Stupid White Men

...And Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!


Author: Michael Moore

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 006098726X

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

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In the winter of 2002, Stupid White Men took America -- and the world -- by storm. Tired and skeptical of George W. Bush's high approval ating, frightened by the implications of the Enron scandal -- and generally just looking for a voice of honest dissent in the thick atmosphere of jingoism that followed 9/11 -- book buyers from coast to coast swiftly embraced Michael Moore's in-your-face anti-Bush-era manifesto, making it one of the bestselling nonfiction books of the year. With an unerring eye for greed, hypocrisy, and corruption, Michael Moore takes on the whole ugly mess of America at the dawn of the twenty-first century. Whether he's demanding U.N. action to overthrow the Bush Family Junta or calling on African Americans to place whites only signs over the entrances of unfriendly businesses, Stupid White Men is a pitch-perfect skewering of our culture of Malfeasance and Mediocrity.

Stupid White Men-- and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!


Author: Michael Moore

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780786244041

Category: Humor

Page: 479

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The social critic shares his views of the political, social, financial, and physical complexities of the twenty-first century, from the explosion of the tech-stock bubble to Bush's scorched-earth environmental policies.

Stupid whitemen

...and other sorry excuses for the state of the nation


Author: Michael Moore

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780141012643

Category: Humor

Page: 281

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En kritisk og satirisk skildring af nyere amerikansk historie - og et angreb på alt der ifølge forfatteren er galt i det amerikanske samfund: bl.a. det korrupte politi, økonomisk kriminalitet, miljøforurening, skolesystemet og racismen.

How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office

The Anti-politics, Un-boring Guide to Power


Author: Adrienne M. Brown,William Upski Wimsatt,Davey D

Publisher: American Society for Training and Development

ISBN: 9781932360080

Category: Political Science

Page: 206

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Anyone can write a rant against the state of American democracy today. Anyone can talk trash about politicians, or bemoan the apathy of the electorate, the low turnout, the low attention span, the cynicism. How To Get Stupid White Men... is a guide to getting off one’s cynical ass and doing something about it. Over the past six months, William Upski Wimsatt has been working with a group of people who have hitherto engaged in myriad forms of social work and political activism to develop a strategy that will effect positive change on American society through the electoral process. Rather than taking to the streets, rather than "bombing [graffitting] the suburbs," Wimsatt and his colleagues plan to "throw the bums out." This book will tell the story of 19 such cases over the past couple of years and outline all the potential races for 2004, describing the tactics to be utilized in an array of contested races across the country by creating coalitions of gay, enviro, Black, Latino and other young groups of voters. The goal is to make this the most useful politically life-changing book any 15-35 year old could read this election year.

Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man


Author: David T. Hardy,Jason Clarke

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061747734

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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Watching Michael Moore in action—passing off manipulating facts in Bowling for Columbine, spinning statistics in Stupid White Men and Dude, Where's My Country?, shamelessly grandstanding at the Academy Awards, and epitomizing the hypocrisy he's made a king's fortune railing against—has spurred authors David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke to take action into their own hands. In Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man, Hardy and Clarke dish it back hard to the fervent prophet of the far left, turning a careful eye on Moore's use of camera tricks and publicity ploys to present his own version of the truth. Postwar documentarians gave us the documentary, Rob Reiner gave us the mockumentary, and Moore initiated a third genre, the crockumentary. How, they ask, does Moore pull off a proletarian, "man-of-the-people" image so at odds with his lifestyle as a fabulously wealthy Manhattanite? And how large of an impact do his incendiary, ill-founded polemics have on the growing community that follows him with near-religious devotion? Loaded with well-researched, solidly reasoned arguments, and laced with irreverent wit, Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man fires back at one of the left's biggest targets—politically and literally.

Modern Jeremiahs

Contemporary Visions of American Decline


Author: Mark Stephen Jendrysik

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0739121928

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 193

View: 2589

This book identifies where modern Jeremiahs place the sources of national decline and their purposed solutions and its analysis also reveals the central problem faced by this form of writing: the need to balance condemnation of certain practices within the democratic polity with calls for repentance. For these writers and political actors, the tensions created by these demands prove impossible to resolve, as the modern jeremiad further divides an already divided nation.

The Only Super Power

Reflections on Strength, Weakness, and Anti-Americanism


Author: Paul Hollander

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739131336

Category: Political Science

Page: 302

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The essays in The Only Super Power deal with present day American Society_its problems, critiques, and perceptions at home and abroad_with special reference to mass culture, multiculturalism, and radical Islam. Other items examine the aftermath of and continued responses to the fall of Soviet communism and the remaining communist systems.

Trends in EU Health Care Systems


Author: Winfried de Gooijer

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387327488

Category: Medical

Page: 504

View: 2853

The nations of the EU have long led the world in universal health coverage. Recent economic developments have created problems ranging from inequities of care to growing numbers of uninsured — a progression analyzed by Win de Gooijer in Trends in EU Health Care Systems. His ideas may be startling, and the book is bound to be controversial. This is critical reading for health care managers and policymakers, politicians and insurors - anyone looking to Europe to understand this far-reaching evolution.

Exuberant Animal

The Power of Health, Play and Joyful Movement


Author: Frank Forencich

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452016412

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 328

View: 9874

Move to live, live to move! Health and fitness is a bushy, multi-disciplinary practice that includes body, mind, spirit and the creative imagination. Exuberant Animal explores the totality of human health and promotes a truly integrated approach that spans culture, biology, psychology and animal behavior. You’ll discover powerful new ideas for movement and living that will stimulate your vitality, creativity and enthusiasm. “Frank is a superb writer. His voice is clear, accurate and accessible.” Robert Sapolsky "No joy, no gain!–that might well be Frank Forencich's exercise motto. A nation filled with fit, playful hominids fully in touch with their evolutionary heritage is a true pleasure to contemplate." Bill McKibben “I really appreciate Frank’s innovative approach. His method is sophisticated, playful and holistic.” Debbie Armstrong 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist