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Such Good Boys

Author : Tina Dirmann
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AN ABUSIVE MOTHER Raised in the suburb of Riverside, California, twenty-year-old college student Jason Bautista endured for years his emotionally disturbed mother's verbal and psychological abuse. She even locked him out of the house, tied him up with electrical cord, and on one occasion, gave him a beating that sent him to the emergency room. His fifteen-year-old half brother Matthew Montejo also was a victim to Jane Bautista's dark mood swings and erratic behavior, but for some reason, Jason received the brunt of the abuse—until he decided he'd had enough... A SON'S REVENGE On the night of January 14, 2003, Jason strangled his mother. To keep authorities from identifying her body, he chopped off her head and hands, an idea he claimed he got from watching an episode of the hit TV series "The Sopranos." Matthew would later testify in court that he sat in another room in the house with the TV volume turned up while Jason murdered their mother. He also testified that he drove around with Jason to find a place to dump Jane's torso. A CRIME THAT WOULD BOND TWO BROTHERS The morning following the murder, Matthew went to school, and Jason returned to his classes at Cal State San Bernardino. When authorities zeroed in on them, Jason lied and said that Jane had run off with a boyfriend she'd met on the Internet. But when police confronted the boys with overwhelming evidence, Jason confessed all. Now the nightmare was only just beginning for him...

Such a Good Boy

Author : Lisa Hobbs Birnie
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Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls

Author : Christopher Milne
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Four stories loosely based on the author's teaching and personal experiences. They tell of Neil's deadly but life-saving farts, Pete's 'shirt front of the year' which overpowers the school bully, Sally and Jenny's cure for the school lunch thief, and the come-uppance of Bulldog Brown. It became a bestselling children's book during 1992, and was followed later in the year by a sequel, 'More Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls'.

The Complete Book of Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls

Author : Christopher Milne
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The Complete Book of Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls is a best of compilation volume of Christopher Milne's Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls. The Naughty Stories series has sold over 600,000 copies worldwide and Christopher Milne has won many Australian Children's Writing Awards including Young Australian's Best Book Award.

Boys Will Be

Author : Bruce Brooks
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In twelve essays full of wit, insight, feeling and fun, Bruce Brooks tells about boys: good and not quite bad; loud, sports-mad, and smelling of sweat; facing, in quiet moments and school-yard confrontations, the choices that make them into men. With topics like "Stink," "The Cap," "Why Ice Hockey Kicks Football's Tutu," "Bullies" and "Respect," Boys Will Be is a celebration of boyhood written for boys-and all those who want to know more about them.

Awards for Good Boys

Author : Shelby Lorman
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“Shelby and her art are extremely my shit. You need this book.” —Samantha Irby, New York Times bestselling author of We Are Never Meeting in Real Life “The rare Instagram-turned-book that actually works.” —Jezebel A wickedly funny illustrated look at living and dating in a patriarchal culture that celebrates men for displaying the bare minimum of human decency Surely you’re familiar with good boys. They’re the ones who put “feminist” in their Tinder bio but talk over you the entire date. They ghost you, but they feel momentarily guilty. They once read a book by a woman author. (It was required, but they thought it was “okay.”) And of course, they bravely condemn sexual harassment (except when the perpetrator is their buddy Chad). This book explores why so-called and self-proclaimed good boys are actually not so great, breaking down our obsession with celebrating male mediocrity and rewarding those who clear the very low bar of not being outwardly awful. Through clever illustrations and written vignettes, Awards for Good Boys makes literal the tendency to applaud men for doing the absolute least and offers hilarious and cathartic cultural commentary through which we may begin to unravel our own assumptions about gender roles and how we treat each other, both on and offline.


Author :
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This Is as Big as It Gets

Author : Michael R. Whitcomb
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This book is fiction and could fill several niches in the marketplace. Reluctant readers, those learning English as a second language, trivia buffs, and fans of Beatles spring to mind. This Is as Big as It Gets tells the story of two boys who meet and pair up with two girls. The four of them then banter as they try to put the world to rights while coping with stepparents, sexism, abused parents, sick parents, a plague of rats, death, suicide, and a terrorist attackbut not necessarily in that order. Interspersed with these dramas is an offbeat modern fairy tale told by one of the boys; it is so well received that he decides to write a book. His friends try to help him with ideas, and they get sidetracked by idioms, song lyrics, jokes, palindromes, and trivia. However, the book is never penned, not in this story anyway. The entire text of the story is told using no words longer than four letters because it began life as a teaching exercise for primary school children in Australia. The language is not your average American English, and for that reason, a glossary is attached by way of a translation from the Australian and English idioms and vocabulary that the story is punctuated with. This Is as Big as It Gets will, hopefully, be followed by A Bit of This and a Bit of That and then, to complete the trilogy, Amen to All That. The pattern of using no words longer than four letters in the telling of the story will continue.

