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Stop Drop Roll One Drop At A Time

Author : Akamai Health Journals
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This pretty floral Stop Drop & Roll Journal will help keep you organized as you record your favorite oil recipes. This organizer includes worksheets, checklists, and much more. Some of the custom-designed pages for you to fill out include: Essential Oil Inventory Sheets My Favorite Oils Log Sheets Oil Testing and Rating Sheets My Favorite Blends and Uses Sheets Diffuser Recipes with Different Blends to Try Happiness Blends Wellness Blends Lavender Blends Well Rested Blends Write your own essential oil recipe blends Essential Oil Wish Lists Lined Note Pages and MORE! Stop Drop & Roll Journal is the perfect place to compile all your favorite oil recipes and makes the perfect gift for essential oil lovers. 6 x 9 inches 150 Custom Pages Soft Cover

Stop Drop and Roll

Author : Margery Cuyler
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Jessica has always been a worrier, and learning about fire safety is making her more nervous than ever. But our favorite worrywart is about to discover that knowing what to do in an emergency is the best (and only) way to extinguish her fire-safety fears!

Juvenile Firesetting A Community Guide to Prevention Intervention

Author : Robert Cole
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Indianapolis Monthly

Author :
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Indianapolis Monthly is the Circle City’s essential chronicle and guide, an indispensable authority on what’s new and what’s news. Through coverage of politics, crime, dining, style, business, sports, and arts and entertainment, each issue offers compelling narrative stories and lively, urbane coverage of Indy’s cultural landscape.

One Drop

Author : Bliss Broyard
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In this acclaimed memoir, Bliss Broyard, daughter of the literary critic Anatole Broyard, examines her father's choice to hide his racial identity, and the impact of this revelation on her own life. Two months before he died, renowned literary critic Anatole Broyard called his grown son and daughter to his side to impart a secret he had kept all their lives and most of his own: he was black. Born in the French Quarter in 1920, Anatole had begun to conceal his racial identity after his family moved to Brooklyn and his parents resorted to "passing" in order to get work. As he grew older and entered the ranks of the New York literary elite, he maintained the favßade. Now his daughter Bliss tries to make sense of his choices. Seeking out unknown relatives in New York, Los Angeles, and New Orleans, Bliss uncovers the 250-year history of her family in America and chronicles her own evolution from privilged WASP to a woman of mixed-race ancestry.

Healthy and Sustainable Fundraising Activities

Author : Jenine M. De Marzo
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"Healthy and Sustainable Fundraising Activities" offers a range of nonfood, ecofriendly, and physically active fundraising alternatives to conventional food and product sales. Clear and complete explanations in the text provide the necessary information and tools to help the even inexperienced fundraisers organize successful ecofriendly and health-inspired fundraisers in the community.

Trusting God

Author : Sharon Jaynes
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You don’t have to understand God to trust him. “Just trust me.” Those are the words we often hear in movies just before something bad happens. And yet, we are told to trust God. In a culture where we tend to take control of our own lives, trusting God has become a religious platitude rather than a life-changing attitude. We say it, but do we really mean it? And what does trusting God really look like? Sharon, Mary, and Gwen—the Girlfriends in God ministry team—have been there. They’ve traveled the tough roads of life to discover the peace and power that comes from grabbing the hand of God and trusting his plan. The life stories they share bring laughter and sometimes tears, but always spiritual growth. Each of the 12-week sections concludes with a Bible study guide and journal page, inviting you to lock arms with Sharon, Mary, and Gwen and share with other women in a small group setting or to use individually in your own quiet time.

Among the Dead

Author : Timothy Long
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Seattle is under siege by masses of living dead, and the military struggles to prevent the virus from spreading outside the city. Kate is tired of sitting around. When she learns that a rescue mission is heading back into the chaos, she jumps at the chance to tag along and put her unique skill set and, more importantly, swords to use. Lester finds a new way to deal with the situation: ignore reality with drugs. When he manages to find himself threatened, he joins with an unlikely ally to take the fight to the dead. Meanwhile, Mike makes use of his journalistic skills to find the source of the virus, in the process discovering a way to escape the city. Two mysterious words fuel his mad quest: Lazarus Black.

