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Stop Sabotaging Your Best Life

Author : Stephen Scott
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In this powerfully honest and insightful exploration of our ability to work against our own self-interest, Stephen Scott embarks on a truth-telling mission, carefully guiding the reader through the process of discovering and overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors. Fear and uncertainty have consistently prevented you from achieving your goals. "Stop Sabotaging Your Best Life" is your guide to challenging and overcoming fear and uncertainty, enabling you to manifest your best life ... now!

Another 150 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Life

Author : James Egan
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This book covers 150 traps in life you can fall into if you're not careful. Find out how to stop being complacent, how to let go of your spite, take a stand against those who underestimate you, stop hiding behind a facade or just learn how to be more open.

365 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Life

Author : James Egan
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When James Egan's fiancee was diagnosed with cancer, he was afraid she'd call off the wedding. But four weeks after Julie finished her treatment, she married the man she loved-proving that the human spirit can conquer seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We all have that kind of strength, but it can be hard to find and use it in our daily lives. This guide makes it easier by sharing 365 ways you can stop sabotaging your life and happiness. Whether it's an everyday challenge or finding the courage to confront the unexpected, you can discover ways to transform your life, including strategies for striking up conversations with strangers, moving past the pain of a love affair that has ended, starting a new romantic relationship, being more approachable, and meeting problems head on. Alphabetized for easy reference, it offers wise sayings from some of history's most accomplished individuals to help you keep working toward your goals and become the person you want to be."

Stop Self Sabotage

Author : Judy Ho, PhD
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Award-winning clinical psychologist and TV personality Dr. Judy Ho helps you stop the cycle of self-sabotage, clear a path to lasting happiness, and start living your best life in this a must-have guide perfect for fans of You Are a Badass, Unf*ck Yourself, and How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t. Have you ever had a deadline for a big work project, only to find yourself down to the wire because you spent too much time on social media? Or gotten excited about meeting someone new, only to convince yourself he isn’t really interested? How many Januarys have you resolved that this is the year you’re finally going to lose the weight, only to abandon your diet in just a few weeks? If these scenarios sound familiar, you are stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage. At one point or another, we’ve all done something that undermines our best interests and intentions. Even the most successful people get in their own way—often without realizing it. In Stop Self-Sabotage, licensed clinical psychologist, tenured professor, and television personality Dr. Judy Ho takes a fresh look at self-sabotage to help us answer two vital questions: Why do we do it? How do we stop? Combining therapeutically proven strategies with practical tools and self-assessments, Dr. Judy teaches you how to identify your triggers, modify your thoughts and behaviors, find your true motivation, and unlock your willpower to stop this vicious cycle in its tracks. Practical and transformative, Stop Self-Sabotage is your ultimate guide to jumpstart lasting, positive change and start living the life you want.

Over 100 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Life

Author : James Egan
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There are many ways to sabotage your life. In this book, over 100 traps of life are analysed which can help you avoid life's hardships. Learn to get closure from a personal tragedy, develop contingencies when plans fall apart, understand how to deal with criticism constructively, break away from self-destructive cycles and find out how to stop dwelling on the past and embrace the future.

1130 Decisive Thoughts to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy

Author : Nicholas Mag
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The Miracle! In this book Nicholas presents you a practical, unique, subliminal, very simple, detailed method of how to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy. You will feel the effects immediately and the results will appear very quickly! So it was in my case. You will not achieve fulfillment and happiness until YOU become the architect of your own reality. Imagine that with a few moments each day, you could begin the powerful transformation toward complete control of your own life and well being through this unique, subliminal method combined with positive affirmations. The order of words is extremely important for every book written by Nicholas. These are arranged to be traversed in a certain way so as to eliminate certain blockages in the human being, blockages that are bringing disease or failure on various plans. You don't need a big chunk of your time or expensive programs. Everything is extremely simple! Health, money, prosperity, abundance, safety, stability, sociability, charisma, sexual vitality, erotic attraction, will, optimism, perseverance, self-confidence, tenacity, courage, love, loving relationships, self-control, self-esteem, enthusiasm , refinement, intuition, detachment, intelligence, mental calm, power of concentration, exceptional memory, aspiration, transcendence, wisdom, compassion. You have the ability to unlock your full inner-potential and achieve your ultimate goals. This is the age-old secret of the financial elite, world class scholars, and Olympic champions. For example, when you watch the Olympics, you'll find one consistency in all of the champions. Each one closes their eyes for a moment and clearly affirms & visualizes themselves completing the event flawlessly just before starting. Then they win gold medals and become champions. That's merely one example of how the real power of mind can elevate you above any of life's challenges. By reading this book, you will feel totally that life deserves to be lived and enjoyed every moment and that everything that you propose for yourself becomes easy for you to fulfill. Nicholas will guide you to touch your longed-for dream and will make you see life from a new perspective, full of freshness and success. This book helps you step by step, in a natural way, in just 3 minutes a day, to change your misguided way of thinking and to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Joy. (NOTE: For good, Nicholas keep the price of the book as lower as he can, even if is a hard work behind this project. A significant portion of the earnings from the sale of the book are used for these purposes: for charity, volunteer projects, nature restoration, and other inspired ideas to do good where it is needed. If you can not afford to buy the book please contact Nicholas and he will give you a free copy.) You, also have a bonus in the pages of the book that makes you live your success by doing a seemingly trivial thing. You will feel the difference. Yes. The Miracle is possible! Get Your Copy Now!

