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Sting and Religion

Author : Evyatar Marienberg
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On the back cover of one of his most groundbreaking solo albums, . . . Nothing like the Sun of 1987, Sting (Gordon Matthew Sumner, b. 1951 in Wallsend, UK) somberly stands close to a statue of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The album was released a few months after his own mother, Audrey, died. The picture was taken on the island of Montserrat, where he was recording the album, apparently on the day of her death. “I said goodbye to my mother, as I had a recording date in Montserrat, and she died a week later.” When asked by the author if his mother was particularly connected to Mary, and if this was why he chose this image, he replied “No, but I did.” This evocative photograph and Sting’s quick answer encapsulate the two pillars of this book: a microhistory of a specific British Catholic parish in the 1950s–60s, and the impact that growing up there had on Sting’s artistic output. And beyond that, this book opens a window onto the influence of Catholic education and imagination on millions of less famous people who had similar upbringings.

Death without his Sting or the Triumphs of Religion exemplified in the brief memoirs of sundry persons members of the Wesleyan Methodist Society in the Boston Circuit who exchanged mortality for life in the year 1835

Author : James Rosser
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O Death where is Thy Sting

Author : Alexander Schmemann
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In every century since the renaissance, English speakers have felt compelled to possess a translation written especially for their own time of this great epic poem, the earliest and most central literary text of Western culture. That need has been thoroughly met in our century by the distinguished poet and classicist Robert Fitzgerald, whose version of "The Iliad" does justice in every way to the fluent vigor and gravity of the Homeric original.

Death Where Is Your Sting

Author : Robert Reiss
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As lawmakers continue to use religion and religious ethics as a guide, questions of life after death are not only eternal, but urgent.

There s No Religion But Sex and Music Sting

Author : John Wellington
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O Death Where Is Thy Sting

Author : Hoover, Joe
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Death Where Is Your Sting

Author : Philip D. Derber
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The Words and Music of Sting

Author : Christopher Gable
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Gable provides an analysis of the songs, recordings, and influence of one of the most important singer-songwriters in Western popular music over the past twenty years.

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Author :
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Official journal of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. JSSR was founded in 1949 by students of religion and of social science in order to stimulate and communicate significant scientific research on religious institutions and experience.

Author :
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O Death where is Thy Sting

Author : Joe (Chaplain) Hoover
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"A thorough exploration, through personal stories and artistic/academic meditations, of the bleakest and most fearful questions around God's presence in human suffering and death"--

Removing the Sting

Author : Pauline J. Neck
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Removing the Sting is a blend of autobiography, inspiration and encouragement. Written to bring comfort to those facing health or emotional challenges, the book contains a mosaic of stories, poetry, prayers and humour. The story begins by describing a young girl's life in England following World War II. In 1950, when Pauline is five years old, her mother dies following surgery to remove a brain tumor. Two years after this event, Pauline is separated from her older brother and sister, when her father sends her to live with an aunt in London. The emotional fallout from these two events causes a great deal of hurt and anger to build in this young girl's heart, preventing her from truly appreciating the kindness of the people trying to help her. All through the years growing up, marriage to her childhood sweetheart and the exciting prospects of a new life in Canada - she keeps the pain within. Adversity seems to attach itself to Pauline's life until April 1984 when her sister's Bible study group in England start to pray for her. Within a few short weeks, the power of prayer from half-way around the world has a dramatic effect on Pauline's life and many miraculous events occur. A time of emotional healing takes place as Pauline learns to trust in a loving God. Many happy successful years follow. As Pauline grows in faith, she asks God a question, "What is your plan for my life Lord?" God's answer to her prayer seems to be wait - so she waits. She becomes quite adept at juggling church, home and work and the future looks rosy indeed. Following her fiftieth birthday, however, Pauline notices a gradual reduction in muscle strength, slight loss of stamina and experiences problems with balance. As the months and years pass, these gradual symptoms increase to the point where she definitely knows something is wrong. Finally in June 1998, Pauline accepts an early retirement package from her employer and goes home to rest. A year later, thanks to her sister-in-law's keen observations, Pauline is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. In the months following her diagnosis, Pauline joins a support group for writers and starts to jot down ideas for keeping a positive attitude. This therapeutic exercise is undertaken not just for herself, but with the idea in mind that somehow she may be able to help other people facing similar situations. Pauline discovers many actual blessings from having Parkinson's disease and writes about them. She develops a deeper relationship with God and begins trusting Him and thanking Him for every precious day. As family and friends comfort her with their love and support, Pauline again asks God for direction - gently reminding Him that she can no longer afford the luxury of waiting. His answer comes loud and clear...WRITE! Renewed in spirit and blessed with a strong faith, Pauline begins reaching out to others with words of inspiration and encouragement. Starting with a new poem, All Our Days Belong to the Lord, Pauline keeps on writing until the ideas form to share her life story and Removing the Sting is born. ---------------------------------- Reviews "REMOVING THE STING is a blend of autobiography, inspiration and encouragement. It contains a mosaic of stories, poetry, prayers and lots of humor. When Pauline Neck was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in September 1999, she was determined to make the rest of her life totally meaningful. Drawing on her faith in God, the love of family and support of caring friends, Pauline started jotting down ideas for keeping a positive attitude. She wrote about the benefit of support groups, pet ownership, gardening, cooking, singing - in fact everything she could think of to bring encouragement to herself and others. A native Briton, Pauline emigrated to Canada in 1966 and has lived and worked in British Columbia for twenty-four years. She is an active mem

Death disarmed of its sting and miscellaneous sermons

Author : Ezekiel Hopkins
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The Honey and the Sting

Author : Walter Rothschild
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How to become Jewish and how to practise Judaism every day, written from a European Progressive Jewish perspective. Written with love to Judaism and British Humour."

