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Subtle Activism

Author : David Nicol
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Explores whether consciousness-based practices like meditation and prayer can contribute to social change. Can awakened consciousness contribute to social change and, if so, how? David Nicol introduces the concept of “subtle activism” to describe the use of consciousness-based practices like meditation and prayer to support collective transformation, such as global meditation directed toward peaceful resolution of a conflict. Subtle activism represents a bridge between the consciousness movement and the movements for peace, environmental sustainability, and social justice. It is not a substitute for physical action but rather a potentially crucial component of a more integrated approach to social change. Although ancient lore is rife with tales of shamans and adepts intervening on spiritual levels for the benefit of humanity, this book is the first comprehensive treatment of this topic. Nicol grounds his consideration in the available scientific research and in dialogue with a broad range of thinkers in the fields of consciousness studies, transpersonal theory, and New Paradigm thought. “Many good books are published each year but important books are harder to come by. One of the marks of a truly important book is that it challenges our deeply held convictions about what is real and what is possible in the world. It opens new intellectual horizons by showing us previously hidden connections. David Nicol’s Subtle Activism is an important book, a very important book.” — from the Foreword by Christopher M. Bache

ACLA Newsletter

Author : American Comparative Literature Association
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To Catch a Spy

Author : James M. Olson
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The United States is losing the counterintelligence war. Foreign intelligence services, particularly those of China, Russia, and Cuba, are recruiting spies in our midst and stealing our secrets and cutting-edge technologies. In To Catch a Spy: The Art of Counterintelligence, James M. Olson, former chief of CIA counterintelligence, offers a wake-up call for the American public and also a guide for how our country can do a better job of protecting its national security and trade secrets. Olson takes the reader into the arcane world of counterintelligence as he lived it during his thirty-year career in the CIA. After an overview of what the Chinese, Russian, and Cuban spy services are doing to the United States, Olson explains the nitty-gritty of the principles and methods of counterintelligence. Readers will learn about specific aspects of counterintelligence such as running double-agent operations and surveillance. The book also analyzes twelve actual case studies to illustrate why people spy against their country, the tradecraft of counterintelligence, and where counterintelligence breaks down or succeeds. A “lessons learned” section follows each case study.

The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology

Author : Kirk J. Schneider
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The Second Edition of the cutting edge work, The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology, by Kirk J. Schneider, J. Fraser Pierson and James F. T. Bugental, represents the very latest scholarship in the field of humanistic psychology and psychotherapy. Set against trends inclined toward psychological standardization and medicalization, the handbook offers a rich tapestry of reflection by the leading person-centered scholars of our time. Their range in topics is far-reaching—from the historical, theoretical and methodological, to the spiritual, psychotherapeutic and multicultural. The new edition of this widely adopted and highly praised work has been thoroughly updated in accordance with the most current knowledge, and includes thirteen new chapters and sections, as well as contributions from twenty-three additional authors to extend the humanistic legacy to the emerging generation of students, scholars, and practitioners.

Activist Educators

Author : Catherine Marshall
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Taking an active stand in today's conservative educational climate can be a risky business. Given both the expectations of the profession and the challenge of participation in social justice activism, how do educator activists manage the often competing demands of professional and activist commitments? Activist Educators offers a view into the big picture of assertive idealistic professionals’ lives by presenting rich qualitative data on the impetus behind educators’ activism and the strategies they used to push limits in fighting for a cause. Chapters follow the stories of educator activists as they take on problems in schools, including sexual harassment, sexism, racism, reproductive rights, and GLBT rights. The research in Activist Educators contributes to an understanding of professional and personal motivations for educators’ activism, ultimately offering a significant contribution to aspiring teachers who need to know that education careers and social justice activist causes need not be mutually exclusive pursuits.

Autobiography as Activism

Author : Margo V. Perkins
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A study of the Black Power narratives of Angela Davis, Assata Shakur (a.k.a. JoAnne Chesimard), and Elaine Brown as instruments for radical social change. Recipient of the Mississippi University for Womenas Eudora Welty Prize

