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Farmyard Tales Surprise Visitors

Author : Heather Amery
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This much-loved story, with illustrations by Stephen Cartwright, has been rewritten with the help of reading experts to fit into the framework of the Usborne Reading Programme (First Reading, Level 2).

The Surprise Visitor

Author : Juli Kangas
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When a mysterious egg appears at Edgar the mouse's door, he tries to find the right family for it.

The Surprise Visitor

Author : Pam Holden
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Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor

Author : Jacqueline Harvey
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Clementine Rose was delivered not in the usual way, at a hospital, but in the back of a mini-van, in a basket of dinner rolls. So begins the story of a very special little girl. Clementine Rose grows up with her adopted mother, Lady Clarissa, their butler, Digby Pertwhistle, and a very tiny teacup pig named Lavender. When Clementine's scary Aunt Violet visits, the household is thrown into disarray. What is it that Aunt Violet really wants, and what is she hiding in her mysterious black bag?

A Surprise Visitor

Author : Poppy Green
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A little bird who’s learning to fly accidentally winds up in Sophie’s yard in the eighth charming book of The Adventures of Sophie Mouse! Sophie gets a surprise visitor when a little bird makes a crash landing into her yard and hurts his wing. But with Sophie and her friends to help nurse him back to health, the baby bird will be flying high in no time! With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Adventures of Sophie Mouse chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.

Design Science in Tourism

Author : Daniel R. Fesenmaier
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This book explores the impact of design science and design thinking on tourism planning, gathering contributions from leading authorities in the field of tourism research and providing a comprehensive and interconnected panorama of cutting-edge results that influence the current and future design of tourist destinations. The book builds on recent findings in psychology, geography and urban and regional planning, as well as from economics, marketing and communications, and explores the opportunities arising from recent advances in the Internet and related technologies like memory, storage, RFID, GIS, mobile and social media in the context of collecting and analyzing traveler-related data. It presents a broad range of insights and cases on how modern design approaches can be used to develop new and better touristic experiences, and how they enable the tourism industry to track and communicate with visitors in a more meaningful way and more effectively manage visitor experiences.

A Water Wally Adventure

Author : Linn Shekinah
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Unexpected Visitors

Author : Frank Dumont
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September Canvas

Author : Gun Brooke
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Physically depleted and at a crossroads in her personal life, popular TV-personality Faythe Hamilton rents a lakeside cabin in Vermont for a much-needed vacation. On her first day in town, Faythe receives unsolicited warnings from the locals to stay away from her neighbor, which only rouses her curiosity. Deanna Moore, a successful illustrator, has dedicated her life to her work and her family. Beleaguered by accusations stemming from an event she is powerless to explain or defend, Deanna lives a solitary life. When she meets Faythe, she is reluctantly attracted to her, but she fears Faythe will not be able to see beyond the rumors. September Canvas is a story of hurt and betrayal, but also of trust and endurance as two women struggle to show faith and dare to love.

Leaving Islam

Author : Rainy Winter
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This book is a complete work of fiction. The names, characters, the places, and the specifically described incidents are merely a product of the authors imagination They are used ficticiously and any specific resemblance to actual events, places or people, living and or deceased is completely coincidental. This material is meant to provide entertainment for the general public at large.

Flat Stanley s Worldwide Adventures 3 The Japanese Ninja Surprise

Author : Jeff Brown
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There’s no place on Earth a flat kid can’t go! Join Stanley on his third exciting adventure in the renowned Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures series! Stanley and his brother, Arthur, are such huge fans of the movie star ninja Oda Nobu that they decide to send him something even better than fan mail—Stanley himself! Soon enough, Flat Stanley is in Japan, seeing the country with his idol. But when trouble surprises them, it will take a real hero to save the day. Don’t miss all of Flat Stanley’s worldwide adventures in this chapter book series!

Roof Explorer s Guide 101 New York City Rooftops

Author : Leslie Adatto
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Congratulations! By choosing this book, you've taken the first step toward experiencing New York City from an entirely fresh perspective - from the rooftops. Roof Explorer's Guide: 101 New York City Rooftops is the only guide book that shows you and takes you - to a wondrous variety of New York City rooftops. I'm Leslie Adatto, the New York City roof explorer. I have discovered hundreds of rooftops throughout the boroughs and can't wait to share 101 of my fabulous ones with you. Roof Explorer's Guide: 101 New York City Rooftops gives veteran New Yorkers and visitors alike my personal map to explore a huge variety of New York City roofops.Go to trendy bars and restaurants, take a swim or play some tennis, attend a movie, go to a farm, visit 19th century historical sites, check out a museum or a play, or snooze on a park bench, all on New York City rooftops. I hope the lush photography and well-researched information throughout this book will inspire you to venture out, whether on foot, by bicycle, via subway or anyway, to explore and enjoy 101 New York City rooftops.

Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient

Author : Michael A. Weiss
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Confessions of a Professional Hospital Patient is a humorous first person account of how to survive a hospital stay and escape with your life, dignity and sense of humor. The book, written with the insight worthy of a physician but from a patient’s perspective, relates the TRUE goings on in hospitals and medical care today. Through Mr. Weiss’ sharing of his most intimate, embarrassing and funny experiences, the book takes you through chapter upon chapter of useful nuggets of information on such important topics as preparing for the hospital stay, coping with nurses in the middle of the night, communicating with doctors, getting treated in the emergency room, creating privacy and dignity in the often demeaning hospital setting, dealing with the pain and setbacks associated with recuperation/rehabilitation and pursuing payment/reimbursement from bureaucratic managed care companies. In addition to the book being a very useful source of practical information for prospective hospital patients and their families, it is unique in its blend of humor and candor in addressing a delicate and uncomfortable topic. As a bonus, Mr. Weiss’ personal story is truly inspiring and the manner in which he conveys his experiences is entertaining, funny and poignant.

