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Supporting Vulnerable Children in the Early Years

Author : Pat Beckley
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Exploring specific experiences, circumstances and events that can put children at risk, this book provides practical guidance for early years practitioners working with vulnerable children. It covers supporting children who are abused and neglected, those with special educational needs, children from ethnic minorities, those with emotional or health difficulties, children affected by poverty and children in care. Each chapter draws on current research and theories to set out clear advice and strategies for supporting the wellbeing and development of vulnerable children, including working in partnership with parents, carers and communities.

The Early Years

Author : Sally Wassell
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This clear and practical workbook shows the importance of encouraging resilience in pre-school children who live in challenging circumstances. Focusing on assessment of need, Brigid Daniel and Sally Wassell show how to evaluate resilience using checklists and background information. They explain that children in their early years gain resilience from a range of experiences, including attachment relationships, opportunities to develop self-esteem and learning to understand others and behaving in a positive way towards them. With this in mind, they set out ways of encouraging pro-social behaviour in young children: involving them in the process of evaluation, giving support to the parent or carer of the child, and using activities to nurture the child's `theory of mind'. Including guidance on ongoing monitoring and supported by case studies from practice, this book is an essential guide to nurturing resilience for all those who work with young children and their families. The workbook stands alone but also forms part of a set along with two other resilience resources on The School Years and Adolescence. The complete set can be bought together at a reduced price.

Supporting Vulnerable Babies and Young Children

Author : Dr. Wendy Bunston
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The diverse challenges that clinicians and children's workers tasked with safeguarding babies and young children face are complex, and this unique book looks at effective, practice-based and evidence-informed approaches to working across a wide range of issues. It outlines relevant theory and good practice, gathering case examples from around the world to illustrate what interventions look like in direct practice. Leading contributors address a wide range of challenges, including babies and very young children who have a serious illness, have complex diagnoses, or have been exposed to violence or adversity in early childhood. This is an essential guide for those who work to support and safeguard the welfare of babies and very young children, including professionals in health care, social work, mental health and child protection settings, as well as paediatricians, child psychologists and child psychiatrists.

Supporting Young Children Through Change and Everyday Transitions

Author : Sonia Mainstone-Cotton
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Explaining the importance of supporting children through change for their wellbeing and social and emotional development, this practical guide gives early years practitioners and parents the tools to help children cope with change and everyday transitions. The book looks at different types of change that children can encounter, such as moving homes, new siblings, starting school, bereavement and divorce, and gives advice on best practice for early years practitioners and parents. With ideas and activities that can easily be implemented, this book is the ultimate handbook for supporting young children through changes big and small.

Contemporary Issues in the Early Years

Author : Gillian Pugh
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If you are a student or practitioner in the early years sector, you need to develop a rounded understanding of key issues in this fast-moving field. This new and updated edition provides a critical examination of the essential issues in early years policy and practice. With contributions from highly regarded practitioners and researchers, this book accessibly balances theory and practical concerns. The Sixth Edition has been extensively revised to include: A new chapter on Child Protection and Safeguarding Coverage of the new EYFS Theory and research evidence A Companion Website, highlighting further reading and current policies and frameworks. You can visit the Companion Website at to view a video from the authors, and also access study materials including: Points for discussion Reflective tasks Further reading Web links.

Implementing Quality Improvement Change in the Early Years

Author : Michael Reed
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For all those working in Early Years, improving quality experiences for all young children is a priority. By examining issues surrounding quality improvement, the importance of reflective practice and the attributes required in the workplace to effect change and leadership, this book provides a contemporary view of practice. Chapters focus on how settings can improve quality experiences for young children and how to implement strategies that lead to quality improvement. Issues covered include: - multi-disciplinary working - evaluating impact through reflective practice - creativity, digital technologies and play - safeguarding young children - leading practice and leading change - working with parents - improving the quality of student experience This text allows students and practitioners to examine and reflect on practises that lead to creative Quality Improvement Strategies (QIS) in Early Years settings. Michael Reed is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Worcester, Institute of Education: Centre for Early Childhood Natalie Canning is a Lecturer in Early Years at The Open University.

Hearing on Proposals to Provide Federal Funding for Early Childhood Home Visitation Programs

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means. Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support
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Assessing and Promoting Resilience in Vulnerable Children The school years

Author : Brigid Daniel
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Helping practitioners in their work with vulnerable children of a school-going age, this workbook explores ways of nurturing resilience in different aspects of everyday life. Focusing on specific areas such as home life, talents and interests, the authors show how to make thorough assessments and intervene in constructive ways.

