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Twenty to Make Sugar Cats

Author : McNaughton
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Frances has a unique ability to create beautifully crafted models in sugarpaste, which she's able to break down into simple, achievable steps. Like the sugar dogs, the cats in this book resemble real cats rather than fun cartoon characters, and this will be the book's USP. A variety of cat types are included, such as a Burman, tabby, Siamese and endless variations of the 'moggy' -- not to mention kittens, ginger toms, etc. -- all in various poses (sleeping, playing, etc.) and there's even a tiny sugar mouse and some butterflies. --provided from

Lectures on general pathology v 3 1890

Author : Julius Friedrich Cohnheim
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Lectures on General Pathology

Author : Julius Cohnheim
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What Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You

Author : John M. Simon, D.V.M.
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Your cat can't speak, but her symptoms can. The best way to ensure your cat's health is to know how to interpret her symptoms and take the proper meausres to get her well again. From head to tail, from physical to behavioral problems, respected veternarian Dr. John Simon helps you understand your cat's ailments and arrive at safe, effective solutions. Included in this cat's owner's invaluable volume are: Emergency syptoms: what kind of signals should be attended to immeiately and which ones to watch closely Home care vs. Doctor care: when your cat needs to see a vet and when you can remedy the problem yourself 150 common cat health problems: outlined in clear, easy-to-understand language, Dr. Simon prestnts the most common pet problems and the best way to treat them Plus: essential appendices for fast reference, including a checklist for good health, how to perform a weekly exam, a chapter of emergency symptoms and solutions--and much, more more. Now you don't have to be a veterrinarian to discover What Your Cat is Trying to Tell You

Notices to Airmen

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Southern Comfort

Author : Allison Vines-Rushing
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The much-anticipated debut cookbook from two of the most admired and innovative young chefs in the South, with 100 recipes featuring their refined, classically-inspired takes on the traditional Southern food they grew up with. Allison Vines-Rushing and Slade Rushing are two of the most admired and innovative young chefs in the South. Their distinctive brand of cooking is praised for its brilliant juxtaposition of rustic flavors with refined, classically inspired preparations. Southern Comfort is not only their much-anticipated debut cookbook, but also Allison and Slade’s personal story: their childhood food memories and family traditions growing up in Louisiana and Mississippi, how they met and fell in love in a New Orleans kitchen, and lessons learned working in top restaurants in San Francisco and New York. It also describes their bittersweet homecoming and the opening of their first restaurant just days before Hurricane Katrina hit. And perhaps most importantly, Southern Comfort shares Allison and Slade’s deep-rooted love for the area—its history, its cuisine, and its people—which inspired them to stay in New Orleans and keep cooking. These 100 recipes reflect Allison and Slade’s refreshing approach to regional cuisine, with its pitch-perfect blend of high and low. Dishes like Hush Puppies with Caviar, Sweet Tea–Roasted Duck in Date Sauce, and their legendary Oysters Rockefeller “Deconstructed” are modern in technique and execution, yet inspired by the traditions, ingredients, and down-home philosophy that make Southern food so appealing. At its heart, Southern Comfort is a celebration: of local ingredients, New Orleans’s vibrant food culture, and Allison and Slade’s shared Southern upbringing. Brimming with flavorful recipes and stories, it showcases the very best that the New South has to offer.

Public Health Reports

Author : Hugo Martin Krueger
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Freshman and Senior

Author : Elvirton Wright
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Bulletin of Bibliography and Magazine Subject index

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Bulletin of Bibliography

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