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Studies Essays and Reviews

Author : Hans Kosmala
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Studies Essays and Reviews Old Testament

Author : Hans Kosmala
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A collection of essays, most of them published previously. The following deal with antisemitism:

Studies Essays and Reviews

Author : Hans Kosmala
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A collection of essays, most of them published previously. The following deal with antisemitism:

Studies Essays and Reviews New Testament

Author : Hans Kosmala
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Studies Essays and Reviews Volume Three Jews and Judaism

Author :
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The Use of Sobriquets in the Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls

Author : Matthew A. Collins
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This book constitutes an examination of key sobriquets found among the Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls. Its primary focus is literary rather than historical and concentrates on the function of the sobriquets as labels utilised positively or negatively within the sectarian compositions. Noting the presence of 'standard' and 'variant' forms of these designations, this study examines the differing form and function of the sobriquets across the range of texts in which they appear. More specifically, it attempts to demonstrate that over time they underwent a developmental process, changing in form and perhaps denotation. Adopting a chronological schema that posits a Formative, Early and Late Sectarian Period, and concentrating on the sobriquets 'the Teacher of Righteousness' and 'the Spouter of the Lie', this investigation observes a development from contextualised scriptural typologies towards titular forms constituting discrete elements of sectarian terminology. A more general evolutionary trend towards a definite ('standard') form is also highlighted, with so-called variants representing earlier stages in this process (further demonstrated by means of a supplementary case study involving the sobriquet, 'the Seekers of Smooth Things').Comparison of these results with sociological insights, drawing upon the sociology of deviance and 'labelling theory', suggests that this phenomenon can be understood against a wider context of labelling practices. Thus it is demonstrated that the sobriquets function as tools for labelling deviance and affirming positive counterparts. Furthermore, it is suggested that the move towards definite titular forms reflects a process of role engulfment, increased prototypically and the ultimate acquisition of 'master status'.

Thoughtful Christianity

Author : Matthew C. Shrader
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Baptists in the nineteenth century grew from a small, struggling denomination to the second-largest Protestant denomination in America. They constructed conventions, schools, churches, and benevolent works. American Baptists transformed from cultural outsiders to insiders. Despite this growth in size, organization, and influence, there is surprisingly few attempts to understand them historically. This is even more true for Northern Baptists as opposed to their Southern counterparts, despite the fact that Northern Baptists, in many respects, were the theological leaders of the denomination. This raises questions about what their theology was, what it was rooted in, and how well it could handle the surplus of challenges that nineteenth-century religion threw at it. Chief among these were the challenges toward biblical and theological authority. Perhaps the brightest star of the Northern Baptist constellation, and doubtless the most well-connected, was Alvah Hovey from Newton Theological Institute in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. This book, the first book-length treatment of this Baptist giant since Hovey’s son published a biography in 1929, chronicles Hovey’s life and career focusing on how he coped with the challenges of biblical criticism and a rapidly changing theological context. Hovey produced a theology he understood as thoughtful Christianity.

New Testament Philology

Author : Melton Bennett Winstead
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This work is dedicated to David Alan Black, a New Testament scholar who has contributed to the love of the Koine Greek language as it pertains to New Testament studies in numerous ways--as a professor, author, missionary, and editor. The goal of this book is to demonstrate for students the value of continued research in the Greek New Testament. The essays demonstrate how research is currently being done, utilizing such tools as grammatical studies, discourse analysis, textual criticism, verbal aspect, and other linguistic analyses. The chapters include studies on exegesis, verbal aspect, prepositional compounds, relevance theory, and scripture memorization. This book demonstrates the explanatory power of an in-depth usage of New Testament Greek. It is recommended for those who have had at least one year of Greek.

Exegetical Essays 3rd Edition

Author : Don Garlington
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'Exegetical Essays' is a collection of thirteen biblical studies. The purpose of each is to fill a gap in New Testament research or to offer alternate understandings of familiar passages. The second edition of these 'Essays' incorporates corrections and updated documentation, and presents three new studies. The order of the articles follows as closely as possible the canonical biblical text. The book commences with a consideration of the biblical-theological method, followed by an Old Testament essay, and then proceeds through the Gospels, Paul and Revelation, and concludes with review articles of two recent notable books.

