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Stewardship Ethics in Debt Management

Author : Roy Mohon
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As we move forward into the Third Millennium AD the perennial problem of unmanageable debt is still with us. As if to prove the point, in late November 1997, the Tokuyo City Bank in Japan closed down its business, reminding the world that default still stalks families, institutions and governments. It seems that little has been achieved in handling debt since 1216 when the Magna Carta limited the actions of bailiffs against debtors willing and able to make payment. Current literature about consumer credit, business finance and mortgages reveals the urgent need to tackle the ethics of borrowing and lending on some commonly understood and acceptable basis. In this book, the stewardship concept familiar in accounting, corporate governance, environmental strategy and Christian social ethics is analyzed to provide a framework. The book demonstrates that analysis of the concept of stewardship provides a set of resource-related social values which shed light upon ethical issues in debt management and enable the construction of a decision support model to secure improvements in debt management practice.

Spirituality and Ethics in Management

Author : László Zsolnai
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The signi? cance of “spirituality in management” is acquiring considerable international recognition. It is one of the “hottest” emerging ? elds in management. A number of recent events underscore this development. In February 2000 the Indian Institute of Management organized a “Corporate Reputation for Competitive Advantage” workshop in Calcutta, which focused on spirituality, ethics and leadership. The conference “Business, Religion and Spirituality” was held at the University of Notre Dame in April th 2000. In April 2001 the International Academy of Business Disciplines held its 13 annual meeting in Orlando, Florida and had a track on Spirituality in Organizations. In April 2002 a world conference was organized in New York entitled “Spirit in Business: Ethics, Mindfulness and the Bottom Line. ” These and other important scienti? c events clearly show that spirituality is no longer considered to be purely a matter of individual search, and is becoming more and more recognized in management and business ethics circles. Our “Spirituality in Management” workshop was held in July 1–3, 2001 in Szeged, Hungary. It was jointly organized by the Business Ethics Center of the Budapest University of Economic Sciences, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the Department for the Study of Religion of the University of Szeged. Scholars and practitioners from 13 countries represented disciplines as diverse as economics, business, management studies, philosophy, theology, sociology, and medical anthropology. Participants included PETER PRUZAN, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark); S. K.

Managing Care A Shared Responsibility

Author : Joseph L. Verheijde
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This book traces the growth of managed care as a mechanism for curbing excessive growth in health costs, and the controversies that have risen around for-profit health care. Also examined are decentralization in US health care, and the absence of comprehensive health care planning, access rules, and minimum health care benefit standards. Finally, the author proposes a framework for improving access to quality, affordable health care in a competitive market environment.

Contemporary Reflections on Business Ethics

Author : Ronald F. Duska
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Over 30 years Ronald F. Duska has established himself as one of the leading scholars in business ethics. This book presents Duska’s articles the years on ethics, business ethics, teaching ethics, agency theory, postmodernism, employee rights, and ethics in accounting and the financial services industry. These reflect his underlying philosophical concerns and their application to real-world challenges — a method that might be called an Aristotelian common-sense approach to ethical decision making.

The Philosophy Politics and Economics of Finance in the 21st Century

Author : Patrick O'Sullivan
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Since 2008, the financial sector has been the subject of extensive criticism. Much of this criticism has focused on the morality of the actors involved in the crisis and its extended aftermath. This book analyses the key moral and political philosophical issues of the crisis and relates them to the political economy of finance. It also examines to what extent the financial sector can or should be reformed. This book is unified by the view that the financial sector had been a self-serving and self-regulating elite consumed by greed, speculation and even lawlessness, with little sense of responsibility to the wider society or common good. In light of critical analysis by authors from a variety of backgrounds and persuasions, suggestions for reform and improvement are proposed, in some cases radical reform. By placing the world of finance under a microscope, this book analyses the assumptions that have led from hubris to disgrace as it provides suggestions for an improved society. Rooted in philosophical reflection, this book invites a critical reassessment of finance and its societal role in the 21st century. This book will be of interest to academics, politicians, central bankers and financial regulators who wish to improve the morality of finance.

