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Transformations in Slavery

Author : Paul E. Lovejoy
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This history of African slavery from the fifteenth to the early twentieth century examines how indigenous African slavery developed within an international context. Professor Lovejoy discusses the medieval Islamic slave trade and the Atlantic trade as well as the enslavement process and the marketing of slaves. He considers the impact of European abolition and assesses slavery's role in African history. The book corrects the accepted interpretation that African slavery was mild and resulted in the slaves' assimilation. This new edition incorporates recent research, revised statistics on the slave trade demography, and an updated bibliography.

The Atlantic Slave Trade

Author : Philip D. Curtin
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Curtin combines modern research and statistical methods with his broad knowledge of the field to present the first book-length quantitative analysis of the Atlantic slave trade. Its basic evidence suggests revision of currently held opinions concerning the place of the slave trade in the economies of the Old World nations and their American colonies. “Curtin’s work will not only be the starting point for all future research on the slave trade and comparative slavery, but will become an indispensable reference for anyone interested in Afro-American studies.”—Journal of American History “Curtin has produced a stimulating monograph, the product of immaculate scholarship, against which all past and future studies will have to be judged.”—Journal of American Studies “Professor Curtin’s new book is up to his customary standard of performance: within the limits he set for himself, The Atlantic Slave Trade could hardly be a better or more important book.”—American Historical Review

Studies on Slavery

Author : John Fletcher
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Studies on Slavery in Easy Lessons

Author : John Fletcher
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Cass Library of African Studies

Author : Duncan Rice
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From Homicide to Slavery Studies in American Culture

Author : David Brion Davis Sterling Professor of History Yale University
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For more than twenty years David Brion Davis has been recognized as a leading authority on the moral and ideological responses to slavery in the Western world. From Homicide to Slavery, Davis's first book of collected essays, brings together selections reflecting his wide-ranging interests in colonial history, Afro-American history, the social sciences, and American literature. The essays are interconnected by Davis's central concern with violence, irrationality, and the definition of moral limits during a period when Americans believed they were breaking free from historical constraints and acquiring new powers of self-perfection. Topics range from a socially revealing murder trial in 1843 to debates over capital punishment, movements of counter-subverison, the iconography of race, the cowboy as an American hero, the portrayal of violence in American literature, the historiography of slavery, and the British and American antislavery movements.

West African Slavery and Atlantic Commerce

Author : James F. Searing
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West African societies were transformed by the slave trade, even in regions where few slaves were exported. While many books have been written on the import and export trade and on warrior predation, Dr Searing's concern is with the effects of the Atlantic slave trade on the societies of the Senegal river valley in the eighteenth century. He shows that the growth of the Atlantic trade stimulated the development of slavery within West Africa. Slaves worked as seamen in the river and coasting trades, produced surplus grain to feed slaves in transit, and sometimes came to hold pivotal positions in the political structure of the coastal kingdoms of Senegambia. This local slave system had far-reaching consequences, leading to religious protest and slave rebellions. The changes in agricultural production fostered an ecological crisis.

The economics of slavery and other studies in econometric history

Author : Alfred H. Conrad
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Historical essays on profitability of slavery in the ante-bellum South, income growth in 19th century America, and the Great Depression in the British economy.

Economic Change in Precolonial Africa

Author : Philip D. Curtin
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An examination of the dealings of the African traders and their influence on the Senegambian economy from the late seventeenth to the mid-nineteenth century. Bibliogs

Historical Dictionary of Slavery and Abolition

Author : Martin A. Klein
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Slavery's origins lie far back in the mists of prehistoric times and have spanned the globe, two facts that most history texts fail to address. This comprehensive volume provides a historical overview of slavery through the ages, from prehistoric times to the modern day, while detailing the different forms, the various sources, and the circumstances existing in different countries and regions. As a broad reference source, it provides a complete look at slavery by discussing the causes and cures, as well as the plight of those who fought for and against it. Every public, college, and high school library will want this available for students and other researchers.