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Lying About Last Summer

Author : Sue Wallman
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Skye is looking for an escape. Her sister died in a tragic accident and her parents think a camp for grieving teens might help her. But when she arrives, Skye starts receiving text messages from someone pretending to be her dead sister. Skye knows it's time to confront the past. But what if the danger is right in front of her?

From Skedaddle to Selfie

Author : Allan Metcalf
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From baby boomers with 'groovy' and 'yuppie,' to Generation X with 'whatever' and 'like,' each generation inevitably comes to use certain words that are particular to its unique time in history. Those words not only tell us a great deal about the people in those generations, but highlight their differences with other generations. In this entertaining compilation, Allan Metcalf, author of OK: The Improbable Story of America's Greatest Word, shows that each generation--those born within the same roughly 20-year time period--can be identified and characterized by its key words. Metcalf tells the story of the history and usage of these words, starting with the American Revolution and ending with the post-Millennial Homeland generation. With special attention to the differences in vocabulary among today's generations--the sometimes awkward Millennials, the grunge music of Generation X, hippies among the Boomers, and bobbysoxers among the Silents--From Skeddadle to Selfie compiles dozens of words we thought we knew, and tells the unheard stories of each and how they accompanied its generation through its time.

Content Area Writing that Rocks and Works

Author : Rebecca G. Harper
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Engage third through twelfth grade students with creative strategies to develop their writing skills with the help of Content Area Writing That Rocks.This standards-based resource provides teachers with strategies and suggestions to build writing skills based on students' interests in technology, social media, and other contemporary topics. This guide supports overall writing instruction across the content areas.

Selfie Made

Author : Meridith Valiando Rojas
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HOW DO I MAKE IT BIG ON SOCIAL MEDIA? WHAT IS MY STORY—AND WHO IS MY AUDIENCE? WHAT CONTENT SHOULD I POST TO ACHIEVE #SUCCESS? HOW DO I GO VIRAL...OR HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE ME TO GET NOTICED? Selfie Made is a one-of-a-kind guide to creating a digital identity, finding an audience, and building a powerful brand—your own!—on the Internet. Whether you want to be in front of or behind the camera, produce click-worthy content or start your own business, this book is the place to begin. Written by Meridith Valiando Rojas, the hugely successful (and super friendly IRL) founder of DigiTour who has worked with every major star from YouTube to, this collection of personal anecdotes and professional advice, tricks of the trade and behind-the-screen secrets, will give you everything you need for your social media toolkit. Here, you’ll get to know the true stories behind some of today’s most successful multimedia stars and influencers, including: Max And Harvey - Blake Gray - Danielle Cohn Bryce Xavier - Lauren Godwin - Nathan Triska Trevor Moran - Messy Monday - Simon Britton ...and others who learned the ropes, beat the odds, and took social media by storm. And so can you!

Summer in the Islands

Author : Matthew Fort
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Imagine spending a carefree summer in the Italian sun, beachcombing, eating and drinking with abandon, drifting without restraint from island to island, from port to port. Summer in the Islands is the record of Matthew Fort doing just that in his third Italian voyage on a Vespa – first down the length of Italy in Eating Up Italy, then around Sicily in Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons, and now hopping between the Aeolian Islands, something he hadn’t done since his early 20s. Traveling by Vespa and by ferry, Fort tours the islands at his leisure. He takes us to Elba, where Napoleon was once imprisoned; to Salina, famous for its capers, just as Pantelleria is famous for its dessert wine; to Pianosa, where dangerous Mafia bosses were kept and which Joseph Heller used as the setting for Catch-22; to Capri, where Maxim Gorky ran a school for revolutionaries which was visited by Lenin and Stalin... all of Italy’s 52 islands which he has never written about before. With 30 years of experience as a food critic, travel writer and adventurer, Fort is an excellent guide through the culinary and cultural history he encounters during his summer in the islands.

The Valentines Happy Girl Lucky

Author : Holly Smale
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Introducing The Valentines – Happy Girl Lucky, the first book in the hilarious new romantic-comedy series by Holly Smale, author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed Geek Girl books.

Penguin Summer

Author : Eleanor Rice Pettingill
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Breakfast Under A Cornish Sun The perfect romantic comedy for summer

Author : Samantha Tonge
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Dreaming of the perfect man? Kate Golightly needs to move forward and what better way to do that then with a trip to the Cornish coast with best friend and boss, Izzy.

The Mysterious Italian Houseguest Mills Boon Cherish Summer at Villa Rosa Book 2

Author : Scarlet Wilson
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Falling for the enemy!


Author : Artur Streuer
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Dotted Paper Notebook | 110 Game Sheets | Planner Journal | Dotgrid | 6 x 9 in | 15.24 x 22.86 cm | Dot Grid Book | Funny Great Gift

Summer Institute of Linguistics Publications in Linguistics and Related Fields

Author : Summer Institute of Linguistics
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2005 Summer Vacation Fifth Grade

Author : Entertainment Publications, Incorporated
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The NSF Summer Institutes of 1955

Author :
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The Pleasure Contract Mills Boon Dare Summer Seductions Book 1

Author : Caitlin Crews
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Girlfriend Wanted: For unmentionably hot encounters. Contract only.

The Dare Collection March 2021 The Pleasure Contract Summer Seductions Bring the Heat Enemies with Benefits Exposed

Author : Caitlin Crews
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Introduce yourself to Mills & Boon’s sexiest series yet!

A Summer to Remember

Author : Erika Montgomery
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Erika Montgomery's A Summer to Remember is "an unforgettable tale of love, loss and finding your place that glitters as brightly as the golden age of Hollywood."--Kristy Woodson Harvey, USA Today Bestselling author of Feels Like Falling For thirty-year-old Frankie Simon, selling movie memorabilia in the shop she opened with her late mother on Hollywood Boulevard is more than just her livelihood—it’s an enduring connection to the only family she has ever known. But when a mysterious package arrives containing a photograph of her mother and famous movie stars Glory Cartwright and her husband at a coastal film festival the year before Frankie’s birth, her life begins to unravel in ways unimaginable. What begins is a journey along a path revealing buried family secrets, betrayals between lovers, bonds between friends. And for Frankie, as the past unlocks the present, the chance to learn that memories define who we are, and that they can show us the meaning of home and the magic of true love. Experience the salty breeze of a Cape Cod summer as it sweeps through this sparkling, romantic, and timeless debut novel tinged with a love of old Hollywood. “The perfect read for summer. A novel with depth, real emotions, lyrical writing, and flawed characters with whom to fall in love.”--New York Times bestselling author Karen White

Summer at the Garden Cafe

Author : Felicity Hayes-McCoy
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The second in Felicity Hayes-McCoy's Finfarran Peninsula series, and the sequel to The Library at the Edge of the World—a heartwarming story about secrets between four generations of Irish women, and the healing powers of books, love, and friendship. The Garden Café, next to Lissbeg library, is a place where plans are formed and secrets shared, and where, even in high tourist season, people are never too busy to stop for a sandwich and a cup of tea. But twenty-one-year-old Jazz—daughter of the town’s librarian Hanna Casey—has a secret she can’t share. Still recovering from a car accident, and reeling from her father’s disclosures about his long-time affair, she’s taken a job at The Old Forge guesthouse, and begun to develop feelings for a man who’s strictly off-limits. Meanwhile, involved in her own new affair with architect Brian Morton, Hanna is unaware of the turmoil in Jazz’s life—until her manipulative ex-husband, Malcom, reappears trying to mend his relationship with their daughter. Rebuffed at every turn, Malcolm must return to London, but his mother, Louisa, is on the case. Unbeknown to the rest of the family, she hatches a plan, finding an unlikely ally in Hanna’s mother, the opinionated Mary Casey. Watching Jazz unravel, Hanna begins to wonder if secrets which Malcolm has forced her to keep may have harmed their beloved daughter more than she’d realized. But then, the Casey women are no strangers to secrets, something Hanna realizes when she discovers a journal, long buried in land she inherited from her great-aunt Maggie. Ultimately, it’s the painful lessons of the past that offer a way to the future, but it will take the shared experiences of four generations of women to find a way forward for Hanna and her family.

Five Go Glamping An adventure in the countryside for grown ups

Author : Liz Tipping
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‘Five Go Glamping is a must-read story full of friendship, romance and self-discovery.... I loved it!’ – Little Northern Soul The hilarious and heart-warming romantic comedy you need this year! Glamping Check list

Bear Bottom

Author : Stuart Gibbs
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In the seventh novel in New York Times bestselling Stuart Gibbs’s FunJungle series, Teddy Fitzroy returns as FunJungle’s resident sleuth to solve the disappearances of endangered bison and an irreplaceable necklace. Teddy Fitzroy, his family, and some other FunJungle employees have been invited to visit a bison ranch just outside Yellowstone National Park that FunJungle’s owner, J.J. McCracken, is considering purchasing. But as usual, trouble isn’t far behind. The ranch’s endangered bison have been mysteriously disappearing. Then a massive local grizzly bear named Sasquatch breaks into the house, causing chaos. In the aftermath, Kandace McCracken discovers that her exceptionally expensive sapphire necklace has vanished. Was it stolen? Or did Sasquatch eat it? (And if so, can it be recovered?) And what’s been happening to the bison? With over a dozen suspects, it’s up to Teddy to detangle this hairy situation, before his family or friends—or any more expensive objects—become dinner.

Willow Cottage Part Four Summer Delights Willow Cottage Series

Author : Bella Osborne
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**The final part in a new cosy and heartwarming four-part seasonal series, perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley.**