Such a Good Boy

Author : Lisa Hobbs Birnie
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Living With God

Author : Aravind Balasubramanya
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Calling Sri Sathya Sai Baba a philanthropist and social reformer would be akin to calling Lord Jesus a shepherd and Bhagawan Krishna a cowherd! One definitely cannot turn a blind eye to His magnificent work – tertiary healthcare systems, water projects, housing projects, and educational university, which are first-of-a-kind in world history. He has also inspired service activities around the globe with a footprint in over one hundred and fifty countries. He is definitely a social reformer, but He is also much more. His greatest work is the transformation of the heart, which He has effected through pure, selfless love. Once the source and nature of this Love is understood, one cannot help but call Him divine, adding the prefix ‘Bhagawan’ to His name. This book details the life experiences of eighteen students and teachers of Bhagawan’s educational system, which ranges from ‘KG to PG’ (kindergarten to post-graduation). This is just a sample of those that have received ‘Higher’ learning from their Swami – a learning for life. But, this sample will give us a glimpse into what Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba stands for and what He exhorts. It will make it amply clear that it is never too early, or too late to embark on the greatest quest of life – Educare.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Author : Mark Twain
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As part of the wonderful Collector's Library series, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is one of the best-loved children's classics of all time. This attractive volume contains the complete and unabridged story with 8 full color illustrations, plus numerous black & white illustrations throughout. The deluxe edition features a full piece cloth case, a four color illustrated onlay on the front cover, foil stamping on front and spine, stained edges on three sides, printed endpapers with book plate and a satin ribbon marker. This book should have an honored place in any child's library.


Author :
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San Diego Noir

Author : Maryelizabeth Hart
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Southern California is not all sun, sand, and surf in this gripping collection of noir tales from T. Jefferson Parker, Don Winslow, Maria Lima, and others. San Diego is home to miles of beaches, Balboa Park, a world-famous zoo, and some of the country’s most expensive home and resort real estate. Yet the city also houses a few items that aren’t actively promoted by the visitor’s bureau: a number of the country’s most corrupt politicians, border-related crimes, terrorists, and the occasional earthquakes. A noir feast! In the fifty-plus years since Raymond Chandler set Playback in Esmeralda, his name for La Jolla, the population has grown by more than a million, and crime has proliferated as well. San Diego of the past and the present offers the book’s contributors a rich selection of settings, from the cross on Mount Soledad to the piers of Ocean Beach, and perpetrators and victims from the residents of its wealthiest enclaves to the inhabitants of its segregated barrios. San Diego Noir includes stories by T. Jefferson Parker, Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Martha C. Lawrence, Diane Clark & Astrid Bear, Debra Ginsberg, Morgan Hunt, Ken Kuhlken, Taffy Cannon, Don Winslow, Cameron Pierce Hughes, Lisa Brackmann, Gabriel R. Barillas, Gar Anthony Haywood, Luis Alberto Urrea, and Maria Lima. “When it’s done right, noir is a darkly delicious thrill: smart, sharp-tongued, surprising. The knife goes in at the end with a twist. San Diego Noir, a new 15-story collection by some of the region’s best writers, has all that going for it, and the steady supply of hometown references makes it even more fun.” —The San Diego Union-Tribune

Josefina Cannot Make Round Tortillas

Author : Miguel Sepulveda
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Ten-year-old Josefina wants to make fresh tortillas just like her mother, who also learned to make tortillas from her mother. Creating homemade tortillas is an expression of love for family and friends. From kitchen safety to measuring ingredients, Josefina absorbs all the information her mother teaches her about cooking. As excited as she is about learning something new, Josefina never imagined making this family favorite would be so difficult, especially molding them into their classic round shape. Hers come out in funny shapes, and her twin brothers tease her about the odd-looking tortillas. Josefina’s parents try to keep the peace between the bickering children, but the teasing and arguing leads to a major confrontation within in the family. A book for young readers, Josefina Cannot Make Round Tortillas tells a story of determination, encouragement, forgiveness, and a family’s love for each other.

