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Northern British Columbia Canoe Trips

Author : Laurel Archer
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This first volume of the guidebook series Northern British Columbia Canoe Trips describes in detail eight northern BC paddling routes over eleven rivers, and is designed to provide canoeists with all the information they require to plan a river trip appropriate to their skill level and special interests. Each route includes: a summary of the main attractions of the trip where to start and where to finish along the river trip length in days and kilometres required maps suggestions about when to go star ratings for difficulty and for historical and recreational value Northern British Columbia Canoe Trips: Volume One covers numerous routes never documented in any publication before, including the Taku, Jennings, Omineca and Gataga rivers, among others, as well as more well-known favourites such as Fort Nelson and the Dease. The book provides paddlers of all types with a variety of river trips to choose from based on comprehensive and comparative information, as well as detailed and specific navigational notes to aid them along their chosen route.

Surveying Central British Columbia

Author : Jay Sherwood
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Frank Swannell contributed greatly to the shape of British Columbia by surveying and mapping large portions of the province over three decades. He also took thousands of photographs and kept detailed journals of his travels. In his second book on Swannell's adventures, Jay Sherwood presents central BC through the eyes and words of one of BC's most famous surveyors. Swannell photographed First Peoples, settlers, various methods of transportation and the daily life of a surveying crew. Of about 1500 photographs he took between 1920 and 1928, Jay Sherwood has selected the best for this book. Many have historical significance, showing the changes beginning to occur in this largely wilderness region of central BC. Surveying Central British Columbia is based primarily on Swannell's diaries and photographs. It is supplemented by interviews with descendants of some members of Swannell's surveying crew, research and the author's personal visits to several places where Swannell surveyed. It includes database of Swannell's photographs online at the BC Archives.

Surveying Northern British Columbia

Author : Jay Sherwood
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Surveying the North sets out to recognise -- and celebrate -- Frank Swannell as British Columbia's most famous pioneer surveyor and his important place within the history of British Columbia. Considered one of British Columbia's most famous pioneer surveyors, Frank Swannell surveyed much of northern BC for the provincial government between 1908 and 1914, taking many striking photographs of the area and its people. Together with his journal, these images constitute the best record of the region during this period of enormous transition. His photos include portraits of the First Nations people, settlers and other well-known people in the region, plus images of well-known historical routes such as the Grease Trail and Yukon Telegraph Trail. The many modes of transportation of the time, including sternwheelers and stagecoaches, are also chronicled through Swannell's masterful lens. Author Jay Sherwood has culled the best photographs and journals from both the BC Archives' collection and that of the BC land surveyors to create Surveying the North, a vivid illustration of northern BC from 1908 to 1914. With an engaging text that brings the era to life, Sherwood creates an accessible and entertaining saga for the modern reader. Says Sherwood about Swannell's work, "His photographs appear in most books that cover the BC Interior in the early 20th century, yet he is seldom given more than passing credit." Surveying the North sets out to correct this oversight by recognising -- and celebrating -- Swannell's important place within the history of British Columbia.

Workshop on Rebuilding Abalone Stocks in British Columbia

Author : National Research Council Canada
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An international Workshop on Rebuilding Abalone Stocks in British Columbia was held during February 23-26 , 1999, in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. The main goal of the workshop was to develop a realistic strategy to rehabilitate depleted northern (pinto) abalone, Haliotis kamtschatkana, stocks in British Columbia. The workshop was also meant to clarify the roles, expectations, and shared interests of many of the interest groups in British Columbia,emphasizing the key role in the rebuilding plan of local communities,including First Nations and non-native communities.

Geology of the Spatsizi River Map Area North central British Columbia

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Geologic Applications of Modern Aeromagnetic Surveys

Author : William F. Hanna
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Annual Report Geological Survey of Canada

Author : Geological Survey of Canada
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Contents may be found in "List of publications of the Geological survey of Canada. 1906."

Mapper of Mountains

Author : I.S. MacLaren
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Mapper of Mountains follows the career of Dominion Land Surveyor Morrison Parsons Bridgland, who provided the first detailed maps of many regions of the Canadian Rockies. Between 1902 and 1930, this unheralded alpinist perfected phototopographical techniques to compile a series of mountaintop photographs during summers of field work, and spent his winters collating them to provide the Canadian government, tourists, and mountain climbers with accurate topographical maps. Bridgland was a great climber and co-founder of the Alpine Club of Canada. Mapper of Mountains also tells the story of the Rocky Mountain Repeat Photography Project, which studies the changes sustained in the Rockies, repeating the field work accomplished by Bridgland almost a century ago.

U S Geological Survey Bulletin

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Return to Northern British Columbia

Author : Jay Sherwood
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In his third book on the adventures of Frank Swannell, historian Jay Sherwood continues his account of one of BC's most famous surveyors. The 1930s was the era of bush planes, packers and riverboats in northern BC. Swannell photographed them and recorded his experiences with some of BC's colourful characters, including Skook Davidson, who worked with Swannell for four seasons. Swannell provides much valuable information about the life of Davidson before he started his famous Diamond J Ranch. Return to Northern British Columbia includes a photo gallery of unpublished Skook Davidson photographs found in Swannell's photo albums.