Human Rights and the Moral Responsibilities of Corporate and Public Sector Organisations

Author : Tom Campbell
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All students and advocates of human rights will be interested in this concerted exploration of the human rights moral obligations that fall, not directly on states, but on private and public organisations. Such an approach to human rights opens up the possibility of holding corporations and bureaucracies to account for human rights violations even when they have acted in accordance with the law. This interdisciplinary and international project brings together eminent philosophers, lawyers, social scientists and practitioners to articulate theoretically and develop in practical contexts the moral implications of human rights for non-state actors. What emerges from the book as a whole is a distinctive contemporary vision of the emerging moral impact of human rights and its significance for organisational behaviour and performance.

Principles of Ethical Economy

Author : P. Koslowski
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The theory of ethical economy analyses the ethical presuppositions of the market economy. It demonstrates that ethics is the pre-coordination in the motives of the economic agents anteceding the coordination of the price system in the market process. Ethical economy develops a positive theory of economic, ethical, and religious coordination of self-interested action described as a super-assurance game of prisoners' dilemma situations. It conceptualises ethics as the corrective of market failure and religion as the corrective of ethics failure. The formal ethics of coordination is then complemented by a theory of the material-substantive ethics of value qualities. One principle of ethical economy is the classical principle of double effect that is used for a theory of managerial and general decision-making. Unintended side-effects (externalities) are a central problem of decisions of large impact. Management decision making must exploit the potential for positive side-effects and control the negative side-effects of managerial decisions. The theory of ethical economy analyses the principles of just price and fair pricing and the relevance of the theory of just price for the pricing behaviour of the modern firm. Principles of Ethical Economy forms a theoretical synthesis of the market theory of modern economics and of the natural right tradition of ethics. It creates new insights into the ethics of the market as well as in the economics presuppositions and consequences of ethical duties, virtues, and goods.

Business Ethics in Theory and Practice

Author : Patricia Werhane
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This book originated in a symposium on business ethics that took place in the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Canterbury in September of 1997. Professor Werhane, who was a visiting Erskine Fellow, provided the keynote address, and many of the papers in this collection were originally presented at this symposium. We are grateful to Kluwer Publishers for the opportunity to publish these essays in their series on International Business Ethics. We want to thank the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics at the Darden School, University of Virginia, and the Erskine Trust and the Department of Management at the University of Canterbury for their support of Professor Werhane's fellowship, research for this text, and funding for its production. We especially want to thank Lisa Spiro, who copy-edited and prepared the manuscript for publication. INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW This book originated in a symposium on business ethics that took place in the faculty of commerce, at the University of Canterbury, in September 1997. Professor Werhane, who was a visiting Erskine Fellow, provided the keynote address. Contributions to the proceedings were. inter-disciplinary, spanning theory and practice. Subsequent contributions were obtained from within New Zealand and from Asia. The book starts off on rather a pessimistic note: the new managerialism (the kind of thing Scott Adams jokes about in the world-famous Dilbert cartoons) is economically suspect and psychologically damaging.

Women on Corporate Boards of Directors

Author : Ronald J. Burke
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Both the practitioner and academic communities have voiced strong opinions regarding the progress of women in reaching the executive suite and the corporate boardroom. Proponents on each side of the current debate offer evidence suggesting the accuracy of their respective positions. One view holds: "The fight is over. The battle is won. Women are now accepted as outside directors in the preponderance of corporate boardrooms" (Lear, 1994: 10). An alternative perspective, however, suggests there is much progress left. An illustration of the type of remaining barriers is provided by T. J. Rodgers, chief executive officer (CEO) of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. , who has commented that "a 'woman's view' on how to run our semiconductor company does not help us" (Rodgers, 1996: 14). Regardless of where one falls along the spectrum anchored at one end by the view that women have made substantial progress in reaching the upper echelons of corporations and anchored at the other end by the view that women have barely begun to penetrate the "inner sanctum" of corporations, the central issue is the extent to which women have succeeded in cracking the proverbial "glass ceiling. " The glass ceiling is a metaphorical barrier which prevents women from attaining the upper-most organizational positions (e. g. , Karr, 1991; Morrison, White, Van Velsor, and the Center for Creative Leadership, 1992; Powell & Butterfield, 1994; U. S. Department of Labor, 1991).

