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Author : Pam Withers
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Owen sneaks aboard a strange yacht for an adventure, only to find himself in the middle of a people-smuggling operation. Can he commandeer the boat and save himself and the others onboard?


Author : Carol Córdoba
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Follows the illegal immigration of a Colombian man, from his difficult childhood, to his passage to the United States, to his arrest and trial for drug smuggling

The Stowaway

Author : Laurie Gwen Shapiro
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The spectacular, true story of a scrappy teenager from New York’s Lower East Side who stowed away on the most remarkable feat of science and daring of the Jazz Age, The Stowaway is “a thrilling adventure that captures not only the making of a man but of a nation” (David Grann, bestselling author of Killers of the Flower Moon). It was 1928: a time of illicit booze, of Gatsby and Babe Ruth, of freewheeling fun. The Great War was over and American optimism was higher than the stock market. What better moment to launch an expedition to Antarctica, the planet’s final frontier? Everyone wanted in on the adventure. Rockefellers and Vanderbilts begged to be taken along as mess boys, and newspapers across the globe covered the planning’s every stage. And then, the night before the expedition’s flagship set off, Billy Gawronski—a mischievous, first-generation New York City high schooler, desperate to escape a dreary future in the family upholstery business—jumped into the Hudson River and snuck aboard. Could he get away with it? From the soda shops of New York’s Lower East Side to the dance halls of sultry Francophone Tahiti, all the way to Antarctica’s blinding white and deadly freeze, author Laurie Gwen Shapiro “narrates this period piece with gusto” (Los Angeles Times), taking readers on the “novelistic” (The New Yorker) and unforgettable voyage of a plucky young stowaway who became a Roaring Twenties celebrity, a mascot for an up-by-your bootstraps era.


Author : Stella Quinn
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Running away never felt so right RUBY FINALIST!!! Romantic Book of the Year - contemporary romance category 2020 A.R.R.A. FINALIST!!! Favorite Contemporary Romance 2019 A.R.R.A. FINALIST!!! Favorite Romance Cover 2019 The Island Escape Series: Book 2 of this series of standalone romances - read in any order Sabrina Gray runs away to the Caribbean to escape the trauma of her sister's death and the wreckage of her surgical career. An accident results in her waking, far out to sea, on a yacht with a handsome stranger. Ben Ryan, out-of-work billionaire and turtle conservation volunteer, is sailing to an isolated coral cay with much needed equipment. He is both suspicious of, and drawn to, the sad-eyed stowaway on his boat. Doubts rise, as does the tension between them. Why won't he turn the boat around? Why is she so cagey about her life? Ben is shot by egg thieves and Sabrina finds herself face to face with her worst nightmare. Will she miss out on her one chance at love and redemption? The Island Escape Series Book 1: Tropic Storm (Charlotte & Jack) Book 2: Stowaway (Sabrina & Ben) Book 3: Island Fling (Antonia & Tyler) Christmas Novella: Catching Snow (Ryan & Lisa) "Terrific read." "This author has a great voice that's unique and enticing." Stella Quinn brings you the first three of her award-winning Island Escape Series. Tropic Storm won the RWA Sapphire Award in 2019, Stowaway came second in the RWA Emerald Award in 2018, and Island Fling won the Valerie Parv Award in 2018.

The Stowaway

Author : R.A. Salvatore
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From the author of more than a dozen New York Times best sellers and his son, comes the first installment of a brand-new fantasy trilogy written just for young readers... Barely a teen and already guarding a secret that could jeopardize his young life, Maimun is marked for death. With the help of a mysterious stranger, the boy escapes his village and flees out to sea, stowing away on the pirate hunting ship, Sea Sprite, where he comes across a most unlikely ally: the dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden. With a half-demon determined to destroy him, and a crew of sailors resentful of the trouble he's caused, Maimun must find the courage to prove his worth, both to his friends and to himself. Nearly two decades ago, R.A. Salvatore introduced the world to Drizzt D'Urden in a series that has since become a fantasy classic and a consistent presence on best seller lists. Now, for the first time, Salvatore partners with his son Geno to craft a brand-new story just for young readers, featuring a cameo of the most beloved fantasy character of all time. For young readers seeking the next great fantasy saga or for long-time fans who can't miss any installment in the Drizzt saga, this book delivers all the action, intrigue, and magic you've come to expect from the Salvatore name.

