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Start Your Own Construction and Land Development Business

Author : Adam Starchild
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Are you tired of doing all the work and watching somebody else get all the profit? Nearly all wage earners dream of quitting their jobs and setting up shop for themselves, but strong initiative and careful planning are required for such dreams of independence to become practical realities. Haphazardly-run businesses sometimes grow, but more often they fail because of poor management. Start Your Own Construction and Land Development Business provides a basic guide to successful business management for the prospective entrepreneur. Whatever your reasons for wanting to go into business for yourself, this book provides essential information for you to consider before investing your time and money. The first chapter describes what a day in your life as an independent general building contractor might be like and provides information to help you choose which kind of building is best-suited for you. Do you want to build only custom homes, or do you want to develop whole subdivisions on a speculative basis? Do you live in a densely populated area where there is need for massive repair and remodeling - enough to provide you with ample income on a long-term basis? The author describes the technical and business aspects plus the pros and cons of repair/remodeling, custom building, and speculative building. If you have a very limited amount of capital, then you might start with repair and remodeling jobs which require minimal front-end investment, in order to develop your capital base and obtain referrals. Chapter two explains the importance of estimating jobs carefully so you can afford to do the job right and still make a profit. Chapter three describes various sources of start-up capital. Builders are notorious for their legal problems, so chapter four is devoted to the many legalities involved in operating a construction business, including forms of ownership, company names, building permits and codes, zoning laws, insurance, and taxes. In chapters five through eight the author discusses the details of management, sales, bookkeeping, and building design involved in day-to-day operations. He presents six cases of construction company successes and failures, analyzing how and why each prospered or foundered, to give you clues to the management secrets of others. The final chapters encourage you to look ahead and consider the potential for expansion that incorporation, land development, and subdivision planning can offer.

Starting Over

Author : Stephen M. Pollan
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This invaluable guide offers a definitive game plan for anyone seeking to redefine his or her work status--for finding a new career or even starting a personal business.

How to Be a Successful Developer

Author : Ralph Pisani
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In today’s world of investment hype and unpredictable stock market fluctuations, there is still one asset you can count on: land. Ralph Pisani and Robert Pisani were both adjunct faculty members of the Wharton School of Business, where they taught real estate development. Now, with this easy to understand and informative guide, anyone can begin to invest in the development of valuable real estate. How to Be a Successful Developer is a complete sourcebook for all your questions about how to succeed in land development, from the factors you should consider when looking at properties, to financing, zoning procedures, and much more—all in clear concise terms which anyone can understand.

Contractor s Index to the 1997 Uniform Building Code

Author : Jack M. Hageman
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A common-sense index to help you quickly find what you need in Volume 1 of the UBC. Topics are listed under names you use in construction. Guaranteed to help you save time looking for what you need in the Code.

Small Business Sourcebook

Author :
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Construction Financing for Home Builders

Author : United States. Housing and Home Finance Agency
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The Rugged Entrepreneur

Author : Scott Andrew
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Have you ever dreamed about owning your own business? Maybe becoming a market disruptor? Would you know where to start? Do you have a coach, a mentor, or a teacher who can show you how? Well, now you do. If we are lucky, we have been taught to dream since the time we were very young. If we are luckier still, we have also been taught to establish a sturdy foundation for those dreams to stand upon. When building the business you’ve always dreamed of, you must first establish a rock-solid foundation, something I’ve learned from many years of experience as a Rugged Entrepreneur. What is a “Rugged Entrepreneur”? It’s what I call a special breed of entrepreneur. Ruggeds make the leap toward success in a way that separates them from the millions who fall short because they invest the time and effort to develop and hone the specific set of powerful skills you’ll discover in these pages. I’ve identified four elements to becoming a Rugged Entrepreneur. These elements can be developed by anyone and are helpful to every type of entrepreneur. But all four of them are necessary to do the job well. The Four Foundational Elements of being a Rugged Entrepreneur are: A fervent work ethic A humble and healthy pride (what I call “Rugged Pride”) Fortitudo mentis (aka, mental toughness) Faith The Rugged Entrepreneur provides a roadmap to your journey of lasting self-discovery. It’s about identifying and acquiring the skills to achieve sustained success and to build on top of that success. It’s about passionately pursuing a productive business life for yourself and your family using the economic engines accessible to us all. But be warned: do not read this book if you do not want to be challenged.

Tax Havens for International Business

Author : Adam Starchild
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Tax Havens for International Business is a special management report that shows how the establishment of a tax haven operation, in any of many locations worldwide, can save more money than any internal tax-shelter programme. This volume provides a comprehensive, step-by-step plan that simplifies the myriad complexities surrounding the formation and incorporation of branch offices and subsidiary companies within such tax havens as the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Greece, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland. In addition, it presents detailed information on each tax haven's economic, legal, political, cultural and geographical aspects, which must be considered if such an enterprise is to operate successfully.

Start Your Own Construction and Contracting Business

Author : The Staff of Entrepreneur Media
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Revised edition of Start your own construction and contracting business, 2013.

Survey of Current Business

Author :
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