Navigating The Coming Chaos

Author : Carolyn Baker
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The collapse of industrial civilization, well underway since at least 2007, presents humankind with unprecedented and daunting challenges in the area of energy, environment, and economics. Just as the Transition Handbook of 2008, provided specific strategies for addressing these changes logistically, Navigating The Coming Chaos, provides a toolkit of emotional and spiritual preparation for an uncertain future. It offers us an opportunity to step across an evolutionary threshold in order to become a new kind of human being living in conscious self-awareness of our intimate connection with all life in the universe. Deepening the work begun in Sacred Demise, Carolyn Baker has assembled - and life tested - a rich compendium of tools for the inner warrior preparing to meet civilization’s collapse with inner strength, purpose, and presence. In times like these that try our souls, embarking on the deep self-reflection invited by this book will be as essential as any practical preparations for the “Long Emergency.” Janaia Donaldson, Co-Producer and Host of Peak Moment TV Navigating the Coming Chaos is Carolyn Baker’s latest, and most important work. As we face up to the reality of collapse, the difference between those former citizens who cope and those who don’t may well be a simple case of who has taken heed of the lessons contained within these priceless pages. Keith Farnish, author of TIME’S UP: AN UNCIVILIZED SOLUTION TO A GLOBAL CRISIS and manager of The Earth Blog Use this book like you would a longtime friend who is willing to listen to you thoroughly but will still ask you the tough questions. It is an invaluable tool for people who are committed to creating a fulfilling life no matter what the future brings. Andre Angelantoni, Founder of Post Peak Living

On Persecution Identity Activism

Author : Cristogianni Borsella
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ON PERSECUTION, IDENTITY & ACTIVISM is a definitive work on the many trials and tribulations that Italian-Americans have suffered over the past 120 years. While other books have focused on specific areas of anti-Italianism, Cristogianni's work encompasses the great bulk of persecution that existed in the United States, through the use of a historic timeline. The book shows also how Italian-American identity has evolved through the years, and that there is still no consensus on its definition.

Women s Activism in South Africa

Author : Hannah Evelyn Britton
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Women's Activism in South Africa provides the most comprehensive collection of women's experiences within civil society since the 1994 transition. This book captures South African women's stories of collective activism and social change at a crucial point for the future of democracy in the country, if not the continent. Pulling together the voices of activists and scholars, South Africa's path to democracy and the assurance of gender rights emerge as a complex journey of both successes and challenges. The collection elucidates a new form of pragmatic feminism, building upon the elasticity between the state and civil society. What the cases demonstrate is that while the state itself may not be a panacea, it still represents a key source of power and the primary locus of vital resources, including the rights of citizenship, access to basic needs, and the promise of protection from gender-based violence â?? all central to women's particular needs in South Africa.

Student Activism in Junior Colleges

Author : John Lombardi
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Linking Aging Gender and Activism

Author : Wendy M. Welsh
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Friends Journal

Author :
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The Cotta Press in the Reform Era 1794 1819

Author : Daniel Joseph Moran
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California Biennial

Author :
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Author : Fodor's Travel Publications, Inc. Staff
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Provides information on accommodations, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, sightseeing, and beaches

Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Activism

Author : Hedberg Maps
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An exploration of the relationship between environmental philosophy and environmental activism. It seeks to address two main questions: whether environmental philosophy and ethics should be seen as a form of applied philosophy; and how environmental philos

African American Activism Before the Civil War

Author : Patrick Rael
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"African-American Activism before the Civil War is an invaluable collection for anyone interested in this vital minority whose efforts at community building and radical protest acted as a critical force in helping bring about the end of slavery, and set the precedent that inspired the next generation of activists."--BOOK JACKET.

Homosexual Rights as Human Rights

Author : Baden Offord
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Baden Offord discusses and analyses the ways in which activists in Indonesia, Singapore and Australia devise strategies of survival and negotiate the limits of justice with regard to human rights as practising homosexuals.

Are Not Our Lowing Heifers Sleeker Than Night swollen Mushrooms

Author : Nada Gordon
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The latter-day romantic heroine of Gordon's book-length series, Are Not Our Lowing Heifers Sleeker Than Night-Swollen Mushrooms? (title courtesy of Keats), assumes various sub-personas, calling herself "I," " I'" and "i," speaking variously in all capital letters, all lower-case, and orthographically correct mixes thereof. Our heroine cracks jokes about Victorian constructions of femininity ("Why is an unbound book like a young maiden in bed?"), explores her self-perception ("i don't know why/ i am always wanting you / someone to have my interiority"), tells bald-faced lies, has plenty of sex and continually distracts herself and whoever might try to cut her down to size: "If you are still confused/ by the form, invoke/ its creator, its secret/ prey. Jolly with/ composition, she/ has stretched/ her lower lip/ up over her head."

Virginia law review

Author :
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