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Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand

Author : Linda J. Ferguson
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Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand provides insightful stories and ideas to support your spiritual journey and help you answer your soul’s calling. Inside you’ll read how to step fully into who you are as an awakened soul being. You’ll shift how you experience your world using the affirmations, meditations, and visualizations provided in each chapter. A new process called Transformational Empowerment™ shows five key steps for manifesting your heart’s desire and fulfilling your soul contracts. You’ve already signed up to be an agent for spiritual transformation, in your own life and in the world. Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand is a spiritual guidebook to help you navigate through your daily stresses, spiritual tests, and challenging relationships. It also is a celebration of the joy you are here to experience in earth-school. Each chapter has meaningful exercises for you to use immediately! Read more so you can live the magnificent expression of Divine Essence that you are.

Staying Grounded

Author : Michael Hynes
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From The Author Our children and adults within our schools need you to be at your absolute best. An educator who is constantly working toward "Staying Grounded" will be someone who is a strategic leader who leads within and amongst the levels of self, others, and the organization they serve. Leadership of self includes the responsibility of being self-aware and proactive in developing personal strengths. This is what the 12 Principles will provide for you if you have what it takes. I know you do! I've heard that leadership is never about wielding one's authority, it's about empowering people. This book is meant to take that concept many steps further. For years my wife Erin has asked me when I would write a book about my views about the future of our education system and school leadership. The two are inextricably linked together. I hope this book will provide you with everything you will ever need to make that come true for the child(ren) or school(s) you have the privilege of serving. My work as a superintendent of schools, Fulbright specialist, TEDx speaker and associate professor of education has allowed me to acquire some insightful viewpoints into our education system and the people who work within it. I've been fortunate to work with children beginning in Pre-K through teaching educators and administrators working toward their doctorates in education. In many cases, their education spans thirty plus years. Editorial Reviews "Michael Hynes is one of America's most respected educators. A celebrated teacher and visionary superintendent, he is driven by a deep conviction that education must address the whole child - mind, body and spirit - and that leaders and administrators have crucial roles on making sure it does. He knows exactly how taxing those roles can be and that, whatever the pressures, they have to be guided by humane principles and compassionate practice. Staying Grounded is a trove of ethical and practical wisdom for managing the system as it is and for leading the changes that are needed for all our children to flourish as they must." Sir Ken Robinson, Educator and New York Times Best Selling Author "Michael Hynes is a visionary superintendent and Staying Grounded lays out a core set of principles to guide school leaders. In focusing on the inside work defining the leader's attitude and purpose, the outside work of creating a compelling philosophy of education, and the future work of understanding where we are going, he creates the architecture for a just and humane school system. By starting with a foundation built on a sense of purpose, relationships, and taking care of yourself, he reminds us of Oscar Wilde's famous aphorism: 'Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.'" James Harvey, President of the National Superintendents Roundtable "After reading Dr. Hynes' inspiring book, I found myself wondering what would happen if he became a State Commissioner of Education. The state's focus would shift 180 degrees, from obsessing over test scores and accountability to an entirely different paradigm of physical, mental, and emotional well- being for students and staff. This would be a Copernican revolution in education. If only." Diane Ravitch, Research Professor of Education at NYU and educational policy analyst

Staying Grounded

Author : Marianne Rice
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Graham Riley enjoys the laid-back freedom of a pilot's life-until one choice puts his career in jeopardy... Graham loves his job-it allows him to escape his troubled past and the stigma of being a murderer's son. But after an altercation with a drunk passenger is posted on social media, he's forced to go on administrative leave until his name can be cleared. To get his wings back, he must attend anger management classes, and to avoid the media frenzy near his home base in Texas, he heads to Rocky Harbor, Maine. Responsible therapist Maggie O'Fallon wants a stable relationship with a man who's not going anywhere... Maggie grew up with parents who were never around, physically or emotionally. Needing steadiness in her life and in a relationship, she only dates men with normal jobs. But when Graham walks into her office and flashes his charming steel-blue eyes at her, she's at a loss for words. Torn between her ethics and her heart, Maggie asks Graham to see a different therapist so they can explore the chemistry between them. He has everything she's been looking for-except stability... Maggie touches something deep within Graham and he panics, pushing her away, too scared to face his feelings. But when a private investigator threatens to discredit not only Graham, but Maggie's practice as well, he is faced with two choices. Fight...or take flight. Battling a lawsuit and his heart, Graham must decide what's more important-the life he thought he wanted...or Maggie. Maggie might be the only thing that will ever help Graham Stay Grounded.

