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Statistics Decisions

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Introduction to Statistical Decision Theory

Author : Frank P Ramsey Professor of Managerial Economics (Emeritus) Howard Raiffa
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They then examine the Bernoulli, Poisson, and Normal (univariate and multivariate) data generating processes.

Statistics Probability Inference and Decision

Author : William Lee Hays
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Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis

Author : James O. Berger
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In this new edition the author has added substantial material on Bayesian analysis, including lengthy new sections on such important topics as empirical and hierarchical Bayes analysis, Bayesian calculation, Bayesian communication, and group decision making. With these changes, the book can be used as a self-contained introduction to Bayesian analysis. In addition, much of the decision-theoretic portion of the text was updated, including new sections covering such modern topics as minimax multivariate (Stein) estimation.

Statistical Decision Theory

Author : F. Liese
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For advanced graduate students, this book is a one-stop shop that presents the main ideas of decision theory in an organized, balanced, and mathematically rigorous manner, while observing statistical relevance. All of the major topics are introduced at an elementary level, then developed incrementally to higher levels. The book is self-contained as it provides full proofs, worked-out examples, and problems. The authors present a rigorous account of the concepts and a broad treatment of the major results of classical finite sample size decision theory and modern asymptotic decision theory. With its broad coverage of decision theory, this book fills the gap between standard graduate texts in mathematical statistics and advanced monographs on modern asymptotic theory.

Statistical Experiments and Decisions

Author : Al?bert Nikolaevich Shiri?aev
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This volume provides an exposition of some fundamental aspects of the asymptotic theory of statistical experiments. The most important of them is ?how to construct asymptotically optimal decisions if we know the structure of optimal decisions for the limit experiment?.

Statistics for Modern Business Decisions

Author : Lawrence L. Lapin
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The Practice of Business Statistics

Author : David S. Moore
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The Practice of Business Statistics offers a welcome innovation by allowing students to make data-informed, real-world business decisions almost from day one. By discussing data production and interpretation early in the book data analysis can then be used throughout the course. This approach drives home the relevance and usefulness of statistical ideas to the business world from the onset. New Format Options The Practice of Business Statistics responds to concerns about textbook length by offering instructors a number of alternatives: A core book containing the first 14 chapters Companion chapters on advanced inference topics (available on the book companion site, or through W.H. Freeman Custom Publishing): 15. Two-Way Analysis of Variance 16. Nonparametric Statistics 17. Logistic Regression 18. Bootstrapping Methods and Permutation Tests

Statistical Decision Theory

Author : Nicholas T. Longford
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This monograph presents a radical rethinking of how elementary inferences should be made in statistics, implementing a comprehensive alternative to hypothesis testing in which the control of the probabilities of the errors is replaced by selecting the course of action (one of the available options) associated with the smallest expected loss. Its strength is that the inferences are responsive to the elicited or declared consequences of the erroneous decisions, and so they can be closely tailored to the client’s perspective, priorities, value judgments and other prior information, together with the uncertainty about them.

Introduction to Statistics for Business Decisions

Author : Robert O. Schlaifer (mathématicien).)
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