The Last Segregated Hour

Author : Stephen R. Haynes
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On Palm Sunday 1964, at the Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, a group of black and white students began a "kneel-in" to protest the church's policy of segregation, a protest that would continue in one form or another for more than a year and eventually force the church to open its doors to black worshippers. In The Last Segregated Hour, Stephen Haynes tells the story of this dramatic yet little studied tactic which was the strategy of choice for bringing attention to segregationist policies in Southern churches. "Kneel-ins" involved surprise visits to targeted churches, usually during Easter season, and often resulted in physical standoffs with resistant church people. The spectacle of kneeling worshippers barred from entering churches made for a powerful image that invited both local and national media attention. The Memphis kneel-ins of 1964-65 were unique in that the protesters included white students from the local Presbyterian college (Southwestern, now Rhodes). And because the protesting students presented themselves in groups that were "mixed" by race and gender, white church members saw the visitations as a hostile provocation and responded with unprecedented efforts to end them. But when Church officials pressured Southwestern president Peyton Rhodes to "call off" his students or risk financial reprisals, he responded that "Southwestern is not for sale." Drawing on a wide range of sources, including extensive interviews with the students who led the kneel-ins, Haynes tells an inspiring story that will appeal not only to scholars of religion and history, but also to pastors and church people concerned about fostering racially diverse congregations.

Farm Fresh Tennessee

Author : Angela Knipple
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The first guidebook of its kind for the Volunteer State, Farm Fresh Tennessee leads food lovers, families, locals, and tourists on a lively tour of more than 360 farms and farm-related attractions, all open to the public and all visited by Memphis natives Paul and Angela Knipple. Here are the perfect opportunities to browse a farmers' market, pick blueberries, tour a small-batch distillery, stay at an elegant inn, send the kids to a camp where they'll eat snacks of homemade biscuits with farm-fresh honey--and so much more. Arranged by the three Grand Divisions of Tennessee (East, Middle, and West) and nine categories of interest, the listings invite readers to connect with Tennessee's farms, emphasizing establishments that are independent, sustainable, and active in public education and conservation. Sidebars tell how to find pop-up markets, showcase local food initiatives, and celebrate the work and lives of local farmers. Thirteen recipes gathered by the authors on their Tennessee travels offer farm-fresh tastes.

Adventure Day One

Author : P.J. Jackson
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What if you could overcome a huge challenge in your life by choosing to be positive? When Rickey faced almost certain death from cancer, he and his wife P.J. turned to simple strategies that had seen them through some rough times in the past, and applied them to this greatest test of all. The first step they took was to change the way they viewed their challenge. Instead of believing that the days ahead would be overwhelming and unbearable, each day would be an adventure! That positive approach became their mainstay during the difficult times ahead. Learn their seven secrets for coping with life’s challenges in this powerful memoir and step-by-step guide. P.J. and Rickey will show you how you too can choose to face each day as an adventure, one that provides strength and peace during challenging times.

Terror at Twin Lights Lighthouse

Author : Mary Martsching
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While Heath was visiting Cade, Cade received a message of panic from his cousin, Madeline. Is someone bullying Madeline again because of her ADHD condition, or is there something else wrong? What seemed like a typical school field trip turned into a terrifying situation. Cade’s cousin, Madeline, and her missing friend, are accused of theft! Even worse, their teacher believes the two girls are guilty, and seeks their suspensions from school. Madeline discovers from a phone call that her friend has been kidnapped and is in severe pain. What all has happened to her? As Heath, Cade, and Madeline work to solve the mystery, their evidence and sources of support mysteriously disappear.

The Forever Man

Author : James Colson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In ages past, the Templar Knights were the only true force for good, battling evil in the hope that man would move into a time of enlightenment. Frustrated that they were making the same mistakes generation after generation, a plan was devised. Tapping into a base magic that was used during the time of creation; the Templars extended the life of one of their order to become their teacher and guide, their Forever Man. This knight’s name was Lecturo. Always well protected, evil could not touch him and the power of Light started to make great advancements over evil. If the darkness could not kill him, they did the next best thing. During the Christmas Festival, they placed a powerful drug in his wine. When a toast was called for to honor the birth of Christ, Lecturo’s mind was wiped of memories. What good was a teacher that could not even remember his own name? Generations past before Lecturo finally started to regain some of his memories and remember who and what he was. Once again the Templar Teacher, Lecturo formed a new team of good hearts and pure souls to again battle evil wherever it tried to change the course of man away from the path of the Light.

David s Donkey Tales

Author : Charlene Mundy/ Jo Chapline
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Format : PDF
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This charming story appeals to elementary school age children who love animals and like a mystery. Parents and grandparents will enjoy reading it aloud be reminded of stories they loved in the past. The book engages children with clues, surprises, sweet animals, dangers, and imaginary adventures without using magic wands, unicorns, dragons, or extra-terrestrials. David is a fourth grader who visits his grandparents' farm where he has many adventures with their miniature donkeys. The suspense starts early one morning when Sheriff Kyle drives to the farm to warn David's grandparents about a possible danger. David is a clever boy and he thinks he is capable of solving mysteries and finding hidden treasure. The fun starts when he finds a hidden clue behind his bookcase. Who put it there? What does it mean? Does it have anything to do with what Sheriff Kyle warned about?

Riding Holiday

Author : Michelle Bates
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A riding holiday in America should be the perfect holiday for two of the Sandy Lane Stables regulars. But when the girls arrive at Whitetops Horse Farm, the family seem preoccupied and haven't prepared for their arrival. When, after several days of mucking out and grooming, they still haven't been offered a ride, Izzy decides it's time to find out what's going on...