Gods of the City

Author : Robert A.. Orsi
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Book Review

Leadership in Action

Author : Edward M. Marshall
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With continued economic challenges, high unemployment, and cautiousness about when or how quickly the economy will turn around, the pressure on leadership has been ratcheted up several notches.

Grounded Theory

Author : Vivian B. Martin
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This anthology provides a unique collection of articles on classic grounded theory, as developed by sociologist Dr. Barney G. Glaser. Organized in four sections, teaching grounded theory, techniques, history and philosophy, and advanced approaches, the 19 chapters fill gaps and correct misunderstandings about the method. Chapters on the merits of classic grounded theory over other versions, the historical and philosophical influences on the method, and advice for Ph.D. students doing classic grounded theory dissertations will be useful to novice and experienced researchers. How-to chapters on the use of focus groups, online interviews, and video for data collection expand data possibilities, while articles on formal theory, software, and testing concepts with structural equation modeling will challenge the more experienced. Essays on Glaser as a teacher, as well as a biographical interview in which he discusses his life philosophy and, for the first time, the influence of psychoanalysis on grounded theory, round out the picture of Glaser as mentor and man. The book's contributors, from nine countries and as many disciplines, all studied grounded theory with Glaser.


Author : Bob Rosen
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A provocative, personal approach to leadership based on in-depth research with hundreds of executives around the world Confronted by disruptive change and economic turbulence, many of today's leaders find themselves ill-equipped to manage the hazards they now face. They must contend with chronic uncertainty, cynical employees, and personal burnout. Most are poorly served by the prevailing paradigm that obsessively focuses on what we do to produce short-term results while sabotaging who we are as healthy human beings. Few have seen alternatives, until now. Grounded proposes a new approach that's designed for actual humans who must grapple with these forces. This new paradigm speaks to our better selves. Based on the author's Healthy Leader model, it focuses on the six personal dimensions that fuel—and refuel—the world's top leaders: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, vocational, and spiritual health. The book argues that leaders at every level can be more self-aware, develop their untapped potential, and drive significantly better results—for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. Shows readers how to build a personal leadership model that works with their values, goals and capabilities Features fresh stories from leaders in a variety of organizations including the New York Fire Department, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Lego Group, and Medstar Health Gives leaders practical tools to face their toughest challenges with greater skill, confidence, and impact By developing themselves and mastering the six dimensions, readers can gain the stamina and strength to not only weather tough times but to achieve much, much more.

The SAGE Handbook of Current Developments in Grounded Theory

Author : Antony Bryant
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The second edition of this bestselling handbook features extensive updates of all existing chapters, as well as eight new chapters representing the biggest recent developments in Grounded Theory, both in theory and practice. The highly acclaimed editors have once again brought together a team of key academics from a wide range of disciplines, perspectives and countries. This is a method-defining resource for advanced students and researchers across the social sciences.

The 30 Day High Vibe Challenge

Author : ilona yukov
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Welcome to an incredible 30-day journey that will help you live life to your fullest potential! Each day has its own theme to explore. Various exercises and tools are offered to support you in staying grounded, centered, and in high vibration. In addition, you will receive access to NINE guided audio meditations (that can be downloaded) to make this 30-Day Challenge a really powerful experience. Overall, the exercises and tools presented in this book, along with the guided audio meditations, will support you throughout your lifetime. You are also invited to join the Facebook group- High Vibe Community- to share your experiences and connect with others on the journey. Here is the website: consider writing a review to help more people discover this book!

