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Survey Research for Managers

Author : Peter F. Hutton
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This book provides an introduction to the ways in which managers can use surveys to improve their decision-making. It focuses on how straightforward survey data can be used to improve the overall quality of management.

Survey Research for Managers

Author : Peter F. Hutton
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Employee Surveys in Management

Author : Ingwer Borg
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Employee surveys are the central tool for accelerating strategic organization development. They allow managers and consultants to assess an organization on its soft factors such as leadership and employee engagement, leading to actions that reduce problems and turn opportunities into tangible results.

Designing and Conducting Survey Research

Author : Louis M. Rea
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The industry standard guide, updated with new ideas and SPSS analysis techniques Designing and Conducting Survey Research: A Comprehensive Guide Fourth Edition is the industry standard resource that covers all major components of the survey process, updated to include new data analysis techniques and SPSS procedures with sample data sets online. The book offers practical, actionable guidance on constructing the instrument, administrating the process, and analyzing and reporting the results, providing extensive examples and worksheets that demonstrate the appropriate use of survey and data techniques. By clarifying complex statistical concepts and modern analysis methods, this guide enables readers to conduct a survey research project from initial focus concept to the final report. Public and nonprofit managers with survey research responsibilities need to stay up-to-date on the latest methods, techniques, and best practices for optimal data collection, analysis, and reporting. Designing and Conducting Survey Research is a complete resource, answering the "what", "why", and "how" every step of the way, and providing the latest information about technological advancements in data analysis. The updated fourth edition contains step-by-step SPSS data entry and analysis procedures, as well as SPSS examples throughout the text, using real data sets from real-world studies. Other new information includes topics like: Nonresponse error/bias Ethical concerns and special populations Cell phone samples in telephone surveys Subsample screening and complex skip patterns The fourth edition also contains new information on the growing importance of focus groups, and places a special emphasis on data quality including size and variability. Those who employ survey research methods will find that Designing and Conducting Survey Research contains all the information needed to better design, conduct, and analyze a more effective survey.

A Guide to Survey Research for Local Cooperative Management

Author : Julie A. Hogeland
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Extract: This pamphlet is intended to aid cooperative managers who want to survey patrons or other groups on issues facing a cooperative.

Marketing Research for Managers

Author : Sunny Crouch
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The purpose of Marketing Research for Managers is to enable managers to become more informed research users and buyers. The more managers know about how marketing research works, the more effective they can be in using it as a management tool. This new edition of the text includes: * The development of the "knowledge economy" * Analysis of customer relationship management * Comprehensive discussion of electronic techniques * New and updated case studies and examples

Research Methodologies in Supply Chain Management

Author : Herbert Kotzab
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For reseach in all subjects and among different philisopical paradigms, research methodologies form one of the key issues to rely on. This volume brings a series of papers together, which present different research methodologies as applied in supply chain management. This comprises review oriented papers that look at what kind of methodologies have been applied, as well as methodological papers discussing new developments needed to successfully conduct research in supply chain management. The third group is made up of applications of the respective methodologies, which serve as examples on how the different methodological approaches can be applied. All papers have undergone a review process to ensure their quality. Therefore, we hope that this book will serve as a valid source for current and future researchers in the field. While the workshop on “Research Methodologies in Supply Chain Management” took place at the Supply Chain Management Center, Carl von Ossietzky Univ- sity in Oldenburg, Germany, it is based on a collaboration with the Supply Chain Management Group of the Department of Operations Management at the Cop- hagen Business School and the Department of Production Management at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. We would like to thank all those who contributed to the workshop and this book.

The SAGE Handbook of Research Management

Author : Robert Dingwall
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The Handbook of Research Management is a unique tool for the newly promoted research leader. Larger-scale projects are becoming more common throughout the social sciences and humanities, housed in centres, institutes and programmes. Talented researchers find themselves faced with new challenges to act as managers and leaders rather than as individual scholars. They are responsible for the careers and professional development of others, and for managing interactions with university administrations and external stakeholders. Although many scientific and technological disciplines have long been organized in this way, few resources have been created to help new leaders understand their roles and responsibilities and to reflect on their practice. This Handbook has been created by the combined experience of a leading social scientist and a chief executive of a major international research development institution and funder. The editors have recruited a truly global team of contributors to write about the challenges they have encountered in the course of their careers, and to provoke readers to think about how they might respond within their own contexts. This book will be a standard work of reference for new research leaders, in any discipline or country, looking for help and inspiration. The editorial commentaries extend its potential use in support of training events or workshops where groups of new leaders can come together and explore the issues that are confronting them.

Research Methodology in Strategy and Management

Author : David J. Ketchen
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Volume 3 of the Research Methodology in Strategy and Management title offers twelve chapters of discussion surrounding various tools and methods utilized by scholars and academics. A wide range of approaches are covered that will prove to be an important reference and inspiration for strategists, managers, and researchers. *A resource containing recent research by some of the field's most respected scholars *12 chapters spanning a variety of relevant topics

Encyclopedia of Sport Management

Author : Pedersen, Paul M.
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Bringing together preeminent international researchers, emerging scholars and practitioners, Paul M. Pedersen presents the comprehensive Encyclopedia of Sport Management, offering detailed entries for the critical concepts and topics in the field.