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Submarine Cables Protection and Regulations

Author : Utpal Kumar Raha
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Submarine Cables

Author : Douglas R. Burnett
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Submarine Cables: The Handbook of Law and Policy provides a one-stop-shop of essential information regarding the law and policy issues that affect the protection, laying, maintenance and operation of submarine cables in the world’s oceans.

Submarine Cables and the Oceans

Author : L. Carter
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There are many things and services in our everyday life that we take for granted, and telecommunications is one of them. We surf the internet, send emails to friends and colleagues abroad, talk to family members in foreign countries over the phone, book airline seats and make banking transactions without actually realizing and appreciating the sophisticated technology that enables us to do so. This report covers the history and nature of cables, their special status in international law, their interaction with the environment and other ocean users and, finally, the challenges of the future. It is an evidence-based synopsis that aims to improve the quality and availability of information to enhance understanding and cooperation between all stakeholders. UNEP-WCMC in collaboration with the International Cable Protection Committee and UNEP has prepared this new report to provide an objective, factual description of the sub-marine cable industry and the interaction of submarine telecommunications (which route 95% of all international communications traffic) with the marine environment. This important report seeks to focus and guide deliberations and decision making on the wise conservation and protection of the oceans in concert with their sustainable management and use.

Submarine Optical Cable Engineering

Author : Yin-can YE
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Submarine Optical Cable Engineering presents a summary and exposition from authors engaged in the submarine optical cable engineering field. It systematically discusses the theory and practice of engineering site selection, route survey, laying construction, system maintenance, and safety in operation and information management, all topics relating to the long-term development and progress of science and technology. As there are now more than 230 extant systems, with a total length of more than one million kilometers, this book compiles the wealth of experience that has accumulated regarding their construction stemming from the first inter ocean submarine cable system (TAT-8) built in 1988. Describes and summarizes the theory and practice of submarine optical cable engineering site selection, route survey, laying construction, system maintenance, safety in operation and information management Presents analysis derived from active engagement in the construction of submarine optical cables engineering taken from decades of experience Embodies the theory of marine science and engineering practice, combining multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary combination of knowledge and international perspective on the characteristics and the discussion of theory, technology and methods Introduces the international submarine cable protection organizations, relevant law and the law of the sea

Protection of Submarine Cables Message from the President of the United States Transmitting a Report from the Secretary of State Relating to Legislation Required to Carry Into Effect the Protection of Submarine Cables

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs
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Excessive Maritime Claims

Author : J. Ashley Roach
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This title is designed for law of the sea and maritime law specialists. The coverage includes current affairs in martime law such as submarine cables, polar areas, environmental protection, sovereign immunity and sunken ships, and maritime law enforcement.

Telecommunications Law and Regulation

Author : Ian Walden
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Since the last edition of the book was published, there have been a number of important developments in the telecommunications industry. Telecommunications Law and Regulation takes these changes into account, including an examination of the EU New Regulatory Framework, as well as the establishment of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC). There are also new chapters on spectrum management (radio frequencies), and consumer protection rules. The access and interconnection chapter addresses the issues surrounding the high capacity broadband widely provided by Next Generation Networks.The chapter on licensing and authorisation has been refocused to reflect the increasing regulatory focus on the mobile sector. The chapter on regulating content has also been significantly restructured and revised to reflect the changes in how we consume content. Written by leading experts, it is essential reading for legal practitioners and academics involved in the telecommunications industry.

A handbook on the new law of the sea 2 1991

Author : René Jean Dupuy
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The fact that the Montego Bay Convention has been only ratified by 37 States at present and that it will be some time before the 60 ratifications required by Article 308 are achieved has not prevented states from acting in accordance with the rules drawn up by the Conference. Close on one hundred states have established either exclusive economic zones broadly modelled on Part V or 200-nautical-mile fishery zones and drawn on the principles laid down for exploiting living resources. Although these laws have been formulated unilaterally by states, international custom, since the judgement by the International Court of Justice in the Fisheries Case of 18 December 1951, is derived from concordant national rules. This shift began even before the Conference ended, and has been consolidated since then. Moreover, the régime governing the sea-bed beyond the limits of national jurisdiction defined by Part XI, which was the stumbling block of the Conference, is subject to transitional arrangements on the basis of two resolutions adopted in the Conferences Final Act, one providing for the establishment of a Preparatory Commission and the other on the preliminary activities of pioneer investors. This two-volume work, an earlier edition of which appeared in French, has been written by a team of experts of international renown. It presents an analysis of the Convention with an additional Chapter on the legal régime governing underwater archaeological and historical objects.

Chinese Taiwan Yearbook of International Law and Affairs Volume 29 2011

Author :
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The Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs includes articles and international law materials relating to Asia-Pacific and the Republic of China on Taiwan.

Maritime Security

Author : Natalie Klein
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Maritime security is of vital importance to Australia and New Zealand as both countries depend on maritime transport for their economic survival. Since the events of September 11th 2001, significant questions have been raised as to whether Australia and New Zealand are adequately prepared for the consequences of a major disruption to global shipping following a terrorist attack on a leading regional port such as Hong Kong or Singapore. Considerable efforts have also been undertaken to improve responses to an array of maritime security threats, such as transnational crime, environmental pollution, and piracy and armed robbery. This volume identifies those issues that particularly affect Australia and New Zealand’s maritime security, evaluating the issues from legal and political perspectives, and proposes methods for improving maritime security in the two countries. While the focus is primarily on Australia and New Zealand, the scope extends to regional considerations, addressing matters related to Pacific Island states, Southeast Asia and the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic region. The book also addresses strategic partnerships examining the influence of the United States, and analyses issues within the broad framework of international law and politics. Maritime Security: International Law and Policy Perspectives from Australia and New Zealand will be of great interest to scholars of international law, international relations and maritime affairs, maritime industry professionals, private and government lawyers, as well as diplomats, consuls and government officials.