Making the Most of Your Library Career

Author : Lois Stickell
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An MLIS can provide the skill set needed to get a library job, but building a library career means knowing how to maximize your potential every step of the way. Benefiting those fresh out of library school as well as experienced professionals, career librarians from every corner of the profession offer a personal, down-to-earth view of "what it's really like out there." Filled with valuable insights into how to better launch and manage a library career, this book addresses important topics like How to work and adapt at a new organization What management expects and how to view everyday activities from that point of view How to make suggestions for change Advice on navigating the cyclical nature of a librarian's work year The rewards and challenges of professional organizations Why a library degree is valuable outside a traditional library setting Those new to the field will find the contributors' seasoned advice both inspiring and practical, while veterans of the profession will find guidance on retuning their careers in librarianship's changing environment.


Author :
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The 12 Week Triathlete 2nd Edition Revised and Updated

Author : Tom Holland
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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned triathlete, training for a Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman, or Ironman event, this book offers a complete, step-by-step program that will help you strengthen, tone-up, and both physically and mentally prepare for the

Carrentein Poochiona Ponderas

Author : Amun
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Volume 1: C.C.P. The Untold Story, Black Mafia: Self Made Men, Bloodline: From the Cradle to the Grave Summary: Carrentein Ponderas is a black a familys need and desire to survive in the rat race by any means necessary. From the unity, compassion, and guts of some to help others succeed arose what became known as the Black Mafia. Led by C.C.P., a mirror of S.B., he sprung up to become a shady tree for others, and with a heart bigger than they were that bred, a.k.a. urban legends, where cash ruled then, now, and forevermore. Long live the street legends of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, for the gangster living in each of us. Enjoy. Volume 2: Tru Blood: Til Death Do Us Part, Treeses Block, Ghost in the House Summary: Fetti makes mo fetti, gangsters mo gangsters. Dont hate, get like the competition or become bait. In the jungle only the strong survive. The name of the game aint checkers no mo, its check-mate. A new breed of dons run this here. Meet the new deputy mayors. They took over where the old economy left off. Not Caddys, but Benzos and Porsches are the order of the day. In their world every day is a good day to die. Their motto is watch your back money, dont get short changed. Meet the Gs of the new economy.

The Giant Encyclopedia of Circle Time and Group Activities for Children 3 to 6

Author : Kathy Charner
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Open to any page in this book and you will find an activity for circle or group time written by an experienced teacher. Filled with over 600 activities covering 48 themes, this book is jam-packed with ideas that were tested by teachers in the classroom. These are ideas that work, and there are enough to keep children learning and happy for days, weeks and months. Many activities include suggestions for extending the circle time or group activity into other areas of the curriculum such as math, science, snack, language, or field trips. Books and songs related to the activity as well as original songs and poems are included.

The Savvy Woman s Guide to Owning a Home

Author : Kitty Werner
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The Savvy Woman's Guide to Owning a Home: How to Care For, Improve and Maintain Your Home is becoming the manual for new homeowners, particularly for women. Research into the books currently available shows that there hasn't been a comprehensive book written as a basic homeowner's manual for the non-tool-savvy owner. Using the mantra, "Nothing is obvious to the uninformed," The Savvy Woman's Guide to Owning a Home explains how a house works, what the homeowner needs to do to keep on top of potential problems and how to save money doing so. It also covers moving, insurance, seasonal check-ups, yearly maintenance, saving for big ticket jobs, responsibilities of the homeowner, joining a community, finding schools, finding the right contractor for any job, dealing with pests and importantly, preparing for emergencies, whether weather-related or local. Her advice: It's okay to feel apprehensive about this ownership thing. You can do it. It doesn't take a genius to own and maintain a house. If you (or your partner) aren't handy with a hammer and nail, or comfortable with a power drill, so what! Either learn to do it yourself, befriend someone who is comfortable with wielding the appropriate tool, or learn to find the right professional to do the work for you.

