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Supporting Beginning Teachers

Author : Tina H. Boogren
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Give new teachers the time and professional guidance they need to become expert teachers. Investigate key research, and examine the four types of support—physical, emotional, instructional, and institutional—that are crucial during a teacher’s first year in the classroom. Discover essential strategies for K–12 mentors, coaches, and school leaders to develop an effective mentoring program schoolwide.

Supporting Beginning Teachers

Author : Ardra Linette Cole
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Supporting Beginning English Teachers

Author : Thomas M. McCann
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Examines the challenges high school English teachers face early in their careers and offers advice on how they can overcome those challenges and avoid early burnout.

Supporting Beginning Teachers for Inclusive Classrooms

Author : Ashleigh N. Davis
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Supporting Novice Teachers in Struggling Schools

Author : Geneva J. Feaster
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This study addressed the problem of retention for novice teachers in struggling schools. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore a mentoring program in a large school district in Louisiana. Data were collected using questionnaires derived from the teacher questionnaire of the National Teacher and Principal Survey 2015–2016 School Year, in-depth mentor and novice teacher interviews, and mentoring artifacts. Findings indicated that friendships, relationships, common planning times, modeling, feedback, reflection, and training were critical to the success of novice teachers. Additional findings revealed that the end-of-year reflection, cohesiveness, communication, and reciprocity were the most effective components of the mentoring program for the mentor teachers. For novice teachers, cohesiveness, communication, and reciprocity were the most effective components. It was concluded that this study’s district should consider having mentors meet their novice teacher at the beginning of the school year and provide additional training on the curriculum, classroom management, and relationships. In addition, novice teachers need training on teaching special needs and English Language Learners and school processes such as providing remediation for struggling students and tracking students’ progress. Mentors and novice teachers would benefit from having a schedule that allows for common planning times and availability to improve the components of classroom observations, observation feedback, and end-of-year reflection. It was recommended to increase the number of days for the induction program to reduce stress for the novice teachers.

Ready for Anything

Author : Lynn F. Howard
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Ready for Anything is a year-long, site-based professional development support model for new teachers. It includes ready-to-use forms and checklists for the busy administrator.

Developing Reflective Practice

Author : Debra McGregor
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This student friendly practical guide helps you get to grips with reflective practice in teaching, through bite-sized sections that are informative and quickly digestible. The book clearly explains some of the best-known theories on reflective practice and then shows how reflection on and in practice can have a positive impact on classroom performance. The very real problems faced by beginning teachers are brought to life through the use of rich case studies as well as extracts drawn from the reflective journals of those starting their teaching career. The illustrative case studies consider how reflective practice can inform your teaching practice, including: Preparing for teaching Fitting into your school Designing lessons Managing behaviour Planning for creativity Assessing effectively Developing essential teaching techniques Working effectively with your mentor Extending your professional practice at Master's level An additional feature of the book is the inclusion of a number of new suggestions for developing reflective practice based on the authors' experience of training new teachers and supporting beginning teachers. Through reflective tasks based on the real problems that beginning teachers face you can actively develop your understanding and confidence in this area. This book is essential reading for trainees and newly qualified teachers as well as those supporting new entrants to the profession.

A Better Beginning

Author : Marge Scherer
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A guide to supporting new teachers discusses mentoring programs, strategies for improving new teachers' teaching skills, and case studies of successful programs.

What Successful Teachers Do

Author : Neal A. Glasgow
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Presents a variety of methodologies meant to strengthen and support classroom theory and practice for teachers, derived from practical educational research.

Beginning Teaching

Author : Sandy Schuck
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The experiences of the first years of new teachers’ professional lives are critical to their decisions about embracing or leaving the teaching profession. Writ large, these experiences have the potential to either underpin or undermine the growth and development of the teaching profession. This book offers a research-based account of beginning teachers’ experiences, told from their own perspectives and often in their own words. Beginning Teaching: Stories from the Classroom provides valuable source material to inform teacher education practices. The authors draw on more than 20 years of research on the professional learning, retention and attrition of beginning teachers to provide evocative illustrations of the challenges and successes that occur in the early years of teaching. The compelling and coherent narratives will appeal not only to student and graduate teachers but also to program designers, coaches and senior managers in schools. Above all, the book speaks to teacher educators in the hope that the experiences discussed here will suggest ways of supporting student teachers to grow and flourish once they launch their careers in the profession. These evocative stories express beginning teachers’ anguish and elation and also provide testimony to their resilience and perseverance in an altruistic profession. The analysis and interpretation of their stories will challenge and uplift; inspire and shame; give cause for celebration and melancholy; generate empathy and provoke introspection. Above all else, these stories call for change.