Wake Up

Author : Anne Astilleros
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Humans feel lonely. They don’t remember who they are, or what they live for. You are an eternal being, travelling along this and other universes, who in a moment makes a stop on this planet called Earth, with one unique purpose: to enjoy your terrestrial experience, while expanding Love and Joy. To help you create a life of happiness, well-being, and abundance, your Creating Parent endowed you with their Universal Principles, the Life Instructions Manual, with which we are all born, but so few can remember. What happened? Why are we not enjoying total happiness and abundance? Since you were a little baby, you were taught to focus your attention on the exterior, only on those things adults see with their limited vision. This is how you gradually forgot how to read your instruction manual; this is how you even forgot its existence inside of you. Oblivious to our interiority and having lost communication with our Self, we feel confused, lost, and aimless. We don’t remember who we are nor the unique mission we promised to accomplish in this lifetime. Once we stop listening to the voice of our Self, we give our full attention to the voice of our ego. Confused by its pseudo-protecting messages, we take its hand and let it guide us through its own paths of fear, struggle, distress, guilt, and self-sabotage. Author Anne Astilleros, not having forgotten who she is and how to use her own instruction manual, helps us remember how to use ours. She reminds us that: • You are not alone. • You are light and darkness; you are not perfect, and you will never be, and it’s okay! • You chose your Dad and Mom to remind you what not to do! • Your ego is not bad. It wants you to illuminate it, and only when you don’t, it punishes you. • Your ego is your best ally in your evolution. • And so much more...

Secrets You Keep from Yourself

Author : Dan Neuharth
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This insightful guide is an exploration of how and why people undermine their happiness and lose touch with their "best" selves. Counterproductive self-deception, a universal behavior, is a habit that can be broken. People keep themselves from having what they want, a phenomenon known as "self-handicapping." Offering poignant examples, innovative tools, and a compassionate perspective, Dan Neuharth reveals how to vanquish self-imposed roadblocks and avoid unnecessary losses in order to embrace and share the best in oneself.

You Deserve the Best

Author : Pat Pearson
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Learn to get more of what you want out of life - stop sabotaging yourself. Increase your self esteem, positive self talk, release negative feelings and create a healthier suppor system... and notice positive changes at work and home. Pat Pearson is a Dallas-based psychotherapis with fifteen years experience in the field.

Stop Self Sabotage Get Out of Your Own Way to Earn More Money Improve Your Relationships and Find the Success You Deserve

Author : Pat Pearson
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Five proven strategies for getting “unstuck” at work, in relationships, and in life A self-published success, with more than 55,000 copies sold, this practical guide from a licensed psychotherapist shows you how to conquer any negative beliefs that might be sabotaging your life. Whether you're feeling stuck in your jobs, dating the wrong person, or unable to lose weight, this simple five-step plan can help transform self-defeating thinking into a higher “Deserve Level,” giving you the tools to stop self-sabotage—and embrace the happiness and success you deserve.

The New York Times Book Review

Author :
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Don t Ask Dick How to date the right man without becoming a one night stand

Author : Johanna Sparrow
File Size : 28.50 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Johanna Sparrow has done it again with her inspiring self-help book for single women looking for Mr. Right while avoiding becoming a one-night stand. Learn why you should have a list of questions for your date. Learn why having sex too soon can cause you heartbreak. Learn what your date really thinks of you. Learn what signals lead to a one-night stand. It’s never good to keep a man around because of sex. The process of getting to know someone should never be rushed. Ladies you are looking for this person to be a major part of your life, so why rush the process? Dressing to get a man’s attention through a more sexual side is one that calls for the question, are you asking for Dick ? Don’t make dating harder than it has to be by asking Dick to give you any attention, since the only thing it's able to offer you, is a one-night stand.

Gem Stress Survival Guide

Author : Jit Gill
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Format : PDF, ePub
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A practical guide to coping with everyday stress. Alphabetical listing of stressful situations, with stress busting tips. A description of different relaxation techniques.

