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Standards Strategy and Policy

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This work aims to help business strategists and policy-makers understand how compatibility standards may be used to ensure business success. It combines strategic analysis with an evaluation of standards policy and suggests ways in which markets and policy intervention may be effectively used together. Cases include VCRs, CDs, DAT and more

Standards Strategy and Policy

Author : Peter Grindley
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This book aims to help the business strategist and policy-maker understand how compatibility standards may be used to ensure business success. It provides a framework for standards strategy and policy, together with a series of case-studies which interpret the economics of standards in practical settings. The book considers the problems of establishing a new standard in the market and winning standards contests. It also studies questions of how to maintaining the profitability of a standard and how to compete within an established standard. It combines the strategic analysis with an evaluation of standards policy, and suggests ways in which markets and policy intervention may effectively be used together. Cases include contests for standards for video cassette recorders, digital audio tape, personal computers, open computer systems, high-definition television, and Telepoint cordless phones. Standards have long been seen as a technical problem, yet in a large number of industries they are central to business strategy and technical aspects are only part of the effort needed for product success. They imply very different strategies and policies than for conventional products.

Standards Business Strategy and Policy

Author : Peter Grindley
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Assessing Quality in European Higher Education Institutions

Author : Chiara Orsingher
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Japanese Telecommunications

Author : Ruth Taplin
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Presenting a comprehensive survey of the telecommunications industry in Japan, Taplin and Wakui cover the different sectors of the industry – including mobile, broadband and satellite, whilst considering key questions such as the structure and economics of the industry, government policy, and international relations issues connected to the industry. The volume brings together unique analysis by renowned experts in the telecommunications field. One major overall problem is that, unlike many other industries, Japan has lagged behind other countries in telecommunications. Japanese Telecommunications considers why this should be so, showing how far this is attributable to an unmodernized industry structure, and assessing the measures being taken to address the problem. After over a decade of struggle, Japan has recorded rapid uptake of broadband, and Japanese advanced mobile services have become increasingly successful on a global scale. Japan has also undergone regulatory reform, and competition policy is now given top priority by government. Taplin and Wakui examine the most recent developments and provide signposts for the future.

Standards and Codes Implementing the Fund s Medium Term Strategy and the Recommendations of the 2005 Review of the Initiative

Author : International Monetary Fund. Policy Development and Review Dept.
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This paper informs Executive Directors of the operational changes that are being made to the Fund’s work on Standards and Codes, to implement the Fund’s Medium-Term Strategy (MTS) and the recommendations of the 2005 IMF-World Bank review of the Standards and Codes Initiative. The changes aim at improving (i) the country coverage and prioritization of Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs) to make more efficient use of resources, (ii) the integration of ROSCs with Fund surveillance and technical assistance, for a better use of ROSC findings and greater support of reform efforts, and (iii) the clarity and timeliness of ROSCs. The paper focuses on the actions that are being taken and does not elaborate on the rationales for the corresponding recommendations, which were discussed by Directors in the context of the MTS and 2005 Review. The actions being taken are summarized in Table 1. Many of the actions do not apply to ROSCs carried out under the aegis of the Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP), which are typically subject to a separate set of procedures under the FSAP, or to financial sector ROSCs of Offshore Financial Centers, which are conducted separately. According to the proposals in the MTS, the next review of the Standards and Codes Initiative would take place in 2010.

Routledge Handbook of NGOs and International Relations

Author : Thomas Davies
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Offering insights from pioneering new perspectives in addition to well-established traditions of research, this Handbook considers the activities not only of advocacy groups in the environmental, feminist, human rights, humanitarian, and peace sectors, but also the array of religious, professional, and business associations that make up the wider non-governmental organization (NGO) community. Including perspectives from multiple world regions, the book takes account of institutions in the Global South, alongside better-known structures of the Global North. International contributors from a range of disciplines cover all the major aspects of research into NGOs in International Relations to present: a comprehensive overview of the historical evolution of NGOs, the range of structural forms and international networks coverage of major theoretical perspectives illustrations of how NGOs are influential in every prominent issue-area of contemporary International Relations evaluation of the significant regional variations among NGOs and how regional contexts influence the nature and impact of NGOs analysis of the ways NGOs address authoritarianism, terrorism, and challenges to democracy, and how NGOs handle concerns surrounding their own legitimacy and accountability. Exploring contrasting theories, regional dimensions, and a wide range of contemporary challenges facing NGOs, this Handbook will be essential reading for students, scholars, and practitioners alike.

Assessing World Bank Support for Trade 1987 2004

Author : Yvonne Manu Tsikata
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An independent evaluation of the World Bank's extensive support to developing countries on trade issues between 1987 and 2004. The study assesses the development effectiveness of World Bank trade-related advocacy, capacity-building, lending and research. It examines the extent to which the Bank's policies and assistance have met its stated objectives in the area of trade and makes recommendations to strengthen the effectiveness of future Bank trade assistance.

Bandwagon Effects in High technology Industries

Author : Jeffrey H. Rohlfs
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Shows how the dynamics of bandwagons differ from those of conventional products and services and offers case studies of fax machines, telephones, CD players, VCRs, personal computers, television, and the Internet.

The Role of Technical Standards in Today s Society and in the Future

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science. Subcommittee on Technology
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