Stowaway to Botany Bay

Author : Chrissie Michaels
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I dared not move... I was a bread stealer. A chicken feather villain. A salted mutton thief. I guiltily recalled the paper, the ink, the leather pouch I had stolen. And even though I had not intended it so ... I was a stowaway. Julienne roams the fortress tunnels of Brest, France, cold, hungry and knowing only one thing about herself — her name. Soon she must abandon even that remnant of her identity. She becomes Jules, ship's boy, journeying to Botany Bay and beyond on a voyage of discovery for the glory of France, led by Commander Laperouse. Jules/Julienne sees new and strange things on board the Boussole, but what she would most like to discover is her own history: who is Julienne Fulbert?

Stowaway Jack and the Bottomless Pit

Author : Jack Buck
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Jack Buck, a fifteen-year-old from Northwest Florida, is an average-looking guy with brown eyes, little bulb of a nose, strong eyebrows, his face topped with wavy dark brown hair, worn kind of long. His life is anything but average. A year ago, his father disappeared, and now his mother has died, leaving Jack and his sister Annie as orphans. Following clues left in a series of cryptic letters, Jack realizes he must find the one person who might still want him. He is the only one who believes his father isn't lost to this world after disappearing in the West Pacific while on expedition to prove the widely derided theory in ancient astronauts. Believed to have colonized earth at the dawn of history, these aliens left their mark in the form of monuments and edifices, the pyramids of Egypt only being the best known, created with powers not yet discovered by man. Early humans memorialized these visits in myriad sculptures and edifices unearthed by archaeologists. Jack's father's final communication from a Pacific island hinted he'd found proof these visitations actually occurred. Armed only with the belief in his heart that his dad is still alive, Jack retraces his father's path from Florida to the far-flung Pacific with only scant hints as to his whereabouts. Jack begins his journey as a stowaway on the Lady Jane heading out of New Orleans for Jamaica. Will faith and determination be enough to save Jack from the same fate his father?

High Seas Stowaway

Author : Amanda McCabe
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Balthazar Grattiano, captain of the infamous ship Calypso and renowned seducer of women, has just walked into the one tavern in all of Hispanialo he should have avoided. For Bianca Simonetti, his sworn enemy, is the owner—and she has vengeance on her mind. But before she can take her revenge she is captured by this rogue's kiss. Her only chance for retribution is to stow away on his ship for a passionate adventure that will either kill them—or bring them together once and for all!

Stowaway to Mars

Author : John Wyndham
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'It was a desert. A vista of reddish rocks and drifted sand, arid and hot, extending to the limits of their view. A dreary waste upon which nothing moved or grew . . .' For British pilot Dale Curtance the Keuntz Prize - to be awarded to the first person to take a spaceship to another planet and back - is the ultimate challenge. Not only has he to build a ship to survive the journey, assemble a top-notch crew and choose a destination, he's also got to beat the Russians and Americans. Soon the GLORIA MUNDI blasts off from Salisbury Plain, bound for Mars. There's only one problem - a stowaway called Joan. Not only does her presence wreck calculations and threaten the mission, but her tale suggests that Mars may be a more dangerous destination than they ever expected. 'Perhaps the best writer of science fiction England has ever produced' Stephen King

The Stowaway Kid

Author : Wiiliam Bishop
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The Stowaway Kid: The Story of Chef Alfredo By: William Bishop with Orthnell Alfredo Russell A Bahamian immigrant to the United States, Chef Alfredo Russell is a self-made man, husband, father, and entrepreneur, and he overcame countless obstacles to achieve his goals and dreams. There is triumph in his story, but there is also tragedy. Despite a challenging childhood, years of hard manual labor, and brushes with immigration authorities, Chef Alfredo had accomplished more by age twenty than many of us do in a lifetime. Though few can list the achievements of his life in their accomplishments, The Stowaway Kid: The Story of Chef Alfredo can inspire us to strive to conquer our challenges as Chef Alfredo did.