Pamela or Virtue rewarded

Author : Samuel Richardson
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Merry Mariner

Author : A. K. Girisam
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Gleaned from more than thirty years of sailing and working as a sailing chief engineer, author A.K. Girisam shares the stories of his life and on the seas—the joy, the fun, parties, and laughter as well as the tensions, anxiety, and worries. In Merry Mariner, Girisam narrates a host of real-life adventures, near-miss incidents, and heart-stopping experiences. He tells about the time a ship was cruising in the Suez Canal and the steering failed, when the engine room flooded with sea water on a ship loaded with 250,000 tons of iron ore, and when a fully loaded ship ran aground and jagged rocks ripped open the ship’s plate. In addition, Girisam relates memorable, and hilarious events from his college days, his fun filled days as a junior engineer on his first ship, and many rib ticking stories (The Reluctant Cupid, My daughter’s musical adventures etc) about his family and friends. Merry Mariner also offers a collection of his thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics in a lighter vein (Hammer Master’s club, Amnesia, boon or bane? Etc)

Daniel s True Desire

Author : Grace Burrowes
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Book 2 of True Gentlemen, Grace Burrowes' gorgeous new Regency series. From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes comes another sparkling Regency romance filled with desire and drama, featuring the Haddonfield ladies and their loves An Honorable Life Daniel Banks is a man of the cloth whose vocation is the last comfort he has left-and even his churchman's collar is beginning to feel like a noose. At the urging of family, Daniel attempts to start his life over as vicar in the sleepy Kentish town of Haddondale, family seat to the earls of Bellefonte. Challenged by Passion Resigned to spinsterhood, Lady Kirsten Haddonfield welcomes the new vicar to stay at her family's home while his is under renovation. Suddenly the handsome visitor has Kirsten rethinking her ideas about love and marriage, but a dreadful secret from Daniel's past may cast a shadow too long for either of them to overcome. True Gentlemen series: Tremaine's True Love (Book 1) Daniels' True Desire (Book 2) Will's True Wish (Book 3) Praise for The Duke's Disaster: "Charming, funny, filled with suspense and intrigue... an engaging read." -Fresh Fiction "Burrowes skillfully explores the importance of trust in a relationship, as well as love and passion, bringing a depth of emotion to her romance that resonates with readers." -RT Book Reviews

The 5Th Crimson Rose

Author : Rachel Simion
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Seventeen-year-old Shannon Baker is the only one left to care for her feisty but ailing grandmother, Gladys. Medicare covers only so much, and Shannons job at Knotts Berry Farm barely helps. Even with the support of her best friend, Jessie, and the attention of her new lab partner, Sean, the situation looks grim. Then she meets Derek Knight. Hes more domineering than Sean, but he seems to be concerned about her well-being, while Sean has pulled away. Hesitant at first, Shannon finally warms to the idea of Derek. He promises to pay her bills and take care of her and Gladys if shell swear loyalty to him. Its a welcome change until Derek becomes too possessive, and Shannons suspicions about Derek and his fathers hotel heighten, while Shannon is haunted by a poem her mother wrote before she died. Now trapped in an elite gang, Shannon finds herself in the middle of a drug deal gone very wrong. She wants out. A mysterious, tuxedoed man might be the answer to her problems, but the price may be too high.

The Onion Presents Christmas Exposed

Author : The Onion Staff
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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without impulse-priced holiday gift books—and now The Onion has unleashed its award-winning team of investigative journalists upon the genre. Christmas Exposed features more than one hundred shocking tales of Secret Santas, shopping mall mayhem, dysfunctional family dinners, and much, much more.

Boys Will Be Boys

Author : E. S. Turner
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E.S. Turner's first book, published in 1948, is a wholly original, richly researched and uncommonly insightful study of a somewhat disreputable genre: the 'Boys' Weekly' papers commonly known as 'penny dreadfuls.' 'A classic of its kind... [Turner] ploughed through back numbers of the old blood-and-thunder adventure magazines specialising in cliffhanger serials; the young hero would be left hanging over a cliff in a totally impossible situation, which would be easily resolved in the next issue: 'With one bound Jack was free.' Social history had never been as much fun or, with three extra printings in its first week - such was the demand - as profitable.' Jonathan Sale, Guardian 'Some people felt that E.S. Turner may have invented a new kind of book - the popular social history, very British, very funny, but written with a glistening elegance.' Andrew O'Hagan, London Review of Books