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Contemporary Issues in Sociology of Sport

Author : Andrew Yiannakis
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Melnick, PhD, Contemporary Issues in Sociology of Sport includes: an exploration of topics and themes that have received limited attention in other sociology of sport texts but have been long-standing social concerns; a review of the attitudes toward female athletes and the anti-homosexual phobias present in sport; an in-depth look at the impoverishment of children's games in America; an overview of high school sport participation; a study of the challenges and benefits of the big-time collegiate sport experience; a critique of television's impact on sport and its portrayal of gender and race, and a review of sport and globalization. Unit I provides the reader with a historical background on the development of sociology of sport and addresses several critical issues about the relationship between sociology, physical education, and sociology of sport.

Sociology of Sport and Social Theory

Author : Earl Smith
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"Sociology of Sport and Social Theory" presents current research perspectives from major sport scholars and leading sociologists regarding issues germane to the sociology of sport while addressing traditional and contemporary sociological theories.

Sport Sociology

Author : Paul Beedie
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"A welcome addition for those who teach sports studies... Used as a primer, this book provides readers with excellent introduction to the key sociological concepts, methods, and theories, and, also offers useful examples and contextualised discussions that beginners to the realm of sociology will no doubt appreciate. Beedie has compiled for students a good companion text that could certainly be used in conjunction with more detailed books, and, to guide students through more complex academic texts. Students have certainly appreciated Beedie's efforts to help them apply sociological rigour to analysing their sporting worlds, identities and experiences." - Geoffery Kohe, Worcester University "This should be highly useful for any sports studies students who are encountering the sociology of sport for the first time, even those who have previously studied sociology." - Alison Cain, Hertfordshire University Sociology is central to the study of sport in higher education. This reader-friendly textbook introduces all of the subject’s core themes, such as power, diversity and mediation, and relates them to major contemporary social issues such as commercialisation and globalisation. Special emphasis is given throughout to examples drawn from the UK and to the significance of the 2012 Olympics. Theoretical explanation is fully supported by case studies, practical and reflective exercises and guidance on further study.

Sport Sociology

Author : Peter Craig
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Any study of sport is incomplete without consideration of its social function and structures, its economic impacts both locally and globally, and its political dimension – particularly when used by nations for competitive gain. Sport Sociology provides a comprehensive overview for any student taking a course on the subject at college or university, including both established and emergent themes, from issues around power, diversity and consumerism through to newer topics such as the digital environment and climate change – both now covered in new individual chapters. Other chapters have been fully revised to include up-to-date literature and case studies, as well as new key terms and reflective tasks. A new ‘Key Thinker’ box feature included in each chapter introduces readers to an esteemed theorist relevant for the chapter topic to help link theoretical concepts to practice and offer up suggestive research directions for student assessment.

The Dimensions of Sport Sociology

Author : March L. Krotee
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International Review of Sport Sociology

Author :
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Research Methodology in Sport Sociology

Author : David J. Whitson
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A Sociology of Sport

Author : Howard L. Nixon
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Along with an overview of major sociological concepts, perspectives and research on the subject of sport, this book includes discussions on various issues and debates in the field.

International Review for the Sociology of Sport

Author :
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Sociology of North American Sport

Author : D. Stanley Eitzen
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An Introduction to the Sociology on Sport

Author : Andra P. Thakur
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Sociologie Du Sport

Author : Fernand Landry
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Fundamentals of Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity

Author : Jamieson, Kathy
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Fundamentals of Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity presents information on sociology of sport to prepare readers for advanced study or practice in the field. This text explores the impact of sport in society and examines careers in sport and physical activity.

Sociology of Sport

Author : Paul Redekop
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Instructor s Resource Manual to Accompany Sociology of American Sport

Author : David Stanley Eitzen
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The Sociology of Sports

Author : Tim Delaney
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In its second edition, this book takes a fresh approach to the study of sports, presenting key concepts such as socialization, economics, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, politics, the media and the role of sports in society. The authors offer a critical examination but highlight also the many positive aspects of sports. Each chapter concludes with a popular culture section, showing how films, television, video games, music and short stories have contributed to our understanding of sports' significance to our lives. Other features include up-to-date information--such as statistics on player and owner salaries--and a look at recent controversies in sports, such as performance-enhancing drugs, domestic violence, online gambling and the growing concern over concussions and post-career health problems. The value of sports for people with physical disabilities and special needs is discussed, as well as the development of sports studies programs and the continuing importance of "sportsmanship." The final chapter explores how social media, as well as new forms of virtual reality and the prevalence of video gaming, are reshaping the concept of what constitutes a sport. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Sport

Author : Richard Giulianotti
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The sociology of sport is a core discipline within the academic study of sport. It helps us to understand what sport is and why it matters. Sociological knowledge, implicit or explicit, therefore underpins scholarly enquiry into sport in every aspect. The Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Sport is a landmark publication that brings together the most important themes, theories and issues within the sociology of sport, tracing the contours of the discipline and surveying the state-of-the-art. Part One explores the main theories and analytical approaches that define contemporary sport sociology and introduces the most important methodological issues confronting researchers working in the social scientific study of sport. Part Two examines the connections and divisions between sociology and cognate disciplines within sport studies, including history, anthropology, economics, leisure and tourism studies, philosophy, politics and psychology. Part Three investigates how the most important social divisions within sport, and in wider society, are addressed in sport sociology, including ‘race‘, gender, class, sexuality and disability. Part Four explores a wide range of pressing contemporary issues associated with sport, including sport and the body, social problems associated with sport, sport places and settings, and the global aspects of sport. Written by a team of leading international sport scholars, including many of the most well-known, respected and innovative thinkers working in the discipline, the Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Sport is an essential reference for any student, researcher or professional with an interest in sport.


Author : Richard Giulianotti
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Presenting a critical sociological interpretation of modern sport, this work gives a cogent examination of a range of widely taught sociological theories and issues, including functionalism, Weberian sociology, Marxism, postmodernism and globalization.

Sport in Society

Author : Jay J. Coakley
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SPORT IN SOCIETY is the definitive text for the sport sociology course. Taking a global, issues-oriented approach to study the role of sport in society, this text encourages the discussion of current sports-related controversies and helps students develop critical thinking skills.

A Sociological Perspective of Sport

Author : Wilbert Marcellus Leonard
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A Sociological Perspective of Sport, Fifth Edition offers a comprehensive look at the social world of sport. The text is organized to show how sport is a vital component of major sociological concepts such as culture, social organization, socialization, deviance, small groups, collective behavior, mass media, and institutional interrelationships (education, politics, and religion). Chapters move from the "macro" perspective to the "micro" view to make the connection between sport and society clear. A Sociological Perspective of Sport is based on three central themes: sport is a social institution worthy of sociological examination like the more traditional institutions of marriage/family, politics, economy, religion, law, health/medicine, science, and education; sport is a microcosm of the larger society and as such reflects and reinforces the dominant ideology; and numerous institutional connections between sport and other societal institutions make it impossible for changes in one sphere not to have reverberating effects in all spheres.