Teacher Training Concepts

Author : Bansal
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Beginning Teaching Beginning Learning

Author : Moyles
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"This collection provides an excellent introduction to the practical skills which all student teachers have to develop but it also celebrates the unpredictability and excitement of working with interested, inquisitive children. [It] should inspire readers to see teaching, in universities as well as in classrooms, as the promotion of lively conversations between learners. " – Rod Parker-Rees, University of Plymouth "The second edition was invaluable and this is even better." – Yvonne Yule, University of Aberdeen The third edition of this highly successful text sets out to explore some of the wider issues to be investigated by beginning teachers - and those who support them - when working with early years and primary age children, while at the same time, exploring some of the delight and enjoyment in the teaching role. The book is organised into four parts - Early Beginnings; Beginning to Understand Children's Thinking and Learning; Organising for Teaching and Learning; Supporting and Enhancing Learning and Teaching - and reflects the current context of education and care by covering children from birth to 11-years. There are new chapters covering teaching assistants and interagency working, as well as children's independence and physical activity. Cameos and examples of practice in settings and classrooms help to illustrate the many different aspects of teaching. Comprehensively revised and updated throughout, this book is written in a lively style and offers guidance, encouragement and support for all those new to working in schools and other educational settings, and gives them the confidence to reflect upon, challenge and enhance their own learning and practices. Beginning Teaching Beginning Learningis essential reading for all students and newly qualified primary teachers.


Author : Wendy Jolliffe
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This book is written by experienced teachers and teacher training experts to provide pragmatic and evidence-based support for newly qualified teachers.

Mentoring Novice Teachers

Author : Debra Eckerman Pitton
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This updated resource helps mentors develop skills for guiding new teachers and offers reflections, discussion prompts, and role plays to promote effective interactions between mentors and beginning teachers.

What Successful Teachers Do in Diverse Classrooms

Author : Neal A. Glasgow
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Grounded in the best peer-reviewed research, each strategy presents guidelines and appropriate precautions to ensure successful transfer to actual classroom practice.

What Successful Mentors Do

Author : Cathy D. Hicks
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Be the best mentor you can be with these state-of-the-art strategies! How can you relate all of your teaching experience to a new teacher? Working from decades of experience, the authors of this guide offer sensible strategies to help mentors help new teachers. The authors synthesize theory and practice to show mentors how to: Increase new-teacher support, success, and retention Guide teachers in their relationships and classroom strategies Improve their own mentoring approach Avoid common mentoring pitfalls

The Impact of Teacher Working Conditions and Beginning Teacher Support on Beginning Teacher Retention in High Poverty School Districts

Author : Alfredia Moore
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The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine the impact of beginning teacher support and teacher working conditions on the retention of beginning teachers in high poverty school districts. This study examined Title I and Low Wealth funded school districts in the southeastern quadrant of North Carolina. Preexisting data, available through the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction [NCDPI], were used to determine the possibility and extent of relationships among the variables. The four components of a beginning teacher support program are orientation, the assignment of a mentor, professional development, and observations and evaluations. The elements of teacher working conditions included in this study are time, teacher leadership, school leadership, professional development, and instructional practices and support. Results of this study suggest that mentors and school leadership have the potential to impact retention of beginning teachers. This study offers findings to local, state, and federal school leaders of the importance of supporting beginning teachers and identifying areas of support that are critical to the retention of beginning teachers.

What Successful Teachers Do in Inclusive Classrooms

Author : Sarah J. McNary
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Test-drive these research-based strategies in your inclusive classroom! Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this book focuses on extending academic research to classroom practices that address the problems faced by teachers working with special needs learners in inclusive classrooms. It outlines a full range of research-based strategies that can be interwoven and tailored to create the best instructional plan for special learners, including: A straightforward one-line action statement An easy-to-read synthesis of relevant studies Specific tactics for immediate application in the classroom Pointers on how to identify and avoid potential pitfalls Sources for further reading on the research/strategy outlined

Great Beginnings for Music Teachers

Author : Colleen Marie Conway
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This practical guide covers the challenges faced by beginning music teachers, district and state-sponsored mentoring and induction programs, alternative certification, and ideas for ongoing professional development. Based on the latest research, this book includes first-person accounts written by beginning music teachers and a state-by-state list of mentoring policies and programs.

Mentoring Science Teachers in the Secondary School

Author : Taylor & Francis Group
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This practical guide helps mentors of new science teachers in both developing their own mentoring skills and providing the essential guidance their trainees need as they navigate the rollercoaster of the first years in the classroom. Offering tried-and-tested strategies based on the best research, it covers the knowledge, skills and understanding every mentor needs and offers practical tools such as lesson plans and feedback guides, observation sheets, and examples of dialogue with trainees. Together with analytical tools for self-evaluation, this book is a vital source of support and inspiration for all those involved in developing the next generation of outstanding science teachers. Key topics explained include: Roles and responsibilities of mentors Developing a mentor-mentee relationship Guiding beginning science teachers through the lesson planning, teaching and self-evaluation processes Observations and pre- and post-lesson discussions and regular mentoring meetings Supporting beginning teachers to enhance scientific knowledge and effective pedagogical practices Building confidence among beginning teachers to cope with pupils' contingent questions and assess scientific knowledge and skills Supporting beginning teachers' planning and teaching to enhance scientific literacy and inquiry among pupils Developing autonomous science teachers with an attitude to promote the learning of science for all the learners Filled with tried-and-tested strategies based on the latest research, Mentoring Science Teachers in the Secondary School is a vital guide for mentors of science teachers, both trainee and newly qualified, with ready-to-use strategies that support and inspire both mentors and beginning teachers alike.