Parenting in the Present Moment

Author : Carla Naumburg
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This generation of parents is overwhelmed with parenting advice. Carla Naumburg sets out to remind them that they have everything they need to raise healthy, happy children. Mindful parenting is about paying attention to what is going on with your children and yourself, without judging, freaking out, or thinking everyone should be doing something differently. In Parenting in the Present Moment, Naumburg shares what truly matters in parenting — connecting with children in ways that are meaningful to them and you, staying grounded amid the craziness of parenting, and staying present for whatever life throws your way. With reassuring, compassionate storytelling, she weaves the most current theories — about healthy relationships, compassionate self-care, and mindfulness — throughout vignettes of her own chaotic childhood and parental struggles. She shows how mindfulness creates a solid foundation for any style of parenting, regardless of your cultural background, socioeconomic status, or family structure. She also introduces the STAY model for tough times: Stop whatever it is you’re doing; Take a breath; Attune to your thoughts and those of your child; and Yield. Parenting is an ongoing journey that constantly challenges every parent. Parenting in the Present Moment will helps each family find its own way.

Staying Grounded in a Shifting World Pack

Author : Gabe Lyons
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Pack containing one softcover guide and one DVD. Join popular cultural and faith leaders in these five-session DVD studies that will challenge your innermost beliefs and preconceived ideas about life, faith, the world and cultural responsibility.

Multimodal Treatment of Acute Psychiatric Illness

Author : Justin M Simpson
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The multimodal treatment of acute psychiatric illness involves a set of integrated, systematic interventions that stabilize individuals with severe mental illness and help them avoid unnecessary psychiatric hospitalization. This volume focuses on those suffering from schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, severe anxiety, and substance dependence, and provides individual practitioners and professional teams with the tools for responding to crisis and delivering acute care. The authors bolster the text with real-world case examples, helpful diagrams, and printable worksheets.

Keeping Your Kids Grounded When You re Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

Author : Timothy J. Jordan
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How to Achieve Self Realization Through Properly Integrating Thematerial Face of God

Author : Joshua David Stone
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This book is a compilation from my 40 volume Ascension Book Series of my best chapters focusing on how to realize God in the Material Face of reality! This is one of the most revolutionary and cutting-edge books you will ever read! Everyone seeks God in a Spiritual sense, Mental sense and Emotional sense. Very few people realize, however, that to fully realize God in the highest and most full sense of the term, this must be realized on all Four Faces of God. This includes the honoring and sanctification of the Material Face of God. This is one of the few books ever written on this planet which explores this cutting-edge subject. This book is guaranteed to enhance your experience of God enormously and is guaranteed to accelerate your path of initiation and Ascension. To fully realize God everyone must fully physically embody God on Earth, and must demonstrate and be God on Earth. This book will totally open your consciousness and eyes to how to appreciate and sanctify this most blessed aspect of God!


Author : Edward L. Boye
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Musings is a collection of short, easy-reading essays dealing with the challenges of life. Do we take certain beliefs for granted? Are our beliefs distorted by hand-me-down thinking? How can we respond to others with love, acceptance, and compassion? Poetry and humor are interspersed throughout this book's invitation to contemplate a deeper spiritual awareness. If the Beatitudes in the Bible were rewritten today, would we find this one: "Blessed are they whose plans have been foiled, for they shall be given the opportunity to see the world anew"? Readers are suggested to pick one essay a day. Reflect on the deeper messages and chuckle with the lighter moments while you consider choices that can lighten the load of living.