How to Stop Feeling Like Sh t

Author : Andrea Owen
File Size : 39.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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'Fearlessly tells it like it is, offering its readers no-nonsense and insightful advice to help them get over their crap and wake up to their own brilliance.' - Jen Sincero, bestselling author of You Are A Badass It's time to stop self-sabotaging and start living your best life. How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t is a straight-shooting approach to self-improvement for women, one that offers no-crap truth-telling about the most common self-destructive behaviours women tend to engage in. From listening to the imposter complex and bitchy inner critic to catastrophizing and people-pleasing, Andrea Owen--a nationally sought-after life coach-- crystallizes what's behind these invisible, undermining habits. With each chapter, she offers practical advice and kicks women's gears out of autopilot and empowers them to create happier, more fulfilling lives. Powerfully on-the-mark, the chapters are short and digestible, nicely bypassing weighty examinations in favour of punch-points of awareness.

High on Stress

Author : Simone Ravicz
File Size : 69.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Suggests that women should live their lives fully and enjoy them, and offers exercises on how to transform stressful lives into lives that take advantage of the right kind of stress

Mind Hacking Secrets

Author : Jay Laurson
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How to retrain your mind to get the most out of life, even if you're plagued by negative thoughts. We all wish we could get more from our minds. More focus, more power, and let's be honest, more intelligence. What would you say if someone told you that you have power to "hack" your mind, retrain your brain, and get more out of life? You probably wouldn't believe it, would you? Mind Hacking Secrets will quickly have you seeing a new perspective. You'll realize that not only do you have the power to direct your mind, you can use that power to direct your life. Most people are standing in their own way. Most people let their negative thoughts distract them from the possibilities. Most people don't even try to take control. But you're not most people, are you? Inside Mind Hacking Secrets, you'll discover: The many ways we sabotage ourselves and our own minds How a mindfulness practice can help you take control of your brain The role that diet and exercise play in the health of your mind How to identify success and pinpoint a goal to propel you forward How unrealistic expectations and people-pleasing affect our ability to live a positive life Techniques to stop sabotaging thoughts and reactions And much, much more! The sooner you learn how to put yourself in the driver's seat of your life, the sooner you can find the success you've been searching for. You don't have to stand in your own way any longer. Click "add to cart" if you're ready to hack your mind and live your best life.

Simple Sabotage

Author : Robert M. Galford
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Inspired by the Simple Sabotage Field Manual released by the Office of Strategic Services in 1944 to train European resistors, this is the essential handbook to help stamp out unintentional sabotage in any working group, from major corporations to volunteer PTA committees. In 1944, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)—the predecessor of today’s CIA—issued the Simple Sabotage Field Manual that detailed sabotage techniques designed to demoralize the enemy. One section focused on eight incredibly subtle—and devastatingly destructive—tactics for sabotaging the decision-making processes of organizations. While the manual was written decades ago, these sabotage tactics thrive undetected in organizations today: Insist on doing everything through channels. Make speeches. Talk as frequently as possible and at great length. Refer all matters to committees. Bring up irrelevant issues as frequently as possible. Haggle over precise wordings of communications. Refer back to matters already decided upon and attempt to question the advisability of that decision. Advocate caution and urge fellow-conferees to avoid haste that might result in embarrassments or difficulties later on. Be worried about the propriety of any decision. Everyone has been faced with someone who has used these tactics, even when they have meant well. Filled with proven strategies and techniques, this brief, clever book outlines the counter-sabotage measures to detect and reduce the impact of these eight classic sabotage tactics to improve productivity, spur creativity, and engender better collegial relationships.

Too Nice for Your Own Good

Author : Duke Robinson
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Are you, like many of us, too nice for your own good? This remarkable book will empower you to get what you need and deserve,out of life...and still be a nice person! If you're like most folks, you were raised to be "nice". Yet now you find yourself asking: "If I'm so nice, why isn't my life better?" Renowned minister and lecturer Duke Robinson has the answer. Robinson says that well-intended behavior is essential to a humane society, but carries a down side. Being nice often means we take on too much, tell little lies, strive endlessly for perfection, and fall prey to other self-defeating behaviors. Now Robinson outlines the nine unconscious mistakes nice people make daily, and he shows how to correct them and avoid unnecessary stress with life-affirming actions. Learn how to: Say "no" and save yourself from burnout Tell others what you want, and actually receive it Express anger in healing ways that maintain valued relationships Respond effectively when irrationally criticized or attacked Liberate your true self.


Author :
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Author : Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D.
File Size : 62.51 MB
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In Confidence: Finding It and Living It, best-selling author/lecturer Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., offers a life-changing explanation of what true confidence really is, and shares practical tools for creating more power and passion in your work and relationships.