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Stepping Stones to Women s Liberty

Author : Les Garner
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This book examines the feminism of an early twentieth-century movement that involved thousands of women--the struggle for the vote in England. It is an attempt to discover some of the main ideas developed within the major suffragist organizations.


Author : Neil Griffiths
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Designed to address the Foundation Curriculum, the Early Learning Goals from the QCA, and the Scottish Curriculum Framework 3-5. This book offers Early Years education, and is a child-centred, activity based resource for nursery stage. It is based on and correlated to the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Stepping Stones

Author : Lucy Knisley
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This contemporary middle-grade graphic novel about family and belonging from New York Times bestselling author Lucy Knisley is a perfect read for fans of Awkward and Be Prepared. Jen is used to not getting what she wants. So suddenly moving the country and getting new stepsisters shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Jen did not want to leave the city. She did not want to move to a farm with her mom and her mom's new boyfriend, Walter. She did not want to leave her friends and her dad. Most of all, Jen did not want to get new "sisters," Andy and Reese. As if learning new chores on Peapod Farm wasn't hard enough, having to deal with perfect-at-everything Andy might be the last straw for Jen. Besides cleaning the chicken coop, trying to keep up with the customers at the local farmers' market, and missing her old life, Jen has to deal with her own insecurities about this new family . . . and where she fits in. New York Times bestselling author Lucy Knisley brings to life a story inspired from her own childhood in an amazing journey of unlikely friends, sisters, and home. "Funny, sweet, and real." -Jennifer & Matthew Holm, co-creators of the bestselling Babymouse series "This book is gorgeous. Highly recommended." -Kristen Gudsnuk, creator of Making Friends

Stepping Stones Limited Edition

Author : Claude J. Preval
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A vigorous and inspiring poetic collection through upbringing and adulthood written in English and French.

Stepping Stones To Other Religions A Christian Theology of Inter religious Dialogue

Author : Dermot A. Lane
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Stumbling Blocks Or Stepping Stones

Author : Benedict J. Groeschel
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Focuses on values and attitudes drawn from the Gospels and the literature of Christian spirituality to discover solutions to psychological problems. Father Benedict offers a series of therapeutic meditations for readers with an interest in spirituality.

Native Americans and Archaeologists

Author : Nina Swidler
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Legal and economic factors have thrust American archaeology into a period of intellectual and methodological unrest. Issues such as reburial and repatriation, land and resource 'ownership,' and the integration of tradition and science have long divided archaeologists and Native American communities. Both groups recognize the need for a dramatic transformation of the discipline into one that appeals to and serves the greater public. This book tackles these and other issues by elucidating successful strategies for collaboration. It includes detailed discussions of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), enacted in 1990 in effort to legislatively redefine ownership of cultural items. Perspectives range from Native American representatives from tribes throughout the U.S., professional archaeologists and anthropologists working for tribes, federal and state agency representatives, museum specialists, and private archaeology and anthropology consultants. Published in cooperation with the Society for American Archaeology.

Three Stepping Stones

Author : William Reed Huntington
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Stepping Stones to Creativity

Author : Judith Harris
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This guide contains four books-worth of creative activities for the early years in one bumper-value guide. Perfect to dip into, this gem of a guide features: - Hundreds of easy-to-follow activities that cover 40 of the most popular early years topics - Each topic contains ideas for singing, dance, movement, storytelling, art and design, and drama - An easy-reference key showing which of the Creative Development Early Learning Goals are being explored An essential for anyone wanting new and creative ideas for use in topic work with the early years. This book is a compendium of all the activities from the following four Stepping Stones to Creativity titles: Dance and Movement; Design, Art and Modelling; Stories, Songs and Rhymes and Drama and Role Play.

Diversity Gains

Author : Sarah Böllinger
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DiversityGains – Vielfalt gewinnt – an Sichtbarkeit, Akzeptanz und Gestaltungskraft, aber auch an Widerspruch und Komplexität. Die Autorinnen diskutieren Erfahrungen und Analysen, Praktiken und Politiken aus europäischen und afrikanischen Gesellschaften in Essays, Aufsätzen und einem Gedicht. Die Themen reichen von sozialer Ausdifferenzierung der kenianischen Mittelschicht über inklusive Kunst und Kulturvermittlung zu Politik und Erfahrungen von Behinderung, Geschlecht, Hautfarbe und Sexualität sowie intersektionale Erfahrungen. Alle befassen sich damit, wie wir gesellschaftlicher Komplexität begegnen und wie DiversityGains für alle ein Gewinn werden können. Die Autor*innen und Herausgeber*innen sind Ethnolog*innen und Kunst- und Literaturwissenschaftler*innen, Lehrer*innen und Soziolog*innen, Journalist*innen und Aktivist*innen aus Europa, Afrika und den USA. Mit Beiträgen von Sarah Böllinger, Katharina Fink, Ann Fox, Thomas Hughes, Ras-I Mackinzeph; Carsten Mildner, Kevin Mwachiro, Dieter Neubert, Emmanuel Sackey, Florian Stoll, Ulf Vierke, Monika Windisch

Stepping Stones to Enlightenment

Author : Granville Stone
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It was always on the cards that the 'Age of Aquarius' would bring a heightened sense of awareness to humanity - whether we like it or not, and from personal inner work over the years I've no doubt that that the sediment being stirred up as a result of this awareness is causing mass discomfort and a much increased search for answers - answers given here in detail by someone who's spent forty years unwinding the mysteries that are at the back of life. Enter within and have corage to go deeper into yourself - there we will meet as kindred Souls and form part of an ever growing network of light that will, in the not too distant future restore paradise on Earth.