Maritime Border Diplomacy

Author : Myron H. Nordquist
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Maritime Border Diplomacy examines critical issues in international maritime boundary disputes together with the important global role of Indonesia, whose maritime boundaries are imperative to its sovereign status identity. Stressing the seminal importance of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea to world order, international experts analyze root causes of boundary disputes including historical claims and competition for natural resources. Issues of preventative diplomacy and activism in maritime affairs are explored, as are legal issues arising in the context of creating zones of cooperation in the oceans. Practical issues in fisheries and environmental management, and the volatile questions involved in the South China Sea, are detailed. The volume concludes with a substantive presentation on dispute resolution mechanisms.

Sustainable Development and the Law of the Sea

Author : Zou Keyuan
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Sustainable Development and the Law of the Sea offers international legal perspectives on ocean uses including fisheries management, sustainable use of marine non-living resources, and marine protected areas in the context of sustainable development.

Law of the Sea From Grotius to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Author : Lilian del Castillo
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Law of the Sea, From Grotius to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea: Liber Amicorum Judge Hugo Caminos honors the accomplished career path of a distinguished scholar, professor, diplomat and judge in the global field of the Law of the Sea.

Protection of Submarine Cables Message from the President of the United States Transmitting a Report from the Secretary of State Relating to Legislation Required to Carry Into Effect the Protection of Submarine Cables January 9 1888 Referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Ordered to be Printed

Author :
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Routledge Handbook of Maritime Regulation and Enforcement

Author : Robin Warner
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With advances in technology and maritime transport, human use of the ocean now extends beyond the traditional activities of navigation and fishing. Emerging activities such as bioprospecting, deep seabed mineral and hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation, offshore renewable energy developments and marine scientific probes of deep sea areas challenge the applicability of maritime law and policy in new ways. This handbook examines current regulatory and enforcement instruments and mechanisms for different sectors of maritime activity. Covering various jurisdictions, its specially commissioned chapters are authored by some of the world’s foremost authorities on maritime law, and offer unique perspectives on maritime law, policy and practice. This highly relevant collection is organised into four parts: • International Law Considerations in Maritime Regulation and Enforcement • Role of States and other International Actors in Maritime Regulation and Enforcement • Regulation and Enforcement in Different Maritime Sectors • Current Issues and Future Challenges This comprehensive reference work will be of interest to scholars and students of maritime law, practitioners and non-lawyers interested in the regulation of offshore areas, as well as policy-makers.

Submarine Power Cables

Author : Thomas Worzyk
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The demand for high-performance submarine power cables is increasing as more and more offshore wind parks are installed, and the national electric grids are interconnected. Submarine power cables are installed for the highest voltages and power to transport electric energy under the sea between islands, countries and even continents. The installation and operation of submarine power cables is much different from land cables. Still, in most textbooks on electrical power systems, information on submarine cables is scarce. This book is closing the gap. Different species of submarine power cables and their application are explained. Students and electric engineers learn on the electric and mechanic properties of submarine cables. Project developers and utility managers will gain useful information on the necessary marine activities such as pre-laying survey, cable lay vessels, guard boats etc., for the submarine cable installation and repair. Investors and decision makers will find an overview on environmental aspects of submarine power cables. A comprehensive reference list is given for those who want further reading.

The Handbook of Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflicts

Author : Dieter Fleck
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This book offers the most authoritative commentary and analysis of international humanitarian law applicable in armed conflict available. It is based upon the Joint Service Regulation for the German Ministry of Defence, augmented with extensive international references, and accompanied bycommentary by a team of distinguished and internationally renowned experts. Whilst the past decades have seen consistent development of international law applicable in armed conflict, culminating in a series of International Covenants and Protocols, world events in recent years have made reassessment of the law both a timely and topical concern. This Handbook available for the first time in paperback will serve as an indispensable reference source for practising lawyers and academics working in the field of international humanitarian law and for military personnel worldwide.

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982

Author : Myron H. Nordquist
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These commentaries are based almost entirely on the formal and informal documentation of the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III, 1973-1982), coupled, where necessary, with the personal knowledge of editors, contributors, or reviewers, many of whom were principal negotiators or UN personnel who participated in the Conference.

Law of the Sea in East Asia

Author : Keyuan Zou
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Law of the Sea in East Asia selects the most prominent maritime legal issues that have emerged since the post-LOS Convention era for a detailed discussion and assessment. The current marine legal order in East Asia is based on the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (LOS Convention) and accordingly coastal states in the region are obliged to cooperate amongst themselves to exercise their rights and perform their duties. Keyuan, a respected expert in the fields of international and Chinese law, explores issues concerning compliance with the law of the sea, territorial disputes and maritime boundary delimitation, fishery management, safety of navigation and maritime security, and neglected issues in the law of the sea. This is the first book to examine maritime laws in East Asia, and as such will appeal to academics of law and Asian studies, lawyers and policy makers.

The Electrical Journal

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