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Super Fast Food Chickpeas

Author : Chickpea Chick
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Chickpeas are the “Fast Food” Superfood that’s Super Good for you! I call chickpeas the best “fast food” because you can have a superfood meal or snack by just opening a tin of boiled chickpeas. They are economical and much healthier for you than most “junk” or “fast food”. Nature could not have made a Superfood that is perfect for everyone on the planet. From carnivores, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free dieters, there’s hardly anyone who cannot eat or love chickpeas. Healthy, tasty and delicious, chickpeas are the ideal Superfood that is packed full of “goodies” such as protein, fibre, water, vitamins and minerals. Chickpeas are without the “baddies” of cholesterol and gluten. Eaten hot or cold, boiled or mashed, chickpeas can be yummy in any shape or form. Mediterraneans love chickpeas as snacks, starters or main courses. Customise chickpea curry recipes. Make your own combinations. Served cold in hummus and hot in falafel. Quick and easy recipes.

Gordon Ramsay s Fast Food

Author : Gordon Ramsay
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Presents more than one hundred accessible recipes that are organized in accordance with everyday needs and special occasions, in a volume that places an emphasis on fast preparation and features tips on stocking a pantry.

Superfoods Super Fast

Author : Michael Van Straten
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Which fruit can build your resistance to disease? Which vegetable is good for your liver? Eat your way to super health with Try It Superfoods, Super Fast. Whether you want to control your weight, boost your immune system or simply eat healthily Try It! Superfoods Super Fast reveals more than 100 superfood-based recipes - that can be ready in 30 minutes. Handy shopping lists and meal plans mean you will never be stuck for ideas. Find out which foods are super and why, how to create amazing dishes with them and ways to protect your health from combating stress and fatigue to tackling skin and joint problems. Give your health a boost with Try It! Superfoods, Super Fast! Previous ISBN 9781405335249

Superfast Foods

Author : Michael Van Straten
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This book is designed to encourage people with a hectic lifestyle - teenagers, students, working mothers and just about all of us - to adopt an eating plan that promotes good health and energy, even though the meals take only minutes to prepare.

Supersized Strange Tales from a Fast Food Culture

Author : Morgan Spurlock
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Do you dare find out what's happening behind the counters of your neighborhood fast-food joint? Then grab a bucket and dive into one of the creepiest graphic novels of the year! Supersized: Strange Tales from a Fast-Food Culture is an entertaining—and at times gut-wrenching—series of stories focusing on America's ubiquitous and potentially destructive fast-food culture. A perfect companion to Super Size Me, the graphic novel bridges the gaps between humor, fact, and heart, while peering behind the scenes of the fast-food world. • Written by Morgan Spurlock with writer Jeremy Barlow and drawn by a variety of creators, Supersized: Strange Tales from a Fast-Food Culture is an original graphic-novel companion to the Academy Award-nominated movie and expands on some of the bizarre stories not featured in the original film. • The creative brain trust behind The Simpsons chose Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me, 30 Days, Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?) to direct the Simpsons twentieth-anniversary documentary.

Super Food in Minutes

Author : Donal Skehan
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Easy recipes, fast food, all healthy. Super Food in Minutes is all about real, fast and delicious family food that just so happens to be good for you! Donal's latest book includes 90 delicious recipes, and tips and tricks, for healthy home cooks that will change the way you cook. Using 10 ingredients or fewer, each recipe uses streamlined, quick cooking methods with minimal effort and maximum results that help you make the most of your time spent in the kitchen. There are clear nutritional breakdowns, vegan, vegetarian and paleo options for each recipe, and a clean cook-friendly design. With Super Food in Minutes, you'll have exciting everyday dinners, made with healthy ingredients at their core, on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Fast Food

Author : Andrew F. Smith
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The single most influential culinary trend of our time is fast food. It has spawned an industry that has changed eating, the most fundamental of human activities. From the first flipping of burgers in tiny shacks in the western United States to the forging of neon signs that spell out “Pizza Hut” in Cyrillic or Arabic scripts, the fast food industry has exploded into dominance, becoming one of the leading examples of global corporate success. And with this success it has become one of the largest targets of political criticism, blamed for widespread obesity, cultural erasure, oppressive labor practices, and environmental destruction on massive scales. In this book, expert culinary historian Andrew F. Smith explores why the fast food industry has been so successful and examines the myriad ethical lines it has crossed to become so. As he shows, fast food—plain and simple—devised a perfect retail model, one that works everywhere, providing highly flavored calories with speed, economy, and convenience. But there is no such thing as a free lunch, they say, and the costs with fast food have been enormous: an assault on proper nutrition, a minimum-wage labor standard, and a powerful pressure on farmers and ranchers to deploy some of the worst agricultural practices in history. As Smith shows, we have long known about these problems, and the fast food industry for nearly all of its existence has been beset with scathing exposés, boycotts, protests, and government interventions, which it has sometimes met with real changes but more often with token gestures, blame-passing, and an unrelenting gauntlet of lawyers and lobbyists. Fast Food ultimately looks at food as a business, an examination of the industry’s options and those of consumers, and a serious inquiry into what society can do to ameliorate the problems this cheap and tasty product has created.