Another Spin Columns by a Newspaper Writer

Author : Debbie Spingarn
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"Another Spin" is Debbie Spingarns first collection of columns as a writer with the Norwood Transcript and Bulletin, a weekly newspaper in suburban Boston. Columns cover such variety of topics as environmental, health, political topics, animals, education and family. Her writing takes current news stories and comments on them at the local, community level. In any one of her columns, whether about the need for anti-bullying laws to reach the sports fields of your community, how global warming is affecting everyone and the wildlife around us to questions regarding your health, youll recognize yourself and your own city or town in one of Debbies well-written, thoughtful and sometimes humorous columns.

Happy Company

Author : Can Akdeniz
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Google, Facebook, Zappos, Amazon, Coca Cola, Ernst & Young, VW, Nike, Apple, 3M, GE, and Intuit: Something unites all of these high profile companies in an essential way - a new business philosophy. They have earned such spectacular success and respect by setting happiness as a primary goal, knowing that with a foundation of joy, creativity, and excitement, nothing is impossible. In Happy Company, Can Akdeniz shows that the mentality and strategy of successful businesses has changed forever. He explains the new philosophy, and shares 14 strategies and methodologies for creating a culture of happiness, and explains the impact that such an ideological shift can have. By learning from this book, you can draw on relevant inspiration from these global icons and apply it to your own business model & strategy, to begin experiencing the same success, respect, and loyalty that they have enjoyed for years. Happy company will teach you a vast array of topics, including: Company vision management Developing employee and consumer loyalty Maximizing stakeholder trust and support Standing out from the competition Sustainable and realistic approaches to building company happiness Spreading the "happiness effect" to all corners of your business Inspiring workers and motivation techniques Creative compensation strategies The role of companies within the community The importance of visionary and inspiring leadership How happiness leads to profits and success How profits do not necessarily lead to happiness Dozens of real world examples of successful happiness strategies An introduction to short-term vs. long-term thinking The new paradigm of a company as a happiness machine An outline of healthy workplace guidelines to maximize productivity and employee satisfaction How social contributions increase happiness Tips for increasing consumer satisfaction and guaranteeing loyalty New approaches to customer service Out of the box leadership strategies Guidelines for Infrastructure evolution Work-Life Balance Techniques The importance of company reputation Boosting job control and employee independence How to use old techniques for new challenges Possible issues and limitations for pursuing company happiness The obstacles to company happiness and the tools to get around them Knowing your limitations and maximizing the potential for improvement

Learning Along the Way

Author : Diane Sweeney
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You will see concrete examples of how your school can move away from a one-size-fits-all professional development model to create an authentic learning environment that meets the needs of individual teachers. The book features chapters focusing on: implementing an instructional coaching model -- establishing study groups among teachers -- using observation as a means to model effective instruction -- going deeper with discussion through the use of Critical Friends protocols -- examining various ways adults process new information -- encouraging teachers to take leadership roles -- focusing the principal's leadership around the professional development model.


Author : Can Akdeniz
File Size : 33.21 MB
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For many professionals, enrollment in an MBA programme is no longer the most practical route to furthering career goals. Not only does it entail massive cost and ongoing debt, but the fast-moving nature of modern business has rendered large swaths of traditional curricula almost irrelevant. This collection of 4- books offers an alternative to the traditional pathways of business learning.

Overcoming Anxiety Worry and Fear

Author : Gregory L. PhD Jantz
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Fretting over seemingly inconsequential daily headaches. Constantly worrying about family members' health or safety. Being weighed down by negativity from the 24-hour news cycle. It's a wonder anyone can escape anxiety. Unchecked, anxiety can swiftly rob us of our sense of safety, well-being, and peace. Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear offers a whole-person approach to coping with and eliminating anxiety. This compassionate combination of common sense, biblical wisdom, and therapeutic advice will help readers unchain themselves from constant worry so that they can "be anxious about nothing" (Phil. 4:6). Trusted author Dr. Gregory L. Jantz helps readers identify the causes for their anxiety, assess the severity of their symptoms, and start down avenues for positive change.