page,