Author : Sophie Devonshire
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In today's fast-paced world, leaders need to move at speed. The rate of innovation and change in organisations and the challenges of impatient investors or shareholders mean leadership decisions must be quick, smart and deliver real impact. Superfast provides cutting edge inspiration and a host of exciting ideas about how to accelerate performance in an agile and thoughtful way, shedding new light on leading in a world which is fluid and uncertain. You'll learn the practical solutions to leadership questions which the most savvy global leaders employ, and map your own shortcut to personal and professional success. Leadership is not just about moving fast, however. Superfast will show you how to use your time in the smartest, most efficient way possible - slowing down when necessary to get decisions right and accelerating elsewhere to unlock growth. Stop waiting around. Superfast will give you the tools to lead well and make change happen.

Fast Food and Junk Food An Encyclopedia of What We Love to Eat 2 volumes

Author : Andrew F. Smith
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This fascinating and revealing work examines the incredible power of junk food and fast food—how nostalgic we are about them, the influence of the companies that manufacture or sell them, and their alarming effect on our country's state of health. • More than 700 A–Z entries on fast food, comfort food, and junk food, ranging from breakfast cereals to burgers and fries to snack chips and candy • A chronology of the significant events in the history of junk food and fast food • A bibliography containing more than 200 entries with citations to books, articles, and websites • A glossary of important terms used in the encyclopedia • A Resource Guide containing important DVDs, films and videos, and television series

Superfoods For Dummies

Author : Brent Agin
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Transform your diet and reap the extraordinary benefits of superfoods Want to eat healthier, lose weight, and fight off disease? You can do it with superfoods! This friendly guide explains everything you need to know — why you need superfoods, the science behind them, and how to prepare and enjoy them. From bananas and carrots to oatmeal and salmon, you'll gain a healthy attitude toward eating right! Get the skinny on superfoods — know the basics of a balanced, nutritional diet, and why superfoods are so powerful Take a closer look — examine the unique properties of superfoods and the best ways to store and prepare them Explore exotic flavors — discover Asia's goji berries, Mexico's chia, Indonesia's mangosteen, and other unusual superfoods Launch your superfoods lifestyle — plan healthy meals you and your family will enjoy Open the book and find: A nuts-and-bolts breakdown of each superfood Ways to incorporate superfoods into your everyday diet Tips for saving money on superfoods The healthiest cooking methods More than 50 easy-to-prepare, tasty recipes — from breakfast to dessert The top dietary supplements How to grow your own superfoods garden

Nutrition Diet Crockpot Yumminess and Metabolic Foods

Author : Vicki Eichman
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Nutrition Diet: Crockpot Yumminess and Metabolic Foods The Nutrition Diet book covers two healthy diet plans featuring "Crockpot" Recipes and the Metabolism Diet. Both of these call for good diet foods in the healthy recipes. These two are good diets to go on if you wish to boost your metabolism and have healthy foods that are quick and easy to prepare (Crockpot recipes.) Good diet plans such as the ones featured in this book are great for making a good nutrition lifestyle.

Fast Food At Home The Essential Guide to Fast Food Recipes Simple Step by Step Recipes Quick and Easy

