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Student Protests in Twentieth Century China

Author : Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom
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This is a history of student protests in Shanghai from the turn of the century to 1949, showing how these students experienced and help shape the course of the Chinese Revolution.

China s Brave New World

Author : Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom
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A scholar poses such questions as what it really means to order a latte at Starbucks in Beijing as he journeys from nineteenth-century China into the future in this examination of China's place in the current world order, and from Shanghai, to Chicago, St. Louis, Budapest, and beyond.

Twentieth Century China

Author : Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom
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Twentieth Century China: New Approaches is an important revisionist study of China's recent past. The chapters throw light on a variety of subjects within the field, which has recently undergone considerable change. The three major parts of this reader take into account the historical shape of the century, local perspectives on national history, and reflections on cultural history. The chapters in this volume reflect a move away from a Western-centred analysis of Chinese history, as well as the new wealth of archival material made accessible over the last decade. They highlight in challenging ways important topics that have generated considerable excitement among historians. Subjects discussed include the watershed date of 1949, feminism, the revolutions, the discourse of the communist party, and political theatre in modern China.

Reconstructing Twentieth century China

Author : Associate Professor Department of Asian Studies Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard
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This book, the result of a collaborative effort between scholars from Europe, Asia, and the US, argues that the central underlying theme of China's development trajectory in this century is `reconstruction' or jianshe, a keyword in twentieth-century Chinese political discourse. The impulse toreform and rebuild has erupted on a national scale every several years and include The May Fourth Movement, the Nanjing decade of 192737, The Yan'an reconsolidation and expansion of communism, the Great Leap Forward, the 1980 reforms, the Democracy Movement, and most recently, China's explodingeconomy. The contributions examine how a range of actorspolitical leaders, village reformers, government bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, women of child-bearing age, intellectuals, members of ethnic minorities, and local cadreshave reacted to these movements and transitions. They also highlight theimportance of the state at the local and central level and discuss the prospects for the continuous search for a national identity balanced between powerful nationalist traditions and manifest cultural diversity. In examining these crucial aspects the contributors rely on new material in the form oforiginal research and extensive fieldwork.

Education Culture and Identity in Twentieth century China

Author : Glen Peterson
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A comprehensive collection on twentieth-century educational practices in China

Transnational Histories of Youth in the Twentieth Century

Author : R. Jobs
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Through a variety of case studies, Transnational Histories of Youth in the Twentieth Century examines the emergence of youth and young people as a central historical force in the global history of the twentieth century.

Women and Gender in Twentieth Century China

Author : Paul J. Bailey
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Paul J. Bailey provides the first analytical study in English of Chinese women's experiences during China's turbulent twentieth century. Incorporating the very latest specialized research, and drawing upon Chinese cinema and autobiographical memoirs, this fascinating narrative account: - Explores the impact of political, social and cultural change on women's lives, and how Chinese women responded to such developments - Charts the evolution of gender discourses during this period - Illuminates both change and continuity in gender discourse and practice Approachable and authoritative, this is an essential overview for students, teachers and scholars of gender history, and anyone with an interest in modern Chinese history.

Student Resistance

Author : Mark Edelman Boren
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Student Resistance is an international history of student activism. Chronicling 500 years of strife between activists and the academy, Mark Edelman Boren unearths the defiant roots of the ivory tower.

A Century of Student Movements in China

Author : Xiaobing Li
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In this book the authors offer their unique perspectives on the important roles Chinese students and intellectuals played in the shaping of the twentieth-century China. Their answers to these pivotal questions explore new nationalistic spirit, modern world-views, and willingness of self-sacrifice, which had attributed to the spontaneous actions of the students as a “New Culture” emerged during the May Fourth Movement. These articles show how China nurtured these spontaneous student movements, even though the Nationalist Party in the Republic of China and the Communist Party in the People’s Republic had exerted tight control over schools. Both governments established organizations as well as operations among students that effectively turned some of the student movements into a political instrument by the parties for their own agenda.

Searching for Life s Meaning

Author : Luo Xu
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Chronicles the changing worldviews of Chinese youth in the tumultuous decade leading up to the Tiananmen demonstrations