Christian Radio

Author : Bob Lochte
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Religious programming has been on the airwaves since broadcasting began, but today it is one of the fastest growing categories in radio. This book examines the progression of Christian radio from its beginnings on tiny local stations (like WCAL from St. Olaf’s College in Minnesota) to its presence on network and satellite radio of today. The author notes the factors that brought Christian music into the mainstream and discusses how network policies and regulations affected the development of Christian radio. Also considered are the changing demographics that have contributed to the success of Christian broadcasting. Major Christian networks and their evangelical missions are discussed, along with such programs A Money Minute, Life on the Edge and Focus on the Family, which offer practical topical advice for today’s Christian. The final chapter considers the future of Christian radio.

Ministerial Ethics

Author : Joe E. Trull
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Ministerial Ethics provides both new and experienced pastors with tools for sharpening their personal and professional decision-making skills. The authors seek to explain the unique moral role of the minister and the ethical responsibilities of the vocation and to provide "a clear statement of the ethical obligations contemporary clergy should assume in their personal and professional lives." Trull and Carter deal with such areas as family life, confidentiality, truth-telling, political involvement, working with committees, and relating to other church staff members. First published in 1993, this edition has been thoroughly updated throughout and contains expanded sections on theological foundations, the role of character, confidentiality, and the timely topic of clergy sexual abuse. Appendices describing various denominational ministerial codes of ethics are included.

The Business Year Abu Dhabi 2020

Author : Peter Howson
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As Ecuador and the world at large grapple with the emerging challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important not to forget the fundamentals of the Ecuadorian economy and the success stories of 2019 and the start of 2020. We believe contained within these pages is an accurate, balanced account of the state of the Ecuadorian economy as of publication, told through the words of the dozens of top public- and private-sector figures. The Business Year's country-specific publications, sometimes featuring over 150 face-to-face interviews, are among the most comprehensive annual economic publications available internationally. This 212-page publication covers green economy, finance, hydrocarbons, mining, agriculture, construction, industry, transport, education, health, ICT, and tourism.


Author : John G. Taft
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A compelling argument for why stewardship of wealth and service to others should be our highest financial priority Stewardship is the journey of financial insider John Taft towards understanding and affirming the importance of stewardship—which he has come to define as "serving others"—as a core principle for the financial services industry, the global financial system, and society at large. By defining the attributes of authentic stewardship, this book presents a path forward by analyzing the success of Canadian banks in weathering the financial crisis; evaluates the effectiveness of global financial reform efforts in making the financial system safer, sounder, and more secure; offers wealth management prescriptions for individual investors; evaluates the potential of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investment processes as a way to instill stewardship behaviors among corporate CEOs (particularly at financial services firms); and, ultimately, calls for a return to stewardship's core principles as the key to not only minimizing the scope and consequences of future failures, but also to addressing other societal challenges. Argues for a return towards stewardship, with financial services companies doing right by their customers Analyzes the response of Canadian banks to the financial crisis to provide meaningful advice for investors and businesses alike Inspired by Taft's experience running one of the largest wealth management firms in the country during the financial crisis and his direct participation in subsequent legislative and regulatory efforts to rewrite the rules under which the U.S. securities industry operates From the man who made the decision to reimburse clients affected by the collapse of a money market mutual fund comes a compelling look at why financial service companies should start doing what's right for their customers.

