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St Oswald of Worcester

Author : Nicholas Brooks
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St Oswald was the youngest of the three great monastic reformers of tenth-century England whose work transformed English religious, intellectual and political life. Certainly a more attractive, and perhaps a more effective, figure than either St Dunstan or St AEthelwold, Oswald's impact upon his cathedrals at Worcester and York and upon his West Midland and East Anglian monasteries was radical and lasting. In this volume the researches of a team of leading scholars throw new light on St Oswald's background, career, influence and cult and on the society that he helped to shape. His cathedral at Worcester and his monastery at Ramsey were among the richest and best documented Anglo-Saxon churches. The volume therefore provides a window on to the realities of tenth-century English politics, religion and economics in the light of contemporary developments on the continent.

St Oswald of Worcester the Church of York

Author : Ernest Harold Pearce
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Belief and Culture in the Middle Ages

Author : Richard Gameson
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Are there angels within spitting distance of men? What did Pope Gregory the Great think of pagans? Were the monks of Battle compulsive forgers? Is temptation always a bad thing? These and many other fascinating questions are explored in this book. Commisssioned in honour of the distinguished medieval historian, Henry Mayr-Harting and reflecting the range and focus of its honorand's interests, the twenty-five essays provide a panoramic and stimulating exploration of the interrelated fields of belief and culture in the middle ages. Sanctity and sacred biography, seduction and temptation, forgery and litigation, patronage and art production, conversion and oppression were all part of the rich fabric of medieval Christian culture that is scrutinized here. Individually the studies shed new light on a series of key issues and questions relating to the cultural, religious, and political history of the sixth-century church, of Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, and of Carolingian, Ottonian, and Investiture Contest Europe; while collectively they illuminate the interaction of Christianity and politics, of secular and sacred, and of belief and culture from late antiquity to the thirteenth century.

Anglo Saxon England Volume 26

Author : Michael Lapidge
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In the present volume, the two essays that frame the book provide exciting insight into the mental world of the Anglo-Saxons by showing on the one hand how they understood the processes of reading and assimilating knowledge and, on the other, how they conceived of time and the passage of the seasons. In the field of art history, two essays treat two of the best-known Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. The lavish symbol pages in the 'Book of Durrow' are shown to reflect a programmatic exposition of the meaning of Easter, and a posthumous essay by a distinguished art historian shows how the Anglo-Saxon illustrations added to the 'Galba Psalter' are best to be understood in the context of the programme of learning instituted by King Alfred. The usual comprehensive bibliography of the previous year's publications in all branches of Anglo-Saxon studies rounds off the book.

An Index to Dr Nash s Collections for a History of Worcestershire

Author : Worcestershire Historical Society
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Historical Writing in England c 500 to c 1307

Author : Antonia Gransden
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First published in 1974. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Butler s Saint for the Day

Author :
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This is a new edition of the one volume Butler. Drawn from the original twelve volume work known as Butler's Lives of the Saints, this new edition has selected one principal saint as the focus of attention for each day of the calendar year. And now, for the first time, many saints have been included who were canonised during the Pontificate of Pope John Paul II.

A Survey of Worcestershire

Author : Thomas Habington
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The Hymns of the Anglo Saxon Church

Author : Inge B. Milfull
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This 1996 book provides a study and critical edition of the corpus of hymns sung by English monks and canons before the Norman Conquest.

Heaven and Earth in Anglo Saxon England

Author : Helen Foxhall Forbes
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Christian theology and religious belief were crucially important to Anglo-Saxon society, and are manifest in the surviving textual, visual and material evidence. This is the first full-length study investigating how Christian theology and religious beliefs permeated society and underpinned social values in early medieval England. The influence of the early medieval Church as an institution is widely acknowledged, but Christian theology itself is generally considered to have been accessible only to a small educated elite. This book shows that theology had a much greater and more significant impact than has been recognised. An examination of theology in its social context, and how it was bound up with local authorities and powers, reveals a much more subtle interpretation of secular processes, and shows how theological debate affected the ways that religious and lay individuals lived and died. This was not a one-way flow, however: this book also examines how social and cultural practices and interests affected the development of theology in Anglo-Saxon England, and how ’popular’ belief interacted with literary and academic traditions. Through case-studies, this book explores how theological debate and discussion affected the personal perspectives of Christian Anglo-Saxons, including where possible those who could not read. In all of these, it is clear that theology was not detached from society or from the experiences of lay people, but formed an essential constituent part.