The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research

Author : Bart D. Ehrman
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The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research provides up-to-date discussions of every major aspect of New Testament textual criticism. Written by internationally acknowledged experts, the twenty-four essays evaluate all significant advances in the field since the 1950s.

International Review Of Biblical Studies 2003 2004

Author : Bernhard Lang
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Formerly known by its subtitle "Internationale Zeitschriftenschau fur Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete," the "International Review of Biblical Studies" has served the scholarly community ever since its inception in the early 1950's. Each annual volume includes approximately 2,000 abstracts and summaries of articles and books that deal with the Bible and related literature, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, Pseudepigrapha, Non-canonical gospels, and ancient Near Eastern writings. The abstracts - which may be in English, German, or French - are arranged thematically under headings such as e.g. "Genesis," "Matthew," "Greek language," "text and textual criticism," "exegetical methods and approaches," "biblical theology," "social and religious institutions," "biblical personalities," "history of Israel and early Judaism," and so on. The articles and books that are abstracted and reviewed are collected annually by an international team of collaborators from over 300 of the most important periodicals and book series in the fields covered.

A God So Near

Author : Brent A. Strawn
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Patrick Miller is widely known as an educator, editor, President of the Society of Biblical Literature, and academic who is concerned to ensure that academics and the life of the church are not torn asunder in this era of fragmentation. As the editors note, “The depths of Miller’s contributions to church and academy are reflected in the depth of his relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.” This volume honors him for his life’s work, presenting 24 essays by students and colleagues on themes dear to Miller: (1) the Psalms and God’s nearness to his people, and (2) Torah (Deuteronomy, in particular) and God’s connection with his people in their lives together. A bibliography of Miller’s writings is also included.

Essays on Halakhah in the New Testament

Author : Bernard S. Jackson
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These essays explore the Jewish background to central issues in the New Testament -letter and spirit, prophecy and law, forgiveness, the accounts of Jesus' "trial(s)," evidence required for legal/theological claims, the shepherding images, disinheritance, and teachings on marriage and divorce.

Old Testament Criticism in the Nineteenth Century

Author : John Rogerson
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The study of Old Testament criticism requires the bridges of an important cultural gap because the home of the method and the place of its most creative use is still Germany. In this authoritative work, British scholar John Rogerson discusses two specific questions: how did the critical method arise in Germany in the nineteenth century, and how was its reception into England affected by the theological and philosophical climate? This is the first book which attempts to trace in such detail the impact of German critical method upon scholarship in England. As such it is a valuable contribution to the history of Old Testament scholarship and to the history of ideas. Part I examines German scholarship from 1800-60, from the founder of modern criticism, W. M. L. de Wette, through to the submergence of this early radicalism by the so-called positive criticism, and the confessional orthodoxy led by Hengstenberg. Part II investigates the use of Old Testament criticism in England with particular attention to contacts between Germany and England and to a comparison of the respective intellectual climates. Part III focuses again on German scholarship, particularly on the rebirth of de Wettian ideas, as expressed by Julius Wellhausen. It explains how the reception of Wellhausen in England involved a modification of his position in the light of neo-Hegelian philosophy.

Studies in the New Perspective on Paul

Author : Don Garlington
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This collection of essays follows upon its predecessor, originally entitled In Defense of the New Perspective on Paul: Essays and Reviews (Wipf and Stock, 2005). This second edition differs from the first in that five new chapters have been added and one review article has been deleted. The change of the main title to Studies in the New Perspective on Paul is due to the conviction that the "New Perspective on Paul" actually represents a return to the original context in which Paul proclaimed the gospel of Christ. Therefore, it is not something to be "defended," but propounded in the most positive terms possible.