Journal of Banking Finance

Author :
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Loving Money

Author : Kathleen Kempf
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Do you long for more money? Are you dissatisfied with your current finances? Do you have any negative beliefs about money? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading! Grounded in a foundation of love and concern for those who suffer from anxiety related to money, this dynamic and inspirational guidebook dispels the unspoken taboo regarding money. The intention, to change your beliefs about money and finance, along with any negative beliefs that you may have about yourself. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to learn how to love money, (something not generally contemplated), identify personal goals, and develop a plan that works for you. The author draws from her own personal spiritual path, and experiences as a financial adviser and life planner, in writing this interactive workbook. Designed to help you create positive beliefs and habits that will foster an amazing relationship with yourself and money. The spiritual practices suggested will help you dispel harmful beliefs that interfere with you and your financial success. The simple yet comprehensive sections explaining how money and investing works will allow you to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to help make financial decisions. Together these spiritual and practical tools, if followed, will give you the freedom to love money.

The Accounting Historians Journal

Author :
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Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics

Author : Joel B. Green
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This one-stop reference book on the vital relationship between Scripture and ethics offers needed orientation and perspective for students, pastors, and scholars. Written to respond to the movement among biblical scholars and ethicists to recover the Bible for moral formation, it is the best reference work available on the intersection of these two fields. The volume shows how Christian Scripture and Christian ethics are necessarily intertwined and offers up-to-date treatment of five hundred biblical, traditional, and contemporary topics, ranging from adultery, bioethics, and Colossians to vegetarianism, work, and Zephaniah. The stellar ecumenical list of contributors consists of more than two hundred leading scholars from the fields of biblical studies and ethics, including Darrell Bock, David Gushee, Amy Laura Hall, Daniel Harrington, Dennis Olson, Christine Pohl, Glen Stassen, and Max Stackhouse.

The Bible

Author : Roy Mohon
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Raymond, a youngster from a non-churchgoing family, asked: "What is that book you call the Bibles?" We immediately realized that knowledge of the Word of God could not be taken for granted. In Britain today, as in many affluent nations, many have no concept of the most important book in the world beyond the use of its name in such titles as the Gardeners' Bible or the Internet Bible. Every Christian should be familiar with the necessity of the Bible, its qualities and proper use. This publication is just the book to give you a confident understanding of such things. The book is suitable for anyone seeking to understand the place of the Bible in spiritual Christianity. It explains why the Bible is so essential for us, the special qualities of the Bible as the inspired Word of God and the place that the Bible should occupy in Christian life and witness. Pastor Mohon is minister of the Presbyterian Reformed Church, Stockton-on-Tees. As well as qualifications in banking and taxation he holds a M.A. in Theology from the University of Durham. He was converted as a young man and has been expounding the Scriptures ever since. He has served as Honorary Treasurer of the Trinitarian Bible Society and Moderator of Presbytery in the Presbyterian Reformed Church. He is the author of various articles and several books including "Stewardship Ethics in Debt Management" published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, "Cosmic War Survival" and "The Saviour of the World: Daily Readings from John's Gospel" both published by Truthzone. Pastor Mohon has lived in the North East of England, Lancashire and Northern Ireland. He has four children and two grandchildren.

Handbook of Research on Teaching Ethics in Business and Management Education

Author : Wankel, Charles
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"This book is an examination of the inattention of business schools to moral education, addressing lessons learned from the most recent business corruption scandals and financial crises, and also questioning what we're teaching now and what should be considering in educating future business leaders to cope with the challenges of leading with integrity in the global environment"--Provided by publisher.

Management Ethics

Author : Joseph A. Petrick
File Size : 64.97 MB
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This book provides the theoretical rationale, conceptual framework and practical tools necessary for building and sustaining managerial and organizational integrity over time. Individual chapters are devoted to ethical planning, leadership and control. Also included are 28 mini-cases relate to various functional areas of management including finance, marketing, human resource management, law, technology, operations, public policy and the environment.