Stepping Stones

Author : Patsy Clairmont
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God designed people with a deep love of nature. He has been revealing Himself through creation since the beginning of time. Best-selling author Patsy Clairmont has written Stepping Stones: A Garden Path, personal reflections based on her deep love of gardening, to celebrate God's creation, the honor of being allowed to enjoy and cultivate it, and -- most importantly -- the One who made it all. This beautiful book contains on-site photos of the author in her gardens at her homes in both Michigan and California. Perfect for gardeners -- and for those who desire to be.

Stepping Stones to Recovery

Author : Bill Pittman
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An important resource that highlights the rewards recovery offers. This bestseller comes from the "group conscience" of members of the A.A. fellowship and is recommended reading for patients in many substance abuse treatment centers as well as alcoholism counselor training courses.

Stepping Stones

Author : Eva Hoffman
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Journey to Fulfillment

Author : Theresa Franklin
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Have you experienced heartache? Has emotional trauma turned into physical pain? Are you tired of life's setbacks and looking for reassurance from God? Journey to Fulfillment is for you. Through this encouraging and often humorous devotional, author Theresa Franklin will show you how to turn life's impossible stumbling blocks into stepping stones toward a fulfilled life. In Journey to Fulfillment, Theresa chronicles the painful events in her life and how they changed her character and her principles forever. She challenges you to remember your childhood and how events from your past have influenced your today. God uses each milestone as stepping stones to strengthen and prepare you for His service. Learn to achieve your goals by letting the painful events of life strengthen you. And consider what could be or has been accomplished because of these adversities. Consider each person who has gathered strength from you because of the journey God allowed you to travel and join author Theresa Franklin on her Journey to Fulfillment. Theresa Franklin and her husband, Sam, live outside of Beaumont, Texas, where their three children grew up. She became a teacher twenty-four years ago with the goal of showing children unconditional love. Now retired from education, she enjoys writing and is the author of the children's book, Don't Forget Daddy.

Stepping Stones

Author : Christine Desdemaines-Hugon
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“The next best thing to actually seeing the prehistoric cave art of southern Franc[e] . . . A rapturous guide through five major Ice Age sites” (Archaeology). The cave art of France’s Dordogne region is world-famous for the mythology and beauty of its remarkable drawings and paintings. These ancient images of lively bison, horses, and mammoths, as well as symbols of all kinds, are fascinating touchstones in the development of human culture, demonstrating how far humankind has come and reminding us of the ties that bind us across the ages. Over more than twenty-five years of teaching and research, Christine Desdemaines-Hugon has become an unrivaled expert in the cave art and artists of the Dordogne region. In Stepping-Stones she combines her expertise in both art and archaeology to convey an intimate understanding of the “cave experience.” Her keen insights communicate not only the incomparable artistic value of these works but also the near-spiritual impact of viewing them for oneself. Focusing on five fascinating sites, including the famed Font de Gaume and others that still remain open to the public, this book reveals striking similarities between art forms of the Paleolithic and works of modern artists and gives us a unique pathway toward understanding the culture of the Dordogne Paleolithic peoples and how it still touches our lives today. “Her vivid descriptions help readers visualize the Cro-Magnon man or woman painting the beautiful bison, horses, mammoths, and other symbols. [A] fine reading experience.” —Library Journal

Stepping Stones

Author : Juanita McClain
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Stepping stones is based on a true story but has been modified to suite the tone of the story. Alexis, which is the main character of the story, has a health scare that she doesn’t feel she would be able to handle mentally and emotionally. Alexis often suffers from Sickle cell disease crises. When she began to experience other health complications, she begins to fear the unknown. She reverts to her religion in her time of need to help her find peace and serenity. With her mother by her side, she is able to build the resilience that she needs to accept and overcome the situation at hand.

Stepping Stones

Author : Lisa Hammond
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Stepping Stones My Green Book

Author :
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Takes children through graded stages from the nursery school environment to the classroom.

Stepping Stones to Living Well with Dysphagia

Author : Julie A. Y. Cichero
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A multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment and care Oropharyngeal dysphagia is a major complaint among many patients suffering from neurological diseases as well as in the elderly. Its severity ranges from moderate difficulty to complete inability to swallow, and it may give rise to clinically relevant complications such as aspiration pneumonia, malnutrition and/or dehydration, impaired quality of life, and death. However, despite its high prevalence and even though it would be very cost-effective to avoid complications by adequate treatment, dysphagia is still severely underdiagnosed. The contributions in this book present and discuss state-of-the-art diagnostic methods, treatment, and care of dysphagia patients, putting special emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach. A variety of clinical specialists will find this publication a most valuable addition to their library, including nurses, speech-language pathologists, dieticians, nutritionists, gastroenterologists and related specialties.