The Divine Sting

Author : Frederick Bauer
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Are beliefs in God and in the soul merely relics of pre-scientific superstition? After all, in the twentieth and twenty-first centuriesthe so-called age of sciencewe know that science can be proven by its fruits: its helped us split the atom and put men on the moon. Religious faith, on the other hand, couldnt accomplish these feats. This conflict leaves modern-day Christians challenged by materialist atheists who claim that faith in God has been discredited by modern physics and psychology. The Divine Sting answers their challenge. Contrary to what most Christians think, belief in God and the soul need not remain matters of religious faith. In fact, it is the atheists themselves who ignore Einsteins shocking revelation about modern sciencethat the physical universe, including the human body and its brain, have never been observed. We have rather only observed mental effects whose source we can only guess at. Atheists naive claims about scientific observation are themselves nothing less than an article of anti-scientific faith. By integrating facts traditionally segregated into categories of philosophy versus theology versus modern science, The Divine Sting will assist you in discovering for yourself how to convert faith in God and belief in the soul into solid, impregnable, and justifiably certain science.

No Sting

Author : Joseph Marchelewski Jr
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The moment we are born into this life a timer is activated, and an hourglass is turned upside down. The sands of time then begin to flow. These bodies all have an expiration date, some shorter and some longer. Most, if not all of life decision making is done with a backdrop of this thing we call death in the background. How much life can we amass or experience before our sands of time run out. This burden corrupts our decisions, relationships, lifestyles, careers and virtually all areas of our life. What if death weren't a consideration. Or if the limit of time was lifted and eliminated. How would you think and live differently? Through the journey of my battle with cancer, I have found freedom from the pressures death has placed on my life decisions and activities. Within the intersection of our physical and spiritual lives lies a power to be free from the influence death has us. It is found in the actualization of the power contained in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. NO STING, is a detailed explanation of the process God walked me through during my battle with cancer. It freed me from the burden of considering leaving this life. NO STING is a scriptural and testimonial journey, culminating in the living reality of the attitude the Apostle Paul promotes in 1 Corinthians 15:55-57; "O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?" The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law; but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

Depression Where Is Your Sting

Author : Robert D. McBain
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If Christianity offers believers hope, freedom, and victory over darkness, why are Christians depressed? This book explores this question using the author’s experiences with depression both as a non-believer and later as a Christian. Self-harm, suicidal behavior, and alcohol typified his non-Christian life until an encounter with Christ healed him from depression and delivered him from his self-destructive lifestyle. Unfortunately, the depression returned within a few years of becoming a Christian. He looked to the church for help but found none. This led him on a spiritual journey with God to find healing from depression. Join him as he unmasks the problem of depression in the church and explains how the church can lead sufferers to wholeness. He also shares his own struggles and describes how he found freedom from depression through Christ.

Religion and LGBTQ Sexualities

Author : Stephen Hunt
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This compiled and edited collection engages with a theme which is increasingly attracting scholarly attention, namely, religion and LGBTQ sexuality. Each section of the volume provides perspectives to understanding academic discourse and wide-ranging debates around LGBTQ sexualities and religion and spirituality. The collection also draws attention to aspects of religiosity that shape the lived experiences of LGBTQ people and shows how sexual orientation forges dimensions of faith and spirituality. Taken together the essays represent an exploration of contestations around sexual diversity in the major religions; the search of sexual minorities for spiritual ’safe spaces’ in both established and new forms of religiosity; and spiritual paths formed in reconciling and expressing faith and sexual orientation. This collection, which features contributions from a number of disciplines including sociology, anthropology, psychology, history, religious studies and theology, provides an indispensable teaching resource for educators and students in an era when LGBTQ topics are increasingly finding their way onto numerous undergraduate, post-graduate and profession orientated programmes.

Women of Wasps and War

Author : Madeleine D'Este
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Women of Wasps and War is a grim, gripping tale of power and politics, and the heart-breaking struggle between love and honour.Agata, the Duchess of Ambrovna, was never meant to take the throne. In a land where men rule, her sole purpose was to smile and curtsey. However, when war left her land leaderless, the Fatherhood religion begrudgingly allowed a first; a woman to rule. Now the war is over the men have returned more arrogant and cruel than ever, and the Duchess is shoved back into a life of needlework and silence.But with her new thirst for justice, Agata is reluctant to allow her country to return to its old ways. Without her position of power, Agata and her circle of women look to the taboo wisdom of the Wasp Women for answers. But this ancient knowledge comes with consequences, and with death and treachery on the horizon, Agata must decide whether it is worth the risk.

The Sting and the Twinkle

Author : Sean O'Casey
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