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Postmodern Surroundings

Author : Steven Earnshaw
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Author : Etienne S. Benson
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Given the ubiquity of environmental rhetoric in the modern world, it’s easy to think that the meaning of the terms environment and environmentalism are and always have been self-evident. But in Surroundings, we learn that the environmental past is much more complex than it seems at first glance. In this wide-ranging history of the concept, Etienne S. Benson uncovers the diversity of forms that environmentalism has taken over the last two centuries and opens our eyes to the promising new varieties of environmentalism that are emerging today. Through a series of richly contextualized case studies, Benson shows us how and why particular groups of people—from naturalists in Napoleonic France in the 1790s to global climate change activists today—adopted the concept of environment and adapted it to their specific needs and challenges. Bold and deeply researched, Surroundings challenges much of what we think we know about what an environment is, why we should care about it, and how we can protect it.

Living with Bad Surroundings

Author : Sverker Finnström
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Since 1986, the Acholi people of northern Uganda have lived in the crossfire of a violent civil war, with the Lord’s Resistance Army and other groups fighting the Ugandan government. Acholi have been murdered, maimed, and driven into displacement. Thousands of children have been abducted and forced to fight. Many observers have perceived Acholiland and northern Uganda to be an exception in contemporary Uganda, which has been celebrated by the international community for its increased political stability and particularly for its fight against AIDS. These observers tend to portray the Acholi as war-prone, whether because of religious fanaticism or intractable ethnic hatreds. In Living with Bad Surroundings, Sverker Finnström rejects these characterizations and challenges other simplistic explanations for the violence in northern Uganda. Foregrounding the narratives of individual Acholi, Finnström enables those most affected by the ongoing “dirty war” to explain how they participate in, comprehend, survive, and even resist it. Finnström draws on fieldwork conducted in northern Uganda between 1997 and 2006 to describe how the Acholi—especially the younger generation, those born into the era of civil strife—understand and attempt to control their moral universe and material circumstances. Structuring his argument around indigenous metaphors and images, notably the Acholi concepts of good and bad surroundings, he vividly renders struggles in war and the related ills of impoverishment, sickness, and marginalization. In this rich ethnography, Finnström provides a clear-eyed assessment of the historical, cultural, and political underpinnings of the civil war while maintaining his focus on Acholi efforts to achieve “good surroundings,” viable futures for themselves and their families.

The advantages and surroundings

Author : D. P. Robbins
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The advantages and surroundings of New Albany, Ind. Floyd county Manufacturing, mercantile and professional interests. Public buildings and canals, rivers, railroads, etc., etc

Floristic Biodiversity of Barda Hills and Its Surroundings

Author : P.S. Nagar
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The book Floristic diversity of Barda Hills and its surroundings is first of its kind emphasizing the contribution of J.I. Thaker (1910) to the field of plant taxonomy and ethnobotany of Gujarat. His major contribution was on Vanaspati Sastra - Barda dungar ni-Jadibuti taeni Pariksha anae Upayog in Gujarati (1910). After his premiere work, no comprehensive study were undertaken to identify the multifarious changes that have come about in the area. In view of this, an attempt was made to understand the floristic diversity with different facets of taxonomic and ecological understanding in the Barda Hills and its surroundings. The basis of the whole study was based on the hypothesis that - the habitat destruction, over-exploitation of biotic resources, pollution and introduc-tion of exotic species as a result of human activities in the area over a period of ten decades, might have caused decline or shift in the species composition in the Barda Hills and its surroundings. Justification to the hypothesis includes various descriptive findings on biodiversity, historical understanding, floristic diversity, biogeography, species diversity (ecological prospective), genetic diversity and bioresources.

Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings

Author : Edward S. Morse
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In this book the author writes about the more than four years he spent visiting hundreds of Japanese homes and learning as much as possible about their construction, design, furnishings, and relative merits. 307 illustrations.

Beijing and Surroundings

Author : Simon Foster
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Arrive in Beijing and spend a few days soaking up the Imperial sights -the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palaces and the Great Wall. Spend your evenings enjoying Beijing duck, opera and maybe a trip to the acrobats. If you have time, take a train up to Chengde and spend a couple of days enjoying the imperial retreat before returning to the capital and flying on to Xi'an. Allow a full day at the Terracotta Warriors and another day to explore the fascinating walled city. Make sure you enjoy a Dumpling Banquet, as well as dinner in the Muslim markets. Reflect on your trip in the overnight train back to Beijing. Beijing, literally translated, means Northern Capital, a title it has held since the Ming Dynasty (see History) and a name that still holds true today. Whether imagining the past or marveling at the future, this city is most definitely still the cultural, political and, to the Pekinese, geographical, heart of the Middle Kingdom. While Beijing's modern appearance owes much to the Communist era and the recent influx of capitalist cash, its most impressive and inspiring monuments are recognition of its long imperial tradition. The scale of the city, with its population of 15 million, can initially be overwhelming, but even a short meander into one of Beijing's remaining hutong districts brings you close to the realities of daily life and all of a sudden the city seems human again. While the vast number of construction sites, flyovers and mirrored skyscrapers can come as a shock to those hoping for a view of the years when Beijing was the emperor's seat, a visit to any one of the principal imperial sights (the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven or the Summer Palaces) easily remedies this. However, the greatest of Beijing's, if not the world's, sights lies north of the city. The Great Wall never ceases to amaze and it's worth spending a couple of days out of the city to fully appreciate its majesty. If you have enough time and want more imperial splendor, the rugged countryside around the capital holds Ming and Qing tombs, while, farther afield, the Mountain Resort at Chengde was long a popular emperor's haunt and has some wild scenery along with its subdued palaces and grand temples. This a highly detailed guide to everything you need to know about Beijing and its surroundings - the places to stay, the restaurants, and what to see and do - along with an extensive introductory section on China as a whole. The author lives in China and has been a tour guide there full-time for close to 10 years. This guide is an excerpt from his much larger guide to all of China, also published by Hunter, which is 650 pages in the print edition.

Harvard and Its Surroundings

Author : Moses King
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Neural Nets and Surroundings

Author : Bruno Apolloni
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This volume collects a selection of contributions which has been presented at the 22nd Italian Workshop on Neural Networks, the yearly meeting of the Italian Society for Neural Networks (SIREN). The conference was held in Italy, Vietri sul Mare (Salerno), during May 17-19, 2012. The annual meeting of SIREN is sponsored by International Neural Network Society (INNS), European Neural Network Society (ENNS) and IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS). The book – as well as the workshop- is organized in three main components, two special sessions and a group of regular sessions featuring different aspects and point of views of artificial neural networks and natural intelligence, also including applications of present compelling interest.

A Portrait of Machynlleth and Its Surroundings

Author : Evan Jones
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