Author : Jamee Waters
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Ok, so you're sitting on the couch in your PJ's, binge-watching your favorite series, and you find yourself craving fast food. But who wants to take the time to get dressed to go out and pick it up? And if you order it from a delivery service, you know you'll be paying extra. The answer is using fast food copycat recipes! You can make the food at home in less time than it would take to get ready to go out. You won't have to worry about hunting for car keys or waiting in the drive through lane. Whether you are craving a bag of burgers or a 12 pack of tacos, eating fast food is simply one of life's more enjoyable - albeit guilty - pleasures. But if the spouse has the car or the weather is crappy, these delicious recipes will allow you to feast at home, in your sweatpants. Don't feel bad - everyone has one or more fast food places that they just can't stay away from. Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, these recipes have you covered. It's not difficult to prepare the meals at home, once you have the ingredients on hand. We Have Made Fast Food Recipes Book To Make Your Day And Sustain Your Energy We are giving our homemade secrets to you, so that you may learn how to cook your favorite fast food at home Our fast food recipe book contains all of our fast food recipes specially designed from the homemade secrets Ever since we were young we have loved fast food, when we weren't eating out at our favorite fast food joints or talking about the food we craved. Our even just thinking about our favorite dishes. We were in the kitchens cooking we love tinkering with recipe's to create food as close as possible to those snacks and dishes you can buy in your favourite fast food restaurants now we want to share our homemade recipes with you guys Our idea is to round up all of you home cooks who also have a love for tasty food and present you with all of the best fast food recipes available in this recipe book Our aim for fast food recipes is to make the process of finding decent recipe's much simpler and easier. We have gone through our favorite fast food meals and dishes and created our own version of the homemade classic fast food recipes This book is filled gull of easy to cook, delicious looking recipes for you to cook This book is the best guide for you because it includes variety of recipes for you like burgers, fries, nuggets, pizzas, tacos, fried chicken, chicken broasts, and much more. These are all included in here for you to make and enjoy! This book is the attention for the fast food lovers to make these super delicious and easy to make these party dishes to make your mouth watering after seeing them. What are you waiting for? Don't miss out! Pick Up Your Copy Now! Scroll up and click the "Buy Now" button Now!

A Movable Feast

Author : Kenneth F. Kiple
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Pepper was once worth its weight in gold. Onions have been used to cure everything from sore throats to foot fungus. White bread was once considered too nutritious. From hunting water buffalo to farming salmon, A Movable Feast chronicles the globalization of food over the past ten thousand years. This engaging history follows the path that food has taken throughout history and the ways in which humans have altered its course. Beginning with the days of hunter-gatherers and extending to the present world of genetically modified chickens, Kenneth F. Kiple details the far-reaching adventure of food. He investigates food's global impact, from the Irish potato famine to the birth of McDonald's. Combining fascinating facts with historical evidence, this is a sweeping narrative of food's place in the world. Looking closely at geographic, cultural and scientific factors, this book reveals how what we eat has transformed over the years from fuel to art.

The Profit and Price Performance of Leading Food Chains 1970 74

Author : United States. Congress. Joint Economic Committee
File Size : 71.32 MB
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Price and Profits of Leading Retail Food Chains 1970 74

Author : United States. Congress. Joint Economic Committee
File Size : 46.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Diets and Dieting

Author : Goldwin Smith Professor of Human Studies Sander L Gilman
File Size : 52.33 MB
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Diets and dieting have concerned – and sometimes obsessed – human societies for centuries. The dieters' regime is about many things, among them the control of weight and the body, the politics of beauty, discipline and even self-harm, personal and societal demands for improved health, spiritual harmony with the universe, and ethical codes of existence. In this innovative reference work that spans many periods and cultures, the acclaimed cultural and medical historian Sander L. Gilman lays out the history of diets and dieting in a fascinating series of articles.

Week Light

Author : Donna Hay
File Size : 61.3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Australia's bestselling cookbook author and most trusted home cook, Donna Hay, returns with a beautiful new cookbook that you'll want to use every night of the week. There are endless arguments out there for bringing more vegetables to your table - your own wellbeing, your budget, our environment, the list goes on. Whatever your personal reason, there's one that I think is universal - FLAVOUR. Gone are the days where a sad salad or soft steamed carrots were our only options. These recipes use vegetables in a whole new way, adding so much life to your weekly routine. Who knew broccoli (in my mind the superfood of all vegetables) could make such a delicious pizza base, flat-bread or tart shell? Often for lunch, or even a snack, I'll bake my super-green falafels in the oven and my studio team love them. As for my boys? Their current weeknight request is my crunchy raw pad thai - so yum. Inside Week Light, you'll find all these ideas and so much more. It's essentially my week in food, in a book - super-quick, family-friendly, fuss-free meals made REAL. Vegetables are at the forefront of nearly every recipe, with a few meat options thrown in, and there are lots of my all-time classics re-worked to include more goodness. This book is about using food to refuel and re-energise, while nurturing ourselves with flavour. Happy cooking!

Fast Food Gets an A in School Lunch

Author : Len Fredrick
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Computer Applications in Nutrition and Food Science

Author : Manal K Abdel-Rahman
File Size : 30.13 MB
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We have the responsibility to build a bridge to link computer revolution with nutrition and food science. So we are hoping that those students who would like to pass on this bridge could be able to see the whole picture of what the computer applications course is all about. Then next, how the computer enriches our specialization and what to expect in the near future about for updating development in that field. We wish this book to be in a great benefit to students of Nutrition and Food science and Dietetics programme. Dr Manal K Abdel-Rahman Dr Aly R Abdel-Moemin

DC Super Pets Character Encyclopedia

Author : Steven Korté
File Size : 79.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Provides information about more than two hundred pets of the DC Comics superheroes and villains.