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National International Rank of the World s Best Lightworkers

Author : Maximillien De Lafayette
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A Round Peg in a Square World

Author : Laura Mineff
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Unexpected changes have disrupted our society, causing people to evolve in ways nobody ever thought possible. How do people use this shift to expand their choices? How do they embrace the change and let go of what is inhibiting them and find the courage to move forward with a spirit of adventure? Life has a miraculous way of delivering a series of messages for people to sense that it is time for a change. One of the many ways they can bring about and embrace this awakening is by changing how their atmosphere and living spaces communicate with them in their everyday lives. The Universal Design Method provides people with a new and exciting way to design their living environments to remove the resistance and create a fear-free lifestyle. As people embrace our new lifestyle and more people work from home, practitioners of the Universal Design Method will be able to design a space that blends their work life, home life and personal needs into one space. This includes those things to keep them safe and to allow them to play and enjoy their environment. Simple changes to one's atmosphere can change their mindset in a big way. Areas that once brought stress, can now bring joy and inspire creativity. Once people start to shift their mindsets, they can start to see the opportunities presented to them every day and they can embark on a journey toward the next step in their lives. This gives them the freedom to create their reality. Ultimately, life is all about the journey. Joy and motivation are the fuel for your passage. Laura Mineff created the Universal Design Method to relieve people of their inhibitions by breaking down their fears. Practitioners of the Universal Design Method follow an approach that allows them the insight to generate the courage they need to get to the next step in their lives. Ultimately, life is all about the journey and not about the destination. Are you ready to participate?

ShortCuts in Mathematics World s First Book With Short cuts Secrets Story and Motivation

Author : Akhilesh Khare
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The Chautauquan

Author :
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Child s Death Letter

Author : Billy Childish
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Asian Water Supplies

Author : A. C. McIntosh
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Asian developing country urban water supplies have progressed little in the last 20 years. Coverage in cities with 24 hour piped, potable water is still under 50% in most cities. Coverage with sewerage is much lower. Unaccounted for water still averages about 35% of production. The author brings his 25 years experience in developing country water supplies to bear in examining why we have failed and what must be done to get on the right track. Features of this book: The book identifies the myths and realities in the sector It looks at issues and solutions under a number of important topics Governance and tariffs are identified as both core problems and core solutions Reference is made to recent field data, including (i) a survey of 20 cities in 20 countries; (ii) case studies on water supplies in Male?, Manila, Phnom Penh, Colombo, Kathmandu and Dalian; and (iii) case studies on small-scale water service providers in various cities A new approach to development and management of water supplies is proposed, based on transparent government policy, regulation and benchmarking and the involvement of civil society Finally, the author looks at what the goals should be and a strategy to achieve those goals Asian Water Supplies will be of great value to government agencies, municipalities, water utilities, consultants, donors and non-government organizations. This title is not currently available to order


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LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

General Information Regarding Acadia National Park

Author : United States. National Park Service
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A Square World

Author :
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Attack on Planet Falrus

Author : Joanna Monigatti
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Falrus is a small planet in the First Galaxy, far away from Earth. This idyllic world is separated from the darker and little-understood half of the First Galaxy by Line Desimak, an imaginary line similar to Earth’s equator. Giren and Gomi Demba are twins with different personalities; they consider themselves “friendly enemies.” Their science-prodigy friend, Square, builds a robot named Professor Potty who proves to be far more than an über intelligent toy! The President and Commander Bonzok from the OLD World (Outside Line Desimak) decide it’s time Falrus comes under their rule. These tyrants will stop at nothing to take over the entire galaxy. The twins, Square and Professor Potty must devise a plan to stop them. But a sequence of events will put one of the twins smack dab in the middle of a very dangerous situation. Can Falrus be saved from the evil clutches of two powerful leaders who want the First Galaxy all to themselves? With the school year drawing to a close, these adventurous friends (with the help of a dancing robot) intend to keep Falrus the way it’s always been and just maybe, make some “out of their world” friends along the way.