Fire Journal

Author :
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Nursing Care of Children E Book

Author : Susan R. James
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Master the art of caring for children with most effective, efficient, and affordable title on pediatric nursing care. Taking on a family focus, this student-friendly text teaches growth, development, and information on the major body system alterations. Plus, dramatically streamlined content and new learning tools make this new edition even more tailored to your learning needs. Expert reviews of chapter content ensure all chapters include current practices, terms, and updated information. Health Promotion boxes summarize information from the American Academy of Pediatrics to teach you how to perform a comprehensive assessment of well infants and children at various ages. Illustrated Procedure boxes include step-by-step instructions for common nursing tasks. Pathophysiology boxes explain changes in physiology that occur in a variety of diseases and disorders in children. Nursing process highlighted in nursing care plans and in-text discussions. Clinical Reference pages provide students with easy-to-find reference sections, including basic anatomy and physiology, pediatric differences, related laboratory and diagnostic tests, and commonly prescribed medications. Safety Alert boxes highlight patient safety as part of the QSEN initiative for better outcomes of nursing care. Updated Evidence-Based Practice boxes (formerly Using Research to Improve Practice) assist you in determining best practices in your future care of children. Patient-Centered Care boxes guide you in teaching the parents and child about self-care in the home and follow-up care in community-based health care settings. Streamlined Nursing Care Plans have been reformatted to make them easier to read and use. Updated photos throughout the book keep the text up-to-date and visually appealing. Key concepts are highlighted in the book and their definitions are provided in a glossary.

Unlocking the will to learn

Author : Christine A. Johnston
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In this book Christine A Johnston discusses the Interactive Learning Model which uses the metaphor of a combination lock to describe the mechanisms involved in the will to learn. By aligning the three lock mechanisms (cognition//processing, conation//performing and affectation//developing), the will to learn and the power to learn is unlocked for the student.

Life As A Loser

Author : Will Leitch
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Every company he works for goes bankrupt. His landlord just kicked him out. His parents think he's a failure. He can barely scrape up enough pennies to take the subway. And he's still dealing with his fiance leaving him on national TV. Welcome to the world of Will Leitch. In this hilarious collection, Leitch takes us on journey from small-town Illinois to the madness of Manhattan and back again.

The Baker s Daughter Remembers the Holidays

Author : Alice Illg Borning
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The Bakers Daughter Remembers the Holidays This is a collection of memories and recipes throughout the special times of the year at the bakery and in her small town of Endicott. Step back in time, but be prepared to try the recipes to taste the special traditions the make holidays and seasons even better. Enjoy and be festive! This book includes recipes from the former ELKS Bake Shop of Endicott, New York

Leaving Before the Rains Come

Author : Alexandra Fuller
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The sequel to the bestselling Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight Born in England and uprooted to southern Africa as a toddler by her parents, Alexandra Fuller experienced a unique upbringing – both coloured with tragedy and joy – against the backdrop of the Rhodesian wars. Following her marriage to American Charlie Ross, she leaves Africa for Wyoming in the United States. This sequel to the bestselling Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight vividly captures the highs, lows and ultimate dissolution of Fuller’s twenty-year marriage and her unbreakable tie to her African past as she searches for explanations for the present and answers for the future. Interlaced with stories from her childhood in Africa, Fuller paints a brilliant picture of an expatriate’s love for her homeland, a daughter’s acceptance of her father and the moving journey of her marriage and divorce. Poignant, candid and wistfully humorous, Leaving Before the Rains Come will resonate with anyone who has ever fallen out of love – with a person, idea or a place – and into self-acceptance and the belief that only we can save ourselves. ‘Remarkable, beautifully written and fantastically entertaining... a compulsive read’ Observer