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Cuvier s History of the Natural Sciences

Author : Georges Cuvier
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Here, for the first time in English, is Georges Cuvier’s extraordinary “History of the Natural Sciences from Its Origin to the Present Day.” Based on a series of public lectures presented by Cuvier from 1829 to 1832, this first of a five-volume series, translated from the original French and heavily annotated with commentary, is a detailed chronological survey of the natural sciences spanning more than three millennia. It is truly astonishing in its detail and scope. Cuvier was fluent in many languages, English, German, Spanish, and certainly Latin, in addition to French. He was therefore well prepared to investigate and interpret firsthand the scientific literature of Europe as a whole. The work is an affirmation of Cuvier’s vast encyclopedic knowledge, his complete command of the scientific and historical literature, and his incomparable memory. This history is remarkable also for providing in one place a large set of useful references to a vast ancient literature that is not easily found anywhere else. This huge body of information provides us furthermore with unique insight into Cuvier’s concept of the natural sciences, and to the vast breadth and progress of this human endeavor. With this work, Cuvier fills an important gap in philosophical thought between the time of Carl Linnaeus and Charles Darwin.

Interpr tations de Mo se

Author : Philippe Borgeaud
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This books brings together specialists of diverse ancient mediterranean culture working on the formation of a "Moses mythology", from a comparative perspective, between Judea, Greece, Egypt and Rome. The concrete outcome of this comparative inquiry is the common translation and commentary of the fragments of the mysterious Artapanus. Ce volume rassemble des spécialistes de différentes cultures du monde méditerranéen ancien autour de la formation d'une "mythologie de Moïse", entre la Judée, la Grèce, l'Egypte et Rome. Le résultat pratique de cette enquête comparatiste débouche sur la traduction et le commentaire des fragments du mystérieux Artapan.

Modern Manners

Author : P. J. O'Rourke
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An “extremely funny” take on the decline of civility, from the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of How the Hell Did This Happen? (The Plain Dealer). In Modern Manners, cultural guru P. J. O’Rourke provides the essential accessory for the truly contemporary man or woman—a rulebook for living in a world without rules. Traditionally, good manners were a means of becoming as bland and invisible as everyone else, thus avoiding calling attention to one’s own awkwardness and stupidity. Today, with everyone wanting to appear special, stupidity is at a premium, and manners—as outrageous and bizarre as possible—are a wonderful way to distinguish ourselves, or at least have a fine time trying. This irreverent and hilarious guide to anti-etiquette offers pointed advice on topics from sex and entertaining to reading habits and death. With the most up-to-date forms of vulgarity, churlishness, and presumption, the latest fashions in discourtesy and barbarous display, O’Rourke is our guide to the art of incivility. “Modern Manners is O’Rourke doing what he has always done: making hilarious, insightful, often vicious fun of the world and all its inhabitants.” —People “A reader who rushes through [Modern Manners] from cover to cover—like I did—will feel like a child who has gorged on chocolate cake: happy, but a bit disappointed that it’s all gone. The reason O’Rourke’s book is so successful, however, is not just his great sense of humor. O’Rourke’s writing has a cutting edge behind it, which makes a reader’s laughter just a bit thought-provoking, and just a bit rueful . . . Very funny.” —Chicago Tribune

R novation religieuse Deuxi me dition

Author : Patrice LARROQUE
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Religion and International Law

Author : Robert Uerpmann-Wittzack
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Living together explores international law responses to the challenges of growing religious antagonisms. Building on historic concepts, it looks at the role of religious institutions and religious law before examining the contribution of human rights bodies and particular human rights.

Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Fund

Author :
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Two Hieroglyphic Papyri from Tanis

Author : Francis Llewellyn Griffith
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The Temple of Deir El Bahari

Author : Edouard Naville
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Dictionnaire D arch ologie gyptienne

Author : Paul Pierret
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Inventaire bibliographique des Isiaca IBIS

Author : J. Leclant
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Les g n rations des Soufis

Author : Jean-Jacques Thibon
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In Generations of Sufis, Abū ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Sulamī (died 1021), the Sufi master of Nishapur, collected the teachings of 105 Sufi masters who lived between the 2nd/8th and the 4th/10th centuries, thereby assembling the doctrinal foundations from which medieval Sufism developed. Dans Les générations des Soufis, Abū ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Sulamī (m. 1021), maître soufi de Nishapur, collecte l’enseignement de cent cinq maîtres soufis qui vécurent entre le 2e/8e et le 4e/10e siècles, rassemblant le socle doctrinal sur lequel s’élabora le soufisme.

The Jews Of Egypt

Author : Maurice Mizrahi
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The Jewish community of Egypt in modem times-now practically non-existent-consisted in part of autochthonous Jews who traced their origins to the periods of Maimonides, Philo, and even the prophet Jeremiah, thus making it the oldest community in the Jewish Diaspora. It also contained Jews who were part of the waves of immigration into Egypt that began in the second half of the nineteenth century. Coming mostly from Mediterranean countries, this predominantly Sephardic community maintained a network of commercial, social, and religious ties throughout the entire region, as well as a distinctively Mediterranean culture and life-style. In this volume, international scholars examine the Ottoman background of this community, the political status and participation of the Jews in Egyptian society, their role in economic life, their contributions to Egyptian-Arabic culture, and the images of the community in their own eyes, as well as in the eyes of Egyptians and Palestinian Jews. The book includes an extensive set of appendixes that illustrate the wide range of primary sources used by the contributors.

Affaires d gypte

Author : France min. des affaires étrangères
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Memoir of the Egypt Exploration Society

Author :
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Origine de tous les cultes ou religion universelle

Author : Charles François DUPUIS
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Arch o Nil

Author :
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Grand Dictionnaire Universel du XIXe Siecle Francais A Z 1805 76

Author : Pierre Larousse
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Index Du Journal Encyclop dique 1756 1793

Author : Dante Lénardon
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Relation de l Egypte

Author : Antoine I. S. de Sacy
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