Changing the Goalpost of New Testament Textual Criticism

Author : Abidan Paul Shah
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Before the 1960s, the goal of New Testament Textual Criticism was singular: to retrieve the “original text” of the New Testament. Since then, the goalpost has incrementally shifted away from the “original text” to retrieving “any text” or “many texts” of the NT. Some scholars have even concluded that the “original text” is hopelessly lost and cannot be retrieved with any confidence or accuracy. Other scholars have gone a step further to claim that the idea of an “original text” itself is a misconception that needs to be abandoned. If this new approach in NTTC is correct, then the authority of Scripture is weakened or no longer valid. It will be shown in this book that such is not the case. Furthermore, emphasis will be placed on the need to return to the traditional goalpost of NTTC, i.e., to retrieve the original text. Without a generally definitive text, the door will be left wide open to recreate any desired text of the NT. An unsettled original text will result in an unsettled biblical theology due to a lack of any authoritative and standard text. Consequently, it will lead to an unsettled Christian faith and practice.

The Old Testament in the New Testament

Author : Steve Moyise
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This collection of papers from members of the 'Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament' seminar (held at St Deinid's, Hawarden, Wales) has been commissioned to honour its retiring chairperson, J.L. North. It includes contributions by Michael Goulder (Isaiah 61), Joel Marcus (Matthew), Maurice Casey (Christology), George Brooke (Parables), Judith Lieu (John), Peter Doble (Acts), Morna Hooker (Philippians), John O'Neill (Galatians), Ivor Jones (2 Thessalonians), Martin Menken (Matthew) and Steve Moyise (Intertextuality). BLURB AS REWRITTEN BY PRD 11 JANUARY 2000: It is well known, but not always appreciated that the 'Bible' of the earliest Christians was the Old Testament. How did the New Testament writers justify their faith in the risen Messiah from these Jewish scriptures? In this book, distinguished biblical scholars supply answers to these questions, both in general terms and from specific examples. Under review come individual New Testament writers (Matthew, Paul, John) and important themes (the Anointed One, monogamy and divorce), while crucial passages such as John 11, Isaiah 66 and Revelation 12 are put under the microscope. This collection demonstrates the ingenuity and vitality of early Christian scriptural exegesis, and offers the reader an up to date picture of the most recent research in one of the central issues of New Testament literary and theological study.

The Face of Old Testament Studies

Author : David W. Baker
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Leading scholars provide an overview of current issues in Old Testament studies.

A Text Critical Study of the Epistle of Jude

Author : Charles Landon
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The author writes in the tradition of C.H. Turner, G.D. Kilpatrick and J.K. Elliott, and attempts a reconstruction of the Greek text of Jude according to the rationale of thoroughgoing eclecticism. The aims of his study are to apply an eclectic approach to the resolution of textual problems in Jude, and to determine the extent to which the text of Jude published in the United Bible Societies' Greek New Testament (GNT4) is a product of the eclectic ideal. In this work, eclecticism is defined in detail, distinctions being made between eclectic generalism, rational criticism, and thoroughgoing eclecticism. Each of 95 variation units is analysed individually and the apparatus provided for each unit shows as much variation as possible in a compact form.

Essays and Reviews

Author : Victor Shea
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Essays and Reviews is a collection of seven articles that appeared in 1860, sparking a Victorian culture war that lasted for at least a decade. With pieces written by such prominent Oxford and Cambridge intellectuals as Benjamin Jowett, Mark Pattison, Baden Powell, and Frederick Temple (later archbishop of Canterbury), the volume engaged the relations between religious faith and current topics of the day in education, the classics, theology, science, history, literature, biblical studies, hermeneutics, philology, politics, and philosophy. Upon publication, the church, the university, the press, the government, and the courts, both ecclesiastical and secular, joined in an intense dispute. The book signaled an intellectual and religious crisis, raised influential issues of free speech, and questioned the authority and control of the Anglican Church in Victorian society. The collection became a best-seller and led to three sensational heresy trials. Although many historians and literary critics have identified Essays and Reviews as a pivotal text of high Victorianism, until now it has been almost inaccessible to modern readers. This first critical edition, edited by Victor Shea and William Whitla, provides extensive annotation to map the various positions on the controversies that the book provoked. The editors place the volume in its complex social context and supply commentary, background materials, composition and publishing history, textual notes, and a broad range of new supporting documents, including material from the trials, manifestos, satires, and contemporary illustrations. Not only does such an annotated critical edition of Essays and Reviews indicate the impact that the volume had on Victorian society; it also sheds light on our own contemporary cultural institutions and controversies.