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Successful Teacher Education Partnerships Reflective Practice and the Place of Technology

Author : Mellita Jones
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This volume presents distinctive, innovative models of teacher education from Australia, discusses their successful elements and considers possibilities for successful teacher education in the twenty-first century. Each model is couched within the international teacher education concerns of the theory practice nexus, school-university partnerships, reflective practice, and the role of technology. The contributing authors, drawn from different contexts and locations around Australia, each offers research-based perspectives on successful teacher education. Responses to teacher education challenges in rural and regional contexts, metropolitan areas, among low socio-economic populations and Indigenous communities are considered. Ways in which technology, and in particular mobile technology, can be used to support learning across these diverse contexts are illustrated, as is the role of reflective practice to encourage critical reflection for improving teacher learning. Collectively, the authors present a range of directions that can guide the future of teacher education both nationally and internationally, demonstrating that context, partnerships, reflection and technology are critical elements in the provision of successful teacher education.

Quality Improvement in Teacher Education

Author : Mahender Reddy Sarsani
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Papers presented at the National Seminar : Quality Improvement in Teacher Education : Problems and Prospects, held at Warangal during 28-29 March 2005.

What Successful Teachers Do in Inclusive Classrooms

Author : Sarah J. McNary
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Test-drive these research-based strategies in your inclusive classroom! Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this book focuses on extending academic research to classroom practices that address the problems faced by teachers working with special needs learners in inclusive classrooms. It outlines a full range of research-based strategies that can be interwoven and tailored to create the best instructional plan for special learners, including: A straightforward one-line action statement An easy-to-read synthesis of relevant studies Specific tactics for immediate application in the classroom Pointers on how to identify and avoid potential pitfalls Sources for further reading on the research/strategy outlined

Reflective Theory and Practice in Teacher Education

Author : Robyn Brandenburg
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This book offers a detailed examination of reflective practice in teacher education. In the current educational context, where reflective practice has been mandated in professional standards for teachers in many countries, it analyses research-based evidence for the power of reflective practice to shape better educational outcomes. The book presents multiple theoretical and practical views of this often taken-for-granted practice, so that readers are challenged to consider how factors such as gender and race shape understandings of reflective practice. Documenting approaches that enhance learning, the contributions discuss reflective practice across the globe, with a focus on pre-service, in-service and university teachers. At a time when there is pressure to measure teachers’ work through standardised tests, the book highlights the professional thinking that is integral to teaching and demonstrates ways it can be encouraged in beginning teachers. Aimed at the international community of teacher educators in schools and universities, it also includes a critical examination of methodological issues in analysing and evaluating reflective practice and showcases the kind of reflective practice that empowers teachers and pre-service teachers to make a difference to students.

Reflective Teacher Education

Author : Linda Valli
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The Good Teacher

Author : Alex Moore
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This book helps teachers, student-teachers, teacher trainers and others interested in the sociology and psychology of education to explore and make better sense of professional practice by examining that practice in the context of popular views.

The Politics of Teacher Education Reform

Author : Karen Symms Gallagher
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Yearbook of the Politics of Education Association. This is an educational policy book for students and researchers, and anyone interested in teacher education reform.

Final Report Model Elementary Teacher Education Program University of Massachusettts Amherst Massachusetts

Author : United States Education Office
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Professional Support Beyond Initial Teacher Education

Author : Anna Elizabeth Du Plessis
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This book investigates the professional learning needs of teachers beyond initial teacher education, focusing on teachers in complex teaching positions, such as out-of-field teaching practices. The information presented here will help to improve professional learning strategies, while also offering an in-depth understanding of teachers’ needs, leaders’ perceptions, and what complex teaching situations mean for teachers’ professional learning and development. Further, Du Plessis shares the perceptions and lived experiences of teachers, parents, leaders and students as key stakeholders in quality teaching and learning environments. In light of new evidence-informed findings on the out-of-field phenomenon and continuing professional learning, Du Plessis puts forward strategies that will enhance the effectiveness of professional learning and development programs, while also fostering improved decision-making and policy development. In brief, Du Plessis focuses on the impact that complex teaching situations have on teachers’ unique needs, the support that is provided, and the influence of the out-of-field phenomenon on teachers’ responses to continuing professional learning and development programs.

Possibilities Challenges and Changes in English Teacher Education Today

Author : Heidi L. Hallman
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This book focuses on English teacher educators’ experiences concerning professionalization and teacher identity. Throughout the book, chapter authors articulate dilemmas that focus around professionalization and teacher identity, questioning what it means to be an English teacher today.