The State of America s Children Yearbook

Author :
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Social Protection in Eastern and Southern Africa

Author : Lorraine Ruth Blank
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Collaboration and System Coordination for Students with Special Needs

Author : Carol A. Kochhar-Bryant
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This book provides a comprehensive presentation of the power and promise of collaboration and system coordination -- connecting students, professionals, parents, schools and community agencies in new ways. Placing students with special needs and families in the center, collaboration and system coordination are viewed from a developmental framework from early childhood through post-high school. The book perspective helps individuals understand the complex interplay between the needs of students and collaborative skill needs of professionals along the developmental path. Key topi cs: How school collaboration and system coordination work, current laws that promote it with emphasis on IDEA 2004 and NCLB 2001, research that links collaboration with student and family outcomes, skills for effective collaboration between general and special educators, the role of families in school collaboration, effects of cultural and linguistic diversity, and strategies for effective collaboration and coordination from early childhood through post-secondary education, including alternative educational settings. Case examples are threaded throughout as the book urges change in how professionals think about the way education and human services agencies should respond to students who are special learners.

Annual Report

Author : UNICEF--Malawi
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Psychosocial Support and Wellbeing of Orphans and Vulnerable Children OVC in the Context of HIV AIDS

Author : Linet Imbosa Nyakundi
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Innovative Practices with Vulnerable Children and Families

Author : Alvin L. Sallee
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Contents: Charlotte's Web: The Present and Future of Family Services; Integrating Employment, Economic Supports and Family Capacity Building; Addressing Poverty Issues in Child Welfare: Effective Use of TANF as a Prevention Resource; Mental Health Assessment and Environmentally Inclusive Treatment for Abused Children and Low-Income, Multiethnic, and/or Multiproblem Families; Issues of Crime and Delinquency for Child Welfare; Violence in the Family: A Story in Need of an Ending; Child Welfare and Substance Abuse: Toward Partnerships with Parents; Competent Practice: Diversity, Racism and Heterosexism; Walking in Moccasins: Indian Child Welfare in the 21st Century; Spiritual Issues in Practice with Vulnerable Children and Families; Parenting, Caregiving Stress, and Child Abuse and Neglect; What Hurts and What Helps: Listening to Families to Build 21st Century Child Welfare Reforms; Gaining the Collaborative Advantage and Promoting Systems and Cross-Systems Change; Parent to Parent and Family to Family: Innovative Self-Help and Mutual Support; In the Best Interests of the Child: Youth Development as a Child Welfare Support and Resource; Introducing Child Welfare Neighbourhood Teams that Promote Collaboration and Community-Based Systems of Care; From Conventional Training to Empowering Design Teams for Collaboration and Systems Change; Back to the Future: New Century Professionalism and Collaborative Leadership for Comprehensive, Community-Based Systems of Care.

The School Years

Author : Brigid Daniel
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Helping practitioners in their work with vulnerable children of a school-going age, this workbook explores ways of nurturing resilience in different aspects of everyday life. Focusing on specific areas such as home life, talents and interests, friendships and social competencies, the authors show how to make thorough assessments and intervene in constructive ways. They discuss nurturing factors relevant to children across the school years age range, such as moral reasoning and empathy, awareness of other people's intentions and the ability to see situations from different perspectives. The authors describe techniques for drawing out such positive behaviour in discussion and observation, through stories, questions and activities. With a strong emphasis on application and encouragement, this workbook is ideal for the busy social or family worker who wants practical guidance on evaluation, intervention and ongoing support. This workbook stands alone but also forms part of a set along with two other resilience resources on The Early Years and Adolescence.

Inclusive Early Childhood Education

Author : Suzanne Winter
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Uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine how to work with young disabled children within a typical preschool and day care setting and offers collaboration and communication techniques for creating classrooms where all children can learn.

XIIth International Conference on AIDS and STDs in Africa 9 13 December 2001 Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

Author :
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Malawi HIV and AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Report 2007

Author : Malawi. Department of Nutrition, HIV, and AIDS.
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Social Emotional Health in Early Childhood

Author : Deborah F. Perry
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This groundbreaking guide to systems development helps professionals improve young children's social?emotional outcomes by building sturdy bridges between mental health and medical, educational, and social services. A comprehensive, research?based boo

Implementing Positive Behavior Support Systems in Early Childhood and Elementary Settings

Author : Melissa Stormont
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Discover how to implement the Programwide/Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Support (PW/SW-PBS) system, a prevention-based approach for teaching and supporting appropriate behavior in preschool and elementary school children.